Haziran 7, 2023

Jade and the pro-bono lawyer

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Jade and the pro-bono lawyerJade was recently incarcerated for shop lifting. With no time to prepare to getting a lawyer and the public defender failing her miserably, she received a sentence for sixty days. Due to overpopulation she was sent to a maximum security women prison. Within the first week she was already feeling about to break inside the prison cells and then it happened. An officer called her out of her cell, cuffing her hands behind her back as standard procedure. Jade was scared asking the guard, “what’s going on? Where are you taking me?” The stiff brute was practically dragging her forcing her by her arm. They finally get to a small conference room, sort of looking like an interrogation room with two chairs and a table. The guard pointed to the seat on the far end of the table and rudely ordered her to take a seat while un-cuffing her then he left shutting the door behind him. Jade slowly moved to take a seat wondering what was going on. She had her head down in terror without knowing what was going to happen next.It waited for about five minutes until she heard the door open up and a man walked in. About six foot three, maybe thirty years old, combed over hair. Jade felt a tingle on her pussy as she was slightly aroused by this mysterious man already. He threw her file on the table, slid the chair and took a seat to introduce himself, “Hey Jade, I’m Max Linden, I’m a lawyer that specializes with women in your position, and I’m here to help you.” Jade knew she couldn’t afford a good lawyer and started to say, “but I can’t affor-” as he stopped her, “I’m going to do your case pro-bono.” She hesitated, Gaziemir Escort “What does that mean?” Getting up from the chair and walked over to her to sit on top of the table at the same side as Jade, “That means I do this for you and you do something for me, typically a pro-bono happens is with high profile cases, but since your case didn’t draw in attention, there’s something else you can do for me.” Skeptical of this mans intentions she quickly responded, “What?” in desperation. Max started stroking her hair as he said, “you know you’re more beautiful in person then your mugshots?” Unzipping his pants to pull out his huge 10 inch cock to feed her mouth with. Jade looked down at it and was the biggest she had ever seen before. She was shocked and intimidated as though it could even fit inside of her tight pussy. Jade put her hand on his cock gripping onto it and slowly started to jerk it as she licked the tip gently. Popping the head inside and out of her mouth, licking up and down the hard fat shaft, sucking on his balls. She quickly was fully aroused by him and not being pleased for a long time. He opened up her orange jump suit to pull out her breasts and rubbed her nipples. Meanwhile they didn’t even notice the guard was watching them on the other side of the door getting turned on himself.He brought her up started kissing her lips, neck, licking her breasts as he pulled down her jumpsuit to her ass feeling inside her moist pussy that was eagerly waiting to be penetrated as she moans out, “Mmmm!” Pinning Jade against the wall with her Güzelbehçe Escort ass sticking out slapping it hard then pushed his huge cock inside of her as she wasn’t fully prepared for it, “OH FUCK!!! ITS TOO BIG!!” She cried out. Harder and harder Max went deeply filling Jades pussy as she orgasms all over his dick. Max pulls out of her as she crouches down to suck off her juices on his cock then he picks her up and places her on the table spreading her legs out licking her pussy as it tasted so good. Jade screaming out, “I’m going to fucking cum again!!!! Oh my god!!!” She cums all over Max’s tongue as he licks his lips to then put his cock right back inside her as he grabbed onto her hips, Max went as hard as he could. Jade couldn’t handle it as she pushed him off and threw him onto the floor to ride him going her own pace. Up and down on his cock she slowly went going down the whole thing while kissing him and thanking him for pleasing her as much as helping her get out of prison. The guard snuck into the room to whip out his dick through his pants to jerk it watching her nice little ass bounce of his cock. It looked so wet down there the guard seen an opportunity he could not pass up. The guard quickly rushed silently moving to shove his cock inside of her asshole and started plowing her. Rising up to the pain of another huge cock inside of her, “OHHH FUCKKKKK!!!” The guard yelled at them both, “THIS LITTLE SLUT IS GOING TO TAKE MY DICK TOO UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO SHOW THE VIDEO I WAS RECORDING TO THE BAR!!!” Jade thought to herself if Max İzmir Masaj Salonları goes to jail himself or loses his license he couldn’t help her anyways. She probably wouldn’t last another thirty days as the women was getting aggressive towards her. Just like that Jade was being fucked in her asshole by the officer while sitting on top of her lawyers cock. The guard quickly got up to order Jade to suck her asshole juices off of his dick. She resisted shaking her head no as he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock down her throat. Max was still on bottom but thrusting his rod in her. The guard repeatedly forced her to gag all over his dick. Max yelled out, “This isn’t working for me! Let me finish up and leave so you can finish after!” The guard nodded as he backed off and allowed Max to get up, throw Jade on the table on her stomach as she regained her breath. He slowly put his bigger dick inside her asshole as she gasped slapping hard on the table, “FUCK!!!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!” Pumping inside of Jade’s ass until he unloaded inside of it. Max dressed himself and left as Jade laid on her back for the officer to finish to. He ordered her to push out all Max’s cum first. She squatted on the floor exhausted from being pounded like raw meat did as he ordered then got back on the table as the guard started pounding her pussy hard and cumming inside of her tight pussy. Quickly put his dick back inside of his pants and ordered her to get dressed as her pussy was just leaking for him cumming inside of her. She did as she was told and he handcuffed her as they was walking out she had her head down.At the door she saw feet and slowly raised her head to see Max in a officers uniform. She just been tricked and violated as the unnamed guard said to Max, “I told you we could fuck this hot piece of ass!” Jade had to live out the rest of her sixty days but received protection from Max and the unnamed guard for her giving herself to them at least once a every few days.