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Jake & Lisa – A Cougar’s Fantasy

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Jake & Lisa – A Cougar’s FantasyThis story continues some of the characters from Hardintown. You can enjoy this story alone but at the end there are links to other connected appearances of Lisa and Jake.Life continued to change rapidly for Lisa and her family. Her husband and Sara were going away for lover’s weekend. Lisa was looking forward to going back to the glory hole where she would have sex with all kinds of men. Just the thought of what would happen later that night made her pussy cream!Lisa walked out to get the mail when she looked up she saw Jake Taylor walking up the street. She had discovered recently that he was the boy she had fucked at the glory hole. She was his first ever pussy but her identity remained a mystery. He was so cute and so horny that Lisa had already decided she was going to take him to bed!”Hi there! You are Jake Taylor correct?” Lisa asked as she smiled at the boy who blushed at being noticed”Yeah that’s me.” He said as he tried look away but his eyes locked on her MILF tits”So are you going to be at the glory hole tonight?” She asked as she smiled at himJake’s eyes snapped to look at her as he grew even redder. Lisa smiled but then ran her tongue sensually over her lips.”If you are the boy that lost his virginity to me a few weeks ago I would like to have private conversation with you. Would you like to come in the house?” She askedJake followed the sexy woman inside the house. He loved the way her ass moved and his cock was already growing hard. It was true that he had lost his virginity to an anonymous woman at the glory hole. Since then he has also been fucking his mom and older sister. Jake loved fucking!”So are you the boy I fucked?” Lisa asked”I fucked someone at the glory hole but she also sucked me off. Do you like to fuck boys?” He asked feeling boldLisa reached out and grabbed his cock which was causing his pants to tent. She loved the feeling of the stiff dick.”Well the boy I fucked has a really big cock! This feels about the right size! Maybe I better look at it to make sure it was you!” She giggled as she teased his cock as she lifted her topLisa pulled his cock out and she did gasp at the large teen cock. She looked up at him and smiled as she pumped his cock with her hand.”Yes this is the cock I fucked. Would you like me to suck this big cock again?” She said with a sexy voice”Fuck yes!” Jake saidLisa licked the head and moaned as she sampled some of his pre-cum. Her mouth opened and the stiff cock pushed into her mouth.Jake watched as the sexy woman started to pump his cock with her mouth. As a horny teen boy Jake would have popped his nut quickly from the experienced cock sucking he was getting but only a couple of hours before he had spent Bornova Escort two hours fucking his mom. She had really wanted sex that morning as she was to have her first customer call today. She had been hired to have sex with black men by her new boss. The thought of his pretty blonde mom being fucked by huge black cock actually made Jake horny.”Fuck yeah this better than the glory hole!” He moaned as he held her head and fucked her faceLisa loved the way the boy used her mouth. She was actually shocked that he had not popped a load already. His cock was just the right size. She could take him down her throat. She even began think of letting him fuck her ass!”Can I eat your pussy?” He asked as he groaned with pleasureLisa opened her eyes and looked up at him. He was so sweet. She released his cock and had him lay back on the bed. She straddled his face and lowered her excited pussy on to his face. Lisa was shocked at how quickly the boy began to eat her to a near orgasm. She leaned forward and her mouth engulfed the boy’s cock. Lisa was pumping the cock with her mouth when she started cumming. Then Jake pushed his middle finger up her ass!Jake felt his face being flooded as the woman orgasmed harder as he fingered her asshole and sucked her clit. His mom loved that too! Jake felt in control of the woman and he rolled her off of him and he moved into a spoon position. He pushed his cock deep in her pussy. He fucked her hard. He loved that he was in control. He remembered how she had made him lick her asshole at the Glory Hole. He had done it to get her to have sex but now she was just withering in pleasure as he fucked her pussy.Then it occurred to Jake that maybe he should try something new. He had been watching some porn video that had a slut getting ass fucked by many different guys. He remembered how that slut Georgina grunted as a big cock shoved up her ass. Jake smiled as he pulled out of the pussy and pointed the head to her ass. He pushed hard and felt her ass try to resist being entered. The woman he was fucking groaned and whimpered but then her ass relaxed and his cock pushed into her butt.Lisa felt the boy push against her ass. She was so horny and her pussy juice so ample that she realized no lube was needed. She pushed out and the head of the cock pushed into her ass. He gripped her and started to fuck her ass with long hard strokes. The cock filled her tight ass but Lisa loved anal sex and she liked a man to fuck her hard.Jake loved fucking her ass! The feeling of using a woman like this was exciting! He already decided that his sister was going to get ass fucked today! Then Jake felt his balls release and his cum Bostanlı Escort filled the woman’s ass. Lisa was withering with her own orgasm but knew the boy had just filled her butt.Jake watched her ass convulse as he pulled out of her ass and then the steady stream of seamen began to drip from her. He reached around and played with her tits as she moaned.”Fuck you sure don’t act like some teen boy! I think you been doing some fucking since our little session.” Lisa said”Yeah mom and s*s have been real horny…we fuck…” Jake said as he lived in that post orgasm world but then realized he had just exposed his taboo relationships”You have been fucking Hannah and your sister!” Lisa said with surprise in her voiceJake felt his stomach ache as he suddenly feared that his family’s secret would be exposed.”Ahhhh that is not what I meant…” He was panicked trying figure out how to put his words backLisa could see the boy was getting scared and she decided it best to try to comfort him.”Jake, your secrete is safe with me and prove it I am going to tell you something else. My husband is fucking Sara. She was at the glory hole last Friday with her friend Beth who you fucked! She is the one who saw you sneak out and recognized you.” Lisa said as she squeezed his cock”Sara is doing her dad! I fucked Beth! Holy Shit! Was Amber there too?” Jake asked as three of the hottest girl’s at the Hardintown High School suddenly entered his sex world”No Amber was not there but she is fucking every cock she can. My husband has done her.” Lisa giggledJake sat there and thought about all that he had just discovered. He then became aware that Lisa was cleaning his cock off. He watched as she then started to suck his already erect cock. Jake loved hearing the sound of cock being sucked.Lisa released his cock and moved up to straddle his cock. He watched as she guided the head into her sloppy wet pussy that was incredibly hot. She groaned as she slid down the big teen cock.Lisa began pump her hips as she rode his cock. Jake loved to see her large tits sway as she fucked him. He began to match her strokes and she looked down at him as they fucked each other.Lisa moaned as Jake licked her nipples as she rode his cock. She felt jealous of Hannah Taylor getting to fuck this wonderful cock any time she wanted. Then it occurred to her that Jake admit that he was fucking his sister too! But which one?”Jake you said you fucked your mom and sister but which sister?” She moaned as she rode his cock”Candy….she has a nice hot pussy and loves sucking cock!” He said”So you going to fuck your other sister Amanda?” She said as she collapsed on top of him”I want too but not sure she would be into it. Mom says she has never expressed an interest in sex but I’m watching her.” Jake grunted as he pistoned her pussy as she orgasmed againHe rolled her off of him and pulled her ass in the air. He smiled as he realized this was the same position he fucked her in at the glory hole that first time. He slammed his cock into her as she screamed with her orgasm renewed. Jack fucked her hard!Lisa could not believe what a great fuck she was getting! He was pounding her relentlessly. His large hands gripped her shoulders and Lisa shut her eyes as he jackhammered her pussy.”Oh Fuck Jake! You are so fucking good! Fuck me!” Lisa screamed she felt his cock move in and outHis flesh was smacking into her butt cheeks. She looked in the mirror to see the boy controlling her body. He owned her at that moment and she would do anything he wanted!”I need to cum!” He groaned as he pounded her”Give me your cum! Fuck yes!” Lisa screamed”Get on your knees! Fuck yeah just like at the Glory Hole!” Jake yelledLisa went to her knees like a submissive slut should and opened her mouth as he jerked rapidly. The first spurt hit her face and Lisa felt sexual satisfaction that he was cumming. She moaned as more and more cum covered her face.Jake looked down at her and saw the sperm dripping down her face and in her mouth.Jake laughed as Lisa giggled and both enjoyed that moment that only two lovers can share after awesome sex.”That was awesome Jake! You can come over whenever you want as long as Sara is not around.” Lisa said as she smile at him and licked his cock”You don’t want her to know we are fucking?” Jake asked with mild amusement”Of course not! If she finds out how good you are she will be fucking you too!” Lisa said with a laughThey got dressed and Jake headed home and Lisa dressed to go to the glory hole.Lisa arrived at her favorite place just a little latter than normal. She was hurrying to the door and was about to knock when she noticed a man in the shadow.Just as she prepared to run the man stepped out. She recognized him as the father of a girl that went to school with Sara. If she remembered right his daughter was Natalie.”Excuse me. Can I speak with you for a moment?” He askedTo be continued….Lisa’s stories:http://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/447868.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/453351.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/454327.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/454644.htmlJake’s stories:http://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/451995.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/452826.html(A word from the author: well Jake is quite the stud! He now knows about some of his sexy classmates. At the end of this story I have also connected another character and that is Natalie’s father but what could he want. That will be a future story as the lives of Hardintown continue to come together. If you enjoyed the story a thumbs up encourages my activity. As always I look forward to your comments and messages.)