Nisan 24, 2023

Jane and Sue Pt. 02

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This is a “continuation” of Jane and Sue.

As such it is pushing at the boundaries of what two middle class women who like getting together of an evening for a drink, a smoke, and ultimately wetting themselves would get up to.

In this case, please do not read if easily offended.

Jane and Sue- Number 2.

Jane tilted her head back and chugged the last of the pint of the purple summer fruits squash. She licked her tongue against her lips. She then put the glass down with so much force, that it clanged against the worktop. She was actually scared that she had broken it.

For Jane really needed both hands spare. But at that moment, could only afford the one. She then forcefully lowering her left hand back down on her kitchen centre island, it landed next to the empty glass with an equally loud thud. She groaned as leaned her slight frame against her arm. She briefly whimpered and grimaced as she instantly moved her spare hand to hurriedly place the orange filter between her pink natural lips and took a gentle drag on her recently lit cigarette. Her hope was that as she held the smoke in her lungs, before letting it slowly exhale. It would relax her tense body a little. She had recently enjoyed just letting the smoke drift from her lips.

As the grey fog silently dispersed, she bit her bottom lip and winced, groaning, and moaning slightly as she squeezed her slim bare thighs hard together as she looked across the table at the radiator. As she raised her head and took yet another desperate drag on the cigarette, hoping against all the odds that the smoke would relax her on purpose stressed body. It did not, she quickly dropped the filter still only half smoked in her glass ashtray with half a dozen butts in it.

With a squeak and squeal of mostly pleasure as she bent forward almost double, bending her knees as she almost made a human ball. She straightened a little and, in the process, as she bounced to an unknown rhythm as she wiggled her hips and bottom desperately pushing her bare thighs hard together. She moaned in pleasure, then shrieked at the torture. Then laughed at herself at the silly but wonderful situation she had put herself in as she then hobbled and crabbed, wiggling one foot in front of the other slowly across the room. She again laughed at the situation of herself scrunched up in a human rock shape she had made, as she shuffled her way across her kitchen. She got close to the radiator and with untested confidence straightened up for a second before again squeaking loudly as she instantly bent over double again and firmly placing both of her hands between her warm thighs holding her now slowly dampening crotch tightly as she humanly could. She just did not want to let go, however much she actually needed to, just yet.

Whilst still whimpering she continued to shuffle and crab her way across the kitchen daring not to move her legs and her squished together her now moistening thighs hard against her hands as steadfastly as she could. Within a couple of strange crab like paces she reached the wall and whilst continuing to grimace she slowly she removed one hand from between her legs, before slapping her thighs instantly back together as she squeezed her legs as her hand reached out and grabbed her what had been this morning a clean fresh pair of white denim trousers. Autumn wasn’t the season for them, she had put them away a month ago. But she was fascinated at the colours and patterns in the fabric when she peed in them.

Whilst bouncing on the balls of her feet she got them off the kitchen radiator and, in her hands, whilst she still enthusiastically was still bopping as if on a pogo stick, she then fought with her feet to get them into the now stiff leg holes of the cardboard like, dried trousers whilst still trying to oxymoron style clamp her thighs together, desperately trying to hold back the tidal wave force of gravity, and the outbound wet pleasure it would soon bring.

Jane was attempting this all while being unbalanced and still trying to hop from one foot to the other with nervous anticipation of the glorious feeling that was about to happen. With some deft now practiced movement, whilst still removing then instantly putting one hand back between her crotch, she just about got the trousers back on.

Jane had been wearing the white jeans on and off all day, but in all honesty, they had spent most of the day off her and neatly folded over the now very hot radiator. They were there trying to dry off whilst urine continued slowly dripping from the leg hems on the floor. Putting them on the radiator was her attempt to get to get them vaguely dry and potentially a little more comfortable before putting them back on each time.

She opened her thighs for the briefest millisecond, there was a spurt into her knickers as the gusset obviously moistened. Her trapped fingers could not help but hindered as they gently massage her mound.

She continued to tug and yank up at the belt loop to swinger seks hikayeleri pull her jeans up, before clamping her hands against her continuing to darken knickers and moistening thighs as she squeezed them hard together dribbles tickled as they trickled down towards her knees. She didn’t bother with the top button against her sloshing swollen belly, however she then pulled up the brass fly up halfway, the process of tugging the trousers up on her hips squishing them hard against her, forming a perfect moist camel toe against her now particularly soggy underwear.

She didn’t care, her hand was soon back hard against her crotch pressing the fabric hard against her urethra as she forced her clothes up higher prolonging her enjoyment of the inevitability of her losing battle. As night follows day, it really didn’t matter she was performing this ritual, holding herself to fail to keep herself dry for as long as possible.

There was no one else in the room but her. This whole performance dance of a show was all for just her own enjoyment. Her own wet sexual pleasure. She was prolonging it just for her own wet desire. Her fingers later would get to work. For Jane the important thing was that the warm dry trousers against what had been her cold bare legs and now for the next few seconds still relatively dry. As she had found over the past 48 hours, there is always a bit of seepage.

These trousers had been a crisp ironed fresh white this morning straight out of the airing cupboard. Yesterdays were in the bin. She had washed the white trousers due to her wet activities only the other day. But as of five thirty in the afternoon they now longer a crisp white, they were an almost rigid cardboard, very much reeked of stale urine and cigarette smoke, and rather than being bright white, they were now very much of a miss matched pattern of mustard colour polka dot splotches and streaks of dirty yellow and orange dried tide lines. With several delta blotches with occasional black ash smudged in for good measure. On the back from sitting on the chair the orange delta had spread all over the seat and down both inner and outer legs from successive fun during the wet day’s activities.

Jane had again actively avoided siting on the toilet since getting up early this morning. She had done everything not to use the bathroom properly. For the past couple of days, she had purposely not planned anything important. As for today was all about her having fun all to herself on her very wet day.

She rubbed her lips together as Jane looked up and across at her central island and clocked the stream of smoke pouring from the ashtray. Whilst bouncing on the balls of her toes she then bounded, shuffled, and crabbed herself back across the room. Almost slowly pogoing with one wet hand clamped firmly between her damp legs. With a slap of her thighs together she released one hand and finally reached across and picked up her still burning cigarette in the ashtray. After running her tongue along them licking them brought the filter to her lips. Jane tilted her head back and momentarily straightened her body out as she pulled the smoke in her waiting lungs, opened her eyes as she pursed her lips and exhaled a plume of grey smoke across the brightly lit kitchen and licked her pink lips again as she sighed, then chuckled as she threw her head back and yelped “Oh fuck, ohhhh yessss!” in pure pleasure squealing to herself.

With her hand removed the white crotch darkened and for Jane quickly warmed, she finally she used her hand to hold the central island for support as the hissing and gurgling noises grew louder. The gurgling was then followed by gushing, then a gentle splattering. She smiled to herself as she enjoyed the flash of warm wet heat as it filled her crotch then jetted and trickled as it spread down her right leg first, before going down her left. As her desperation eased, she turned and leant against the centre island as the rivulets wicked under her buttocks and tickled down the back of her thighs as she looked down as the overflowing continued, she turned again and leant her back against the counter as briefly a jet arched as it poured straight from the over saturated seam of her crutch splashing down on the tiled floor in front of her as her what was overly full bladder quickly and enjoyably, for her, emptied itself through her knickers and trousers, and down to the floor below.

She stood still for a further thirty seconds. Then as the quiet hiss and splashing slowly subsided and the warmth faded, to a tickling uncomfortable cool she tensed her body, and one last jet was pushed out and poured down her legs. Again, what had been the pleasurable wet warmth metamorphosed quickly into a cold soggy dampness as she shook her left trouser leg which was darkened almost translucent as a large wide river of urine meandered and delta grew in the fabric as it again got saturated before slowly as the chill grew on her thighs it was forming yet another cool puddle of urine on the floor around her bare feet.

She giggled to herself as she put her hand inside her open trousers and rhythmically moved her fingers around her extremely squelching wet crutch. Jane continued groaning and moaning as her fingers slid inside her knickers and worked hard away again. She stood there panting as and sighing as her fingers pulsed and rocked inside her trousers. The hems from her legs continuing to drip as she was busy playing and stroking herself making herself even wetter as for those several minutes, she was focused on the building pressure of ecstasy of pleasuring herself. Her fingers continued to move furiously around inside her knickers the squelching of urine mixing with her bodily fluids the doorbell started loudly ringing, almost echoing in her silent empty house.

She smiled to herself and wryly shook her head almost ignoring the door as she panted, throwing her head back with a squeal of delight as she continued to rub her hand faster and faster inside her wet jeans as her fingers worked her incredibly moist crotch, she really didn’t want to stop, as she was so wet, she was so turned on. She didn’t stop, she continued to gently moan, then squealing in self-imposed pleasure as her fingers squished against what had been her fourth pair of fresh clean bright pink large cut knickers that she had put that day.

With her fingers squashed hard and still rotating against her pubis. “Ohhh, yesss, I am on, oh yes, on my way!” she finally said between deep pants as her legs uncontrollably shook. She wiggled her bottom and then took one long deep inhale of smoke on the filter, exhaled, then leaned over, stubbed the remains of the blacken cigarette out alongside the dozen other butts in the ashtray. The doorbell buzzed again, she then sighed the smoke drifting from her mouth and nose as wiped both hands on her wet buttocks and padded almost on tip toes, whilst leaving a trail of drips as well as the imprints of her wet footprints on the polished wooden hallway floor from the darkened dripping hems as she made her way to the front door.

Chapter 2

“I am here, sorry, thanks for waiting for me!” Jane called out as twisted and unlocked the door, she rubbed her feet on the door mat trying to dry them a little, grimacing at the pain as the sharp light brown bristles poked and tickled her bare soles the dirt within sticking to her feet, then with a deep breath opened the front door and pulled it back poking her head out from the side effectively hiding behind it. “Ah. Evening Sue!” she beamed welcomingly.

“Evening Jane, burr its cold out there. Err are you okay?” Sue asked inquisitively tilting her head to look at Jane and her equally tilted head as she continued to awkwardly hide her body behind the front door.

“Oh, yeah it is, I am of course never better” she smiled. “I was just checking it was you at the door. Could have been an Amazon delivery driver or my mother, anyone?”

“Oh shit, of course, but yes, it’s me?” Sue peered forward determining why Jane was hiding behind the door.

“Great. Err, yes, Come in!”

“Goody, I’ve brought some supplies of wine, and then depending on how wet we are, the vodka, and coke for later!”

“That’s great, you are so kind. You needn’t have.”

“Oh, come it’s all I could do, but hey…” Sue paused and took in Jane and stifled a giggle “It looks like you were having fun already?”

Jane nodded and ran her hands down her thighs a little. “Yeah, I was in the process of enjoying myself as such, desperately holding on trying to keep it in for your arrival, to go, like now…but got my timings wrong, as I over did the coffee followed by two pints of squash half an hour ago!” She grinned as she exaggeratedly stepped to the side away from the door closing it in the process, revealing her still freshly glistening and very soggy wet lower half, her fly open highlighting her now dark pink very wet underwear. She shivered with the breeze as the door finally shut.

Sue again looked her up and then down, and chuckled whilst shaking her head, “Ah, oops never mind always happens with this game!” Sue replied.

“Yeah, I have noticed, let me take your coat. As you say it’s getting colder out there. I will get us both another drink!” she grinned. “Please, watch out the kitchen floor will be a, err, yes, well a little slippery.”

“Thanks, and no problem!” Sue replied undoing her large warm black duffle coat and once she had untangled her arms from the holes, revealing her pink warm thick knitted rollneck top and black leggings.

“I was desperately trying to wait for you. Almost to have a taadaa wetting moment!” Jane stated again shaking her damp leg again creating a small new puddle on the floor under the trouser leg once she had hung up the coat on the hook.

“Don’t worry, talking of being caught short, a few weeks ago, if you remember when we had that couple of warm days, it finally stopped raining, anyway it was really nice, that was it, I popped into drive thru Starbucks on the way into town, and got a Grande cappuccino, then pottered about town the just getting a for a few bits, and as it was hot and I was thirsty…” she winked “…so got a bottle of coke from the Spar shop and then some bit and bobs for dinner from the market, as I knew I had to carry stuff, rather than the bike, I took the car as it was unlikely, but they did say that there was threat for it to rain later. Anyway, so, you know, on the way back to the car, I just had to stop and stand in the middle of carpark it was annoyingly only yards from my car. Like you, the funny thing was, I had sort of thought of actually wetting myself actually in the car, thus the coffee and then the extra coke, I had the towel as I occasionally have with me, you know, in position on the seat in anticipation for, you know, sort of going then. I had been looking forward to it ever since the coffee, but then nope, no matter how much squeezing, and holding- out it pours, you know, it was a truly delightful feeling, and I don’t think anyone noticed. I was standing there in the middle of the main carpark pissing myself, I lit a cigarette and then pretended to be making a phone call as I stood there between the cars standing over a drain as my pee cascaded down my legs.” She laughed at the thoughts tumbling through her head.

“That was risky.”

“Yeah, but so much fun, I was in my full-length skirt, but the real risky bit was I just had to play with myself and enjoy my wetness before I could leave the carpark. My knickers were truly and delightfully soaked, now that was pleasurable and was incredibly fun, but sooo dicey. I was parked so close to the ticket machine…anyone could have watched me playing with my fanny!” She happily grinned as she followed Jane into the kitchen.

“I can imagine, but I was talking about you smoking a cigarette in public, I know you don’t really care about wetting in public!” she grinned.

Sue scoffed “Oh, well yes, I do care about pissing myself, but you know, come on that night in the pub…as you know, I was plastered drunk, even wore the wrong clothes that day, who wets themselves in white leggings and large black knickers?” she paused and looked across at Jane in her open fronted white jeans revealing what had been pink knickers before chuckling and shaking her head “but it was still fun, as for smoking, it didn’t even cross my mind. Just had to have one…I do now…just have to have one. It happens.

“Oh, right?”

“Yeah, but I have been dry since. The occasion to wet just hasn’t happened.”

Panic crossed Janes face, “Oh shite Sue, as in you actually in one of your dry spells?”

Sue confidently nodded “Yeah, you know, when it gets closer to winter, I don’t find it as fun, it’s just, you know, too cold and wet, to be wet?” She wrapped her arms across her chest and faux shivered as she glanced towards the window and the autumn leaves being blown about in the dusky garden.

“But you are here, you know, here for I thought, err, fun? As I have got the heating on high for that very reason, I have needed to stay warm!”

Sue laughed “God yeah, don’t worry I won’t leave you wet on your own especially with Ginny at a sleep over, I am all game!” she grinned. “I’ve honestly, really been looking forward to it all week.”

Jane exaggeratedly wiped her hand across her forehead in relief and then regretted doing so as it was wet. “Phew, that’s good to hear, so, anyway squash, tea, coffee, or jump straight to the wine?” Jane chuckled as she took in her two large puddles on the floor that had now merged under the table.

“Sod it, let’s hit the wine now! No point messing around, and we can have fun have all night long.” Sue replied as she opened her purse and pulled out two packs of cigarettes and placed them on the counter next to the ashtray. “I need one of these first.”

“Yes of course, even though your dry, your still smoking?” Jane asked looking at the stack of packs.

“Hell yeah, addictive little buggers aren’t they!” she rolled her eyes as she grinned.

“Tell me about it, I totally understand.” She opened the cupboard and got two glasses out. “Red or white?”

“White!” Sue grinned, as Jane got to work with the wine bottle.

“Cool, do you want spritzer this time?”

Sue shook her head definitively “Nah, I have nothing planned after this, no meetings. We can go neat!” Sue grinned. “And really enjoy wetting ourselves!”

“Excellent, I will pour these then I should get into some fresh dry knickers…” She smiled as she then placed the full to the brim glass in front of Sue. “These wet ones are my 4th pair of the day!” she grinned.


“Yeah, I’ve just not gone on the toilet all day!” she laughed at herself. “It certainly been my very wet day!”

“And I hope you are still ready for a wet filled evening?” Sue replied nodding in appreciation. “Cheers!”

“Cheers! Yes, of course!” then clinked glasses than took a sip each. “That was the plan, I just started a little earlier, like before breakfast!”