Mayıs 11, 2023

Jane Catches Neighbor

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Jane was getting ready for work on Monday when she noticed something in the corner of her vision. She didn’t look over but walked out of the bedroom to where she could look out and see if someone was out there. From the next room she could tell that the neighbor’s oldest son was peeking in the window. At first she was furious but she considered for a moment and got turned on by the thought of this young guy spying on her. So she walked back to the master bedroom and decided that she was going to give him a show. She let her robe fall open, exposing her large tits, and continued to pick out an outfit to wear to work that day. Making sure Tyler was still watching through the window, she stripped off her robe, giving him a great look at her naked body. She wondered if he was touching himself while watching – and that got her even more turned on. Walking around nude was something she hardly ever did but this seemed like the right time. She took a bottle of lotion off the Acıbadem Escort night stand and applied it to her body, paying special attention to her tits and ass. Jane finished with the lotion and decided she’d better get dressed before she was late. Jane picked up the tightest jeans she had and slid them on, not bothering to wear panties. She did, however, put a bra under the silky button up blouse. Modeling in front of the mirror, she saw that Tyler was still peeking through the window so she walked to the kitchen, slowly opening the door to the outside. She walked slowly to where Tyler was hiding behind some bushes. “Did you like the show?” Jane asked. Tyler jumped up and had an ‘Oh shit’ look on his face – until he saw that Jane was smiling. “Yes, I did. I’m sorry for peeking on you,” Tyler stammered. “Sorry for what?” Jane asked. “Looking through my window and invading my privacy?”  “Yes, I’m sorry and I won’t do it again… Acıbadem Escort Bayan I promise,” Tyler exclaimed. Tyler looked confused when Jane ordered him into the house, “So I can figure out what I’m going to do to you.”  “Please Miss Jane, don’t tell my dad. He will kill me.”  Inside, Jane went to the kitchen and made herself another cup of coffee and orange juice for Tyler. When Jane put the juice on the table, she touched him on the shoulder and felt something like electricity shoot through her. “I’m not going to tell your dad, Tyler. You’re nineteen years old and that’s way past telling on you,” Jane said with a smile. “I’m not going to tell my husband either. This will be our little secret. I still need to figure out what I’m going to do to you.”  “I’ll do anything you want so nobody finds out,” Tyler said. Jane sat drinking her coffee and Tyler drank his orange juice. The conversation hopped from one subject to another. Escort Acıbadem Jane was still trying to figure out what to do. She knew what she wanted but had never done anything like it before. She wanted to take Tyler into the bedroom and let him have her. Having her would be an understatement. She wanted him to do whatever he wanted and then some. Then she thought, ‘What the hell, I’m just going to tell him what I want.’  “Tyler, I have come up with what we’re going to call your punishment,” Jane said. “Ill do anything, anything for you.”  “Tyler,” Jane said, “you are going to take me into the bedroom and do whatever you want to me.”  Tyler’s mind got fried by that comment. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard. Was it real or his imagination running amuck on him? He sat there not knowing what to say, but Jane noticed the bulge in his shorts getting bigger and bigger. She wondered just how big his cock was and if she would be able to handle this young stud. She was getting wetter by the second with thoughts of this nineteen year old ravishing her body. Tyler sat still, not responding, so Jane grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. Jane pulled off his shirt, undid his shorts and let them hit the floor. Looking down she saw the biggest cock she had seen in a while.