Nisan 25, 2023

Janet Ch. 01: Mike’s Birthday

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Hi. My name is Janet. Single, 38, and comfortably off. The HR manager of a retail chain most people in England will have heard of. I’ve been married, had a couple of live in partners, but at least for now value my freedom. I live alone though every third weekend, or thereabouts, I stay with my sister and her husband. Who enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle than I do.

Anita is two years younger than me and almost as attractive. That’s my version of it though we have disagreed about it over the years! Mike, her husband is two years older than me. Tall, confident, moderately handsome and not at all bad in bed. I don’t get to enjoy him every time I stay but let’s say it’s not uncommon. Anita’s quite happy with this. In fact she initiated the arrangement we all now enjoy. It’s not a full blown threesome. Neither Anita nor I are bisexual though sometimes all three of us play together. Which is something Mike clearly enjoys. If I was a man I would like to have two attractive near naked enthusiasts stroking and kissing my body and competing for my attention. The sighs and moans, the probing fingers and his stiffness all testify to the pleasure he gets from having two wet willing partners indulging most of his fantasies. If he wants to sit in the corner watching girl on girl action he is going to have to go elsewhere. There is no way that I want to put my face intimately between another woman’s thighs. That’s a man’s job in my view.

We don’t treat him to the full two girl experience every time. Sometimes I have to stay in my own room with two fingers slipping in and out of my own neglected pussy while I listen to the sounds of him giving my very noisy (boastful?) little sister a thorough seeing to. On a couple of weekends last year we got to reverse these roles. Or at least I got to spend the whole night taking as much stiff cock from Mike as he could manage. While Anita crawled off to the spare room to sleep, with the parting words “he’s all yours tonight sis. Enjoy”.

And I did. Four times the first time and three the second. Having urgent lusty sex with someone who is not your husband is always fun in my humble opinion. Having sex with someone like Mike who knows what he’s doing and has decent size equipment and lots of enthusiasm is certainly fun. But what I really really like about an all nighter is lying warm and comfy and half awake in the darkness of the small hours as a hot stiff prick starts tentatively rubbing against my soft (and welcoming) bum cheeks and, facing no resistance, pushes forward to test how hot (very) and wet (soaking) I am. Without a sound, and very gently, his tip pushes against my lips. Which spread, welcoming, as he shifts position and pushes firm and confident between my spreading legs. He reaches that wonderful sweet moment where his probing tip causes my muscles to relax, draw him into me and clamp around his firm shaft. Not quite silent, though nothing is said. Low breathy moans, a faint sound of my wetness embracing his rod, the sounds of sex, the aroma of sex, the visceral feeling of a hungry man now deep inside me. His stomach pulsing against my sweet rounded little arse as he pumps in and out and in. Intimate, hot, caring, lusty sex in the darkness. God I love that cock in cunt feeling.

That first night was very special. But it wasn’t our first time. That was his 39th birthday. There were eight of us for dinner. Mike and Anita, two couples, a divorced colleague of Anita’s who very clearly fancied the idea of getting into my knickers, and me. Poor Tony. I’m always flattered that a man desires me. But the truth is that more men fancy me than the other way round. No sooner had the starter been cleared away than his hand first strayed to my leg. Which was no great surprise. His interest in me had been undisguised from the moment we had been introduced. I did think about it for a bit. When I didn’t immediately push his hand away his hopes were clearly raised. He shifted in his seat, smiled very broadly and started giving me even more conversational attention than before. Which didn’t do his cause any good at all. My experience is that a man who is boring at the table is likely to be equally boring in the sack. As the conversation flagged his wandering hand resumed its exploration of my leg, venturing under the hem of my skirt, inching carefully upwards.

It would have been both rude and disruptive to Anita’s stylish dinner to tell him precisely how I felt about his advances. So I took the naughty option of teasing him. “Not here, not now” I whispered as I leant towards him. He smiled broadly and moved his hand away. And turned his inadequate conversational skills to Melissa on his right. Apparently, as she told me later, he had a little tentative grope of her legs too.

The price of teasing is that poor frustrated Tony came back later for more. As I stood in the garden later two arms reached around my waist and I felt the unmistakeable pressure of an erect penis against the bottom of my back. I didn’t have to waste a lot of time guessing which of the four in the house it was. Girne Escort “Maybe here, maybe now” he breathed into my ear.

“Maybe not Tony”. He pulled away quickly; surprised at the rejection. It was a shame that I didn’t really fancy Tony. Because I did fancy the idea of getting laid. And Anita had carefully selected someone to balance the table and take care of me. It wasn’t the first time, and wouldn’t be the last, that she had sourced a partner for me. But Tony wasn’t the right choice I’m afraid. Poor man. Poor horny frustrated hungry man.

So I turned, put my arms around his neck and gave him a big over the top super sexy kiss with lots of tongue and then took his hand and led him out into the darker reaches of the garden. Where I kissed him again. Which made him very excited. His erection pressed against my stomach and his hands roamed freely bunching the top of my skirt as he pawed my bum.

“You’re a very horny boy Tony. Very big and much too excited.” He simply giggled like a teenager. “The only trouble is…. that what you want is just not going to happen.” Which stopped the giggling. So I kissed him again, hard and fiercely as if I were the man in this encounter and I grabbed a big handful of cock through his trousers. “But you are going to get a consolation prize.” As I continued to stuff my tongue down his throat I reached down for his zip and pulled out a very stimulated piece of meat with a little bubble already formed at the tip. I couldn’t see it in the darkness and our bodies were pressed close but I could feel his prick dripping with excitement. My hand wrapped around him. And it was over. Three, maybe four short strokes and he twitched and shuddered and dripped his pent up spunk down the front of his trousers. Fortunately none of it went on me.

So Tony went home, discharged but not very happy. I made his apologies to the rest of the party saying that he didn’t feel very well. I couldn’t very well announce to everyone that he had a big sticky white stain down the front of his black trousers. Before he left I did give him one last long lingering kiss and some friendly words of advice about what women want. And I dried his tears and sent him home.

Melissa guessed. “What happened out there? I’m guessing he came onto you after I’d told him to get his hand off my leg. Did you get his number?” Apparently, she thought he was cute and wasn’t worried about his lack of conversational skills. “If Darren hadn’t been on the other side of the table I wouldn’t have minded. But he gets so jealous. I do wish we could be more open. Having to keep all my lovers secret is so much trouble.”

Being the friendly helpful girl that I am I naturally offered to help. “If the situation ever arises again, do tip me the wink. I’ll see if I can distract your Darren for an hour or two.” Not that I had any special desire for Darren but I always enjoy a seductive challenge. I suspect he won’t prove too difficult. I’m pretty sure Melissa will take me up on my offer to try out her husband. And that Darren will succumb.

But to get back to the subject of Mike’s birthday. Melissa and Darren left first, followed soon after by Peter and Helga. In my view Peter is an insufferable pig and I cannot work out why pretty little Helga has anything to do with him. Just me, Anita and Mike and two thirds of a bottle of red.

“What happened out there? I never thought you would go for Tony. I chose him deliberately as someone you would not leave with. Please tell me you didn’t fuck Tony in our back garden.” It took Anita all of three seconds after Mike left the room to cut straight to the chase.

I was puzzled. And a bit shocked. Possibly a little angry. Disappointed. I had nothing against my sister setting me up with possible lovers. I was quite prepared to accept that not every piece of ‘matchmaking’ would work. Some of her selections had proved very satisfactory. I almost fell in love with one of them. Most I just enjoyed once or twice or for a month and then moved on. I liked variety and novelty and our little dinner party arrangement suited me just fine. But she had deliberately dumped someone completely unsuitable on me. I was beginning to think I should have given Tony a whole lot more pleasure than I did.

“I wanted you warmed up but unsatisfied” she said. “You have been coming to dinner here and getting laid by a stream of eligible young men for eighteen months now. And my Mike is getting very jealous. Have you not seen how he looks at you? Did you not realise how he stares at your bum every time you walk across the room?

Actually I had realised. Which was why I wore short skirts and black stockings even though there were no other guests on Sunday evening. Why I left my briefest undies lying around where he might see them. Why I walked across the landing in a towel rather than put a modest dressing gown on. I loved making Mike drool when I played with the buttons on my blouse. After all; I was the more attractive sister. “No; you’re kidding me. Mike’s never had eyes for Kıbrıs Escort anyone but you”. I was pretty sure that Mike had jerked off fantasising about me several times. Maybe he even imagined my bum while he was doing his duty with Anita.

Anita’s eyebrows arched. She didn’t contradict me. “Well he does. He lusts after you you seductive little harlot. “. There was just a moment’s pause, a drawing of breath before she continued. “I love my husband very much, but I want you to be his birthday present. I don’t think there is anything he’ld like more than you. “

Well. That was not what I had expected. Not at all. Teasing Mike and getting him to wank thinking about me was one thing. Being gifted to him by my sister was off the scale of surprises. “Exactly how much of me do you think he would like?”

“How much of you did Wesley get at Easter? How much did Chris get last month?”

“I don’t think you want me offering all that to Mike! You saw how I looked when Wesley dropped me off after that trip. I could barely walk. And I had to throw some of my stuff away.” I grinned at the memory. “Could he cope?”

“I think he would like everything you are willing to give” she said with a faint hint of sadness. “Maybe you could hold back just a bit – I do want him back on Monday. What I was thinking of was this….”.

We finished the bottle. And I had a small sip of brandy for the shock. “It’s been a lovely evening. I’ll see you two in the morning. Don’t make too much noise!” ( wink). Mike kissed me on the cheek and touched my arm. For a second longer than was perfectly proper.

As I left the room I heard Anita “you go and get ready for bed darling; I’ll be up in a minute. I’ll just pop these last bits in the dishwasher and I’ll be up.”

Just as soon as Mike closed the door to their room and I heard the sound of running water I slipped back downstairs. Anita was waiting with a dress of shiny red – which looked very short – and I had a small bag with some rather skimpy but very sexy black pieces. That I just happened to have in my suitcase. And we got me dressed. Like a sacrificial lamb ready to be pounced on by an unsuspecting wolf. I was to be a true present, as Anita completed the look with a length of wide ribbon tied in a bow around my chest.

I have seduced a lot of men in my life. I own a range of fuck me shoes and have worn an interesting assortment of come and get me outfits but never have I been presented so brazenly as a sexual gift. We hadn’t even got to the bottom of the stairs and already my pussy was dripping. The thin black strip between my legs was already dark with my moisture. Anita asked me if I was sure!!! Hell, yes. I just hoped she was. But it was her idea.

I stood, quivering with anticipation in the darkness as Anita walked into their bedroom, leaving the door ajar. “I thought you would already be in bed darling; but no matter. I see you’ve changed. Just sit there, I have one extra present to make your day complete. Just close your eyes. No peeking. Which was my cue to tiptoe into their room. I had been in there before of course. But never with Mike dressed just in silk boxers and Anita in her finest whitest lingerie standing right in front of him.

“You can open your eyes now darling”.

Mike did, and gazed at his wife looking her very loveliest. His tongue ran across his lips and his hand slipped down and cupped his balls though the silk. “You make a great present. Though I did get one just like it last year. And the year before that”.

“So I got you something a little bit different.” She lifted her hand from its demure pose in front of her crotch; raised it palm upwards and outwards and waved like a conjurers reveal towards me on the other side of the bed. Prepacked pussy just waiting to be unwrapped.

Words cannot capture Mike’s reaction. Reactions. Wide eyes. Shortness of breadth. A jaw dropped as low as you can imagine. Lust. Excitement. Disbelief. He looked back and forth, alternating between my sister and me. Settling finally, despite his desire, on Anita. The question hung unspoken as he struggled to speak. His hand was clamped tight around a very swollen bulge inside his boxers.

“Yes….yes.. I got you a special present. I know you’ve looked at it while window shopping. I know it’s something you’ll like. I think you should unwrap her. Go on….. Janet. Come here and let him unwrap you.

As I moved around the bed to stand between Mike and Anita he stood up. And the front of his pants stood out. A long way. He put his hands on my hips and kissed me. Then reached around and kissed Anita. Full on the mouth but short. He looked once more for Anita’s approval and on seeing the nod and smile took hold of me again and kissed me long and slow and gently as my lips opened for him and I got to taste my sister’s man for the very first time. Outside my fantasies that is. Then he took hold of the ribbon, and the bow dropped to the floor. He knelt in front of me and picked it up. And as he did so ran his hands from my Kıbrıs Escort ankles to just above my knees, which was still a long way below the hem of the little red dress. His gaze rested on my thighs and he smiled so broadly I thought his face would split.

“Now the wrapping paper. Unwrap her properly. You can do it carefully and save the wrapping for later. Or you can just rip it off. It’s your choice. She’s your present.”

He unwrapped me slowly. I knew he would. That he would want to make this last as long as he could. That if he rushed to a conclusion the moment would be over. I knew there would be other chances for him to tear my clothes from in a frenzy of passion. But not this moment. This was to be savoured. He ran his hands over the shiny fabric. Over my hips pulling it up a little and showing the clips at top of my stockings. Anita’s fingers gently pulled the hem back down. Quite right. Before he could play with his gift he must unwrap it. Knowing this was more than just two of us added a little extra frisson.

His hands roamed over my hips, over my arse, his fingertips trying to feel what was underneath while his palms ran over the smoothness of the satin. They roamed upward over my stomach and my back and my breasts and my nipples. To which he was most certainly going to return. I resolved never to wear this dress again but to frame it like a football shirt and hang it on my wall as a permanent reminder of how much pleasure a man could get and give from stroking a fully dressed woman.

But his patience had its limits and his hands took the zip and pulled it down to the bottom of my back and it slipped down, with a couple of little wiggles, to form a scarlet pool around my feet. Which he ignored now ad he stepped back and took in the sight of me in my underwear. Not that there was a lot of it. But what there was he loved. He couldn’t decide whether to gaze at it, or touch it or take it off. That’s the thing about nice underwear. Men want you to keep it on as long as possible yet at the same time are desperate to get at the treasures underneath.

I decided it was time to step up a gear. To get some of my gear off. We are clearly telepathic, being sisters, and as I formed the thought Anita’s soft warm fingers grazed my back and undid my bra. It had not done a lot to conceal me but its removal focused Mike’s attention and his impatient fingers held to pull the cups from my breast and toss the thin fabric aside. He knelt in front of me and reached up to feel me. Poor Tony would have come in his pants by now but Mike was clearly made of stronger stuff. You trained him well Anita. Very attentive. Very gentle. Very very stimulating.

Looking over Mike’s head as it buried myself in my breasts and concentrated on sucking the hell out of my tender stimulated over excited nipples I could see Anita in the mirror. The straps of her top were off her shoulders and her breasts out and her fingers played with her own nipples. The scene was turning her on too. It certainly turned me on. Much as I love breasts play this girl needed some hardcore action. And a faster pace.

So I took hold of Mike’s hair, pulled him upright and pushed him back onto the bed. I know I was supposed to be be his present and not the other way round but there are times when a girl cannot wait any longer. I had waited a long time to see Mike’s tackle and now was the moment. Thank you Anita. I like to think I would have kept my hands off but since you changed the rules….

Flat on his back with his legs dropped at the knees over the edge of the bed, he was just where I wanted him. At least for the moment. There was no resistance to my pulling his shorts down over his hips and down onto the floor. Which left him stark bollock naked with his prick pointing to the ceiling, me in front of him in a suspender belt, shiny stockings and a teeny tiny soaking wet scrap of a thong and Anita half dressed in pure white kissing him as if it was a competition.

Choices choices. How close is this over excited man to exploding? What I really want right now is to kneel in front of him and go down on him. I love giving head and I really really want to experience Mike in my mouth but it’s high risk. This man, in my considered opinion, is only going to come once tonight – in a big way. And when he does I want that explosion to be deep inside me. I think, though I’m not really sure at this point, that this will not be the only time I get to enjoy him. Maybe Anita plans this to be just a one-off. I’m pretty sure Mike thinks differently.

So I compromise. I lick his shaft very briefly and stroke his balls and allow myself the quickest of sucks on his swollen head but I leave it at that. Which seems to disappoint him. Greedy boy. And I clamber onto him so his hands can slip easily and quickly into my knickers. Such as they are. They, and I, offer little defence. His fingers have given up being slow and gentle. I know he fancies my arse; he’s looked at it often enough but right now all he can manage is a cursory stroke. Before they slide from the bottom of my soaking lips to the top and back down again and up to tug feverishly at my stiff hot little clit, and then deep,into me. As deep as can push them. It’s not hard. He is, like a poker, but I’m soft and yielding and welcoming. This man right now could do whatever he wanted with me.