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Janet, Chrissie and Me Ch. 12

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Mum is carrying my child, all is well with her confinement and it’s time to try and make my birth Mother pregnant. Molly joined my little harem but the following day a slight problem came to light. Molly had been my Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s lover for eight years.

That evening I was sent to entertain Molly for a couple of hours while Mum and my Mother discussed ways of resolving the problem.

Molly had enjoyed a colourful, sexually adventurous life and was probably old enough to be my Grandmother. She told me that I had absolutely no chance of being anything like a decent ‘Master’ but, with training and practice, I could become a great lover. Would I would allow her to teach me different ways to pleasure women? Like I was going to turn down an offer like that???

For detail of the story so far – please see Janet, Chrissie and me Chapters 1 – 11.

=== === ===

Mother ‘phoned in ‘sick’ the following morning, she wanted to talk to Janet, and didn’t arrive in the office until Steve was already out on his rounds. I didn’t bend her over the desk, throw her skirt over her back and fuck her brains out, as I would normally have done. I took her into my arms and kissed her like a son shouldn’t, made her a cup of coffee and told her to sit and rest.

She did as she was told! A first for me .

“You’ve got a good feeling about last night and this morning as well, eh?” she chuckled.

“Couldn’t be gooder,” I told her ungrammatically, “rest while I take Granddad’s coffee out to him. Ready to tell him about our idea yet?”

“Your idea! Your brilliant idea. Needs a little tweak though.”


“If Molly’s going to help you to become an even better lover she won’t be able to be with Granddad all the time. We’ll need to ensure Granddad is happy with that.”

“That’s your department, I’m just the ideas guy,” I grinned and headed off to the kitchen.

=== === ===

Jim was in the office when I walked in carrying two mugs of coffee, his and mine. He was smiling fit to burst.

“Congratulations Lad,” he exclaimed happily.

“I’ve only made two cups of coffee and carried them from the kitchen to here without spilling any? Do I get a pay rise?” I laughed.

My Mother chortled in a most unladylike fashion. My Granddad laughed.

“Your Mother tells me she’s got a ‘feeling’ and she also tells me you have too. If I’ve learned anything in this life it’s that when a woman has a feeling about something she is often right and when her son has the same feeling she’s probably correct. Her Mother was the same.”

“You had a similar feeling when you started my Mother?”

“Yep! Wonderful feeling it was too. Could take on the world so you’d better start producing pretty amazing stuff over the next few months,” he said with a wonderful smile, “that’s my Grandchild(?) the pair of you have created.”

“Grandchild or Great Grandchild?” teased his Daughter, my Mother, “can we talk quickly about Molly? Before Steve returns?”

“Need me? Only I’ve got a couple of things I want to put to bed before the weekend.”

“I’ll call if I need you Darling.”

Half an hour later Jim wandered casually into my ‘office’, the storeroom. Steve was back and in the shop.

“We agreed, if Molly’s happy with everything, she stays with me Friday through to Monday and is available to you the rest rest of the week. Learn everything she can teach you and practice what she preaches. Trust me you couldn’t be in better hands, nor could your women. Happy with that?”

My turn to grin like a Cheshire cat.

“I am, as long as Molly and you are. Let’s hope eh? Thanks Gr… Jim.”

I didn’t fuck my Mother’s brains out after Steve had left for the night either. We made love, soft tender love, again then we went home to mine. It was her weekend.

“I hope you’re not going to stop fucking me hard now that I’m possibly pregnant!” she stated emphatically.

“No, I’m not and I’m not going to stop fucking you hard if you’re not possibly pregnant either. I’m planning on a mixture. Granddad said I have to practice what Molly preaches.”

She stroked my thigh delightedly, she was driving.

=== === ===

Three naked beauties greeted us as we stepped over the threshold. I kissed Mum, kissed Chrissie and kissed Molly, in each case brushing my hands lovingly across their hard nipples. Such a wonderful way to return home from a hard day in the orifice. By the time I’d got back to my Mother she too was naked. I pulled her close and kissed her.

“OK, it’s not my Birthday, to what do I owe my thanks?” I laughed.

“We’ve got a little job for a ‘handyman’,” suggested Mum making the little eek-eek signs in the air with her fingers.

My first thought was to make a new kitchen table, similar to ours, for Molly.

“Sarah, the other end, will need the bulb in her bathroom changed after you get home tomorrow lunchtime.”

I laughed at that.

“That’s a bit prescient, isn’t şişli escort it? Can’t John fix it now?”

“John’s taking David on the coach to watch the team play. It’s about 8 hours each way. They’re leaving at ridiculous o’clock in the morning, won’t be home ’til after midnight.”

My services were required, obviously. Sarah was tasty! She didn’t look particularly sexy but I’d always known that if it was ever offered I’d accept. That was when I was under a very strict curfew though, long before … things change.

“She is ‘safe’?” I asked making the obligatory air signs.

“No, that’s the whole point. She needs to get pregnant ASAP.”

“And John can’t do it? Where did Dave come from? Found under a gooseberry bush?” I chuckled.

Mum looked at Molly. I looked at Molly.

“Complicated,” Molly started, “I’m the old lady of the terrace, all the girls come to me when they need help and advice. All the signs are that John is infertile. It was over a year after they married before Sarah managed to get pregnant. They’d been trying from the off. When young David was born, John was delighted. Sarah was not, it was a better than fair chance that David wasn’t John’s son. Now David’s eight John wants a brother or sister for him. They’ve been trying for months and months but nothing’s happening.”

“And I’m to do the deed? Is that alright with you Mum, Chrissie… Rose?” I remembered just in time.

“Sir Lance the Lot,” grinned Chrissie, “no problem with that.”

“I think we need to make sure your name is not anywhere near the BC just in case the shit hits the fan,” observed Mum sensibly.

“Agree,” confirmed my Mother.

“How many light bulbs am I going to have to change and how long does each take? Gonna look very odd if I ‘pop’ down there every time John’s out, isn’t it?”

“Not going to look odd if Sarah pops in to see me, bit of company now Alf’s gone. Nothing to stop you stopping by either.” Molly grinned wickedly.

“Sarah will agree to that?”

“Sarah will agree to anything,” confirmed Mum.

“Tomorrow I take my equipment to the other end or to next door?”

=== === ===

“Afternoon Molly. How’s things?” I said for effect more than anything else.

“Ryan! Delighted to see you. Come on in. Cup of tea?”

With the alibi suitably created I stepped over the threshold and closed the front door.

“She’s upstairs, back bedroom. No hurry to finish. I’ll wait a while to make sure everything is OK then pop in to see Janet for a bit. Let her out when you’ve finished, wait a few then leave yourself.”

“You’ve done this before,” I grinned and started up the stairs.

Sarah was sitting in a darkened room with the heavy curtains drawn closed. She looked ravishing! Surely she didn’t walk down to Molly’s dressed like that? A short dress, very short at that. Just sat on the bed I could clearly see she wasn’t wearing panties and that she was very neatly trimmed. The top of her dress stopped fractions of an inch above her nipples. More than a hint of areola was visible on each tit. There was no bra in sight but her tits looked incredible. Closing the bedroom door I saw another, long, respectable dress hanging on the hook on the back.

“Wondered how you managed to get here dressed like that. You look drop dead gorgeous. What you doing for the next hour or so?” I whispered filthily as my cock started to respond positively to the beauty on the bed.

“Fucking you?” she suggested eagerly, “shall I remove my dress or do you want to strip me?”

“Turn around.”

She stood and turned without hesitation. I stepped up close behind her, put my hand on her hips and slid them around to her tummy, pulling her exciting body hard back onto me. She sighed. I moved my hands up to her breasts and nuzzled my face into the nape of her neck. She shuddered as I caressed her glorious orbs.

“How do you want to do this?” I said softly into her ear.

“Slow, hard and frequently.”

“Thought you wanted to get pregnant?”

“John wants me to get pregnant. I’d rather not but it will save a lot of awkward questions if I do. Anyway that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the process, does it?” she giggled.

Easing my hands back from her nice large tits I unfastened the back of her dress and unzipped. It fell to the floor with no further intervention on my part. Totally naked, as I suspected.

My hands went straight back to her tits, each nipple between a finger and thumb. I rolled them with enthusiasm. She moaned with pleasure.

“You’ve got a beautiful body, Sarah,” I breathed into her neck, “bet John struggles to keep his hands off you.”

“Ugh! Chance would be a fine thing. Seldom gets close enough to touch me. He had a very strict upbringing. He doesn’t do sex. Sex isn’t a pleasure to be indulged in. He does intercourse when he wants a child and only when he wants a child.”

“Please tell me you’re joking!”

“I am NOT joking and it is no laughing matter. We even sleep in separate beds! It’s driving me crazy.”

“That’s terrible beşiktaş escort and very cruel. How do you manage? Why are you still with him?

“I’ve a stash of large dildos. That’s very fortunate if the boner you’re pressing into my bum crack is anything to go by and I don’t leave because he wouldn’t give me a divorce and he’d keep David.

“Wait a minute. How does he expect you to get pregnant if you sleep in different beds?”

“He does intercourse regularly.”

“How regularly?”

“Every Friday, before an away game.”

“Once a fortnight? What do you do in the cricket season,” I chuckled.

“I go without! And I told you it’s no laughing matter!” she snapped.

“No, I’m sorry,” I replied contritely, “how can he be so stupid? So are we trying to make you pregnant or just have some fun?”

She turned into my arms, reached hers up around my neck and stretched up to kiss me, long and deep. I returned her kiss with equal fervour. We broke apart after a few minutes.

“Oh I do so hope we are going to have fun, and lots of it,” she confirmed, “I’m not on the pill, it’s not been necessary and he’s banned it anyway, Not God’s intention, apparently. If I get pregnant he’ll be over the moon and I’ll get a feather in my cap and a happy grin knowing it’s yours. Is that alright with you?”

“If you are certain that John will believe any baby we make is his then I’m happy.”

She smiled happily.

“I’m a loving wife. My husband wants a baby and I’m trying to make him one. He cannot complain, can he? Once yours has arrived I’ll tell him to have the snip or no more sex.”

“If you do that then we won’t be able to have any more fun,” I suggested reasonably.

“Good point. I’ll think about that. At the moment I’m telling myself that my infertile husband wants a baby and being a loving wife… I’m hoping it keeps my conscience clear, OK? You’re over dressed, let me help you.”

She didn’t wait for permission or even an answer. Taking hold of the bottom of my jumper she hauled it up my body and over my head. Somehow she managed to bring my T shirt up with it.

“Umm, I’ve forgotten just how good a fit eighteen year old could look. You go to the gym?”

“Not so much now I’m working full time. Not a lot of spare time.”

“I’ll bet! What with getting your Mum pregnant. Your sister enjoying your cock as well?” she chuckled wickedly, “don’t worry, I’ll not tell anybody. Jealous to be honest.”

“Janet’s not my Mum. My Dad moved in with her and left me behind when he buggered off. I was lucky, she took me in. Chrissie is her daughter, 3 weeks younger than me so she can’t be my Sister. Anyway if I make you pregnant you’ll not have a leg to stand on,” I grinned.

“Don’t want to stand. Want to lay on my back, legs apart, you between them and your cock buried deep, to start with. After that we can explore different positions, if I can remember them.”

She giggled then sank to her knees before me.

“Let’s finish getting you stripped,” she chuckled dragging my track-suit bottoms down.

“Ooh fuck! You could have warned me!”

“Figured you’d find out for yourself when you were ready.”

She didn’t answer, her mouth was already full of cock.

She bobbed her head back and forth a few times as if getting the measure then put her hands on my waist. She came up for air, looked up at me and grinned elatedly.

“Ready for this?”

I didn’t have time to answer. Her head bobbed forward. I felt my cock-head at the back of her mouth then she heaved me forward by my hips. My cock pressed into her throat and kept going until her nose connected with my pelvic bone.

“Ohhhh Fuuuuck!” I exclaimed delightedly.

She chuckled and ripples of pleasure stroked up and down my throbbing cock. She pulled me in tighter, swallowed a couple of times making me tremble with excitement and backed off. My cock slid back up her throat and into her mouth. Sucking in air through both nose and mouth she bobbed forward and dragged my hips close. My cock slid down her throat with no problem whatsoever.


The swallowing started again and I realised if she kept it up much longer I’d shoot my load way too early.

She deep throated me effortlessly, only easing up to grab some air.

“You keep this up and I’ll fill your belly and won’t have anything left to fill your cunny,” I gasped.

“Good,” she said the next time she came up for air, “we’ll just have to try again, another day,” she laughed and went back down for more.

I was only just hanging on. She came back up again. Took my cock right out of her mouth, stroked it very gently and looked straight up into my eyes.

“Haven’t had a cock in my throat nor a belly full of spunk since David’s Father made me pregnant. I’m seeing a belly full of your spunk as a good omen, OK? Took him a wonderfully long year to make me pregnant. Think we can go for even longer?” she asked salaciously.

“Yeah! Let’s go for it!” I responded eagerly.

She went straight back down taksim escort on me lovingly and five minutes later I was pumping my fertile sperm into her glorious body, down her throat!

“I’ve had some fun, how do you like your fun?” she asked after swallowing everything I’d given her.

“We’ve got a couple of hours or so. Fancy a cuddle and we can get to know each other a bit better?”

“I’d enjoy that. I was a bit worried that it might be a ‘fuck you and fuck off’ type of arrangement. Not very nice at all. Molly was telling me, while we waited, that you are a very considerate lover. There’s only one way she’d know that and telling me says that she doesn’t mind admitting it. Do you mind me knowing that you and she are having sex?”

“No, not at all. She’s not married. You are and I trust you to keep our relationship very, very private, OK?”

She grinned delightedly.

“You don’t want me telling my husband he’s useless and you have offered to do the business for him? I am surprised,” she giggled, “No Ryan, our little secret will be a secret that I’ll take to my grave and beyond.”

We snuggled on the double bed and I practised what Molly had taught me the night before. Sarah was into it immediately. No tension, no reservations. Her body trembled and shook as my fingers glided over her voluptuous body. Sarah wasn’t fat by any manner of means. Molly had big tits, as I’ve said, I’m thinking DD or even E? whereas Mum and My Mother would struggle to fill a D cup although Mum was steadily getting closer. Sarah was FF or even GG, big! Much bigger than a good handful and I wasn’t complaining for a single moment. Her areola were proportionately big as were the mountainous nipples that sat solidly atop each one. It’s not that she was in anyway tubby. Far from it, having enjoyed bra size measuring for Chrissie and Mum, Sarah wasn’t very much bigger than Chrissie under the bust. Chrissie, last time I was forced to measure her was a big 32C. A nice handful. Sarah wasn’t more than a 34 but two of my hands didn’t get anywhere close to containing one. Like I said, I wasn’t complaining.

Not only were they big and full they seemed incredible sensitive.

“Why on earth does John not snuggle up to this beautiful body at every opportunity?” I asked softly.

“His parents and mine belonged to the same religious group. His Father couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Thought I’d make a good wife for his son, or himself as it happens. Not allowed to have more than one wife in this country so he was hoping to borrow me now and then. Of course I didn’t know that until after the wedding. With John’s attitude towards the pleasures of sex the idea could have worked quite well if his Father was a good looking, nice kinda guy. He wasn’t. He is a pig, fat, ugly and full of himself. I told him so, to his face.

The Minister was no help. Even suggested it was god’s will. I told him to go fuck himself. Give him credit, John supported me to some extent even claimed he knew nothing of his Father’s intentions. He didn’t do anything to rectify the matter though. Upshot was we stayed together and tried to start a family, once a fortnight and nothing out of season. It clearly wasn’t going to work so I started seeing David’s Father for some TLC on the very quiet. All was going well until I fell pregnant.”

“So how did you manage to prevent yourself getting pregnant? Use condoms?”

“Yerk! No way. The best part is feeling a guy cum inside you. Why would I deny myself that? No, I only saw David’s Dad when the team had an away match. Something is much better than nothing.”

“So we’re only going to make love once a fortnight, during the season and nothing in the off season?”

“Yeah! I’ve been thinking about that while you’ve been playing with me. Once a fortnight for what 6 months? That kinda sucks don’t it? Would you mind if I had a coil fitted? Or would you prefer me to carry your child?”

“Well, I’m supposedly here specifically to make you pregnant but I’m not sure Janet or Molly understood the full situation. I’m more than happy to let you tell John that my child is his, if that’s what you want. As you say something is much better than nothing. If you don’t get pregnant then you still have the problem of Dave’s paternity don’t you?”

“Complicated, isn’t it?”

“May I ask a very personal question? How good or otherwise was the sex straight after you were married?”

“Fantastic, for a couple of months. At it like rabbits then it sort of dwindled away.”

“Was that before, after or during the time your Father in Law was trying to get into your knickers?”

“At the wedding he was making subtle suggestions that a new Father-In-Law shouldn’t be making to his Son’s new Bride. I just thought he was joking at the time. He didn’t make an outright, direct move until I was heavy with David saying I looked like a beautiful, ripe, peach and that I should allow him to pluck my fruit, I think he said ‘pluck'” Sarah giggled before adding, “Smarmy bastard!”

“One more, if I may? A quickie because my cock’s telling me we are wasting valuable fucking time. When John cums, is he a big cummer?”

“Never been enough to worry about dripping on the bed linen if that’s what you mean? Nothing like as much as you’ve just shot down my throat. Not a fraction of it.”