Mayıs 14, 2023

Jaz. The Conclusion.

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Huge Strapon

Marsha pushed her long blond locks back behind her ears and began to plant kisses on Jaz’s full breasts. The skin was warm and there was a faint scent of the perfume still lingering on her flesh. “Please kiss them,” Jaz begged in a whispered voice. Marsha complied and began using the same techniques that Jaz had used on her. The soft cries of ecstasy told her that she was doing it correctly. Jaz decided that it was time to move on and she gently placed Marsha on her back and slid in tighter to her side. Using her tongue Jaz then slowly drew a line from between Marsha’s breasts and down the hard flat abdomen of the Çukurambar escort bayan stunning teen. She only stopped when she reached the delicate lace around the waistband of her thong.Jaz continued to lick and plant kisses on Marsha’s lower abdomen and the teen moaned her pleasure. Jaz’s hand moved to stunning blond’s left hip and began to tug her thong down. Marsha stopped her from proceeding. “Can I please keep them on?” Marsha asked as a look of embarrassment crossed her face. Jaz cursed herself for moving too fast. “Of course you can,” Jaz answered, kissing her cheek. Escort demetevler Marsha allowed Jaz’s fingers to rub the silky mound under the thong that was becoming wetter with each passing second. Jaz soon slid her hand under the waistband of Marsha’s panties and was rewarded with another short moan as her fingers ran through her silky pubic hair. Jaz rolled away for a moment and quickly removed her black satin thong. Marsha saw that Jaz had shaved her pubic hair into a landing strip and it looked good on her. Jaz then rolled back into the fitness model and pushed her dikmen escort wet pussy into Marsha’s satiny thigh. Jaz’s lips returned to kissing and sucking Marsha’s breasts as her hand slid under the waistband of the thong again. This time her educated fingers quickly found Marsha’s clit and began to gently massage it. Now Marsha had masturbated many times and it always felt good, but it was nothing like this. Marsha was moaning as the tension built up inside her. She needed release. That’s when Marsha asked Jaz to stop. “What’s wrong?” Jaz questioned. “Take off my panties,” Marsha whispered. Jaz was overjoyed at this request and wasted no time in sliding the silky white thong down the magnificent legs. Once removed they revealed a tiny patch of honey blond pubic hair. “Do me,” Marsha begged. Jaz moved and knelt in front of Marsha, placed her hands on the silky knees, pushed the flawless legs apart and placed her body between them.