Mayıs 12, 2023

Jenna and John: Kissing Cousins 2

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Please read part one of this story to keep up………As we sat on the swings, John and I discussed our relationship. He told me that he had always had a crush on me and felt guilty about it. He explained that this was his reasoning for letting our relationship “die down”, with us having been irresponsible teenagers at the time. And would have only led to us making bad decisions. I agreed with him, but was still unsure if the decision we had made that night had been responsible. I didn’t know what to say, the only words that I could speak were, “yeah, I know”. I stared at John’s face when I heard my dad call my name. I jumped out of the swing like I just been caught doing something horrible. My dad told us that all the food was done and it was time to eat. John got up and we followed my dad in the house.My grandmother had a long rectangular dining room table, enough to seat at least 10 people. Mom brought the last tray of food to the table and we all took our seats. I sat down between my dad and my uncle, John sat across from me. He looked at me with a very calm and understanding face, and he then smiled. I smiled back as my granddaddy got up and said his little speech. He talked about family and how we were blessed to be apart of our clan. He went on for a minute or two, and then asked us to bow our heads as Erenköy escort bayan he blessed our food. My eyes cracked open when I felt Johns foot hit mine under the table, he looked back at me with this ridiculous smile. My granddaddy said “amen” and it was time to eat. I pushed my shoes off and kicked at John, he grabbed my foot and pushed it into his lap.I sat between both my dad and John’s dad and I secretly fondled his junk with my foot. I felt like a total weirdo, but every time I tried to withdraw my foot John kept pulling it back. Since my foot wouldn’t or couldn’t be freed, I went with it and stoked him with my toes. He caressed the top of my foot with his hand while I rubbed my toes against his cock. he was so hard, I could feel the outline of his head through his blue jeans. I was so occupied with what I was doing, I barely ate anything and had managed to tune everyone out around me. I didn’t want to think about anything else. I kept thinking about what had happened out in the garage. My panties were soaked. I kept applying pressure to Johns crotch when my dad’s arm suddenly wrapped around my shoulder. I jumped up out of my chair and stood up, my entire family stared at me as the blood rushed from my body. I looked back at everyone and I apologized, I blamed my Escort içerenköy jitters on the beer and excused my self from the room.I went to the upstairs bathroom and locked the door. I ran some cool water in the sink and splashed my face with it. I needed to sober up a bit and come back to reality. The thoughts of what had happened and what I wanted to happen swarmed my mind. I sat down on the edge of the tub and repeated to myself several time aloud, “no one knows, no one knows”. Which was my biggest fears, that my family would find us out and then would dis-own both of us. I didn’t want that to happen, but I wasn’t ready to give up what I had just started with John. I decided that John and I would just have to be more careful. There would be no more play-time as long as we were around our family. I grabbed a washcloth and wet it, then cleaned my face up a bit and headed back downstairs.When I stepped back into the dining room, my dad got up gave me a hug and apologized for scaring me. I told him it was OK and that I had a lot of stuff on my mind. With all the craziness going on I didn’t feel like eating, so I grabbed some of the empty plates to take to the kitchen. My grandma grabbed my wrist and stopped me, she told me to go sit down in the den and relax a bit. I thanked Tuzla escort her, then headed to the den. I passed John on my way there, I smiled at him and kept walking.I sat in the over sized recliner and leaned it back as far as it would go. I wanted to relax and clear my mind. I closed me eyes and let my mind wonder over the events of the day. I ended up falling asleep and was woken up by two lips pressed against mine. When I opened my eyes, I saw Johns face. I hesitated, leaned back and looked around. The room was dark and the house was quiet. I asked John where everyone was, he said they had either left or gone to bed; it was common for the family to spend the night after a party. He looked at me and asked if I was OK and told me I had scared him when I jumped from the table. I quietly explained my thoughts of getting caught and of us getting disowned. He agreed with my idea of having complete privacy between us, then he grabbed my face and kissed my lips softly. John told me he loved me, like he always did, then laid on the couch across from me. We looked at each other until we fell asleep.The next morning, I woke up feeling a lot better. I heard voices from the kitchen, so I got up and headed towards them. I gave everyone my best good morning smile. The only people still there were my parents and grand parents. I grabbed a cup of coffee and didn’t see John, so I asked where he was. My mom said he had left about an hour ago. My heart sank as thoughts filled my head. I was sure he had sobered up and realized what we did, and that the guilt he felt left him too embarrassed and ashamed to even look at me.