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Jen’s First Time

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Thanks to all those who have provided feedback. I’ve corrected the errors highlighted and re published. Point taken around getting some editing help with my next submission, I thought I was on top of it…. Obviously not. Please let me know if you like this story, I have some ideas on where to take the character next.


“Pen’s Down” reverberated around the hall and Jen sat back in her chair and allowed herself to unwind. The statuesque brunette flexed her shoulders and tried to work out the kinks. After nearly three hours of sitting on a hard-plastic chair and her sixth exam in the last two weeks the tension had built up. But now it was finished, her mind wandered as the supervisors walked the room collecting booklets. Physics was her least favoured subject and more importantly at that point, it was her last exam.

Most of Jen’s close friends still had exams to sit over the next two days so the end of high school parties would not start in earnest until Friday. That was a relief, a couple of days relaxing at home was just what she needed. Tracey her best friend had Geography to sit on Friday and she had promised she would not do anything too exciting before she could join in.

After turning eighteen only three weeks ago Jen had missed out on having a party, her parents had succumbed to her wish not to celebrate and let her focus on her exams. To be truthful her parents were a little intimidated by Jen’s single-minded focus, they wanted her to relax and not take her final year so seriously but judged correctly pushing at that point would cause more trouble than benefit. Jen wanted to become a doctor and that meant a high score was a prerequisite to getting into her preferred university course. Her whole year, in fact the last few years had been pretty much focused on that. Her parents were pretty sure Jen was going qualify easily, but Jen didn’t have the same confidence and that had driven her all year. She was looking forward to the coming summer it would be a time to cut loose and catch up on some of the things her friends had been enjoying.

It was the same about a lot of things in her life, Jen was blessed with above average talent in most things she tried, but always put her success down to hard work not talent, she was on the swim and track teams played Hockey in the school firsts with distinction and while she might not qualify as Dux of the school she was always in the top echelon of students. Jen realised that she attracted attention from most of the boys at school but put that down to the common perception that teenage boys lusted after anything that wore a skirt. She also realised a lot of older men also looked at her with more than a passing interest, it had been that way for a number of years and deep down buried in her sub conscious she liked the attention. It had never come to anything at least nothing physical but her dreams were another thing altogether. All year Jen had been promising herself that once she turned eighteen and finished her exams then it would be time to experience a lot more of what life had to offer.

The truth was that Jen was stunning, at one hundred and seventy-five centimetres she was above average height with long legs and a trim toned physique. The combination of jet-black hair, blue eyes and an angelic face meant modelling was a possible career option. The previous summer an agent had approached her at a music festival; Jen just thought it was a lame pick up line and had gone back to her friends not even considering that it could be true. In year eight she had shot up and her nick name was “Bean Pole” shortened to “BP”. But in the last year she had filled out, her flat chest had expanded, and her breasts now drew a lot of attention, they were perky and slightly upturned. She was now becoming accustomed to them and ever so slowly she was wearing more revealing clothes. Her daily exercise regime had sculpted her arms, legs and abs. She had transformed from pretty to sexy and while she knew others saw her and reacted to her differently, she did not quite know what that meant and while unaffected herself the impact she had was impossible for others to ignore.

Jen did have a boyfriend; Dave was an aspiring footballer who was keenly anticipating the National Draft at the end of the month. They had fooled around plenty, but Jen had not let Dave go all the way much to his frustration. They normally met up after school and on Friday nights. Sometimes they studied together but they mostly studied different subjects and Dave was not in Jen’s league on the academic front and being highly competitive that was something that did not sit well with him. But Jen was the hottest girl he knew, and all his mates were jealous, and while he hadn’t lied, they all were under the impression that they were sleeping together. But for the last month they had hardly seen each other, and Dave was eagerly waiting for Jen to finish her exams. He was confident that he could take it to the next level but was also inexperienced Anadolu Yakası Escort and not really interested in what Jen wanted; only his own need. While Jen’s body was immaculate, and he had managed to get her top off a couple of times it had always been in the dark when had felt her up. He had never got under her panties, never mind taken them off. He probably could have progressed further, but seduction and patience were not his strong suit. He was more interested in what Jen could do for him. She had used her hand on him often; even her mouth from time to time but getting him off while she remained unfulfilled was becoming tame.

Finally released from the examination hall Jen picked up her bags and left the school without a backwards glance, none of her close friends studied Physics so there was no one she really wanted to talk to. She was surprised to find her mum waiting outside the gates. Andrea had taken the day off work. She was incredibly proud of her baby daughter and knowing this was her least favourite subject suspected Jen would be less than satisfied with her efforts, even if she had every confidence that the actual results would be more than enough. So, she was pleasantly surprised that Jen appeared happy and skipped over to give her a hug. Andrea could see what a beautiful young woman Jen had grown into and was very aware the affect she had on men, she had caught a number of her husband’s friends checking her out and found it disquieting even if it was fairly predictable. Jen was growing up and Andrea wanted to maintain a close relationship as she transformed into womanhood. She had been quite a wild child herself and did not begrudge Jen having a little fun, she was sensible and trusted her and by goodness she had earnt it.

“I thought I’d take you out to lunch to celebrate, I’ve also got a massage booked for you later this afternoon. Sorry it’s the last booking at seven so maybe you could relax at home this afternoon, after we finish up at the restaurant, although we could go shopping if you like?”

“Lunch and a massage sound’s divine Mum, you’re the best but don’t you have to be at work?”

The girls continued chatting as they hopped in Andrea’s car, after stopping at home to allow a quick change of clothes they were at the restaurant and to Jen’s surprise her Mum ordered wine for both of them.

“Your grown up now and you deserve to be treated as such, besides you don’t finish high school every day”. While it was not the first time Jen had drunk alcohol, it felt grown up, just the two of them in a restaurant. After three glasses she was decidedly unstable on her heels as they walked back to the car and was very happy to collapse on the couch when they returned home. Three hours of snoozing was just what she needed, still asleep when her Mum woke her to get her ready for the massage.

After a steaming shower and shampooing her hair Jen was feeling a lot better, although her shoulders were still knotted up. Dressed in track pants and a simple T Shirt she headed off for her appointment. It was not a parlour she had been to before but one her Mum frequented regularly. All Jen’s previous massage experiences had been at physio appointments to treat minor sporting aliments; with the exception of a massage on the beach in Thailand the previous year. This was going to be different and again felt like an adult thing to do.

The receptionist showed her into a dimly lit room which had candles lit and incense burning on a table in the corner. The lady asked her to disrobe completely, so Jen stripped down to nothing and then put on the paper g string that was laid out ready on the table, Jen was not perturbed and while not that confident in her looks she was not ashamed of her body. She was looking forward to a deep and hard massage, it had not dawned on her that the masseur might be male.

She hopped up on the massage table facing down and strategically arranged the towel on top of her. The room was filled with an aromatic scent and some sort of hypnotic music was playing in the background. She was drifting off to sleep when the door opened, and the masseuse entered the room.

The deep masculine voice bought her back to full consciousness and she was immediately uneasy, not used to being virtually naked in close proximity to a strange man. Even if lying face down with a towel covering her. Rob introduced himself; confirmed she wanted a full body massage with a focus on her shoulders and legs. Jen quickly decided that her uneasiness was immature and forced herself to relax and opened her eyes to look up while talking to Rob. He appeared to be mid-twenties and very toned. Not overly muscled but trim and his white singlet and pants were tight and ensured his physique was on display. Jen couldn’t help noticing he was hot and didn’t realise that the clientele of this parlour was typically middle-aged women who enjoyed the eye candy that the owner clearly understood gave her a competitive edge. While never overstepping the Pendik Escort mark, they were encouraged to flirt a little with the clients and often the massages took on a decidedly erotic or at least sensual dimension.

Rob was also taken by surprise, he was not used to working on young beautiful women, more middle-aged women who could not compete with Jen. He could appreciate the toned body and the work that had gone into it. It wasn’t just diet, but hard work and he valued that. Rob folded the towel and positioned it carefully over her.

He watched her body tense as he poured warm oil onto her upper back and then he started work, he found knot after knot and worked each of them with his strong hands and fingers, he knew he must be hurting her but there was no sign of complaint. After 30 minutes there was a faint sheen of sweat mixed with the oil, the skin across her whole upper torso had flushed and Rob was pleased with his work as inhaled her scent. The lithe young woman below him was drawing him in. Rob was also working hard; the room was warm, and he had generated a sweat of his own. He had moved from her back through her shoulders and neck and now massaged her scalp. As his fingers worked through her hair, she was acutely aware of his body standing hard up against the table, despite being face down on the bed. She was flushed and felt like she had exercised hard with an accompanying endorphin rush.

Rob moved onto her lower legs starting at her feet and Jen started to tingle, she was reacting in a way that was novel, she was not used to reacting to touch in this way and as he slowly moved up her legs her excitement and nervousness grew. It was a different sort of tension, delicious and illicit and she began to wonder if it was her fertile imagination or was Rob deliberately trying to stimulate her.

Her arousal continued to grow as he moved up, now massaging her thighs. Strong fingers probing her muscles and slowing moving higher. Her mind was telling her to close her legs, but they seemed to have a mind of their own and eased further apart. Lewdly displaying her most private parts. Her body was now tingling all over and she could not believe how wanton she was being, although it had been a barely perceptible movement of her legs, she knew he had sensed it. Much to her surprise she wasn’t embarrassed she wanted release, she needed release. Rob could have pulled his pants down and thrust into her at that moment and she would have welcomed it.

The heat emanating from between her legs was intense but what was a surprise to Rob was the affect she was having on him. He could not remember ever reacting to a client in this way but here he was, his cock straining in his pants as hard as it had ever been. The feel of her body responding under his hands was intoxicating and he started thinking of doing things he had never dreamed of doing at work.

His fingers were now almost brushing against her lips and he could have easily pushed the flimsy paper thong aside and slipped his finger into her moist centre. With a shudder he pulled his hands back and then asked her to turn over. He thought it would break the tension but as he held the towel up and she began to roll he caught a glimpse of her breast; her nipple was engorged, puckered up, straining out and he knew he was in trouble. He started on her thighs again and almost immediately he was pushing up, towards her sex, his fingers brushed against her wet outer lips, sliding across the moist skin. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth open and panting, she shuddered, and Rob could see her stomach muscles ripple as her hips pushed against him. He muttered an apology under his breath, but Jen was in her own world, she was cumming, a combination of imagination and stimulus had bought her off. Something her boyfriend had never managed, but then he had not really tried either.

Rob moved up onto her sides and abdomen her breathing had steadied but she was still on the precipice with little aftershocks still swirling, it was intense and she didn’t want it to end; his hands were now skirting her breasts but Rob resisted the urge to run his hands up over her nipples. Her skin was impossibly smooth and soft, his hands nearly had a mind of their own; but he bought himself back under control with a huge amount of effort. He moved onto her arms and slowly the intensity subsided. A glow now emanated as her mouth turned up into a lopsided grin. The music in the room had stopped but it was only now that Rob noticed, it was the signal that their time was up.

He grabbed a towel and wiped his hands turning back to the table he started to thank her, Jen’s eyes were now wide open, and she was smiling at him. Any fear that he might have had from crossing the line and the trouble she could cause subsided as he smiled back, rubbed his hand on her upper arm and left the room. Jen dressed quickly, she was euphoric, but her need was still not sated, she urgently wanted to get home and the privacy of her bedroom.

After Kurtköy Escort a couple of days at home Jen was eagerly looking forward to a big Friday night. From her perspective this was the start of Summer and she wanted to kick it off with a bang. Looking through her wardrobe, there was nothing inspiring. It was time to push her boundaries and her normal wardrobe was just not edgy enough. Ali was Jen’s older sister and while they shared similar physiques Ali was a lot more confident and not shy in showing off her body in racy outfits.

Ali was more than happy to help Jen out, her only condition was that it was full service, make-up and hair. That turned into two hours at a beauty parlour, waxing, nails and then hair. Once home Ali deftly steered Jen into a sequined shimmering mini dress. It boldly said, “Look at Me” and was not something Jen would normally wear, but it was one of Ali’s favourites. Being backless she could not wear a bra and it was also very short. Jen had the perfect figure to show it off and Ali was surprised at how easily it had been to transform her younger sister. She had tried a number of times before without much success, yes Jen always looked good, but this was another level and she was confident that Jen would make an impact wherever she went that night. She certainly remembered the reception she received when wearing the dress.

The club was pumping by the time the girls arrived, they had been out for dinner prior and did not arrive until after eleven pm. They sashayed up the line and slipped in past the bouncers, while none of them had been to this club before they knew enough about how it worked to play the system. Once in the door they were straight onto the dance floor. Within moments there were guys circling. Jen’s dress sparkled under the spotlights and drew them in like moths to the flame, her inhibitions were supressed by the wine she had consumed over dinner.

Jen was enjoying the dancing and the attention, while she was waiting for her boyfriend and his group to arrive, she was not immune to the attention. Tracey was with her and amazed how Jen was coming out of her shell, Tracey had always been the more confident, she was also dressed to the impress in a little black dress. It was a one shoulder dress that was also very short and hugged her figure but did allow her to wear a bra to support her breasts. As a result, it did not quite have the same visual impact. Being the centre of attention was what Tracey was used to, but tonight it was clear that it was Jen and she was happy for her. It was not like she was missing out on attention herself and the sexy duo soon occupied the centre of the dance floor.

An older guy who must have been twenty-five or more moved in and started dancing with Jen, he was tall and well-built and confident, if a little cocky. Not someone who Jen would normally be attracted too but she was having fun and was more than happy to dance with him. He was smooth and within minutes was dancing close and pushing up against her. It felt a little dangerous and that made it all the more exciting, Jen raised her arms above her head and allowed him to grind into her rear. She was having an effect on him and she could feel his hardness pushing into her bum. She was teasing like she had never done before and it was intoxicating. She pushed back into him, his moves became bolder and his hands were on her hips pulling her back into him. Tracey was looking on shocked, while she had her own hands full with her own suitor, she could not believe what she was seeing right before her.

It was only when Jen felt his lips on her neck that she pushed away. She turned and looked up at him holding eye contact continuing to tease, she couldn’t deny she was turned on and her nipples were making that clear pushing through her dress. She continued to dance; her swaying breasts mesmerising her partner as she moved to the beat. She raised her arms once more lifting up her tits and accentuating them further. He moved in again as the lights went dark. A single spotlight was roving across the heaving crowd but away from that it was dark. He grabbed her hand and for reasons she didn’t’ really understand allowed him to lead her off the dance floor towards the rear of the club.

It was even darker there and decidedly seedier, a number of couples were paired up and suddenly she realised she wasn’t playing with a boy; dismissing this man would not be easy. Fear rose in her and her stomach tightened as he pulled her to into him, but her pussy was flooding confusing her. Her body was prepared for what was coming even if her mind was not. Things were moving so quickly. Then both his hands were on her bum, trapping her and pulling her into him. She looked around for Tracy, but could not see her, the dance floor was a world away. His knee split her legs apart as he pushed her back against a wall grinding into her sex. Her body was continuing to react, blood was rushing to her centre and her heart was pounding. She was on fire and the fear was a big part of the thrill, she had never experienced this combination before, and she could not process it. His mouth descended onto hers and she allowed his insistent tongue to probe her mouth, almost immediately her own tongue responded, and they entwined, she was lost in the thrill.