Nisan 24, 2023

Just a Toy

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There was no reason to expect that tonight would be any different but that was the whole reason she teased him. He wanted her to touch him but she was like a drug and sex was just one addiction to many. He touched her and his body would tingle just a bit. He couldn’t understand why she wanted him so very badly. He held her to him on accident. She almost fell over he had to do something. But after his mind was on fire thinking of her mouth on him again. That was what she wanted. To touch him every inch of him with her mouth. To bring him hours of pleasure for the mere minutes it would take her. He didn’t understand it and right now he definitely was trying not to.

Somehow she was in his bed. She was milking his cock and her mouth slid with its desperate expertise on his limp cock. That’s how it felt to him, that she had to be desperate but that was not what drove her. She loved that for such a long time, hours even, she was able to give him pleasure. It was to easy for him to make her cum. There was nothing to it for him. It was almost as if his very presence would make her body vibrate. She licked around the base of his cock and ran her tongue up his member which lengthened in response. She slipped him into her mouth savoring the softer texture as she slurped and sucked and bobbed up and down his cock. His hands roamed the soft curves of her body, teasing the most delicate places and smacking the most sensitive ones.

It was his words that did her in. Now in this moment she was not siirt seks hikayeleri just a woman sucking a cock. She was his whore, his cum-slut, his toy. For this time she was his. She was owned by him in every way as his cock grew harder and longer down her throat. Her hair was wrapped in his fist as he forced every inch of his cock down her throat. In response she simply held it there until she could not hold her breathe any longer. She tasted little bits of precum, but she knew if he came it would be hours from now. His hands went back to teasing and torture as she held her own self down on his engorged cock. Her fingers were dancing with his balls and teasing his tiny little bud. Saliva poured from her mouth and coated her fingers and face. Long strings hung down as she gasped for air and plunged down on his shaft again.

To soon, he pulled her from his cock and pushed her down to his balls. She eagerly slurped them into her mouth. Rolling one then the other around in her mouth. After a few tries she managed to get both in her mouth and moaned in the pleasure of how full her mouth was. But it wasn’t full enough. Carefully she pulled his chubby cock into her mouth too. She looked up into his eyes and she licked all of him in her mouth. More spit rolled from the edges of her lips as she tried to keep them in her mouth as he began to grow again.

Lost in the sensations of his cock and balls stuffed in her mouth, she was slightly startled as she was again ripped from its happiness and slammed down on his hardening cock. It jabbed angrily, lustily at the back of her throat and she couldn’t breathe. She fought down the panic and listened to the filthy words pouring from his mouth. She rarely felt this complete. Without realizing it she had began humping his leg like the hungry little cum slut that she was. He forced her head back down the length of his cock and she felt her orgasm build as he raped her throat. She moaned, she bucked, she became a woman obsessed. She came sucking on barely the tip. That was the rule though. She couldn’t stop milking his cock as she came or he would not let her continue sucking and licking him.

As her orgasm subsided she began slowly working her mouth from the tip to the base again. Her tongue rolled and massaged the length as she did. Swirling the tip around and savoring the tiny drops that coated it, she popped off the head and headed further down. His words became cruder as he told her what a filthy girl she was as she took her first tentative lick on his little button hole. His asshole puckered and she began to sloppily slather the bud with her ever increasing lust. His filthy little slut buried her face happily and ate asshole and taint as if it was a fine buffet just for her. He moaned softly, but it lacked all the femininity she had heard from other lovers. It was the low growl of a man in complete control of his little toy.

Hiss fingers had begun the simple manipulation of her body that she craved like air itself. Her mouth again slobbered hungrily on a cock that forever was growing and shrinking in reaction to her ministrations. The texture of soft velvet skin broken by the few skin tags that ran up the side of his cock. Their roughness had on one occasion been the final straw in an orgasm completely brought on by being allowed to service him as she was intended to. His little fuck toy to use as he wished. His fingers had barely teased her before he began thrusting them into her asshole. She pulled away slightly and he responded by grabbing her and pulling her forcefully back not only on his fingers but somehow down, choking her for air. He rubbed her nub as he fucked her asshole and mouth in near unison.

Nothing in her reality existed away from servicing him. Her next orgasm left her near screaming. She forced herself to focus on suckling his cock and it took some of the edge off of the intensity of her orgasm. It did not subtract from it, but it left her hungry for more. She was not human right now she was his cum slut.

For hours she would enjoy him until he forced her away from her mindless use. Many orgasms later and stupidly content she would caress him until he fell asleep. Then she would crawl obediently where she belonged. Where all toys belong, put away until they needed to be used later.

Later in the night she would lay in her cot and gaze at her masters handsome body. She would idly trace the same edges he had touched and think greedily of how lucky she was to have such a good master to use her hot horny holes. Satisfied and grateful she too would drift off to sleep.