Haziran 21, 2023

Just the tip

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Just the tipSorry I haven’t been writing… Here’s something I whipped up, with a help of a wonderful person <3 You know who you are *Tickles*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was working a 6 day week for the past 3 years and needed a break. So I decided that being an introvert, and my past experiences with travel(read other stories), that I would get ready for a getaway alone. I was leaning towards going towards heading to Greece again but I couldn't find a good travel agency with a good price. After constantly looking for deals during office hours, I found one that was pretty good but it was to Switzerland. Researching the countless options of packages, I decided to sign up for a free-and-easy tour. After a grueling 14 hour flight and a collective of public transportation, I arrived at my hotel. It was named The Grand or something like that, having an old century charm set in picturesque town with cozy shop lots littered by sprinklings of people on their way and tourists like myself snapping pictures and uploading and updating their friends and families of their beautiful whereabouts. A group of us were greeted by the concierge and were shown to our rooms. As I got out to my floor, I realized there was an old couple in their mid-70s who were having some problems with their room keys so I gave them a hand, gave them a smile as they thanked me, and headed to my room which was right opposite of theirs. As soon as the doors were closed my pants were off. Jet-lagged and all around tired, I felt into the deep caress of sleep in the matter of minutes. Close to 5 hours later, I woke up feeling the full effects of the transit.. and was hungry I decided to call room service and order me a meal, seeing that it was already 8pm and after having a brief exchange with the concierge about calling it swiss cheese or just cheese, I drew myself a bath. While waiting for the tub to fill, I washed my faced and slicked my hair back with water and walked back to my bed to straighten out my bad which was crudely placed near the door early. My laptop on the bed, my dress shirts in the cupboard, as well as my book on the table for light reading through sleepless nights. Everything was set. I took off my boxers and headed to my nice hot bath, put my foot in and slipped slowly into it's embrace. It felt so good, after a long day.. I took a while to let it sink in, "I'm away, no work, no stress and that maybe I could just live here". As I submerged myself substituting my feet for my head beneath the water. Then, the doorbell rang. "Room Service.." A voice from behind the door said.I quickly grabbed a towel and headed for the door as the bell changed to knocks. "Room Servi..." she stopped as I open the door. Her blue eyes took a peek down to my towel, then up to my eyes with a slight blush on her cheeks saying "um...you ordered room service?"I nodded. "come in..."She pushed the trolley in as I pushed my luggage out of the way and helped her station it right in front of the tv. I was searching my pants which was on the floor for a tip but I couldn't find my wallet. She was it was alright, that I can tip her later when she comes and collects the trolley. I simply agreed, and as I stood up, my towel came undone and all I could salvage was the side of towel that was covering my butt, exposing my whole front.She stood there in shock in full view of my hardening cock. I got a little turned on by her reaction to it but I could tell she was embarrassed as well as yours truly. But she was cute too, Escort bayan wearing the hotel uniform with a pencil skirt and a buttoned shirt, with her hair up in a ponytail, topped off with a name tag that says Lydia. Clearly surprised, with her blood rushing to her cheeks.. she uttered “You have no shame…” as she tried to look away. I guess my cock was indicating that I kinda liked her looking at it, as I took my time wrapping myself up. “Ummmm… I’m so so sorry” I said.Tucking in the corners of my towel. I make sure I wasn’t making eye contact with her, and I hear her giggle. It was probably cause of the mini me poking through my towel now. I thanked her and walked her to the door and sent her on her way making sure to look down as if I was embarrassed. But in my mind I was loving every second. I never new I was a voyeur. I liked the feeling. So, I went back into my bath and cleaned myself, still thinking about her reaction causing my cock to stick out of the water as the rest of my body was submerged. Her cute face, and that giggle on the replay in my mind. I also noticed that she had a pretty good pair of tits, that buttoned shirt was very complimenting to her figure. My stomach was growling to the aroma of the burger that was sitting in my room, so I skipped the quick masturbation session I would’ve normally had and dried myself off..followed by satisfying my stomach after. At about 9:30pm, I decided to give the concierge a call and tell them to send someone up to pick up my trolley. Anticipating Lydia to come back got me really horny… and all I had on was a bathrobe. As I was touching myself the doorbell rang and I said “Come in!”. To my disappointment, it wasn’t Lydia. It was some guy they had sent up, so I pretended like I was busy writing on the computer, but in reality I was on Xhamster .haha. Uninterested. I reached into the drawer on my side table and gave him a $5 for his troubles and he let himself out. I was somewhat disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing her again. I decided to cut my loses and live on with the memory of it and pleasure myself. Searching for a video that would suit my need. While I was in the midst of masturbating, there was a knock on the door. Not wanting to be interrupted, I just kept quiet but the knocking continued. I paused the video, put on my robes on and pressed my face against the peephole. It was Lydia, not in her uniform but in a hoodie and a pair of jeans. Her hair was down but she looked really pretty like that, I thought to myself. I cracked the door open a little and peeked out my head to find a smiling Lydia looking back at me. I put on a face like I was searching the hallway to see if anyone was following her as she laughed and pushed me back in and followed in. She said she was sorry if she was interrupting anything, and I simply waived it of with a definite “of course not!”. Then I said “Oh, your tip… hold on a sec”. And as I made my way back to my bed, she followed and took a sit while I took a $10 out of my wallet looking for another to make up $20 just cause I thought she was cute. While I was looking she suddenly uttered “Are you alone tonight?” Bewildered by her question and finding the extra $10 in my wallet I turned around and noticed she had my laptop in her hands pointing at the video that was on paused. I could’ve sworn I closed the laptop before answering the door. Stuttering to find an excuse, she said “It’s okay, I’m pretty lonely tonight too…” she looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and signalling Bayan escort to me to come over with her finger. My cock shot up thinking about this girl and what we were about to do, underneath the cover of my robe. She giggled and said that she couldn’t stop thinking about what she saw earlier and that she could kinda see it poking my under my robes. I was taken aback by her comment and I was basically speechless. Watching her eyes focusing on my hardness, while she traced her fingers on the outline of my cock. I shuddered a little which made her smile a little. I brushed her hair aside, accepting her..and letting her know I’m comfortable with what she was doing and caressed her face. Her eyes closed, enjoying my touch as she bit her lip and continued to to take one of my fingers into her mouth, sucking slowly. Whereas her hands were all over my cock and are starting to undo my robe.. causing me to spring out right in front of her face. As she wrapped her hand around my cock, I stood her up and started to kiss her lips slowly feeling her up underneath the hoodie she was wearing finding the great breasts she had. They were at least a full D, even my hands couldn’t wrap around them. But she had a lace bra on so I couldn’t really tell if that was her real size. As the hoodie came off, she pulled me back onto the bed slowly making sure to move my laptop as our lips were locked and dancing with each others’.I pulled away to take my robe off as she unbuttoned her pants and I helped her pull them off, flinging them to the growing pile of clothes on the floor, revealing a matching set of panties with that bra. “Wow, that’s really pretty”, I said. “You like them?”, She smiled back…”Mhmmm” I answered, proceeding to trace kissed on thighs making my way up to her stomach as my hands find their way on her breasts soon followed by my kisses which kept going up to her neck and finding their was back to her lips where our tongues meet. My hardened cock sliding across the outside of her panties teasing her to moan til the point where I can feel the heat from her wet pussy emanating against my piece. My hands slyly made their way to her bra straps and pulled them down, first the right.. followed by the left as my lips made their pilgrimage down her body towards her panties. She sat up to undo her bra and my face was in her lap, kissing, licking and biting around her thighs. Her breathing quickened each time my lips began to get closer to her steaming pussy. I felt bad for teasing her, but her face said she wanted more. So, I played around teasing her pussy with my fingers while taking in the sight of her exposed chest, full and unfurled. I was enjoying rubbing her pussy and making her panties get soaked with her juices until she came, screaming in ecstasy. I looked at her as she was breathing and slowly removed her soaked panties as slowly as I could, revealing a string of cum that was clinging to the inside of the panty. Seeing that made me wanna taste her so bad. Which I did. I gave her a long slow lick which made her shudder, and made me want her more. My tongue was lapping up her juices and I was enjoying every second of it. As I started to play with her clit, she grabbed my hair showing me where she wanted me to be. She tasted like a girl who was working the whole day. She tasted like a whole day’s work with the sweetness of a naughty rendezvous with a stranger. At this point, my tongue was going deeper into her pussy where she told me to let her get on all fours so I can lie down and enjoy Escort her dripping into my mouth. That position allowed me to let me tongue work without straining my neck, I never thought I would love someone sitting on my face, but in that moment, it was heaven. Before she climaxed again, I snucked out from under her and told her to stay in place. I gave her a spank while I made my way down and around the bed, now with my raging hard on in front of her face. Without saying a word, she took me in her mouth. She was basically drooling on my cock at this point. Her hands were twisting my shaft as she bobbed her head, her wet tongue wrapping itself around my cock and the vibrations from her moaning made it feel like a million bucks. After attempting to take all of me, which led her eyes to water, she switched her attention to my balls. They were tight from the teasing she gave me with a tongue, almost ready to blow a load all over her face as she jerked me off with her hands. She would jerk me fast, then change pace to a sensual slow motion as she squeezed beads of precum and licked it off the head.. causing me to almost cum. Then I told her I wanted to fuck her, she answered with a resounding “Yes, Please… I want that hard cock to fill me up.” as she laid on her back spreading her pussy like a red carpet for my cock. I teased my way in slowly in to her tight wet pussy, inch by inch, with each push taking my own time and savouring the way her pussy wrapped around my cock. Her hips were moving in circles, telling me she wanted more.. so I quickened my pace and held onto her legs fucking her deep and fast cause the both of us to resort to minimal word usage until she came again. I pulled out of her, and rested over her kissing her deeply as my throbbing cock rested on her cumming pussy. There I found myself staring into those beautiful blue eyes again and getting lost in them.We rolled around and she wanted to ride on top of me, straddling me and massaging me with her whole body. She was rubbing her pussy on the base of my cock while holding the shaft in her hand stroking, she lifted herself up and sat slowly upon my cock. Her pussy familiar with my cock now, both wanting each other, both completing each other’s sentences. While she rode me, all I could think about was her gorgeous tits what was bouncing in front of my eyes. Then I had an idea I’ve always wanted to try. I pulled her arms around my neck, and sat up. Carrying her with me while I was still in her. I pressed her against the room window and the full view of the city at night and continued pounding her until I got tired. Then I let her down as made her face the window as I entered her from behind. The sight of her breath on the window as well as her breasts pushed up against it was very hot to me as I told her I was gonna cum soon. She coaxed me with her words, telling me she wanted me to cum inside of her. She wanted my cum to fill her pussy while everyone watched us fuck.My knees buckled as we both were panting and I came into her waiting pussy. I kept thrusting slowly letting her enjoy my wet cock covered in cum, entering her as cum started to roll down her leg. I pulled out and we went back to kissing again, making our way to the shower to clean ourselves off. Soaping each other’s body got me hard again, and being a sweet girl that she was.. she gave me a blowjob in the shower, causing me to cum again in her mouth. But this time.. she swallowed it and no additional cleaning was needed. We hung around and got to know each other on my bed before she fell asleep and I followed soon. I woke up to a note that said “Thank you for a wonderful time xoxox Lydia”With a smile on my face, I looked to the bed stand and see my $20 was still there….——————————————THE END——————might be continued 😉 if you guys liked it-