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Katie’s Change In Lifestyle

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I worked at the local Hospital in the supply department, it was a high-pressure job that had at times long hours. Most weeks it ran into six days and some days well over ten hours. When I first took the position I was happy for the extra money, but after having my leave canceled a few times it got much harder.Over the last year, I began to struggle to stay on top of my job, a couple of other staff left and only one was replaced. My social like went west as did my boyfriend. Towards the end of the year, I tried to celebrate my twenty-sixth birthday with a night out. A couple of my friends came to pick me up and found me asleep on the sofa. They had trouble getting me to wake and to stay awake. An hour later I was back home and asleep in bed.Work took a turn for the worse early the next year, a new manager was appointed and we were expected to perform even harder. I had already gone well over what I had previously been given. Any complaints were turned into criticism of us and our poor performance. The situation was becoming dire.There was a stormy meeting between our boss and us, as well as someone from the accounts department. Everyone got very ratty, and I began to feel sick with worry as well. While it was not said at the meeting, it seems as if we were put on notice, lift our performance or else.It took a week for me trying to figure out what was demanded from us was simply impossible to deliver. The next day on my way to yet another nasty brawl out meeting, I slipped and tumbled down the stairs. Battered and bruised, but nothing broken, it was clear that I was going to be unfit for work for the rest of the day. I was taken to get patched up and then placed in an observation ward for a few hours.I broke down completely. Doctors and nurses buzzed about me and held me together, but I was no longer able to do anything for myself. It took two weeks for me to be able to walk again and then I was transferred to a country unit for more rehab.It was almost three months later before I was up and about and able to look after myself. I was still going to be at the rehab for a few more weeks getting stronger.I had a few friends and family come and visit and I got to know the other women in the unit. Some were due to leave in a short time, while for others, it seemed to be more a long term care unit. One of the women lived on a nearby farm and her husband frequently visited her. I got to chat with them on a frequent basis.Sometimes we went out for a walk or went for a car ride or a visit to the nearby town, to do a bit of shopping or watched a movie.I went out with the couple from the farm a few times and they told me they wanted to downsize their property. They had plans of subdividing their farm to make a few lifestyle blocks. Most of the blocks were to be off the main road, but one small block was set at the back of the farm, accessible by a long dirt road along the side of a bush reserve. I had never considered the thought of having a lifestyle block before and had no idea what I would do with one. But the idea took hold in my mind, and a week later we all went out to the farm for a big luncheon, and then we had a look about. I was shown the area at the back of the farm and simply fell in love with it.There was a big hedge along a raised bank next to the road, a big water tank, a few pipes, several more trees, and a big patch of scrubby bushes, and a flat area overlooking the stream, ideal for building. But the best thing that caught my eye was that there was not a single building in sight. The block would be very private and hopefully very quiet.Over the next couple of weeks, we made arrangements for me to buy the back block. I had what was needed for a deposit and I would only need to borrow a few thousand to cover the full price.I owned a block of land, and it was mine!After I started back at work, I would visit the block most weekends, some days I would simply just sit and relax, Üsküdar Escort some days I would clear weeds and do some planting. I quickly learned the new plants needed protection from rabbits and hares. Sometimes the couple from the farm would invite me over for a meal or two.Work had changed a lot since I had my tumble, two managers and a senior manager had resigned and six more staff had been added. We worked a roster of morning and afternoon shifts and only worked one day a weekend, once a month. While work continued to be busy, there was almost no stress in getting the job done.I explored the block and in a back corner I found an old long drop toilet hidden amongst the trees, the door was missing as was the roof, but it did have a seat and it meant I didn’t have to squat anymore.I had a small shed put in, to put my gardening tools inside, and have a place out of the sun or wind to eat my lunch.A mid-spring day started off quite cool when I got ready to visit the block. I found a newish pair of dungarees to wear, but by the time I got to the block the sun was out and a warm wind began to blow, the temperature skyrocketed. After an hour I was sweltering and went to have a pee. I felt relief at visiting the long-drop, both in terms of peeing, and also that I had my dungarees about my ankles.I slowly left the long-drop, feeling both somewhat scared and elated. I carefully went back to my shed just wearing just my bra and panties. It was the first big step for me to be able to wear what I liked, even if that meant that at some stage, I was going to wear nothing at all.It was a few weeks later before I got another warm day when I visited the block. I spent most of the morning in my shorts and tee. I went for a pre-lunch pee and sitting in the cooler shade, I thought again about wearing just my bra and panties. Again, I had a bit of apprehension about going about in my underwear, but I knew nobody else would be about.I carefully walked back to the shed, delighting in the odd sensation of being able to go about without much on. I sat briefly outside the shed to eat my lunch before going back inside and slipping my tee and shorts back on.That evening I had an entirely new problem for myself. I had sunburnt boobs, the lace upper half of my bra was no barrier to the hot sun’s rays. It took a couple of days before the burns began to fade.I began to think about what I wanted in terms of a house or cottage and began to scour the local papers and assorted magazines to get an idea of what to build. Most of the kit-set style houses or cottages just lacked the zing that I wanted. Then the woman from the farm gave me a couple of builders’ names and told me who they thought was the best value for money that was in the district.I also began to become aware of exactly what extras I was going to need to get to be able to “Live” in the country. I would need a septic tank and an effluent field. Power was not close, it would take about ten thousand dollars to get power connected or about the same to get a simple solar power system put in. There was no phone line, and wireless internet looked quite patchy.I also found out I was on the edge of a high wind area, not that I had noticed strong winds at the section before, but it would add extra costs to the build.I spent the next few weeks trying to visualize a cottage on the land and knew that it was a cottage that I really wanted. The local builder came out to see how the site would work and he referred me to an architect in the nearby town.After the builder had left I set about making a new track from the gate to the building site, I would need a digger to finish the job, but I made progress.It was later that day I went down to the stream and found a small pool about knee-deep for a brief paddle. The water was cool and clear, and I carefully made my way halfway around the pool and found a rock to sit on. Sitting with my feet Üsküdar Escort Bayan in the water was just bliss. After a while, I stood up and began to make my way back around the pool towards the track, then I slipped and with flailing arms, I tumbled over into the pool. I got soaked.I pulled off my wet tee and my shorts before I made my way back to my shed. Once there I hung my clothing over a couple of tree branches, then I decided to add my bra and panties to the branch to help dry them out. I was now naked at my block. I spent a bit of time in the shed but then dared myself to go out and at least do something for a few minutes.After a few attempts where I almost scared myself silly, I made it outside and I did a circuit of the shed, wearing only my sunhat and my sneakers. Then I ventured out to the tree and reset my clothing to face the sun a bit better.I kept looking about, ready to race back to my shed if I saw anyone approach, but nobody else was about, I felt my nerves getting wound up but also a felt a slight but deep feeling of freedom. Simply, there was no other person about, and there would not be until the builder came back to begin my new home, and that was most likely about a year away.It took a bit of time for me to adjust to the idea that I could actually go naked while at my block. And a bit longer before I knew I could go skinny dipping in the pool at the stream. I finally got up the courage to leave all my clothing at the shed and head down to the pool. I felt the odd and exciting prospect of going naked where and when I liked.As summer slipped into autumn, I looked forward to stripping off most days when I could, some days it was too windy or cool, but some days were perfect for it.It was another balmy day when I went back down to the pool and had a good soaking. Then I made my way back to the shed and I had an odd feeling. I knew I had forgotten something. I walked out of the trees to suddenly realize that the builder was due to visit and he had just spotted me, he was standing in front of the shed.“Oops!” We both called out, he turned away and I hurried to get inside the shed.A few minutes later we began to go over his plans and to double-check that I was happy about what was proposed. He took some measurements and talked to me about shifting the angle of the cottage to get better use of the winter sun.Being caught out naked was a bit of a chilling feeling for me, but it also began to awaken my sexual drive as well. It had been a long time since I had sex and I began to feel the desire beginning to creep back in. It was not the builder’s fault, he just didn’t expect me to be naked, I had forgotten that he was due to call in.Plans were finally complete and I arranged with the bank to get the loans needed to pay for all I needed to get done. After a prolonged discussion, the builder would start on my place mid-spring, and it would be finished come Autumn.The weather turned more chilly and going nude was out of the questions for a few more months.We had snow at the block over winter but it didn’t last long enough for me to get to play in it when I arrived for the weekend.Over winter a number of jobs were completed to get ready for the build. A driveway was put in, the water tank was connected, the septic tank and field ran out. I got a small container for the builders to work in and to store tools.Spring arrived and so did the builders, Foundations poured and then frames went up. Suddenly it was looking like the cottage I wanted and I was very happy. But there was still a lot of work to be completed, Wiring to be done, plumbing to be installed, kitchen to be set up, internal walls to be completed, fire and flue to be installed. Solar power and hot water to be added.Bit by bit, my cottage came closer to being finished. Tradesmen and women frequently visited the site and all remarked on what a lovely location. I agreed and was Escort Üsküdar looking forward to having the place to myself as I was missing my chances to go naked or to go skinny dipping.Autumn arrived along with the first of the Autumn storms. After the weather had cleared I went out and to see how my place faired. The stream was up and rushing, but otherwise, everything was looking good. It would only be another couple of weeks before it was all ready for me. I started to count down the hours until I was handed over the key.With a flurry of people coming and going, the last touches of getting the cottage ready finally fell into place. I made arrangements to move in over the long weekend. I managed to get a van hired and a couple of workmates to assist in the shift. It went well apart from a couple of broken glasses and an old bowl.We had takeaways for dinner then I was left alone for my first night in my new home.I slept well but I still had a lot to do with unpacking and setting out things to my liking. But after a few more days I began to settle in and I was very happy.The weather remained very calm and almost summer-like. I decided to venture off down to the pool to go skinny dipping. The water was cooler than I had felt before, giving me Goosebumps, but it was invigorating. I spent the better part of the hour after lunch padding and slipping into and out of the pool. Then I made my way back up to the cottage.As I rounded the shed I almost bumped into a guy. He had an armful of firewood and was in the process of unloading a trailer full into my shed. He then proceeded to introduce himself as the builder’s younger brother, Sandy. He told me that he had hoped to buy this block but had to settle for one of the other blocks as this one sold without being put up for sale. He seemed oblivious to the fact that I was feeling stunned as well as standing there completely naked.After a few gulps and stutters, I managed to tell him about how I got to but the block, and what my hopes for the future were. He seemed to agree with me that I was very lucky to get such a nice place.I asked him if he needed a hand with the firewood, he replied it would be helpful, but I should get some gloves on first, then he suggested some clothing might be a good idea too.I went inside and dressed, thinking what the hell just happened? Yes, he had noticed that I was naked, by the made no effort to draw my attention to that. He seemed nice enough, and I was somewhat confused about what to do about him.Back outside, I helped shift the firewood and we chatted for a while. Sandy liked the outdoor lifestyle, doing odd jobs, as well as living off his land. We finished stacking the wood but kept on chatting, then I invited him in to see my cottage. He seemed quite impressed by the ideas I had. I offered a cold drink, and we chatted some more.He then asked if I could show him about and go down to the stream. We walked back down the trail I had made to the pool, Standing there we seemed to just click.Then we hugged and began to kiss, my mixed emotions fell away as we embraced each other. I have no idea how long we stood there but then he asked if the water was good for paddling, I said yes. Next thing out clothing came off and we splashed about like two five-year-olds. Laughing and squealing, we had a lot of fun, then we hugged again.We rolled together on the grassy bank, then he was mounting me, and I was very eager to have him inside me. For the first time in well over two years, I got fucked. It was a little bit hurried and rushed, and didn’t last that long, but it sure felt amazing. After a couple of minutes of afterglow, Sandy tried to stand up again. I reached out and asked him to help me up, but I pulled him down and pounced on top of him.On the grassy back next to the pool, Sandy and I bonded together as lovers, together as one in nature. It was bliss. I had the fucking that I needed to make me feel like a woman again. I was very happy.We walked back to my cottage hand in hand, quietly savoring the afternoon’s fortunes.Later that night in my bed I was totally relaxed, it had been a great day. I had been fucked and I didn’t care if anything happened, I was just very happy to be a woman again.