Mayıs 12, 2023

Kitty Needs A Lesson

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Kitty has been getting sassy lately. She also decided she could taste pussy whenever she wanted and the slut even flashed her tits and bare pussy to the Starbucks boy. Now I love all those things when I tell her to do them but Miss Kitty is going to be taught a lesson about making decisions on her own. I laid out Kitty’s attire for this evening. She was a bit shocked to see a black corset, black garter belt and thigh high sheer hose, five inch heeled black boots, a ball gag, collar, leash and a blind fold. The corset was a size too small on purpose. When I cinched the corset up, her breasts were pushed out the top nicely. Her pale white skin was accentuated by the black outfit. For those not familiar with my Kitty, she is a shade under forty, curvy in all the right places, green eyed, brunette with remarkable 38D cup breasts. She always has bright red lips because she knows how much I love seeing her red lips around my swollen cock. Kitty is also vertically challenged being five foot two. I didn’t even offer Kitty the option of an over coat for this outing. She was led out of her building on her leash out to the waiting cab. We journeyed to our destination after the driver repositioned his mirror for his viewing pleasure. I nodded my approval and away we went. I pulled out the black marker I had purchased for Kitty’s lesson and calmly wrote SASSY in capital letters across one breast. She started to speak and I slapped her Escort Küçükköy face and inserted the ball gag. I wrote SLUT in capital letters across the other breast. I noticed the driver rearrange his bulging crotch. Our journey concluded at a nondescript building with no visible windows. There was a uniformed man guarding the entrance. I paid the driver and offered him a ten dollar tip or the option of Kitty sucking his protruding erection. He jumped at the blow job. I slapped Kitty again before I removed the gag. “Pleasure him as you would me, if you know what’s good for you my pet,” I ordered Kitty. Kitty licked her crimson lips and then she licked his six inch cock from base to tip before plunging his meat into her mouth. She was barely getting a good rhythm before the cabby exploded in her mouth. I made her lay down in the back seat and I used the marker again. I wrote WHORE on one beautiful round ass cheek and USE ME on the other. The cabby laughed at this and begged me to let him use Kitty some more. “If she fails to learn her place tonight, I will call for your services again,” I told him with a huge grin on my face. We headed for the entrance door where I showed my membership card to the gentleman on guard. As we passed him he slapped Kitty’s ass hard. She yelped but kept going. “Did I forget to mention that everyone on a leash can be spanked by anyone and everyone who is a member here?” I asked Kitty. Mecidiyeköy escort “No you didn’t,” she said. I snatched her back by her hair, pulled out my strop and spanked her ass ten times. “Did you fucking forget something you insolent cunt?” I queried. “I uh…I don’t… wait please,” she begged as I raised my strop; “SIR,” she screamed. “Best if you don’t forget that again my pet,” I warned. We entered the building and I was greeted by an old friend who immediately produced a paddle and spanked Kitty ten times. He knew why I was there and directed me to the area I sought. I was here at the pet obedience school so Kitty cold get reacquainted with the proper attitude required for her to be my pet. There were several men and women being taught as we traveled to the room I wanted. Kitty was lucky only three people chose to paddle her decorated backside on our way. She was led to a hard wooden pallet and secured by her wrists and ankles. The attendant brought a pail of steaming stones to me. I nodded my approval as the attendant moved over to where Kitty was anchored and placed the first stone on her bare ass cheek. The stones, normally used in spas, were heated an extra thirteen degrees which is just enough to sting but not enough to burn. Kitty winced but no sound was uttered. The attendant strategically placed eight more hot stones on Kitty’s tender flesh. A single tear slid down her perfect cheek. Her grin Merter escort bayan betrayed her real emotions. The slut was enjoying her lesson just as I knew she would. Kitty was released and we journeyed deeper into the school. We came to another room where she was again secured but this time Kitty was bent over a barrel and her feet and hands were anchored to the floor. A modified ceiling fan was lowered to her hip height. The ceiling fan had been outfitted with rubber blades turned on edge. When the fan was turned on it would create a five bladed paddle. I could raise or lower the fan and move it closer or farther from her creating the perfect spanking machine. I turned the fan on low and had it barely touching her creamy white ass. I increased the fan speed and Kitty started moaning. I moved the fan closer letting it strike her harder. She moaned louder. Damn she is perfect. I stopped the fan and called on an attendant. He was naked and sporting a huge erection. I had him lube his massive cock move behind Kitty and probe her anus briefly before ramming is cock in her ass. The pure look of ecstasy on her face was priceless. I used my crop on her back while he fucked her deep and hard. Kitty left a huge puddle of cum on the barrel when we released her. The next room had a piercing station. I wanted Kitty’s nipples outfitted with studs I could attach chains too. She shook her head no but I ignored her. Fuck her husband, this whore is mine to do as I please. The technician moved closer to Kitty and smiled at her. He asked her if he could proceed. She nodded assent. He yanked her tit free of the corset and savagely twisted her nipple which was already hard as a rock.