Mayıs 16, 2023

Late At Night

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I absolutely, positively love to masturbate!!

I remember the very first time that I ever had an orgasm…how it felt when my hot milky white cum came pulsating out of my hard cock. From that moment on I fell in love with that feeling.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t love to fuck my wife’s hot wet pussy…I DO!! But, because of our vastly different careers finding a time to fuck, let alone make love, is next to impossible. But thankfully not only does she know that I masturbate frequently, she has recently confided that hearing me jerking my hard swollen cock has caused her to masturbate while laying naked in bed listening.

When I love to masturbate the most is late at night. I have a room that has a completely mirrored wall; which I place a lit candle next to giving the room a mellow, relaxing glow. Next I select a CD that I know has over an hour of music to listen to…well more like to stroke my cock to!

You see, when I wrap my hand around my hot throbbing cock, I don’t ever rush. No, I take my time and fuck myself.

Why rush something as intensely physical and pleasurable as slowly jacking off your hard cock to an orgasm that completely takes over your Sefaköy escort bayan body. I always love taking over an hour to slowly fuck my hard, cum dripping cock then shooting my huge load through the air!!

I begin by taking my clothes off and gently tugging my balls with one hand while with the other I start to fondle my growing cock.

As I start to stroke my rapidly stiffening cock, I am immediately taken over by the intense pleasure that suddenly envelops my body.

But I know I must stop so that I can fuck my now hot hard pulsating cock.

With my hard cock pulsating in my hand I login to my favorite erotic literature website. (Well, if you’re reading this story…duh, you know which one I’m talking about!!).

I often imagine that my wife and I are the active participants of the stories that I read.

Settling on one that already has a favorable rating; I’m now ready to slowly fuck myself…my cock has been growing even harder while looking for a story.

I begin to stroke my hard cock, becoming one of the characters in the story…wrapping my hot hand around my equally hot, pulsating cock…I slowly stroke Yenibosna escort up and down my cock. Fuck…it feels as if every nerve of my body is located in my cock…as I slowly stroke my cock, I feel the veins around my hot hard shaft begin to swell even larger…making my cock pulsate.

As my cock sends this intense sexual pleasure throughout my body… the head of my cock also begins to become engorged…swelling as it begins to turn dark reddish purple.

The harder my cock gets, the more it throbs…I’m amazed how hard my cock is…the only thing I can feel is the intense pleasure coursing through my body as my hand is now steadily stroking my cock.

Impossibly, it feels as if my cock is trying to grow even longer…pulling the skin tighter and tighter…completely taking over all of my conscious thoughts…my body is being over taken by the feelings coming from my cock…fuck my cock feels like a tower of cum.

As I’m stroking my hard, hot throbbing cock everything in the room seems to be disappearing. The more I jerk off the more my body is engulfed by the feeling coursing through my hand as it strokes up and down my cock.

As Escort Halkalı I jerk my hard cock the top of my fist rubs against the swollen hot head of my cock. The head of my cock keeps getting larger and larger…fuck I want to cum.

But cumming right now would ruin the intense pleasure…instead I slowly stroke my cock…squeezing the shaft, feeling the cum wanting to explode out of my cock.

I wish somebody could be watching me stroke my cock…I want to watch their eyes as I jack off…I want to see them lick their lips as cum shoots out from cock. I often try to imagine what it would be like to be stripped naked and jerk off in front of a roomful of total strangers.

As I feel the urgent need to shoot my hot load subside, I begin to resume jerking my hot hard shaft. Fuck…my cock is just so, so hard…I can feel the cum churning in my balls.

Stopping I coat my fist with Vaseline…I wrap my hand around my cock…fuck this is just too intense…my hand is sliding up and down, faster and faster.. around my hard hot cock now.

My pre-cum is flowing out of the head of cock…please watch me stroke my cock…I want to cum while you watch.

Oh fuck I’m going to cum… I’m wrapping my fist tighter around my cock…faster and faster I’m stroking my hot hard cock…my balls are swelling…I’m getting ready to blow my cum across my body. I can almost smell my cum…FUCK, OH FUCK I’M CUMMINNNGGGG!!

Is your cunt wet? Can I watch you now? Tell me…