Mayıs 15, 2023

License And Registration, Please!

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Tonight has been extremely slow compared to our usual Friday night chaos. My partner Alex and I craved the exhilaration that our job gave us. However, tonight was ridiculously uneventful! It was 5:00 am and our shift was about to come to an end. Yet, we hadn’t arrested anyone or put a stop on a single car; it was such a slow night we couldn’t even manage a speeding ticket.Uncapping my water container, I took a sip and asked him, “Do you want to head over to Lotti’s for a couple of beers after work?”Alex shifted and glanced at me as if that was the most idiotic question that he’d ever heard. “After this bland-ass shift that we had today? Fuck yes!”Chuckling, I recapped the bottle and placed it between my legs. Suddenly, a red Porsche sped by with the driver tossing a wrapper out of the window.”Bingo,” Alex exclaimed with satisfaction, then declared, “Let’s go.”Hitting the siren, I drove towards the vehicle with haste. The driver gave us quite a chase before stopping on a dark and deserted street. My partner and I exited our wagon and approached the car with caution, upon which we caught sight of the driver – a blonde and busty woman who appeared to be irritated.”Is there a problem, officers?” she asked dryly, glancing from Alex then to me.Ignoring her query, I said, “License and registration please, ma’am.”Sighing, Ankara escort she rolled her eyes, then yanked the compartment open which held her documents and gave them to Alex. As he scanned the papers with his torchlight, I surveyed her vehicle and then ambled to the other side. The car boasted new rims and tires. Impressive. Approaching the rear, I observed that her left tail light was broken.”Ma’am, are you aware that your tail lights are broken?” I informed her as I shone my light in the vehicle. It was tidy. I also noted that she had a gorgeous pair of legs. A thrill ran across my stomach as I envisioned them wrapped around my hips. Fuck! Focus, Scott, I reminded myself.”No, officer,” she offered with mock surprise.”And are you aware that your license expired a week ago?” Alex added, exhibiting the documents to me.She glanced at us and then uttered, “What? No, I didn’t realize that it had.””Yes, it has. Two tickets will have to be issued to you, ma’am. One for speeding and the other for littering,” Alex advised her as he took out his ticket book.”Is there any way I can talk you guys out of those tickets? I am in a bit of a hurry,” she said, biting her lips suggestively.Alex and I glanced at each other and smirked. “Please exit the vehicle ma’am,” I requested without emotion.”Is Ankara escort bayan there a reason that I should?” she asked but reluctantly complied.”Yes, you will have to be taken into the station and charged with solicitation,” Alex retorted. “Place your hands on the hood of your vehicle.”Surprise and guilt filtered through her face when she glanced from Alex then to me. “I was just joking officers, please, it won’t happen again.””Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told. Do you want resisting arrest added to your charges?” Alex rebuked.”No, officer,” the woman answered readily.”Then please place your hands on the hood of your vehicle!” Alex repeated.As she did, I grabbed each hand and positioned them behind her back, handcuffing her. This action resulted in her upper body being displayed on the car hood.”Nothing to say now, ma’am?” Alex inquired with a chuckle. “Frisk her, Scott.”Her tight black skirt had ridden up her ass, exposing pink panties. The sight aroused my cock, and I pressed onto her firm ass.”Is this proper procedure, officer?” she asked and moaned whilst rolling her hips on my cock.”It’s our procedure,” I admitted close to her ear.”Is that your gun, or are you just delighted to see my gorgeous ass?” she asked seductively as I caressed her legs and lightly Escort Ankara grazed my fingers along her panty crotch, observing her shiver in awakening.”Are you scared?” Alex asked her with a smirk while he stroked his growing cock and watched our interaction.”Should I be?” she responded.I proceeded to pat her down, starting with her inviting tits. Reaching around her slender body, I clutched them and gently pinched and twisted her nipples through the blouse. I felt her submission, and I groaned when she pushed against my crotch.”Have you seen what you have done to my partner?” I implored. She looked up and gasped when Alex released his cock and began to stroke it.”Mmm, so exquisite,” I heard her murmur.”Does this excite you?” I asked her, arousal thick in my voice.”God, yes,” she whispered and began to grind briskly against me, never taking her eyes off Alex’s cock.Abruptly, I pulled her against my muscled chest and strode us to the service wagon. Returning his cock into his pants, Alex opened the door and walked her up the stairs into the large prisoner compartment, then removed the handcuffs from her bruised wrists.Smirking at her injury, he unbuttoned her shirt, tossing it to the side, then leaned in to devour her luscious tits through the bra.Growling with impatience, he ripped the material, observing as her desirable breasts bounced free. As if in a trance, he brought his head down and latched on to the right nipple, then the left, suckling like a hungry infant. I watched from the side as her breath hitched in surprise and she clutched his curly black hair, bringing him nearer to her aching mounds.