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Life Changer: Un-Wedded Husband

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Life Changer — Un-Wedded Husband

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Wish all the readers and staff of ‘ A Happy New Year 2021’

This is an adventure of Chandana Bhargav whom I met in some function and we became very close friends and in due course of time she started sharing her life secrets with me.

Read her experience in her own words.

Hi! This is Chandana Bhargav, a young lady of 32 married, having a son 7 years. I, an average height woman with fair complexion and an attractive face. I am slightly plump. My husband Bhargav works at Delhi. Because of housing problem there I stay here and my husband comes every month for 4 to 5 days.

I am a regular reader of stories from last 4 to 5 years and I enjoy the stories published in this site. I enjoy reading but never involved in any sexual activities though I am young and my husband stay away from me, not even self masturbation. (Finger fucking)

But something that happened in my life about 1 ½ years back had totally changed my life. I used go to the bus stand daily to send my son who is 5 years old then and in I class. He is studying in a corporate school and his school bus picks him from there. It was my regular duty to take him, board him in to the bus and come back.

One day I saw an elderly man sitting at the bus stand. It is difficult to guess his age may be around 50 or slightly above. Flat bellied, he is well dressed, tucked his shirt, wore shoes, clean shaved, he has thinning salt pepper hair combed backwards. I thought that he is waiting for the bus and never bothered much.

Next day when I went to drop my son, he was there impeccably dressed, waiting for the bus and looking at the ongoing people. His impeccable dress attracted me more. After that I saw him every day at the bus stand regularly, dressed neat with tucked shirt, trousers and shoes. What I observe is he is neatly dressed, even polished his shoes regularly and it seems he shaved daily.

Unknowingly I developed an interest in him and I made it a point that I observe him regularly and he was there every day. Don’t know for what he is sitting there, the way he is sitting there gave me an idea that he is not waiting for bus. He comes there to pass time looking here and there and observing the people.

One day he smiled at me. As a reciprocal I smiled back at him. This became regular habit that he smiles at me and I reciprocate. No talk between us. One day I was late to the bus stand. As I was coming on my Activa, the school bus crossed me. Seeing the bus I raised the throttle and giving horn to attract the driver. Driver didn’t hear the horn but this gentleman heard and seeing me he quickly went to the driver and stopped the bus.

After sending my son I looking at him I said “Thanks uncle, if you have not stopped the bus my son would have missed the school”.

“It is alright, but you have to drive carefully, that speeding car might have hit you” he said. “Thanks again” I said and went home.

I came home but regretted that I didn’t express my gratitude to him properly. Next day after sending my son I started talking to him. As I thought correctly he is coming to the bus stop only to time pass. “How long will you stay here?” I asked. He looked at his watch and said “say another one hour”.

“Why don’t you come down to my house, have a cup of coffee and chitchat with me”. I don’t know why I invited him. He thought for a while and accepted my invitation. We both came home. We lived in a nearby apartment at 4th floor. He too had Honda Activa with him. When he was walking I observed him his’ is a graceful walk.

“Tea or Coffee?” after he settled in the single seat sofa I asked. “Coffee is better” he said.

“In a few minutes” I said to him changed myself into leggings and short kurthi which covered only my hips, I myself don’t know why I wore that dress, prepared coffee and in a tray I brought two cups of coffee and few biscuits gave him one and I took the other. He looking around the hall and paintings said “mmmm.. good taste, kept neat and tidy”

“What is your husband.. where does he works?” he asked.

“Bhargav, my husband works for a MNC and he is in NOIDA” I said.

“NOIDA..” he surprised and asked “You stay here alone with your son?” I nodded my head in yes.

“Is this apartment your own?”

“No why?”

Then he asked me why I am not staying with my husband at NOIDA. I told him that houses are not easily available there and the second is you have to pay 3 to 3 ½ times more rent than what we are paying here, apart from that 10 month’s rent as pagdi or something. Then Küçükköy escort bayan our talk was generally on our families and other subjects.

In conversation I learned that his name is Radheshyam and he worked as a Gazetted Officer in railways, retired two years back. Has a son 35 and a daughter 32 both married settled in US. He is staying here alone as his wife had expired 6 years back in an accident and to pass time he comes and sits at the bus stop seeing ongoing people.

When I listened I asked in surprise “How old are you uncle?”

“Told you just now that I had retired two years back what does it mean? 62 years.”

“But uncle you don’t look so aged, I thought you are around 50 or so”.

“Is it? Thank you for the compliment …. Er….”

“Oh I am sorry uncle I am Chandana, Chandana Bhargav”

Like that we just talked for one hour and after that he took leave. That whole afternoon I was thinking about him. While thinking unknowingly my hand went over my crotch, started soothing over the garment.

Next day I asked him to come home again. “No, it won’t look good” he said. “Nothing uncle, why it won’t look good, I am also alone at home you can spend your time there, please come, I feel happy if you come’ I pleaded him. With hesitation he had accepted. This program continued for 2 weeks. He used to look at my eyes only. Day by day I was getting attracted towards him. He is attracting me like a magnet attracts an iron piece.

One day I even found my panty wet and sticky. Now my son also got acquaintance of him and calls him dadaji. He had purchased some games for my son. He is coming and staying with me and after 1 or 1 ½ hr goes home. Every day I ask him to have meals but he denied. He never behaved badly at any time or looked at me in a different way. Now he started calling me by name.

I don’t know why I started liking him more and more. If you ask me reason there is no reason. One day while having coffee he asked “Chandana, what is your qualification?”

“M.Sc. (Bio)” I said. He looked at me in surprise and said “M.Sc.(Bio) … and sitting at home… my dear you are wasting your talent, why don’t you work?”

“I too want uncle, but how, who’ll look after my son”

“Are you interested in teaching?”

“I taught Biology for high school students in a school, but before marriage.”

“That is good. I know a principal of Jr. College if you are interested I’ll talk to him. You know there is a dearth for biology lecturers… “

“How can it be possible? What about my son? My parents stay in some other corner of the city. They can’t come here and stay…”

“… if you never mind I’ll give you a suggestion”.

I looked at him enquiringly.

“See, you can go to the college after sending your son. He returns only at 4.30 evening. The college is up to 4 pm. Which is 1 km away from bus stop. So you can pick up your son while returning. I too will be there at the stop to receive your son in case you are late. My idea is only that talent of the youth mustn’t go waist.” He stopped.

His suggestion was good but how far it is feasible? I don’t know. Still I am in hesitation. Seeing my hesitation he said “Try for one week, start with confidence, I’ll take care your son if you are late.”

I nodded my head slowly.

That evening I purchased Inter I Oh my God it is so spacious, I haven’t seen such a big bedroom in my life. In the middle of the room is 8’x7′ sized finely carved wooden cot.

When I said about bedroom he said “I like spacious rooms. The house is constructed according my wishes and specifications. My bathroom is 10’x10′ he said.

“What 10’x10′ bathroom” I said in wonder, now-a-days even kitchens are not so big.

Then he took me to the first floor. Steps were from outside the main house. When I saw the house at first floor, it is a 2 BHK house. I don’t know whether you believe what I say, but I’ll say I was mesmerized with it. I loved it a lot. Most important is, the rooms were spacious, fully furnished and it had open space in front of the house in the form of terrace open to the sky. I had a dream to have such a house for myself, where I can sit leisurely outside sipping coffee or going through a book or chitchat with a friend or hubby oh… and particularly it is very convenient for my son to play, ride his cycle or small car.

“Uncle hasn’t you given it for rent?” I asked. “Given.. but I was always cheated. So thought of not to let out.”

“What was the rent uncle?”


“What mere 8000/- my god, I am Escort Mecidiyeköy paying 10 K and 2 thou as maintenance, can I have it for me?” I asked in excitement.

“If it is for you another one thousand less” uncle said “but what about your husband?” he enquired.

I’ll take care of him you don’t worry about it he too will like the house.” I said and started video graphing the house fully which took full 16 minutes for me and I also took a photograph of uncle.

It is 7 pm. We came down and settled in the sofas. He served chilled wine for me and apple juice for my son. Who was busy having it and watching a cartoon channel in the TV.

“Uncle you are mesmerizing me” sipping the wine and taking a piece of chicken pakoda placed on the center table I said. He looked at me in surprise.

“Many times my husband asked me to give company to him when he is having drinks but I always denied him; and see now as you have given me wine, without any hesitation I am sipping.” I smilingly said. I felt there is some itch in between my thighs.

“That is your affection dear..”

“Mmmmm.. chiken pakoda is nice. From where did you order the items for dinner?” I asked.

“Not, ordered, I have prepared.”

“What?” I screamed in surprise. “When did you prepared and what did you prepare?” I asked. I was really in shock.

“Not much; plain rice, drumstick sambar, chapathis, mutton kurma and chicken pakoda”

“Good god, uncle you are miraculous, so many items waaav” I said. Without knowing I consumed 2 glasses of wine. I was feeling light in my body and mind. It is 8.30 and uncle called us for dinner.

“What type of dinner you prefer?” he questioned.

I couldn’t understand his question. Seeing my dilemma he said “is it normal dinner with lights on or dim candle light dinner”.

To be precise I was feeling romantic so I said “candle light dinner.”

Uncle switched off the bright lights and switched on the blue dim lights concealed under the false roof and lighted an aromatic candle. Already a bunch of flowers consisting of yellow, white roses and lavender flowers were in the flower pot on the table, emitting intoxicating aroma.

We started dinner. All the dishes were delicious, particularly drumstick sambar, with finely cooked meat curry, and chicken pakoda as side dish to munch it was nice. Generally I consume less during nights, but tonight much more than what I consume regularly. That was the taste.

By 10 I started for home and within 10 minutes I was at home, changed, freshened and fell on the bed. My son is already snoring. I was just thinking about the evening and how quickly and delightful it went.

First thing what I did was sent the video I have made at uncle’s house and sent a whatsapp message. The message was…

Darling how are you? My baby is waiting with hungry mouth to gobble your boy. When are you coming? I am suffering without your nearness darling. It is painful without you, Come quick. By the way I had sent a video see it. Be seeing a to-let board I enquired about it and seen it in the evening. It is only a km away from our present house.

The house is so good that I had decided to rent it. Two …. sorry.. sorry three reasons for my selection is, it has a lot of open place for upi (my son’s name Upamanyu) to play and do a lot of masti, second is owner is a senior citizen, we have a canopy of his protection and the third is as he is all alone we can take care him. Any how our parents are not staying with us, Upi can have his grand dad. Very quickly they became friends. However; final decision is yours only. If you approve I wanted to shift immediately… love you, yours darling Chandu.

That whole night I was soothing my swollen, ever oozing pussy thinking about uncle. That night I had a number of fantasies with him.

Next day I received a message from my hubby stating that the house is good; we can take, but wait for two days. I am starting day after tomorrow by flight. We’ll decide then.

I thought it is better to rather than hurry. The third day after Bhargav’s arrival that evening we all went to meet uncle to decide about the house. Radheshyam uncle was very happy to meet my husband and vice versa. Immediately my hubby liked the house and then and there paid advance for two moths rent through cheque. Bhargav was so impressed with uncle that, that evening he invited him for a dinner in a good hotel.

My hubby stayed for 5 days and on the third day we have shifted the house. All these days my darling was taking me and I am imagining Merter escort that uncle is riding me. I don’t know why but I am abscessed about uncle. He is double my age, but I always imagining about him. I even don’t know that at this age will he perform well in the bed or not but I wanted him.


Two months passed after shifting the house. Yet I could not get him attracted towards me. To tempt him I had done what ever possible; like when in suit bending low and give him a nice view of my ample cleavage, or wearing skin fit leggings to exhibit my curves particularly my shapely thighs and butt. When in saree show him my soft belly and navel as well as my cleavage. Many times I sat at his side almost touching his body. So close that two three times I pressed my boob to his elbow.

But I didn’t go for cheap tactics of scratching my thighs, or my bum cheeks and gesturing him with flying kisses and winking etc. however I wanted him to take initiation and fuck me hard. I had a belief that he will perform well in that field. Time has to tell me. I am waiting for the time to come.

Another month passed. It doesn’t mean that he; I mean uncle didn’t notice me. He noticed but didn’t show any signs on his face and looks. As usual he was quite and calm and behaved very normal with me. At last I was desperate. Finally I decided to initiate myself. Rather say decided to rape him and fixed a date for this.

The day was my birthday which was 15 days after. I had also planned to leave my son with my parents that day so we both can stay alone at home. Day by day I am refining my plan and rehearsing. Getting more excitement as the day is approaching. In all these days my little slit is crying with tears (oozing its juices).

Aaaah… at last the day had come. Two days before that I told uncle about my birth day and asked him to have dinner with me. Next day he gave a pocket to me and said “Chandana advanced happy birth day to you”

“Thanks uncle” and I took the pocket and opened it. It contained a beautiful designer silk saree with blouse attached.

That evening I went to my parents’ who lived in some other corner of the city. Telling them some excuse I asked them to keep my son for two days with them. My son was also very happy to stay there.


Early morning at 5.30 I received a message from uncle “Many, many happy returns of the day Chandoo… wish you all success in your ventures” uncle. Seeing that message my happiness knew no bounds. First thing is that in all these days of our acquaintance for the first time uncle called me chandoo… by my short name, he always called by my full name. Second his wishes that ‘all success in your ventures’ yes, I need this, because today I am going to venture something special…

Seduction of my darling uncle. Immediately I replied “thanks uncle really I needed this”.

As usual I had gone to the college but could not concentrate on my subjects. However passed time till evening and came home.

I had bath, before bath I cleaned between my thighs and under arms, wore the saree given by uncle. The blouse fitted so perfect that as if stitched with measurements. Sprayed the body spray and about 6 pm I went down to uncle.

“Ooooh! Chandoo.. You are so gorgeous in this saree” for the first time he said something like this. “How is it uncle?’ asking him I removed my pullow from the shoulder to reveal my deep cut blouse and glimpse of my firm boobs and cleavage, spun around like a model.

“So cute and lovely you are looking..” uncle said eyeing me from top to bottom. Then we went to a five star hotel for dinner. That night again, I had two glasses of wine. During the dinner uncle was staring me without blinking his eyes. I raised my eye brows as if ‘what?’

“Chandoo, do you know what a lovely pair of eyes you have..?”


“The best I had ever seen…”

“Oh! Thank you uncle; I am flattered” like that; talking and joking looking at each other, particularly me intently gazing at his attractive face. By the time we came home it is 10 pm. standing at the steps uncle said “Thank you for the delicious dinner Chandoo, it was nice, good night” and, moved to open the door.

I put one leg on the step and called “Uncle…”

“Yes..” he turned his head.

“I’ll be alone in the house Upi (my son) is at his grand parents’ house, can I sleep with you in the spare bedroom” I said emphasizing the words with you very casually so that he must not doubt me. Uncle stood for a while and slowly said “come…”

With thumping heart I went near him. He opened first, grilled door of the varandah then main door of the house. Leaving our chappal and shoes went in and fell on the sofa tiredly. After five minutes of our relaxation uncle said “chandana.. that is the room for you, you can sleep there..”