Mayıs 6, 2023

Like Son, Like Father

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My wife, Audrey, and I had flown in to Philadelphia, to housesit for our son and daughter-in-law. They were away at an old friend’s wedding, and had left us in charge of our preschool granddaughter for three days. We had just dropped her off at her classroom with her backpack filled with her lunch, her snack, her art homework and a little conch shell for her to ‘show and tell.’ Getting her up and dressed, breakfasted and out of the house was a challenge, and reminded us why our species leaves child rearing to younger adults! I was exhausted and ready to head back to bed and have a little ‘private’ time with my wife, but when I suggested this to her, she reminded me that she had to leave in ten minutes for a hair appointment.”I could give you a quickie” she offered kindly, seeing the disappointment on my face.Knowing I have never once turned down an offer like that, she dropped to her knees in the living room, right in front of me, and with her practiced hands had my pants around my ankles in two seconds flat, and my limp Acıbadem Escort member felt the rays of the early morning sun, beaming in through the picture window. She squeezed my cock a few times and quickly popped it into her warm mouth.“Aaaaah.”I stood there, gazing out into my son’s little vegetable garden towards the back alley where they kept the trash cans, and slowly my wife’s ministrations firmed me up and my pleasure sensors began their magic tricks.But I wasn’t as hard as usual, and I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I’d hoped for. Perhaps it had been too sudden; I prefer a slow buildup, thinking about it for a while, having a chance to fantasize. Watching porn could certainly have solved the problem, but obviously there was nothing like that available in our son’s living room.“Audrey,” I asked, “could you do me a big favor?”“What?” she mumbled with her mouth full.“Could you pull your top off? I need to see your tits.”“Jeez,” she replied, but, ever the dutiful spouse, she complied Acıbadem Escort Bayan and I leaned over her back and with my own practiced fingers quickly unsnapped her bra. Her lovely, mature tits swung into view.Before I had a chance to grab them and fondle them, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move at the far end of our son’s tomato bed. Careful not to turn my head and reveal that I knew she was there, I saw a young woman staring at us through a hole in the hedge.Suddenly my cock hardened like it hadn’t in months.“Oh my God!” I thought to myself, “I’m an exhibitionist!”“Oh my God!” yelled my wife at the same time, “You still love my tits that much?”Two more sucks and one more finger in my ass and I came. The whole of my body’s mid section shuddered with that exquisite sensation, and my legs buckled and almost dropped me to the floor. “Mom! Come on! I’m gonna be late.” The sound of a child’s voice penetrated a half open window, and the woman in the alley disappeared.“You Escort Acıbadem idiot,” Audrey moaned, “you got some in my hair! What are they going to say at the beauty parlor? Oh, Jeez,” she muttered to herself as she hurried off to the bathroom.I was sitting on the couch, enjoying the afterglow, when Audrey dashed out of the front door for her appointment. I was still sitting there unzipped when, a minute later, the doorbell rang.“Did you forget your keys?” I called out as I struggled to my feet and shuffled into the front hall.‘Ding dong; ding dong,’ the bell rang again angrily.“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I sang out, matching the musical pitches of the doorbell as I turned the handle.It wasn’t Audrey. It was the woman I’d seen spying on us minutes before. She was a lot more attractive than I had imagined; in fact, she was very shapely and extremely bosomy. She had thick, red lips, her cheeks were flushed, and it was obvious she was mad as hell.“That was quite disgusting!” she spat at me. “What sort of neighborhood do you think this is? Look at the way you’re dressed!”“Shh, quiet! Please! The neighbors!”I quickly adjusted my pants, and tried to silence her outburst.“Come inside, tell me what the trouble is, but please, let’s just keep this between the two of us.”I ushered her into the living room and offered her a seat.