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Linda’s Web of Seduction #2

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Linda’s Web of Seduction #2So about ten years later, after having witnessed Linda fucking two black bulls, and after having fantasized over those images and sounds for nearly ten years, and even after having moved to another side of town, I was excitedly surprised to run into Linda at the store one afternoon. She was in the grocery store getting a few things and I was grabbing a six pack. We chatted like long time friends even though we had only limited interactions before, and Linda seemed genuinely excited to learn I wasn’t married anymore. I learned that she was riding the bus (she had always rode the buses) so I offered her a ride and she cheerfully accepted.Linda had also moved so as she directed me to her new apartment, she chatted me up with all sorts of details as I tried to focus on what she was saying. It was hard because this was the first time I’d been alone with her and I couldn’t get the images of her sucking and fucking big black cocks and her moaning like a bitch in heat out of my mind. Pulling up to her place I was trying to think of how to ask her for her number but Linda had other plans.”Will you carry my bags in for me?” she asked. “I don’t want my dog to run out.”Uh, fuck yeah! I thought to myself.And sure enough, as soon as she opened the door, her basset hound dog tried to escape. She loved on him for a while and asked if I’d stay for something to eat, explaining she hadn’t had anyone over her new apartment yet. So after having me accompany her while walking her dog, I was excited when she led me to her bedroom and said, “Go ahead and take your clothes off.” When she saw my eyebrows rise, Linda smiled and chuckled as she went into the bathroom and stripped naked herself. “I always knew you wanted me. The eyes never lie!”After she peed she turned the shower on and soon disappeared behind the curtain. I think my jaw was dragging the floor. I couldn’t believe this was going to happen. I’d fantasized about her so many times but I never thought I’d actually ever find my self in this position. I had just gotten my work boots off when she told me to join her. I found myself smiling as I quickly stripped and joined her . She was already lathered up and I noticed a splash of freckles across her chest. Her tits were warm and her nipples hard. She had me turn around and began washing my back. Soon she had lathered up my back and reached around Tire Escort to my cock, which you know was standing at attention by now. She slowly stroked it with both hands, caressing my throbbing balls and finally reached back with one hand and began lathering up my ass crack. She ran four fingers up and down my ass crack and paid special attention to my ass hole. She heard my breathe rush in when she did that and laughed, “Oh, were gonna have fun, baby.”I actually thought she was going to make me cum just with her hands but she rinsed us both and turned the water off. After drying off Linda grabbed my cock and knelt down, drawing my hard dick into her warm mouth, her green eyes staring into mine, a grin on her face as she deep throated my cock. After a few minutes of that I was ready to explode when she pulled it out. “You like that?” she asked. After clearing my throat, I breathed “Fuck yeah.”Standing, Linda grabbed my cock and pulled me to her bed and pushed me onto my back, moving my legs so I lay spread eagle. She started by licking and sucking my balls, occasionally pumping my cock into her mouth keeping it wet, then returning to suck my balls and licking all around them while stroking my cock. So when she forced my knees toward my chest, exposing my asshole, my eyes rolled back in my head as her warm tongue began rimming my mancunt, her tongue actually probing to get inside. “Oh fuck,” I remember saying, to which she giggled and smacked my ass-cheek. Linda had definitely done this before because she was driving me crazy. I couldn’t believe it. “You’re never gonna want to leave after this,” she said, staring into my eyes then twirling her wet tongue around my bunghole. When I thought I couldn’t handle anymore without coming Linda sat up and straddled me, sliding my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. “You liked having my tongue in your ass, huh?” she asked with a beautiful smile. “You’re just a big ol’ freak like that, huh?” she said before I could reply.”I guess so,” I managed.”You guess!” she said incredulously as her hips rocked back and forth on my cock. “I’m gonna make you fall in love with this pussy,” she confessed. “You’re never gonna want to leave.”And as she rode my cock I couldn’t disagree with her. I was already in love with that pussy the first time I saw it stuffed full of big black Torbalı Escort cock. And now, some ten years later I had that wet pink snatch jumping up and down on me. I couldn’t believe it. She was fucking me! I could have never imagined a fantasy this fucking awesome!When Linda’s pussy would get balls deep she would do this thing, this motion, like her pussy was massaging my cock some how and it felt fucking fantastic. I’d never had a pussy feel this good. And I remembered how when she was fucking that black bull she did this thing with her hips and realized she was doing that with me, too. After a couple of minutes that was it, I couldn’t hold back any longer and with a gasp and a loud cry, I exploded inside of her. I came so hard it felt like I hadn’t cum in days and it felt as though it would never stop. To my surprise Linda stayed straddling me and kept doing that thing with her pussy. Within literally a few minutes she had me hard again and I was astounded. Finally, Linda rolled off of me and laid on her back, legs open, knees bent, her fingers from both hands rubbing up and down both sides of her hairy red cunt lips. “I want more,” she demanded. I had always wanted to be face to face with Linda’s pink pussy and now here I was, my face buried between her thighs, the musk of her scent filling my senses. Her pussy was beautiful; bright pinkish red, with a moderately closely trimmed bush, her cunt lips open and swollen, shiny from her juices and my cum. I could taste my own cum mingled with her sweet cunt juice and soon my tongue in her warm hole was replaced with one, then two fingers as I sucked her swollen clit. She seemed to like that a lot as her fingers grabbed my hair forcing my mouth harder onto her cunt. Her hips started bucking toward my face and I started pumping my fingers harder and harder into her hungry hole until she came with a flood all over my face, her hands forcing my face into her cunt as she came.As she began to relax I sat up on my knees, a huge smile soaked with her juices, and a hard-on to match any before. “More,” Linda demanded, pulling me down on top of her. She expertly reached between us and slid my hard cock into her wet hole, arching her legs higher and causing my cock to disappear into her. I started to suck on one nipple but she pushed me up. “Hold my legs down urla escort and fuck that pussy!” she demanded. So I supported myself on her bent thighs and thrust my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. She grabbed the tit that I had been sucking and started licking her own nipple, pinching it between two fingers while staring into my eyes.Soon she was reaching up to me, pinching and sucking my nipples, then moving one hand around to my ass-cheeks, gripping them at first, then licking her middle finger, she reached around and slid it into my asshole, one, then two. And the harder I pounded her cunt, the harder she thrust her fingers into my asshole, going knuckle deep now. Soon I could feel that nut fixing to blow again and Linda sensed it, thrusting her cunt harder and harder onto my cock, her fingers banging my asshole, until suddenly it happened; my cock exploded deep inside of her and she started screaming, cumming on my cock as it rapidly pounded in and out of her wet hole. Her hips thrust forward harder and harder, her orgasm lasting much longer than mine, until at last, I fell beside her onto the bed and we lay there breathing heavy, sweat and cum and juices everywhere. We had soaked the sheets.Shortly after that, Linda said let’s go out and get some drive-thru. So we got in my truck and drove to a place of her choosing. Normally, going through the drive-thru would be uneventful, but you don’t know Linda. After ordering, we moved up in line. It was night time so it was sort of dark. Linda wasn’t wearing a bra so she pulled out both tits. She didn’t really need a bra. Her tits were large and firm, the nipples pointing upwards just a bit. “You think they’ll like these,?” Linda asked.I laughed nervously and said absolutely. She didn’t put them away either. It was fucking hilarious watching Linda talk to the girl at the window, asking for extra napkins, then ketchup. And the girl at the window handled it well, laughing nervously, and asking if she needed anything else, her eyes going back and forth from Linda’s eyes to Linda’s beautiful tits.Me? I could only smile, like from ear to ear. As we started to drive away, Linda told the girl, “I might want something else later, sweetie; you gonna be here?” But the girl blushed, laughing and covering her mouth with one hand as the window closed.Driving away, I looked at Linda. “You’re a fucking freak, aren’t you?”She laughed and dismissed it. “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I told you,” she began. “I’m gonna make you fall in love.” Yeah? Too late. She has me whipped. Needless to say, I stayed the night with her and went to work the next day from her place. Guess what? I was late. But I had her number and her pussy juice all over me.