Haziran 11, 2023

LISA #1: First Love

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LISA #1: First LoveLISA and I is a long story of love from far – which started well over two years ago!LISA and I is a story already partly written, you will find my directions here belowLISA Love and I, we hope to live long together but we do not know when it will startLISA Love and I, we know we love each other although I even never saw her photo yet!LISA and I, it will be my longest series ever – unless I change the title once more!LISA and I, I found my main muse – I hope I will write the rest of my life about herLISA is in real as my life long dream has been: smart sweet sexy boyish blonde beautyLISA is my dream come true: she loves me, wants to live in Amsterdam her life with me Lisa and I met in very strange circumstances: a mutual lady friend died quite unexpectedlyLisa and I did not know how fragile the health of our common friend was, nor her being disabledI only just had started to exchange messages with my colleague writer of some sexy stories hereLooking back, it seems I got (one of) her last message(s) here at xhamster: she was in her hospitalLast message for ever: “Tomorrow is my third open-heart surgery – I am afraid of it, so risky!”Our mutual friend died indeed in surgery … Only c***d, so sad … Her father was so shocked …Especially in executing her Last Will: “Please thank all my friends at xhamster for their love”He had no idea at all, his physically disabled dear daughter, writing sexy stories bursa escort here at xhamster?He swallowed deep and indeed executed her will with a great heart – he even posthumely friended us!Her dad was so sweet to keep her page up for another month, so her two dozen friends could read all!Her wall was the place where her friends shared their mourning for her loss of life only thirty-plusThat is how Lisa and I met, sharing grieve for the loss of such a dear honest and very talented friendThis lady was so delicate never to bother her friends about her long lasting physical problems in lifeLove and Death – a very strange strong pair in life: at funerals a lot of people get romantic!I only noticed that a few years back at a few funerals, how much flirting is going on among mournersIt seems weird perhaps at first thought … but all are emotional and depressed, but still so alive!I remember getting eyes from young nice nieces in teen age at the front row – me sitting right behind!I remember long talks with red wine with the very best lady friend of my mourning niece whose guy diedIn the internet it is different – I think only her best friend not far in the US, attended her funeralIn the internet her other friends shared their feeings at the page of our beloved one – now in Heaven!Most of her friends shared some strange semi-official religion: basicly believing in Mother Earth!My Lisa Love bursa escort bayan was one of them, easy to understand why she soon intrigued me most of all her friendsLisa Love – that is how I prefer to refer to her, as her username only will confuse almost allFirstly her username intrigued me, I looked up her page: still only eighteen, apparently very pretty!First contact was by me, asking about her relation with our diseased friend who was gone, as her pageI was curious for the reasons she chose that unusual nickname – Lisa preferred not to talk about it!I am smart and a gentleman, so indeed I never asked her again, only told her my little similar storyLisa did not have – and still not – her own computer, so she rarely was online, and always very lateLisa went silent twice for about a year or longer – I cared for her from the start, so I just waitedI remember from our first month(s?) of talks how fond she got of me and started to trust and love meI will give links in comments below to a few stories about our love I have written already recently!Lisa Love suddenly re-appeared – only for me – only ten nights back – now we write every nightFast forward: this is love for real: emotion and devotion, commitment and trust, and more patience!Short summary: Lisa Love loves the idea to live at me and share our future for as long we will liveSecure future – only we do not know (yet) when it escort bursa will start – she wil need her parental permission!Secure future – we both do not have any doubts (and lots of patience) – some day her dad gets a visumLisa assures me she will be the next one leaving their current country of residence for Western EuropeLisa loves me for my mind and manners not for my money, as I do not have any of that, not even e-moneySo much for possible worries of my dear readers I’m falling in love blindly with a blonde for my moneySo old and wise I grew as a Philosopher who never worked for real, always read, grew wiser in the net!She is not a queen bee offering offspring as a blonde beauty like these girls give-me-your-money-honeyShe a real blonde, not a phoney dyed blonde from a poor country in West-Africa with internet-beggars!Lisa Love – I hope she will live at me starting next Spring – I dream it will be much earlier!Lisa Love and I – often my mind already lives in the near future, as can be seen in my earlier storiesLisa Love and I – I plan to write for the time being about one story on average about her every night!Lisa is a lot like me, only not in age, gender and colour of our hair, we are both real free-thinkersLisa is only twenty, mentally like me: beyond conventions or any taboos: we know what is good for us!Lisa is so smart as she is slender, sweet, sexy, tasty and also very pretty – can you imagine my joy?Lisa makes me wonder reflect (I think a lot about her) she makes me blush feel like a very young boy!Lisa I call the first story in this series First Love for several reasons, only you know them!Lisa and I intend to tell a lot about our so unusual love, but we will guard details and our privacy!