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Little Ole Me and Twelve OAP’s

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‘Tell us how it went?’ Alexander said eagerly as he carefully brewed the coffee.

It was a Saturday morning two weeks after I had spent a busy Bank Holiday being the object of desire for a motorcycle club.

‘What do you want to know?’ I enquired mischievously.

‘Everything,’ Bert replied as he put the mugs out on the table, ‘Tell us all the dirty details you can.’

‘We want to know everything they did to you,’ Ernest concluded.

This time at Bert’s house, I had arrived to provide my monthly sexual service for these three old friends. Although I was being paid to entertain them with my body, I had become rather fond of these three very likeable aged men.

In some ways, they reminded me of Foggy, Compo and Clegg from the ‘Last of the Summer Wine TV series. They could be comical, there was no doubt; however, it was their friendship that made me think of the three television characters. Whatever happened, they stuck together and stood up for each other.

I opened my blouse to grant them a view of my bra, sat down with coffee in hand and commenced recounting my tale of what had happened in the motorcycle workshop.

The three men sat around almost transfixed by my rather seedy revelations of group sex, a little BDSM and then being totally greased at the conclusion of the event.

When I had finished telling my tale, they continued to stare at me before Alexander broke the silence, ‘I’d love to have been there.’

‘If only we had met someone as naughty as you when we were younger,’ Bert added, ‘We could have had some fun then.’

‘Rachel,’ Ernest said, thinking something through. ‘Would you be willing to do something similar with us oldies?’

I laughed, ‘Of course. Anytime you want.’

‘Do you really mean that, Rachel?’ Bert replied, ‘I mean would you consider such an event.’

I realised for the first time he was serious.

‘If you could get ten interested, I’d more than consider it,’ I boasted rather stupidly.

‘Why not just us three,’ Alexander questioned.

‘I’m not sure how to answer that,’ I smiled slightly embarrassed, ‘But, err.’

‘We are too old and slow to get erections hard enough often enough!’ Bert cut in.

I smiled again.

‘That’s it, isn’t it, Rachel? We are not like those hot young studs you play with back at University who are rock solid every ten minutes. At our age, our bodies need time to wind up again.’

‘I guess that’s a pretty good reason you would need ten,’ I answered, greatly relieved that it was not me that had to supply such an honest answer.

I did not dare say it but the thought of having to service ten men all over seventy, even if I was being paid, was not very appealing. I enjoyed being with these three; they had almost become friends in a funny sort of way. Trying to accommodate ten older men was not something I relished.

‘We’d never get ten guys together to do it,’ Ernest confided sadly.

‘Well, if you ever do, you have my number,’ I concluded as I prepared to leave in the full expectation that this was one event that would never get off the ground.

Nothing more was said about it during my subsequent visits, which took me past my birthday and to the grand old age of twenty-two.

‘You’re catching us up quickly,’ Ernest stated as he kindly handed me a present the three men had purchased for me. ‘I think your birthday calls for a celebration of some sort, but what?’

All three seemed to be playing the thinking game, gazing around as if deep in thought.

‘Got it! Let’s organise an over seventies Gangbang for you?’ Bert announced with a voice of triumph.

I laughed at his suggestion before replying, ‘That’s perfect. Just what I need now, I’m nearly only a third of your ages.’

‘We have the numbers for you! We have exceeded the required number by two. We have twelve men, including us, wiling to Gangbang you like the bikers did a few months back,’ Alexander added.

My face became a frozen blank. I stood looking at the three expectant men speechless.

‘You remember how you said if we could get ten, you’d agree to us organising using you for group sex?’ Ernest asked.

I did indeed. I nodded slowly.

‘After asking and cajoling, we have managed to confirm twelve participants Rachel. What do you think of that?’

I didn’t want to say what I thought. I just stood in stunned silence.

‘I bet you’re surprised at that, eh, Rachel. Never thought we’d manage it, did you? It took some doing, but we got there. Mind you, that striptease you did for our club helped… Are you okay?’

Bert suddenly realised that I was not sharing their great enthusiasm for the time they had so meticulously planned.

‘Is everything alright, Rachel?’

‘Yes, yes,’ I lied, ‘I’m just a bit shocked that you managed to get the numbers.’

‘We did that. It’s taken us three months, but we got there.’ Bert paused, ‘You don’t seem very happy.’

‘I’m sorry,’ I ventured, ‘I just wasn’t expecting this. To be honest, I was only having you on when I said I’d do it if you Yeşilköy escort bayan got the numbers. I never thought you would get anywhere near ten.’

‘Oh?’ There was a hushed silence of profound disappointment at my statement.

‘You see,’ I tried to explain, ‘I enjoy sex, especially group sex, but… It’s not natural for a girl of twenty-two to be giving herself to ten or twelve men aged over seventy to use as they like. I’m not sure I could do it.’

The silence was palpable.

‘I guess your right,’ Alexander finally responded,’ ‘We were being very selfish and only thinking about ourselves. We never gave your feelings a thought. We just expected you to fall in and let us all abuse your body. I’m sorry.’

‘I am too,’ Bert added, ‘Alexander is correct. We didn’t think about you at all.’

‘I’m just as guilty as my friends,’ Ernest said, finally entering the conversation. ‘If you’d have heard how we described you and what we hoped to do to you… You’d never visit us again.’

‘I’m so sorry,’ I responded, ‘I really am. I just don’t think I could let so many old men use me in the same way as I do younger guys.’

‘We know. We can see that. It’s a pity we didn’t see it before,’ Bert answered, ‘Our lusts just totally blinded us.’

I wasn’t sure who was the saddest as I left them that day, them or me. I knew they were devastated and would also lose face as they began phoning around their friends to tell them that the event they had tried so hard to bring together wouldn’t occur.

I had a bad night as I tossed and turned in bed thinking about what I had so rashly promised. Now, the men, having taken me at my word, were being badly let down. It did not sit well with me. My father had instilled in me that my word was my bond. ‘Don’t ever promise to do something you have no intention of fulfilling,’ he had said. Mind you, I’m sure he did not have in mind his precious daughter whoring herself out to twelve old age pensioners when he said it!

The following day I was on the phone with Ernest. ‘Have you phoned anybody yet?’ I enquired urgently. ‘To cancel the gangbang?’

‘No, we didn’t have the heart yesterday.’

‘Well, don’t. I’ll do it?’


‘I’ll do it. I promised, and I’ll keep that promise to you.’

‘You will? Do you really mean that?’

‘Yes, I do on one condition.’


‘That all of you have a good shower the night before.’

Ernest laughed. ‘Are you telling me that Alexander, Bert and I smell?’

‘No, I’m not. Not you three anyway. But some older people do. It would help me greatly if you could promise that.’

‘Your wish is my command, me lady,’ Ernest responded with evident joy.

My next visit to the three men was occupied solely with arrangements for the ‘event.’ I was still nervous and felt it was something I would endure rather than enjoy. I knew, though, that my participation would bring some absolute delight to these older men.

‘Please don’t fight with us as you have done with your peers in the past at these things,’ I was told. ‘You’d knock our hearing aids and glasses off, make us swallow our dentures and cause those with pacemakers too many shocks!’

I laughed, ‘Okay, I’ll succumb quietly.

‘Not too quietly,’ Alexander replied, ‘We want to see a bit of fire in you. Just remember our ages. Our eyes are dim, our bones are brittle, our skin is thin, and we bruise easily.’

‘I will,’ I promised.

‘Now, Rachel, we want to enjoy ourselves, but we don’t want to hurt you either. How can we ensure we are not hurting you?’

‘If you want to spank me, whip me or slap my tits,’ I replied, ‘You are going to hurt me.’

‘Oh,’ and you don’t mind?’

‘What would most excite you on the day?’ I asked.

‘We want to do to you what you let those young hunks in your University do to you? Bert replied eagerly.

‘Then you want me to let you take control of me?’

‘I guess so. Is that when you become our sub?’ Alexander quizzed.

‘I think it would be better if I became, what my male friends call your ‘fuckmeat,” I replied.

‘Whatever is that?’

‘Just a slab of meat for you to treat how you want. Well, within my limitations,’ I added quickly.

‘So we just do what we want to do, how we want, where we want and with what we want?’ Ernest asked with a look of amazement on his face.

‘Basically yes,’ I replied, ‘I give you complete control of my body. You play with it how you want.’

‘It that what you usually do at these bashes’

‘Not always, but more often than not. I try to be totally submissive. I find playing that role satisfies my needs, and it seems to please the men using me too.’

‘That’s incredible. So on the day you are prepared for us to do whatever we like?’ Bert asked.

‘Yes, as long as it does not involve burning, cutting, piercing, puke or blood,’ I replied.

‘You have our word of honour on that,’ Ernest replied.

During the run-up to the set date, the men phoned regularly or set up meetings Escort Yeşilyurt with me in coffee shops. The conversation always revolved around what they wanted and what I was happy to accommodate.

I had decided that I would try my hardest to please these men. Not only were they paying for the privilege (or otherwise) of my company, but their ages negated them sensibly finding any other young lady who might furnish their needs and fulfil their desires.

I became more determined than ever that I would go the extra mile in ensuring that the time we met would be one that they enjoyed and remembered to their dying days.

It was six weeks later that the meet took place. One of the men involved had started a business that was handed to his son. He arranged for the use of their large industrial premises for the gathering.

I was told that the men had purchased a second-hand wooden bed frame and a new mattress. When I pointed out that a mattress on the floor without a bed would have suited fine, I was told, ‘How do you expect folks our age to constantly get up and down to a mattress on the floor?’ They had a point. I realised why the bed frame was so important.

On the day in question, I let Alexander drive his friends and me from his house to where the action would occur. The three men clearly wanted the honour of leading me into the room as their prize catch.

I was assisted by being held in an armlock to walk from the car and into the industrial unit. Once inside, I saw the bed, a paddling pool and nine other men all looking pleased as punch that I had turned up.

The men wasted no time in getting down to business with their captive submissive. I wriggled and made a feeble attempt to free my arms as two of the crowd moved forward and commenced unbuttoning my blouse. The more I squirmed, the tighter the grip on my arms became.

Eventually, my blouse was undone and pulled off my shoulders. As agreed, they cut my bra off with scissors standing for a few moments to inspect the two little gems that they had just revealed. Nobody looked disappointed at what they saw.

I still struggled as the zip on my denim skirt was undone, and it was yanked down, revealing my stockings and suspenders that I had been requested to wear. The suspender belt was undone, and it, along with my stockings, was taken down to my trainers. These, too, were quickly untied so that I was standing just in my knickers.

After a brief lull in proceedings, allowing all the men to have a good ogle at my almost naked body, two guys moved in to perform the ‘coupe de grass’ and pull my knickers off, revealing my hairy pussy and pert bum.

There was stunned silence as I was still held firmly in place while the men contemplated the day of lust and debauchery that lay ahead.

I was marched to the bed and pushed onto it as a dozen or more hands reached and grabbed my arms and legs to get me into the correct position for what lay ahead.

A huge looking Speculum appeared, was seared in lubricating jelly and pushed deep into my pussy. I could hardly move as my legs were held apart, and a procession of old men made their way round to shine a torch into my now open cavity to take a look at where their prized possessions would soon be going.

Once all had gazed in satisfaction into my vagina, I was rolled over, ordered to kneel as the speculum was replaced up my bum hole. Once it had been opened, the procession commenced again to gaze deep into the more smelly part of the business end of my body. From what I could hear of the various conversations, all seemed very satisfied at what they had witnessed. I felt I had passed the first of many tests these Old Age Pensioners had planned for me that day.

Suddenly I was hoiked up off the bed and moved to the paddling pool with the speculum still held in place up my bum. I was placed into a kneeling position while a jug of water was brought and poured into my open bum hole.

‘Iced water,’ one of the men stated with seeming satisfaction.

‘You wanted to make sure we were clean,’ another added, looking down at me looking up at him. ‘We want to make sure you are clean before we start, inside and out.’

Once my bum was full of the icy cold water, someone commenced fingering my pussy using shower gel. As this was going on, another of the by now quite animated old men straddled me. He lifted my head opened my mouth, stuck a toothbrush inside and commenced to clean my teeth, mouth and gums with copious amounts of toothpaste.

As he finished, a bucket of icy water was poured over my head, and shampoo was applied to my hair.

‘If she lives in the university, she’s probably got nits,’ yet another of the men stated, ‘I bet she’s crawling with them!’

After giving my hair a cold and vigorous washing, I was stood up so that my hairy pussy could undergo similar treatment.

The use of cold water did nothing to assist in lathering the shampoo as they rubbed away between my legs.

My arms were held aloft as other men took Zeytinburnu escort turns with sponges and washing up liquid to thoroughly clean under my armpits, over my breasts and across the rest of my body.

‘Hopefully, that’s cleaned the slut up a little,’ the first said as he commenced to pour another bucket of cold water over me to rinse away the shampoo and soap. ‘I think she will be clean enough for us now, boys!’

I was rubbed with towels until I was dry enough for the men to continue.

I was led to the bed and placed on it lying on my back. One of the men came towards me. He opened my cunt lips with his fingers and proceeded to squeeze the contents of a tube of lubricating gel into me. I had requested this in the fear that the sight of twelve slightly decrepit bodies would not turn me on or get my juices flowing.

Once I was on my back with my arms and legs spread and held wide, I saw the first participant getting ready to give me his flll.

I discovered afterwards that the men had drawn lots to decide in which order to take me. Climbing somewhat tentatively on the bed was the first out of the hat. Considering his age, his cock looked pretty solid as he prepared to thrust it into my available pussy.

He pushed in, gave a little moan of satisfaction as my flesh closed tightly around his and then began to thrust. During the many ‘Senior Citizen Gangbagns’ I have had the pleasure of attending, I have always been amazed at the vigour many of these men still have. This day was no exception.

One after another lined up, got onto the bed, positioned themselves correctly and thrust away as I lay still pinned in place by the other men. As one completed his work and fired his cum into me, another left his position on my arms or legs to take over. I was firmly held until all had entered and exited my now overflowing and sticky pussy.

I was now repositioned on my hands and knees to provide either a blow job, or for the more daring, anal sex. I opened my mouth to receive the first while feeling a finger, ensuring my back passage was well lubricated in readiness for rear-end shuntings.

I had no idea how sexually active older people can be when aroused. I did not know if I would receive a load of spunk in my mouth or not. I was keen to provide the best service and entertainment most of the men present had received in years. I hope I did not disappoint any of them.

I kissed, caressed, stroked, sucked and licked cock after cock, dick after dick. I had to work harder than ever before to see the results. Each man was slower than their younger counterparts, with whom I was used to engaging. However, the majority of them finally gave me an amount of cum that exceeded my expectations.

I had expected the men to want a rest to recharge after their exploits, but all were happy to continue. They wanted me to rim them. All of them!

I’m not sure how many had ever been ‘rimmed’ before. I would suspect that the majority would never have heard of such a practice had I not mentioned it to Ernest, Alexander and Bert during one of our pre-meet Tete-a-tetes!

When I was informed of what was required, I did wonder how wise I had been in ever revealing anything about rimming.

The men decided what order they would go as I breathed a sigh of relief that I had asked them all to wash correctly first. I just hoped they all cleaned out their anus’s properly too.

As number one took his place, the others excitedly gathered round to watch as I parted his bum cheeks and pushed my head between to access his bum hole and start work. As I did so, I stuck my tongue out, licked my lips and gave the men a naughty little grin as if I was enjoying what I was about to do. With that defiant act, I set to work rimming each of these old but horny guys.

I ensured that I pushed my tongue as far into each hole as I could, hoping that none of them would be so cruel as to fart in my face as I did so. Some of my contemporaries at University enjoyed surprising me when engaged in such a way by letting out wind. I could cope with twenty-year-olds doing it; however, those over seventy was a different proposition.

One by one, they came into position, and one by one, I worked with my tongue to give them all the thrill they wanted. It took over an hour before I had completed my task, and the majority had received their first rimming. As I stood up, I was thankful that there had been no nasty surprises for me as I accessed their back passages.

‘Put this on Rachel,’ I was told as a black French Maids dress was handed to me. ‘You can serve us all lunch but only dressed in that.

I smiled, ‘Where in the World did you get that?’ I enquired.

‘We have our ways,’ Bert replied with a broad grin.

I slipped the dress over my naked body and pulled it as far down my legs as it would go. It only just covered my bum.

I was led to a tiny room which I was told was the kitchen. It was the smallest kitchen I had ever seen in my life. It had a double cupboard below a sink with room for a kettle to one side and a microwave perched on a shelf above. I realised it was used for tea making and warming up food as opposed to producing full-blown meals.

On the drainer, I found several paper bags containing sausage rolls and pork pies along with Chelsea buns, Danish pastries and other types of sweet buns.