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Lola and Joey Ch. 22

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Double Penetration

She found herself waking up more and more with an irresistible urge to flirt with her dad at breakfast. Her erotic morning ritual was becoming addictive. It was so much fun!

In the real world, flirting was not always fun. You might sway a hip or eye a guy, and he might not even notice. Or he might notice and ignore you. Or even worse, he might make fun of you. Or even worse, he might be someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Flirting with her dad was utterly safe. His love was unconditional. She might embarrass herself, but nothing worse would happen. She could practice as much as she wanted with no risk.

Her body woke up, excited at the thought of sitting beside him. A spark of arousal ignited when she softly pressed her bare leg against his. He was all hers to tease when her mom was away. It felt so naughty, so un-daughter like! And her dad had started to notice her brief attire. He was often horny when her mom was away, but one day, it was different. His body reacted to her body! She got goosebumps at the realization that SHE was turning him on.

Her body craved more attention. The nighty that her mom bought her had become passé. She wanted a new morning outfit, something more risque to flaunt her body, something closer to lingerie. But it couldn’t be too slutty. It had to be acceptable breakfast attire. She didn’t want to piss her mom off by wearing something too provocative.

She told her mom she wanted to go shopping to get a new nighty. Her mom was always happy to shop with her, and they headed out. She’d researched what she wanted and headed straight for the lingerie store and zeroed in on a silk babydoll. It was pink and held up by thin shoulder straps and fastened at the front under her breasts. It cupped her breasts loosely and was thin enough to reveal her nipples, and it parted under her breasts, leaving her tummy bare. Perfect!

“What do you think, mom? I think it looks nice. I’m tired of my old nighty. Do you think it’s too revealing to wear around the house?”

Her mom told her to turn around. “I like it, honey! It’s pretty and looks good on you! I don’t see why you can’t wear it around the house. Your breasts are covered.”

“You don’t think it will bother dad?”

Her mom rolled her eyes. “Please! Your father has been eating breakfast for years in his underwear with no shirt on! You’ll be more dressed than he is!”

PERFECT! She had the outfit she wanted, and her mom sanctioned it! Time for phase two.

She usually sat across from her dad at the breakfast table when her mom and sister were present. It was time to start sitting beside her dad when her mom was there to establish a precedent. It worked. No one said boo when she did it.

The next step was to sit beside her dad in her new babydoll top. She was a bit nervous, but the rollout went perfectly. No one thought anything when she sat beside him because she’d been doing it for days, and her mom didn’t blink an eye when she wore her new top because she’d approved it. Best of all, her dad noticed right away! He was trying not to look, but he noticed! She felt the delicious warmth of arousal building in him and seeping into her. Her nipples got hard, which he must have noticed because his arousal surged even higher. Her mom was oblivious to the sexual current flowing between her dad and her. Her pussy was very happy.

From that day on, she silently gloated as she ate her food and lapped up her dad’s sexual energy. Because everything had been introduced subtly, she could flaunt herself every day without causing any problems.

And there was a bonus! She had to wear panties with the new babydoll because it didn’t cover her bottom, so she’d bought several sheer pink ones. They were so sheer that the outline of her black landing strip was visible through the material. She was sure her dad noticed! Best of all, her purchases had been approved for display by her mom! She was exposing herself to her dad every day now in her skimpy pink outfit, and he was getting aroused every day by HER, and her mom was totally oblivious! Perfect!

Even better, Catherine and Kate loved her new babydoll and sheer pink panties, making their occasional mini-orgies even more mind-blowing than they already were!


It seemed like the air was saturated with female sexual pheromones lately. Joey thought. He was living and breathing sex all the time, and it was affecting him!

Lola was a beast in bed again. It reminded him of when they first started sleeping together years ago. She blamed her voracious sexual appetite on his new buff body and his post-manager upbeat personality, and energy. It was true that he was feeling a lot more energetic, which spilled into his love life. Lola loved being woken up with his mouth between her legs. Neither of them wore underwear to bed anymore. It was too inconvenient for those spontaneous sexual moments, which were becoming quite frequent.

It seemed like Catherine was dressing more sexually on their hikes. The other day she could have been Lara Croft. Her escort şişli long hair was in a ponytail; she had on hiking boots, short tan hiking shorts with a wide leather belt with a big silver buckle, and a tight black sleeveless t-shirt that accentuated her sizeable breasts. Her mirror glasses looked cool. He followed behind, enjoying her swaying ass and rippling leg muscles as they traversed the rugged terrain. She looked hot, but she often dressed like Lara Croft when they went hiking when he thought about it. Her boots were just hiking boots, and the brief shorts and t-shirt were appropriate, given the heat. Maybe it was him that was different. Perhaps he’d been so wrapped up in work before that he hadn’t noticed that his daughter was a full-grown woman with a hot body. He sure noticed now!

Then there was his mom! He had no idea what was going on with her, but she was like a bubbly teenage girl. She had a glow about her, and her dad looked pretty happy too. What was up with them? It reminded him of when her mom came out dancing with them a long time ago, and he saw her in a sexual light as she strutted her stuff on the dance floor. Her mom was definitely giving off sexual vibes lately.

Then there was Amanda! Oh, my God! Amanda always had been physical, but something new was going on lately. It wasn’t his imagination. Her body was radiating sex like a loudspeaker!

Maybe, part of it was coming from him. After all, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that sex between Amanda and Catherine and Kate was going on in his house! Lesbian porn had always turned him on, and he sometimes imagined the girls licking and touching and kissing each other. The thought of one of them wearing a big fat strap-on dildo and rutting each other sent blood surging to his cock. They usually had their get-togethers when he and Lola weren’t around, but sometimes Kate walked right by him and waved, “Hi Mr. Granger!” and then disappeared into one of the girl’s rooms, for hours. Other days he knew Amanda and Catherine were making love in their bedroom while he was making love to Lola. Amanda often had that freshly fucked look on her face when she surfaced for breakfast, and Catherine looked very content sleeping.

No, there was definitely something going on with Amanda! At first, it happened when Lola and Catherine weren’t around. Instead of sitting on the other side of the table, she would sit next to him. And it wasn’t beside him! It was right next to him with her bare leg sandwiched against his. Skintight!

Then one day, she got a new nighty, which was more like lingerie. The thin pink material cupped her breasts perfectly, showing major cleavage, and her tummy was totally bare. He could see her landing strip clear as day through her new sheer panties.

At first, she sat on the other side of the table. Then Amanda sat beside him. Her outfit was very distracting! He tried hard not to look, but it was impossible not to see her cleavage and her big nipples through the thin fabric! Blood started to pool between his legs. Lola was right there on the other side of the table while Amanda ate breakfast dressed like a sex kitten oozing arousal.

Amanda wore her new outfit every day now and sat beside him almost all the time and ate breakfast as if nothing was out of the ordinary! Every once in a while, she would look up and give him an angelic smile, but he knew better! There was nothing innocent about her at all!

There were too many women radiating sex in his house! Between Catherine’s hot little hiking outfits, early morning sex with Lola, and breakfast titillation from Amanda, his cock was hard for hours! Thank God for work!


Her plans had worked out well, and it was time to move on to the next phase of her life.

She had helped her dad get out of his old job, and he was much happier and more energetic now.

She had gracefully reunited Kate and Catherine, which freed her to pursue a male relationship without guilt.

She’d arranged a threesome with Kate and Catherine, which turned out great! Kate enjoyed being double-teamed so much that she had been back at the orgy trough several times.

Her mortgage was getting paid off faster than a speeding bullet now that her place was rented to Eddie.

The hotel was running smoothly, and their vacancy rate was the lowest ever due to her and her grandma’s effective marketing efforts.

She got to see her dad as much as she wanted with monthly dances, dirt bike rides, daily breakfast sessions, and private time when her mom was in El Paso. And, she flaunted herself shamelessly in front of him every morning now right in front of her mom!

Her doctor had finally prescribed a brand of birth control that didn’t upset her system.

All she needed was a man in her life!

Her ‘feelings’ gift was a curse and a blessing.

It was a blessing because she knew a lot the eligible guys from school and had ‘felt’ them enough to know they were not a good fit for her. It saved a lot of pointless dates.

It nişantaşı escort was a curse because Silver City was small, and the pool of eligible males was limited, and she’d already ruled out most of them without even going out on a date. Sigh!

Then there was Nathan, her lifelong crush. She still got weak in the knees when she looked at his dreamy face. And she’d known him all her life and felt totally comfortable with him. And he definitely had noticed her physically! He rarely turned her down when she asked to come over, and they always had a good time. But she never sensed strong feelings for her from him, and she always had to call him.

Plus, her mom went out with Tara regularly and had concerns about Nathan. One day she saw me eyeing Nathan and cornered me later.

“I know Nathan is a hunk, Amanda, and if you want to sleep with him, go ahead. I know I would if I were your age, but he’s not good husband material. Tara has spoiled him rotten. He still lives with Sam and Tara in their studio apartment. Tara got him the job with Sam. He does good work, but she still got him the job. Do you know that Tara still makes all his meals? She delivers care packages every day. She even cleans his place and does his laundry! He’s a polite boy and gorgeous, but he’s spoiled rotten. You would be doing EVERYTHING if you married him. He’d expect you to do all the things Tara does for him. It would be you be getting up in the night to feed the babies and change the diapers! You would be cooking the meals and doing the dishes. Have fun with him if you want, but don’t get pregnant! According to Tara, there is a steady stream of girls visiting his apartment. You would just be one among many. He’s too good looking for his own good.”

“You want to find someone like your father was. He was cute but didn’t think he was cute, so he didn’t have an attitude. You want to find someone that calls you. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you always have to call Nathan.”

She grinned at me. “Ideally, you want a shy brother who thinks you’re hot looking and worships the ground you walk on.” But since you don’t have a brother, you’ll have to find someone like your dad. Don’t settle for just anyone Amanda! You’re a major catch! You’re pretty and friendly and talented, and you’re already a successful businesswoman. Look for someone at your level, or you’ll be disappointed later.”

“Your gramma told me a young man is staying at the hotel who seems to have the hots for you. She said he’s a very polite boy and is cute but doesn’t think he’s cute. She says he’s a real go-getter. She says he’s shy around women and thinks he’s still a virgin. He sounds a lot like your dad used to be, who, as you know, has been a perfect husband and father. I’d go for him, Amanda! Plus, if he’s a virgin, you can train him from the start. You won’t have to undo any bad bedroom habits.”

“That’s my two cents, but I’ve had a lot of guy experience, and know what I’m talking about.”

Mom’s speech was like a wakeup call. Everything she said about Nathan was true, but I still had a school-girl crush on him, which fogged my judgment. When Nathan sees me, he ‘feels’ pleased, but when Eddie sees me, he lights up like a candle. No, he lights up like a blow torch! My whole being is saturated with an incredible feeling of attraction. He wants me bad! It feels awesome, and my entire body breaks out in goosebumps! And he is cute like dad was, and I don’t sense a vain bone in his body. And as a fellow business person, I’m impressed with his drive and ideas.

Yes! Eddie sounds like a good match! I’ll have to pick gramma’s brain and find out as much as I can about him. Once I’m prepared, I’ll make my move! I’m not shy! I hope he doesn’t mind aggressive women!


Lola was staring at him. “What’s bothering my dear brother?”

He gave her his best innocent grin. “Nothing. Why do you think something is bothering me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I’ve known you all my life, and I know when something is bothering you. What’s up?”

He hesitated, which confirmed her suspicion.

She got up and sat on his lap. “You’re not moving until you tell me!”

He hummed and hawed then finally spilled the beans. “It’s Amanda.”

“What about her?” She asked.

“She’s been acting differently lately,” he said, trying to be vague, but Lola pressed.

“What do you mean.”

He really, really didn’t want to talk to his sister about what was bothering him!


Damn! She wasn’t going to let it go. Fine! “She’s sitting close to me at breakfast, almost naked.”

Hmmm! She thought. What was going on here? “What do you mean, almost naked?”

“The new pink top she’s been wearing lately barely covers her breasts and leaves her stomach completed exposed, doesn’t cover her behind, and her panties are see-through.”

“You mean her pink babydoll?”


Oops! Amanda had explicitly asked her if it was too racy for her dad, and she said it was fine. “Sorry, Joey! I was fatih escort with Amanda when she bought it and told her I liked it. It’s just a nighty. It covers her breasts, and she wears panties. What’s the big deal? We all sit around without much on for breakfast.”

He looked hesitant. “It’s not just the outfit. Amanda sits right beside me when you’re away.”

What? What the heck was going on, she wondered. “Joey, she often sits beside you.”

“You don’t understand. She sits really close!”

She furrowed her brows. Her brother was acting strangely. “Show me.”

She got up, and they went out to the kitchen and sat down on the bench, and she sat beside him, and then he shuffled over until their legs were skin tight.

Hmmm! It was a bit snug, but then Amanda liked her dad and was very tactile, and she often sat close to him and danced close to him when they went out. “Does Amanda do anything else?”

He looked really uncomfortable. “Joey! What is it? It’s me! Your sister. Your wife. You can tell me.”

“It’s like she’s flirting with me.”

Wow! She didn’t see that one coming! “Why do you think that? Does she do anything else?”

“She doesn’t wear a bra after her shower when she walks to her room.”

She tried to think of what that meant. It didn’t necessarily mean anything. She’d seen Amanda occasionally scoot from the bathroom to her bedroom with no clothes or a skimpy towel. More information was needed. “Does Amanda walk quickly to her room, or does she saunter down the hall and smile at you as she walks by?”

“She just walks from the shower to her room.”

“Does Amanda rub her leg against you at the breakfast table?”


“Does she rub her foot against yours?”


“Does she touch you anywhere else?”


“Does she say anything that could be construed sexually?”


Okay! Something wasn’t right! Joey wasn’t telling her something! What he had described shouldn’t be enough to get him all worked up. “Joey, what are you not telling me?”

He looked like he was in pain, thinking about what to say. “I can feel it, Lola. Amanda doesn’t say anything or do anything, but when she presses her leg against mine, it feels sexual. You know how you can feel it when there is sex in the air? That’s what it feels like! Oh! And I forgot! Her nipples always look really dark and big!”

Finally, some useful information! The girls had somewhat large nipples that were a shade darker than their skin, but they weren’t ordinarily big or dark. Perhaps Amanda was aroused. She sometimes made out with Catherine when Catherine got home from her night shift. She trusted Joey’s feelings, but perhaps Joey was picking up on the afterglow of sex between Catherine and Amanda.

Or, perhaps Amanda was flirting with her dad. It was possible. She certainly was close to him. She idolized him, and she wasn’t a little girl anymore! She was a fully developed woman. If she had the typical Granger female sex drive, she was probably bursting at the seams with sexual energy! She wasn’t a virgin anymore. She had tasted sex with Kate and her sister, but there were no male lovers in her life. So her body would be sexually primed and only getting occasional fixes from her sister and Kate but no sex with males.

Joey did look hot lately with his trim tummy and six-pack. Perhaps Amanda was noticing him for the first time as a man instead of just a dad. Lord knows the outline of his cock was quite visible through the undies he wore to breakfast! Perhaps Amanda had noticed it! Once you saw it, it was hard to forget. It didn’t sound like Amanda was doing or saying anything inappropriate, though.

There was still something Joey wasn’t telling her. “Joey, does is it bother you that Amanda finds you attractive? You should be flattered. Most girls her age do not find their dad’s attractive and don’t want to spend time with them.” She waited. His face seemed torn.


Hmmm! She had an idea. If he was feeling sexual attraction from Amanda, perhaps it aroused his body, which made him feel guilty. “Joey, when you sense Amanda’s arousal, does it affect you?”

Total silence and a look of discomfort. Bingo! That was it! “Is her attraction and proximity and skimpy outfit affecting you physically?”

More silence and discomfort from him. “Joey?”

“Maybe a little.”

Finally, the truth! No big deal, though. He was a man, and Amanda was an attractive woman with a killer body sitting almost naked with her bare leg glued to his, cleavage on display, bare tummy on display, radiating sex. It was no wonder it was affecting him! She knew Joey would never instigate anything appropriate with the girls. He was the best father in the world, which was proved by him feeling guilty about Amanda.

“Joey, it’s okay. It’s normal for your body to react like it is given the situation. Don’t worry about it. You’re not doing anything inappropriate. Perhaps Amanda finds you attractive now that she is older and is having feelings towards you. It doesn’t sound like she is doing anything inappropriate, though. It sounds like you are the lucky recipient of a young woman’s budding sexuality. I’m not upset. You’re not doing anything wrong.” She smiled at him. “Enjoy the attention while it lasts. She’ll be gone soon enough!”