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It had been years since she had thought about him let alone seen him. They used to see each other and talk all the time, but then they lost touch. One thing is for sure, the last time she saw him he looked just as good as he ever had. Nothing had changed, maybe a bit older and wise, but for the better. He still had those intense blue eyes, the soft blonde hair, and that cocky smile. The last she had heard from him was about his son getting older and how he had another child with a woman he had been dating. She thought to herself, why is it that the timing just never seemed to be right for them?

There had been so many times that they had wanted to be with each other, and they had, but it was never in a way that made her truly happy. They never got the chance to be in a relationship. He was always dating someone else, or just didn’t want to be tied down after getting out of a relationship. In a way she felt like a fuck buddy on call, but she always had a soft spot for him.

After deciding that there would be no harm in contacting him she set out in trying to find him online. She tried the networking sites and had no real luck. Then she remembered that she still had an E-mail for him. She went ahead and sent out the message to him, just a friendly, no harm done note, one saying HI how’s life been? What she wasn’t ready for was a reply from him an hour later. It was a thrill to know that he still used the same account after so long and to know that he wanted to chat with her.

When she was done sending her Sefaköy escort reply she sat a thought for a moment what it could be like if they got together and talked. Of course though her mind could just think of what they might chat about, it started to wonder back to the few times that they had had sex. Those fun times where it was wrong and sneaky, because of course he was seeing someone else at the time. It didn’t bother her much at the time, even though she knew who the woman was. She just couldn’t help herself, she wanted to convince him that she was the better person for him.

She remembered going to his place and “visiting” with him and chatting about things that were happing with him and his job. She never really talked about herself, she knew most guys didn’t like to hear about her life or problems. She so would sit and watch him, then he would notice that she wasn’t saying much. He always had a sexy smile on his face when he looked at her, like he had thoughts about what he wanted to do to her. He wasn’t alone on that train of thought most of the time, she was always thinking about kissing him, and feeling his arms around her.

It never took him long to get closer to her and start teasing her with his words, whispering in her ear about the dream he had of her on all fours begging for him. She had some of the same dreams, only he was begging for her. He had told her once the one thing that could always turn him on and get him going, for him that was a mistake. All she had Escort Yenibosna to do was run her hand up the back of his neck into his hair, grab a handful, pull his head back and whisper in his ear “Fuck me NOW”. That was about all it would take for him to get hard and not be able to let her go. She loved the thought of having that power, to be able to say those 3 words and have him respond to her without anything else being done.

She did that to him one late night while they were with friends and she got to feel the thrill of hiding and making out with him and having him beg her to touch him, he was so hard and ready for her, he kept asking “Please just touch me, let’s go in the bathroom and you can giving me a blow job while I play with your clit.” She had such a hard time telling him that it wasn’t the time or place. She learned that night that she had to be careful when pushing his buttons.

After waiting a few hours to see if she would get another quick reply from her email she decided to head for bed. It was late and she had worked a long day. After crawling in bed she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. All the things they had done together, to each other mentally of time and sexually when they were together, it kept her mind racing. She began to feel turned on. She could feel the wetness between her legs and she started getting hot. She tossed the covers off thinking that the breeze from the fan might help, but it didn’t. She decided, that was it she had to take care Halkalı escort bayan of things if she planned on getting any sleep.

After feeling around under her pillows she found her favorite toy, a soft jelly blue vibrator. The size of it was about the same as him. She turned it on and laid it against her clit, feeling the first couple of small shocks as her clit got used to the feel of it. Then she started moving it up and down dipping the tip in her pussy, getting it wet so it wide slide easily in and out of her. She began to breath heavy, her eyes were closed and she could picture him there hovering over her, kissing her neck and making his way down her body. She always loved having her pussy eaten, nine times out of ten that is what got her off more than anything, even more than being fucked. There were times that right after having her pussy licked he would fill her up with his cock and start fucking her hard and that felt even better. The more she thought about each thrust of his cock, each kiss he placed on her lips, her throat, each time he bit her neck she came closer to the release she needed. She was moving the vibrator faster in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit at the same time, it didn’t take long for her to cum. In her mind when she came she could see the look he always had on his face when he would cum. After laying in the dark and letting her breathing get back to normal she put her toy away, rolled over and let her eyes close.

She still had dreams of him, but these were more hopeful ones, ones of them meeting in the future. He would be single, happy with himself and his job and life, she would be single and in the same place with her life and job. This time when they met the timing was right for them, a time where they could be together and not have to worry about anyone getting hurt.