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Dan drove, not looking forward, to an empty house. His wife was in Italy for three weeks on business and his daughter, Loraine was staying the night at a friend’s house. Dan switched the radio to ON and heard, “I like your pants around your feet” from some random artist. He let a smile slip his face and liked the dirtiness of the image he had in his mind the whole way home.

He couldn’t put a face to his image, but he was growing hard at the vision of a body that stood before him. With one hand, he unzipped himself and stroked gently. He was finding it too difficult to drive, so he kept listening to the song and let himself continue to grow.

Once he reached the driveway, he pulled forward and parked his car in the garage. Thinking of that song and a hot girl, he got a hold of his dick. He moved in rhythm while he leaned his head back on the head cover. He squeezed himself and touched his own sensitive spots. He jolted by his own strokes and soon began thrusting into his own hand. He felt his warm cum rush with heat through his balls, and into his dick. He whispered ‘fuck’ when he came on the steering wheel and some on his shirt. He put his dick back in and zipped up. After wiping off some of the cum, he got out to walk toward the pool.

Dan heard voices coming from his own house and went over to see what was going on. He was half-scared, thinking he would see someone fucking his daughter and partly to find trespassers trashing his house. Relieved, he saw his daughter with her friend, Jane, laughing and swimming. He ignored Jane, but he saw Loraine and he didn’t know she owned a swimsuit so small. He was angry that she bought it without his consent, but he admired the looks of it. He had admired her many times before, but today he noticed every part of her. Her tanned body had its curves but he was enjoying the display of her breasts hiding in the swimsuit. They were around 36C and he could tell they were erect- he assumed from the cold water. He blushed when he found himself staring at her ass. ‘God that is one hot ass’ he thought. His eyes moved down her body and felt proud that her legs were long and athletic. Overall, he saw how her body moved when she swayed around to the music and he even thought she was giving a sexy show to Jane. He had to stop staring at his own daughter. He was 39, her father and she was only 19 and his only daughter. His bulge in his pants increased. Although he loved her very much, he felt he had no choice but to leave without a sound. His mind couldn’t help but think about everything Loraine had done with men in her life. He wondered if she was a virgin.

Dan started working out an extra hour at his YMCA wondering if he could make his body built again. He knew he wasn’t fat, but he wanted to gain some tight muscles in his stomach. He had a four pack, but he desperately wanted to have a six-pack so he could become handsome again. He took up running in his own neighborhood early in the morning and showering right before work. He felt himself start to change and feel emotionally better a few weeks later. He looked in the mirror and found a different, better looking man. He smiled at himself hoping soon, someone would notice him. He wanted to be ‘the perfect man’ to any woman who looked his way.

He was about to leave for work when Loraine called for him. He turned around and found his daughter staring at him. “You’re gone a lot…I was just wondering if you were cheating on mom…” He was shocked with her comment and the thought of cheating didn’t make him feel bad at all for some reason. His wife was never home anyway and he just wanted some one to love him. That wasn’t so bad, was it? No. He convinced himself he was not going to cheat without telling Loraine.

“Loraine, I’m not seeing a woman. I go to the YMCA for an extra hour so I don’t turn ugly by the time I’m 40, which hate to think of it, is not that far off.”

He stared right at her and asked, “Why would you think I was cheating on your mother?” He really wondered how much she noticed his existence.

“You’ve changed. You’re trying to ‘dress to impress’ like a high school guy. Any woman would have wanted you before you started changing. The day you took me to the office with you, I saw the women look at you. Well…are you unhappy with mom?” She whispered quietly.

He carefully said, “Yes and no. Her business is important to her.” Dan found it hard to admit the real answer. “I’ve been forgotten and I just wanted someone to notice me. I have to go to work. I’ll be back at 5, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Sure, whatever works for you.” Loraine rolled her eyes and walked to her room without saying goodbye.

Dan felt he did something wrong. He escort bayan şişli went to the kitchen phone and called to say he’d be late for work because he had a school meeting to go to and hung up. His head was driving him crazy- “what did she want of me? What did I do?” He continued to ask himself questions. He found himself remembering her comment on ‘any woman would have wanted you.’ That made him relax thinking things would be okay.

He knocked on her door and heard a ‘Come in’ from her room.He walked in expecting to find a confused girl, but instead he saw her in her bed and noticed she had stripped and the only thing that covered her body was the thin sheets wrapped around her. He also noticed how she refused to look at him and he felt uncomfortable with that.

“Loraine…I’m sorry. Please understand that I’d never cheat on your mother. I stilll love her, you know. I love everything I have. ”

He waited, hoping for a response, but received nothing.

“What can I do to make you happy?”

Loraine turned to face him and accidently released the sheet she was holding against her breasts. Her tits became visible. Dan’s jaw dropped uncontrollably and as soon as he realized it, he stuttered and tried to apologize.

“Come here dad.” Loraine’s eyes never left him as she spoke in a quiet, pleasant tone.

He walked forward and was trying to focus on something that would turn him off. Nothing helped. The woman in front of him was too beautiful. Loraine wrapped the sheet around her to cover her breasts and got on her knees. He saw her carefully moved closer to him and felt her arms wrap around his neck. He felt her close in for a tight hug but he hesitated to hug her back. He realized she wouldn’t let go until she felt him return the hug. He finally wrapped his arms appropriately around her waist and hugged her as close as possible without letting her feel his growing erection. He felt her erect nipples press against his chest. Still holding him she asked,

“Do you love me?” She whispered in his ear.

His eyes started to water and he tried to hold his tears back. He weakly said, “Yes, very very much.”

With that, she released her hug just enough so she could look him straight in the eyes. ‘God his eyes are gorgeous’, she thought. She loved how blue they were and she felt the love in his eyes. She looked down to his lips and decided to make her move. She closed in and all that happened was a kiss on the cheek.

“Loraine, we can’t do this. I can’t love you like that,” Dan calmly said although with every word, he wished he said something rather on the contrary.

“You love me. You said it. Be here for me. Please.” Her eyes pleaded.

Dan looked at her and couldn’t help thinking how perfect her face was. Her eyes dark brown with her blonde hair falling down on her shoulders.

“Do you want me to kiss you like a boyfriend would?”

Dan kept eyeing her and wanted to fuck her right then. He forced himself to hold and wait. He had to be careful with this beauty. Loraine exclaimed, “YES!” With no hesitation at all, Dan leaned forward and felt his lips on hers for the first time. Her lips were soft and tasted good. He kissed her slow and steadily increased his force. He pressed his mouth on hers very hard and as soon as she opened her mouth, his tongue ramned in hers and he had to explore every part of her wanting kiss. His hands were working down her body and he slowly pulled her sheets off. Breaking the kiss, he had to eye her whole body. He held her waist, and loved viewing her tits, her flat stomach and was surprised to see a shaved pussy. He liked it and smiled. He looked up at her and kissed her forehead, then her nose, her mouth, her cheeks, her chin, her neck, back to her mouth and her shoulders. He had to have her. There was no turning back.

Dan whispered through his kisses, “Why me?” He didn’t get any response, just a lot of kisses all over his face. He loved it. He felt her hand slipping down his pants and he was exclaimed “Oh, no no!”

He broke the kiss and undid his belt. Soon his belt was somewhere on the floor and his boxers along with his kahki pants went down to his ankles.

“Now you can have all of me,” he spoke softly to her. He saw her smile and knew she wanted him. He felt her hand lightly touch his cock and he tried to refrain a groan. He closed his eyes feeling her whole hand wrapped tightly around his cock. He felt her place her thumb right under the head which caused a very deep groan from him.

“Come to bed with me.” He climbed into her bed and layed down. She kept his legs between hers, causing her pussy to open up for a good view. Her hands sarıyer escort went back to working on him, massaging his balls and stroking his cock with slow movement until she wanted to work him a little harder. He resisted to say anything dirty to her until he felt her moving faster along the length of his cock. Talking to his cock, she said “Oh…c’mon baby.” He saw her smile while his cock and balls were being worked with at the same time. He saw her head move closer to his cock… ‘oh, was she really going to do that?’ he thought. Her mouth came dangerously close to his cock and he showed her that he wanted his cock sucked by making a small thrust toward her mouth. He felt a small wet kiss on his head and then he saw her mouth open and his head disappeared into her mouth. Her wet mouth made his cock extremely hard. He loved the attention his cock was getting. He saw her mouth go in deeper and realized she was an expertise at this. Her head was bouncing up and down and with every bounce, she took him deeper. He felt her tongue go up the length of his cock and swirl all around him, touching him at random places. He felt a rush in his balls and wasn’t sure how long he could hold it. He placed his hands on her head and brushed his fingers through her hair. He felt himself begin to thrust back into her mouth and before he knew it, she squeezed him fairly hard and she touched his sensitive spot, which made him cum in her mouth really hard. He was amazed that she took every drop. He smiled down at his daughter and loved how naughty she was.

“Thank you for that.” He wanted to make sure she knew he really appreciated it and enjoyed every second of it. She moved up and kissed his mouth. It startled him to feel his own cum on his mouth now, but he ignored that and kissed her back. His hands went to her waist and moved to her stomach up to her breasts. He squeezed them, put his thumb under and lifted them up and never stopped touching them while he was kissing. He heard her moan into his mouth and wanted to hear her cry out for him. He took control and rolled her over so now she was the one on her back. She smiled with a surprised look on her face.

“I want you Loraine, do you want me?” Making him sound really dumb she sarcastically said, “I think that was demonstrated a few seconds ago.” He laughed and kissed her neck, her shoulders, and moved down to her tits. He hesitated a few seconds, admiring them but wasn’t sure if he should kiss those too. He felt his man urges take over and his mouth was all over her left tit and his hand massaging the other. His tongue darted out to feel her nippled and he thought she tasted wonderful. Her skin was so silky and he loved sucking, biting and licking her tit. He moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment. He heard her moan and felt her hands on his head encouraging him to move to the V. He kissed down her stomach and teasingly, he kissed her everywhere but the forbidden place. He wanted to take his time admiring and noticed her wet pussy. She opened her legs for him and gave her the best view any man could get.

“Please, dad.” He looked up at her and saw her pleading eyes. Her scent was over-whelming and he placed his mouth over her clit and kissed it. He wiggled his tongue a little bit over her clit and saw her arch her back, causing his tongue to go deeper into her pussy. He constantly moved his tongue in and out of her and occasionally going over her clit, which seemed to be a very sensitive spot for her.

“Yes, dad…yes, yes, oh, you feel so good.” He was shocked at the tone of her words. His eyes looked at her face and saw her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She was squeezing her own tits and touching herself everywhere. He became so turned on and surprised her by sticking a finger in her pussy while still tonguing her clit. He was glad she was extremely tight and her wet pussy caused him to groan. He lapped her up, feeling her pussy open as wide, and realizing she was offering all of it to him, he made sure his his tongue did a great workout over her sensitive area. Hearing her say “fuck” was a first and his ears listened to every breath she made and all her pantings that escaped. His finger fucked her hard and when he felt her pussy harden, he took out his finger and focused his tongue right over her clit. He moved his tongue all around the area and wiggled it exactly on that area. Her pussy was literally fucking his face and he enjoyed knowing her orgasm was going to be intense. Within seconds, her body was writhing uncontrollably and to make her orgasm last, he kept his tongue in her and tasted her cum. He lapped her cum up and saw her body relaxing. He pulled away from her pussy and stared at it. He loved the way çapa escort it looked all wet and sensitive. He moved his eyes slowly up her body until they reached her eyes. She was smiling. He wasn’t sure where to go from here.

“I…I…I don’t think I can fuck you.” He looked her in the eye and wanted to hear her say it. She sat up and came close to his face. She placed her mouth close to his ear and whispered “Doesn’t daddy want to fuck what he sees?” His mind couldn’t control himself anymore. His balls took over and he became hard in an instant. She obviously noticed because he felt a hand touching his balls. “Oh god!” He sai with his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

Gently stroking it she said, “I want to fuck you. I want your cock in my pussy.” He moved away and couldn’t believe her words. She looked confused for a second but he leaned in and kissed her with great force. He violently stuck his tongue in her mouth and pressed into her mouth. She moaned, but he groaned louder.

“Yes, Loraine…I want to love you and fuck your pussy. Daddy wants to feel you.” He layed her down and spread her legs. He looked at her again and placed himself her opening. He teased her pussy with his dick and only let themselves barely touch.

“NOW!!! I need you now!” She begged him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed him against her and whispered one more time, “now, please.” He slowly pushed into her until he felt her give away. He heard her scream and her eyes were watery.

“It will hurt for only a few moments. I promise sweety, it will go away.”

He kissed her hoping to make her feel better and both of them realized he had made it all the way in her. He smiled through his kiss and stayed there to let her pussy squeeze him and keep him in for a while. He put his head down on her chest and breathed hard. Her hands were all over in his hair. He began to slowly thrust, pulling himself slowly out and going right back in. He groaned at how tight a woman could be. He stayed at a slow pace for a while and made sure his sex was perfect for her.

“I love you so much,” he whispered. With that, he began to move a little faster within her and he seriously could feel every single vein her pussy was touching. He felt wonderful. He thrusted a little harder and to give him better access, she put her legs around his. She met his thrust rhythmically, like they were meant for each other.

“Fuck me dad, FUCK ME HARD!!!! Make me cum.” He looked at her and was amazed that she wanted so much from him. He pulled out and slammed harder into her and kept doing that until she was panting and moaning loudly. He slowed down again and made sure he felt her pussy working and massaging his cock. Her back was arched and her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open letting out random sounds. He felt himself groan loudly and make animal sounds while he continued to fuck her. He wanted to last as long as possible. He kissed her chest and moved his kiss to her mouth. He gave her small kisses and while he fucked her hard again, he kissed her violently. She was a great kisser. He knew that. She was also becoming a great new fuck. He felt her pussy starting to vibrate and harden, so he knew she was getting closer. He was glad because he didn’t know how much longer he could last. Her arms wrapped around him tighter and pulled himself closer to her, making it hard to breathe. He loved it though. He loved every moment of this.

She screamed out, “I’m…I’m going to cu-u-u-um” and at the end of that word she had already felt her first wave of pleasure. Her orgasm lasted and it triggered his orgasm. He didn’t care if he got her pregnant, he had to cum in her. He felt his cum shoot in her and she said, “Ohh, it’s warm. It feels so good.”

He collapsed on her and stayed in her until they were both stable enough to move. He took himself out and layed on his back. He stared at the ceiling thinking of everything he had just done.

“How long have you wanted me?” He kept staring and felt her arms wrap around his waist. Her head was now resting on his chest. It took her a while to answer, yet she finally answered with, “I don’t know. Probably since I was seventeen. I heard you and mom and then I masterbated to you. It was the first time I had said your name during that. I’ve never stopped wanting you. You’re perfect. I chose you because you were the first man I loved. I wore sexier outfits and I didn’t think you’d ever notice me.”

“Are you kidding me? I saw your bikini’s on you and those low cut jeans. I wanted that ass in those jeans…I wanted you for a while. I admit, I jacked off at times thinking of you too.”

“Really? That’s hot.” She smiled and both of them went to sleep for a while after that. He woke up saying: “Yes. I think I just cheated on your mom.” He smiled and heard the greatest laugh come from her. He knew she wouldn’t tell. He didn’t have to ask for that. She was the perfect daughter.

And…Dan…well…Dan was four hours late to work. Oops.