Kasım 21, 2023

Lost My Virginity To My Aunt

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This is a true experience that happened to me in my teens. I am a South Indian guy residing in Delhi. In our summer holidays we used to visit our relatives in our home town. My uncle’s wife, my aunt was about 36-37 at that time though she looked much younger. From the time I became sexually conscious, she had been the object of my desire (though I felt guilty feeling that way about her). She was about 5′ 3, slim, fair and incredibly sexy. I was about 19 then and my only sexual experience till then had been some innocent kisses with a neighbours daughter. That visit down south, my eyes kept straying over my aunts body when she was moving about. She once caught me looking down her cleavage when she was cleaning under the bed, but didn’t say anything.

One day my parents, uncle and cousin had gone to attend a relatives marriage and were not expected to return till late evening. I had to go somewhere in the afternoon and so stayed at home with my aunt (though I didn’t have anything funny in my mind). I was sitting on a sofa reading a novel when my aunt came and sat beside me. She was idly chatting with me while I was reading and her hand was resting on my thigh. I had reached a torrid section in my novel and got slowly aroused. My penis grew and then gently pushed against her hand from under my shorts. She did not remove her hand and suddenly I became very aroused. My heart was pounding and I started şişli escort bayan sweating when her hand covered my arousal and she gently squeezed it while continuing to talk to me of other things. You can be sure her I my mind was concentrating only on her hand. I kept my book down and looked at her to see a different look in her eyes. Her lovely bosom was moving up and down rapidly and she was breathing heavily. She suddenly got up and ran inside her bedroom.

I quickly bolted the front door and went after her. She was standing in front of the mirror with her pallu on the floor. I stood behind her and put my arms around her. She said ‘No’ but I cupped her lovely breasts and kissed her neck and ears. She kept saying “Stop it! Its wrong. Please go out!!” But I couldn’t stop and I felt she didn’t want me to either. Her nipples were getting hard under my palm. She started sighing and moaning and rubbing her bottom against my arousal. She turned around and began to kiss me. While we were locked together my trembling hands were moving over her body fondling her curves. She helped me by removing her sari and petticoat and unhooking her blouse.

She quickly removed my clothes and we fell on the bed rolling over and over. Her body felt so hot and desirable. She put her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. I nearly came when I saw her lovely round breasts for which escort mecidiyeköy I had lusted for so long. I cupped them and they filled my hands. I began to kiss and suck her breasts and she began sighing with pleasure. Her nipples hardened as I licked and sucked them. I moved my hand over her stomach to her panties which were already wet. She groaned with pleasure as I inserted my hand and cupped her lower lips. I removed her panties and began to kiss and suck her vaginal lips. Her come tasted sweet and I inserted her tongue inside her. She began to scream with pleasure and held my head against her. I couldn’t hold myself any longer and climbed on top of her. She helped me enter her and the feeling that came over me was indescribable. Soon we were bucking against each other and gasping with pleasure. After a few strong thrusts I came deep inside her and filled her with loads of cum. We lay wrapped in each others arms for a long time.

I told her I had lusted for her a long time. She said that she had not been so aroused for a long time as she and my uncle had sex only once in 2-3 months. I began to fondle her again and this time she assumed the superior position. Her boobs felt hot and heavy in my cupped hands and I was entering her deep and smoothly. We both got very excited as she rode me hard. I squeezed her breast with one hand while fondling her cunt (where we were joined) merter escort with the other. Soon she started screaming with pleasure and began bucking even harder. I also was moaning with pleasure and my cock fel like a dam about to burst. She collapsed on top of me as we had our orgasms and she lay on my chest for a long time. We had time to have a bath together before everyone came back and we fondled each other lovingly for a long time.

After two days it started raining heavily while all of us were watching a movie on TV. She went to collect the clothes from the terrace and I followed her out. It was raining heavily as we came on the terrace and we could see our neighbours watching TV on the adjacent house. We knew we were taking a big risk as we passionately locked together in the terrace but couldn’t stop ourselves. She leaned against the wall and I pulled up her nighty and entered her tight hot opening. We ground against each other and my legs became rubbery. We put the clothes on the ground and as she put up her spread open legs I entered her again. I could see the neighbour lady come up to remove clothes from her line but didn’t stop thrusting into my aunt. She started moaning with pleasure and I laid low as the lady looked around to trace the strange noise. We completed the fuck lying sideways. No one noticed when we came down after some time, though my cousin noticed that all the clothes had got wet. Unfortunately since then we had to satisfy ourselves with hurried kisses and heavy pettings. Now 12 yrs have passed and we restrict ourselves to deep kisses and hugs when we meet on rare occasions.

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