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Love or Sex Ch. 06

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Another long one, but I think it’s worth it.

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Barely 24 hours had passed before Sara and Eric were in each other’s arms again. Not a moment after she was through the door she kicked off her heels and leapt into Eric’s waiting lap.

Eric was laying on the couch in just his boxer shorts, watching the video he took over the weekend. He finished editing it during the day and had planned the viewing for when his mother got home.

“Ooofff…” He huffed when Sara’s weight crashed on him.

“Oh, sorry baby.” She said in a sweet voice, while kissing him hello.

“I’ve got your first performance all queued up.” Eric hit play on the remote.

To Sara’s surprise it wasn’t the first sex scene, it was a slide show of the texts they sent on Friday while she was at work. Along with the two pictures she sent him.

“Mmmm I almost forgot about that.” Sara said. She had her hand down her son’s shorts slowly tugging on his dick.

It didn’t escape his notice that she was rubbing her nylon clad legs and feet on his, further exciting him. He had his left hand cupping her left butt cheek and gave it a squeeze. Her skirt was already short, but the action of leaping over the back of the couch onto her son hiked it up to the point where it bunched completely around her ass.

“God! You have such a beautiful pussy.” His remarks were directed towards the screen and the fervor with which she fucked herself with her toy.

“Mmmm, I love the next scene.” She said.

Sara got down on her knees and swung Eric’s legs around so she was between them. Wasting no time, as the scene had already started, she swallowed her son’s cock. Pressing her nose against his pubic bone. Her fingers raced to her panties and she moved the pink mesh to the side and flicked her clit from side to side.

“Mmm, shit that feels good.” Eric said while watching his mother blow him on tv and in real life.

She looked up into his eyes while she shoved two fingers in her cunt. Slowly she moved her head up and down on Eric’s dick.

“Jesus mom! Do you want me to cum before the end of the movie?”

She removed his dick from her mouth to speak. “Oh fine, you take the fun out of everything.” She winked at him and laid on his chest. She positioned herself in such a way that his dick was resting against her labia.

“Mmm…” Eric bit his lip “…that sexy school girl outfit looks so hot on you.”

“You’re such a pervert, making your mommy dress up like that…” She rubbed her pussy along the length of his shaft. “…I love it.”

She could see that he was enjoying the treatment, his eyes had rolled to the back of his head.

“What other sexy outfits would you like to see me in?” She didn’t stop rubbing her wet pussy along his hard shaft, and now his head was dangerously close to penetrating her.

“Oh you know…” He was now matching her slow rhythm and his hands returned to her butt. “…sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy librarian, sexy secretary, sexy cop, sexy housewife.”

Sara reached back and with her index finger guided the head of her sons dick into her wet pussy and was able to slide all the way down on it. They both sucked in a breath of air and reveled in the beautiful taboo sensation.

“Shit mom, you’re so wet.” He didn’t bother moving as the wet furnace, that is his mothers pussy, around his cock felt amazing by itself.

“And you’re so hard.” Moving her attention to what was on screen. “I loved how rough you were with me during this scene.”

Sara could feel Eric’s erection throbbing inside her, so she wiggled down on it even more. All he could manage was groan at the sensation of being even deeper in his mother.

“I can’t take it any more, I have to fuck you!” He exclaimed.

Eric stood up and Sara instinctually laid on her back with her legs spread, awaiting her son to enter her.

“You dirty boy, you’re gonna fuck your momma?” She said as innocently as possible, batting her eyelashes at him.

Eric put his hand around her throat and tightened his grip, making his arm muscle bulge. Just seeing that Sara got even more aroused, she grabbed the back of her knees and pulled them up to her chin. With his free hand he positioned his prick at her dripping wet pussy.

Just as the head of his dick was inside her he decided to look up. What he noticed was beyond arousing. He saw that she was still in her work clothes. It wasn’t just the stockings that turned him on, or the tiny pink panties pulled to the side, or her skirt that was in a bunch around her waist, not the fact that she didn’t bother to remove her blouse. It was all of it, but because instead of changing first she leapt into his arms. While noticing all of this he failed to notice that he had already began fucking her.

“Yes baby, give it to me.” She moaned.

Eric’s thrusts were punctuated by the sound of their flesh slapping together. He changed from grabbing her by the throat sisli escort to cradling the back of her neck. This allowed him to pull her into him as he thrust into her.

“Fuck yes baby, fuck me harder.” She begged.

Eric’s dick, covered in his mother’s juices, glistened by the light from the TV. Shouts and screams filled the air from both parties and from both film and real life. With each thrust he tried to bury himself deeper into her than before.

Sara released the grip on her legs and allowed them to return to a more natural position. In doing so she was treated to the sight of her son’s body covered in sweat, she watched as a bead ran from his neck and traveled down the valley between his abs. Just as it was about to fall into his belly button it dripped perfectly onto her clit.

“Oh Jesus, Fuck Yes! I’m gonna cum.” Sara shouted.

Eric ran his hands up to her hair, he took hold and pulled. Her head forced back and on the verge of orgasm, her hands dug into the pillows on the couch. The soles of her feet were on Eric’s ass adding only slightly more force to each thrust.

“Cum on my dick you slut.” He commanded.

“Yes, yes. More.” She cried out for more dirty talk.

“Cum on your son’s dick you filthy whore.”

“Yes! Please, more!” Her hands found his waist, and slipped from all the sweat.

Eric clenched even harder on her hair. “You love having your cunt pounded by your son, don’t you!”

“Yes! Yes I do! I love it!” Sara’s body twisted and contorted under the influence of ecstasy. Meanwhile Eric held her down at the hips and continued his assault in search of his own orgasm. The search wasn’t a long one.

“Oh Fuck.” He groaned.

Sara knew Eric was close. “Don’t pull out baby.”

Eric melted into Sara’s embrace, he cried soft grunts into her ear while he filled her with his seed. “That’s it baby.” She cooed while stroking his hair.

Regaining his breath he pushed himself up on his elbows.

“Looks like we’re going to have to finish that movie later.” Sara said with a smile.

Eric withdrew himself from Sara, and she quickly cupped her hands over her pussy to prevent the cum from leaking out.

While she trotted off to the bathroom to clean up, Eric gathered up her heels and his shorts. He heated up some pasta sauce and made pasta and set the table. While waiting for the pasta to cook he figured it would be better to be at the table fully dressed than in just his boxers.

As he was walking into the bedroom Sara was walking out of the bathroom.

“Hey there beautiful.” He gave her bottom a playful slap.

After they were both dressed they plated the pasta and sat down to a lovely family meal.

“So what are you going to do while you’re off for winter break?” Sara inquired of her son.

“Probably lounge around the house all day.” He smirked back at her.

“I was thinking we could go on vacation?”

“Well yea, that would be nice, where did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking maybe Christmas in Paris? I have tons of vacation time saved up and they’re always pushing me to take time. And I’ve always wanted to see Paris.”

“Well I’m sold…” Eric threw up his hands in celebration. “…Paris it is!”

In the weeks that led up to their departure bags were packed, then unpacked. A list was made, and the bags were packed according to the list. The tsa website was checked and the bags were unpacked because the toiletry bag violated almost every liquid rule. Sara had gotten the approval for her vacation. Eric took on a few extra shifts at work to have some spending money while abroad. The two were on autopilot, going through their days just to get them out of the way.

Then, while laying in bed, just a few days before they were due to depart, Eric said. “In a couple of days I’ll be able to kiss you in public, hold your hand. We can be a normal couple.”

Sara smiled a big smile, kissed him and snuggled close. They quickly drifted off to sleep with dreams of an amazing vacation as a couple.

The next morning, while getting ready for work. “You need a tux.”

“A tux? For what?” He said.

“We’re going to the most romantic city in the world, you better believe we’re going out to eat somewhere classy!”

“Oh, I just thought we were going to fuck the whole time.”

“Smartass.” She retorted. “I mean we are, but you’re still a smartass.”

The next day, after his classes were over, Eric headed to the mall to purchase a tux. There was a men’s store located there, but as Eric had spent little to no time in the mall he had no idea where it was. Checking the map of the mall that was placed just after the entrance he found it and noticed it was at the opposite end.

“Hey mom. at the mall looking for a tux.


While making his way towards the men’s store he passed all manner of other types of stores. He counted five different perfume shops, seven women’s shoe shops. Three different stores for undergarments, and two that were the same company. He also noted three candle escort istanbul shops and wondered how many different types of candles are there.

The food court was almost a detour as the smells coming from them were enticing. Several burger joints, just as many Asian cuisine places, a hand full of sandwich shops and even a vegetarian one. Now wasn’t the time for food, he could get that after, he continued on through the maze of stalls, stores and people till he got to the entrance of the men’s store.

Eric checked his phone for a reply from his mother.

“Sara: Okay. Actually I’m on my way. Be there in 25mins.”


“Sara: Oh, and check this out.



Eric’s eyes grew wide. What he saw was an upskirt picture. He could make out her stocking tops and could see as clear as day she wasn’t wearing any panties. And if he wasn’t mistaken he could see a glint of the jeweled butt plug.

“Sweet baby Jesus that’s hot!


She should be here shortly, he thought. He wandered around, touching the material of the different suits, not knowing exactly what he needed.

“Hello sir, can I help you find anything?” A man in a nice steel grey suit asked.

“Yes, umm, I’m looking for a tux.” Eric said kind of nervously.

“Okay, well do you know your measurements?”

“No.” He replied timidly.

“Not a problem, step back here and we’ll get you measured.”

While standing with his arms out and a strange man pulling a tape measure all around him Eric spotted his mother walking towards him.

“Hi there, how goes it.” She said while looking at the salesmen measure up her son.

“Hi mom.” Eric replied somewhat embarrassed.

“So, what’s the occasion for the tux?” The salesman asked.

“He’s got a hot date.” Sara tried but couldn’t contain her smile.

“She must be a special lady to get this dressed up.” The salesman looked up at Eric.

“Yea. Heh. She’s pretty special.” Eric said, now blushing.

“So I take it mom approves of her?” The salesman looked at Sara through the mirror behind Eric.

“Oh yes, mom approves.” The salesmen noticed that Sara bit the corner of her lip and raised her eyebrow devilishly at Eric.

“So what kind of tux were you thinking?” The salesman asked.

“Something traditional, I guess.” Eric said as he shrugged his shoulders.

The salesmen laughed. “Okay, how about I bring a few things over and you try them on and see what you like?”

“I think that’s a perfect idea.” Sara replied.

In no time the salesman returned with three different options to pick from. “Here, take these into the dressing room and try them on.” He handed them to Eric and pointed them towards the dressing rooms.

Before Eric even had his pants off Sara slid through the curtain.

“Need some help?” She whispered.

“Huh…wha!?…what are you doing in here?”

“I came to give my man a little help.” She whispered again, reaching down his boxers.

Eric tried to fight her off. “Stop that.” As he lightly slapped her hand away.

Sara pouted. ” Oh so you can fuck me in private but not in public?”

Eric looked at her face and gave in without saying a word.

Sara smiled and bent at the knees pulling his dick out through the hole in his boxers. Quickly she shoved it into her mouth, it wasn’t fully hard but she would make sure to change that.

“Oh yes.” Eric mouthed the words as he put his hand on the back of his mother’s head.

He marveled with the way her head bobbed back and forth. And how wet she was able to make it without making too much noise.

She clutched his balls and jerked the head of his dick with her free hand.

“Oh yes.” He mouthed again.

He watched as she rubbed his dick on her outstretched tongue, still while fondling his balls and jerking the base of his dick.

Without a word she rose up, ass first, spun around and stuck her ass out towards Eric. Putting her hands on either wall for support and spreading her legs as wide as the walls. Eric approached her, lifted her skirt (which confirmed that she indeed had the butt plug in), and slid easily into her. Already wet from wearing the butt plug nearly all day and blowing her son in a dressing room that only had a curtain for a door.

“Damn baby, you’re so wet.” He whispered in her ear.

Sara didn’t respond, she just pressed harder against the cubicle wall and dipped her back lower. Eric didn’t bother to wait for a reply either, he kept thrusting into her, slowly. With his hands on her hips he watched as his dick disappeared in his mother’s wet cunt. He tugged gently on the plug and watched as her anus stretched around it, Sara turned her head around and bit her lip seductively at him.

“Hows everything going in there?” The salesman asked.

Both Sara and Eric froze in terror.

“Pretty good, I’m just trying on the last one.” Eric said

“Okay, let me know if I can get you anything.”

As soon as he left the two picked up where şişli escort they left off, it wasn’t difficult because they only just stopped moving. Eric resumed sliding his prick into his mother, watching as it glistened in the fluorescent lighting. He squeezed her ass together and pulled it apart, he desperately wanted to slap it. Meanwhile Sara was pushing back against him with each thrust, there was a slight sound of flesh slapping together. Eric had to grab her by the waist to control her motion. Without warning Sara stood up, turned around and returned to her knees. She carefully grabbed Eric’s dick and licked her juices off of every inch.

She whispered “What do you want Master?”

Eric raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll do whatever you want Master.” Again, whispered.

Eric got her up and moved her to the small bench that was in the room, spread her legs and handed her his phone.

“Record yourself being a dirty whore.”

Sara positioned the phone against the wall on the bench and set the camera to front facing. She hit record and fingered herself while her son tried on the tuxes. First she started by drawing light circles over her clit. She glanced over at her son and noticed that he was having difficulty stuffing his dick into his boxers. Sara was now leaving a rather large puddle of her wetness on the bench, and the circles on her clit turned into three fingers rubbing furiously. Eric motioned for her to put her fingers inside her. She grabbed the phone and spun around, putting her feet on the floor. Just as she was about to plunge her already wet fingers into her cunt she saw Eric approach her, grab her by the ankles and lift and spread her legs.

“Keep them up.” He said.

“Yes Master.”

Sara had her legs spread as wide and as high as she could, while having her fingers buried in her pussy. She aimed the camera from her point of view, so she could capture her son in the shot while she fucked herself with her fingers. They got just as wet as her sons dick did, and she thrust in just like he did. Each time she could hear her wetness, she also noticed the bulge in her son’s pants and at times he would grab it and give it a tug.

Eric took the phone from her and got on his knees mere inches from the action.

“Now cum.” He commanded.

Sara’s head went back and she concentrated on fucking herself. No longer having to worry about keeping everything in frame she used her free hand to go back to her clit. Eric licked them so they wouldn’t be dry, and not seconds after, she was ready to cum.

“May I cum master?” She said in a barely audible voice.

He just nodded and she let nature happen. Her fingers swiped quickly over her clit, her other two fingers dug in deep and curled to find her G-spot. As soon as they hit it she flicked it back and forth with the same speed she was using on her clit.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” She mouthed the words “…yes, yes, yes.”

Sara’s knees clamped in preventing her from moving her fingers over her clit, but Eric was able to spread them back just by touching them. Trembling, she spread her legs and removed her hands from her pussy, it was still pulsing and Eric was still recording.

Eric chose a tux and brought it out, finding the salesman who helped him.

“How quickly can I have this altered?” He asked.

“Well, for a price we can have it finished by Friday afternoon.”

Sara chimed in behind Eric. “Thank you, we’ll take it.” Looking slightly frazzled.

The salesman wrote them up, included the price of expedited tailoring. Sara paid and they were both on their way out the store.

With each step she regained more of her composure. She had straightened her skirt out and smoothed out whatever hair was out of place.

As they were close to the exit Sara noticed the store she went in to when she indulged in Eric’s fetish.

“Hey, I want to pop in here real quick.” She said while making her way into the store.

Eric was conflicted, on one hand he wanted to go in with her and see what she was buying. On the other it would look weird, a son going into a lingerie store with his mother, even more, being interested in what she was getting. He decided he would have to take this loss for the team, and found a bench outside of the store. As a consolation the bench offered an excellent view into the store.

He saw Sara move about the store, looking at some panties and other bits of lingerie. The saleswoman who approached her was, admittedly, strikingly beautiful. He couldn’t figure out where she was from just by her looks, and wasn’t close enough to hear her speak. She was tall, and had the blackest hair he had ever seen, although it could have been because she was the fairest skinned person he’d ever seen. What he saw next amazed him, his mother became flustered talking to the woman. She nervously played with her own hair, and avoided eye contact.

After some time of this school girl behavior she picked a few things paid and left the store.

“What’d you get?”

“Oh just a few pairs of panties.”

“What about her phone number, did you get that?” He said with a wicked grin.

“What! Huh?! I don’t even…I went in there to get…Oh I’m not even like that! I mean I’m not into her, or that. I mean women. I’m not into them.”