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Lucky Guy Pt. 06

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I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don’t read. This part is longer than usual. I just couldn’t find a good place to break. This part of the story has rough sex, so, if that upsets you then skip this part of the story.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

We go to see Emma for the weekend

That week Eva worked very hard on her book. In addition, she was over communicating the Baumann Fund’s performance to her clients making up for the months she had neglected them.

I had a full week, working on a design project and helping Sam with Max Construction. I also spent quite a bit of time on the phone with John discussing the nature of the business and his possible move out of the service and into civilian life. He was stationed at Quantico after his return from Iraq. His commanding officer had given him a week off starting that Friday. He was planning to meet us at the game and then come back with Eva and I to Cincinnati. I had discussed this with Eva and she liked the plan. We also decided against telling Emma. She wanted to surprise her.

Emma wanted me to plan a sexcapade for both Eva and Emma. But at the game she was sitting with the higher ups at the university and would have to behave. She also said that the higher ups wanted to meet Doctor Baumann. Apparently, Eva had a reputation with the Math Department.

The game was at noon. Eva and I were to drive to West Lafayette that morning and pick up Emma at her dorm. Eva and I had reservations at a downtown Lafayette hotel. My plan was to take the girls to a local club that night. Emma had told me the clientele was mainly students. John planned to fly in the night before.

As we were driving over I called John to make sure he had arrived.

John answered, “Hi, dad. Sorry, I should have called you sooner but the transport got in late and I didn’t get to bed until well after midnight. Then I had to work out this morning and was just about to take a shower and get some breakfast.”

“No problem son, just wanted you to know that we are on our way and should be at the game a little before noon.”

Eva said as the call was on the car speaker, “Hi John, this is Eva. I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

John said, “Hey Doctor Baumann, so good to hear your voice and I look forward to seeing you and Emma. She was still in braces the last time I saw her. Dad told me I won’t believe what the almost six years have done for her.” I had told John that Eva would be addressed as Doctor Baumann mostly this weekend. He had always called her Mrs. Rayburn when growing up.

Eva said with pride, “She has really blossomed into a lovely smart young woman. Lance has told me I wouldn’t recognize you either.”

John laughed, “No doubt the service has changed me. Some good, some not so good. Anyway, my commander changed my plans at the last minute. I will be on duty today. He ordered me to serve in the honor guard for the game and help the recruiting officer. I may get some time to come into the stand to visit. I must hang around a short time after the game. Will know better when I see you.”

I said, “We are so looking forward to seeing you, son. See you this afternoon.”

John said, “See you both.”

As he hung up, Eva peeked me on the cheek. My F250 had a bench seat with a console divider that I had raised so Eva could sit close. It was very comfortable.

Eva had worn a colorful sundress with a thin white jacket to keep the sun off her light skin. She carried a white straw hat again to keep the sun off her light Germanic skin. She was showing a very nice cleavage but nothing inappropriate. She didn’t look like a Math geek but more like a gentile lady going to a horse race.

We picked up Emma from the dorm. She came to the lobby wearing jeans and a Purdue tee shirt over a white blouse. Emma hugged both of us and sat in the front seat with Eva and I. Nice to have a big truck. We stopped for a light lunch and got to our seats about thirty minutes before the game was to start. The area we sat in was reserved for facility. No sooner than we were seated, Emma’s major professor, a very old gray haired man came and introduced himself.

He barely recognized my existence. Professor Schultz said, “Doctor Baumann, I so admire your work. I have read all your articles and used them often in my classes. In fact, we all do. It is such a great example of how Mathematics can be applied to a money making operation.”

From there the two entered into a dialogue that I didn’t understand. I think he would have spent all afternoon talking about Eva’s algorithms but was interrupted by the Dean of the Mathematics Department. Then the three of them talked about things foreign to me. Emma whispered to me, “Amazing, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Emma said, “Hope this doesn’t bother you.”

“No quite the opposite. I’m so proud and happy for her. She deserves this limelight. I feel like part of the posse sisli escort for Doctor Baumann and her daughter.”

The game was about to start when the Dean said, “And Doctor Baumann, we are so glad to have Emma here. She is a real star already.”

Eva said, “I’m proud of her but let’s not put too much pressure on my young girl.”

The Dean said sagely, “Quite right. We need a little pleasure with the work. I’m glad to see you here supporting her. It helps our students so much to have parental assistance. And is this your husband?” He had finally noticed me, mainly I think because I had an arm around Emma.

“No sir, this is a long-term family friend. I lost my husband, Emma’s father, to an accident seven months ago. Lance and I are becoming something more than friends. Aren’t we sweetie?”

I smiled at Eva, knowing she was struggling to describe our relationship and I also wanted to say more than my submissive, “We are rapidly developing more than just a friendship but want to take it a little slow as our wounds from losing both our spouses are still fresh.”

The Dean frowned, “I’m so sorry. I’m afraid I stuck my foot in my mouth when all I wanted to do was express to you how happy we are to have all three of you here. Forgive me for my clumsiness.”

Eva smiled, “No problem and no harm done. We are glad to be here.”

Just before the game started the Marine color guard marched on the field. There were three marines in a row with the middle person carrying the American flag and the two on either side of him carrying rifles lead by a Marine Colonel sporting a ceremonial sword. The soldier carrying the flag stood out, first because of his height being at least four inches taller than the two soldiers on either side and second because of the chest full of medals and ribbons on his dress uniform.

Emma suddenly got very interested in the field, looking through the field glasses and said to Eva, “Mom, look at the soldier in the middle. He is different.”

Eva gave me the slightest of smiles, looked through the binoculars, “Why do you think he is different sweetie?”

Emma took the glasses back, looked again and said, “Well he is taller than the other men, better built, more medals and ribbons, and well he is really good looking. Just look how he carries himself. He may be a Sargent but he carries himself more imposingly that the Colonel leading them.”

Of course, she was looking at John. He was very handsome. Dark complexion, square jawed, dark hair cut in a severe marine haircut, shaved on the side and even though the white dress hat covered his head, one knew he was very squared away. He looked a lot like Howie Long except darker hair. I was also impressed she knew the ranks.

Eva took the glasses back and said, “You are right dear he is all that. Kind of makes you a little weak to watch him, doesn’t it?”

Emma before she considered her answer said, “It certainly makes me feel weak and a little tingly. I just wish I could meet him.”

Eva was holding back a laugh as I said, “I bet we can meet him.”

Eva finally said, “Emma, do you think you know him?”

Emma said, “No mom, I don’t know him. I mean how could I.”

The PA announcer said, “At the end of the field is our Marine color guard lead by our local Marine recruiting commanding officer Colonial Edward Anderson. With him are two soldiers stationed here in Lafayette, Privates Morris and Taylor.” As he announced their name their pictures were displayed on the large end zone screen. “With them is a very special guest stationed at Quantico now but served in Iraq for two years in the elite Combat Engineer Corp, Sargent John Padmore. Sargent Padmore has many commendations including the purple heart. Please give them a round of applause as you stand for our National Anthem as performed by the Boilermaker Band.”

Emma’s jaw dropped as she looked at me and yelled, “Is that John?”

Eva now couldn’t help but laugh as I answered, “Yes, that is John. Would you have recognized him without being told?”

“Not is a million years, he is, well I don’t know, impressive. He grew a lot. He is built like a football player. I mean look at how the football players look at him. Like they are even impressed.”

Eva was laughing out loud now and I had to join in. Emma put her hands on her hips, “You two knew this was going to happen. You set me up. Oh, you two are bad! I mean really.” But then she smiled. “I guess I really am going to get to meet him.”

Eva said, “Yes baby, he is going to come visit for a little of the game but has duty until a little after the game ends. Then he will spend the night with us. Is that okay?”

Emma smiled, “You know I always had a crush on him but my goodness now. He makes be well, I can’t describe it. I mean look at him. He could have any girl in this building.”

Eva said, “Baby, he is impressive.”

Emma asked, “When will he come up here?”

I said, “Probably in about fifteen minutes but he has to be back on the side line for halftime.”

Emma said, “Mom do you have a mirror? şişli esc How do I look? I mean I’m wearing this old Purdue tee shirt. I look frumpy, don’t I?”

I said, “Emma you look fine. He is going to be impressed with you more than you are impressed with him.”

Eva pulled a mirror out of her purse and handed it to Emma saying, “Baby, you can’t help but look beautiful no matter what you wear. Don’t worry.”

Emma took the mirror, took her hat off and combed her hair, touched up her lipstick and frowned like she didn’t like what she saw. Eva said, “Baby put your hat back on. You don’t want to be red tonight, do you?”

Emma thought and frowned some more and moaned, “I know you are right, it doesn’t take long.” She put her white broad brimmed straw hat back on.

After the color guard were dismissed by Colonial Anderson, both coaches came over to John and shook his hand. Emma was watching his every move. As the second quarter started, John joined us still wearing his Dress Uniform including the white hat. He removed it and gave me a hug saying, “Good to see you Dad.” He extended his hand to Eva and said, “And you also Doctor Baumann.”

Eva said, “It has been a long time hasn’t it. You have really grown.”

“Ma’am, may I say without fear of argument, you are as beautiful as ever.”

“Thank you, John. Do you remember Emma?” Emma had been standing and I could feel her anticipation.

“Emma, yes ma’am. Oh my goodness. Emma, you are as beautiful as your mother. You were still in braces and well not, ah, well you didn’t look like this.”

He extended his hand to shake. Emma brushed it aside and jumped up on tiptoes to grab his neck, both feet came off the ground as she hugged him. He lifted her like she was still a little girl and she was most definitely not a little girl. They hugged until Eva said, “Baby, you need to let him go so these people can watch the game.” John gently sat her down but Emma wouldn’t let go of his arm.

The people behind us were standing patiently waiting. Every one within arm’s length extended their hand to shake his hand and said something like, “Thank you for your service” or “welcome home.”

He would respond every time to each with a “Yes ma’am or sir.”

Both the head of the department and Emma’s major professor came over again but this time to meet John. They asked him several questions about his deployment and how long he had been back. He patiently answered each standing with his hat under his arm.

Before we knew it the second quarter was ending. John said, “I need to get back to the field for the half time. We must participate in one portion of the show. Dad, they would probably be okay with you joining me on the sideline, if you want to join me.”

“Son, I need to stay with Eva but would it be okay if Emma joined you?” Emma looked at me with appreciation.

“Yes sir, I will tell them she is a longtime family friend, that I haven’t seen for many years. I’m sure the Colonial will be fine with that. Emma, would you like to join me on the Purdue sideline. You will get to meet the coach I’m sure.”

Emma was doing her best not to show that she very much wanted to go with him but Eva and Emma just don’t have a poker face. John put his lid back on and held Emma’s hand as they journeyed to the field just in time for the halftime show. I saw John say something to Colonial Anderson just before he shook Emma’s hand and pointed to a spot he wanted her to stand while halftime was happening.

The color guard marched to a spot in front of the Boilermaker Band where John held the American flag high as the band played a patriotic song. After the song and while the color guard marched from the field the PA announcer paid tribute to all the armed forces.

Once the halftime was over, I saw the four in the color guard disappear in the tunnel with Emma and one other woman. Colonial Anderson with someone I thought was his wife and John and Emma reappeared with John and Colonial Anderson now wearing their service uniforms. Eva and I had been intensely watching my son and her daughter as they moved from spot to spot. Can’t say I watched much of the football game but I really enjoyed it.

It seemed like the entire Math department sat by Eva one at a time to talk about things I couldn’t understand. During one of the few lulls Eva took my arm between her breasts and squeezed whispering to me, “My L’s baby is going to be so good to him tonight. Thank you for being here with me.”

“Doctor Baumann, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. What do you think of our kids?”

“I think Emma is caught in the vortex of a Marine Sergeant. I have never seen her react to anyone like this.

“It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? I must admit I kind of hoped they would like each other but I didn’t expect this. John was smitten also.”

Eva had my hand squeezed against her stomach as she whispered, “I feel Fatty coming out and needs attention soon.”

I barely got out, “It won’t be long. Eva I think we need to tell John about the nature of our relationship and escort sisli maybe that Emma has the same tendency. What do you think?”

Eva frowned, “I hate to agree but I think you are right. He needs to know about us and Emma. It sure seems to me that the two of them might get involved quickly.”

Before I could say anything else a pimply kid came up to shake Eva’s hand and started talking about one of her papers. He hung on every word.

At the end of the game, we went to gate 5 to meet John and Emma. John was talking to a couple of young men as Colonial Anderson was talking to another. Emma was wearing a USMC ball cap standing very close to John. When we walked up Emma joined us.

“What have you guys been doing?” Eva asked.

“We spent quite a bit of time on the Purdue sideline. It seemed the entire team came over and wanted to say something to John. They even started treating me like a celebrity. The President of the University spoke to both of us. He knew my name and who I was. Well, it was a blast. Did you guys enjoy the game? I hate that I left you alone.”

Eva said, “We enjoyed watching you guys and I think the whole department came up to talk to me. I just hope Lance didn’t get bored. No matter. I’m going to make it up to him tonight anyway.”

Emma said, “Good. Looks like they are finishing up.”

As we walked up John introduced Colonial Anderson to me. “You must be very proud of your son,” Colonial Anderson said.

“I am. This is Emma’s mother Doctor Baumann.”

Colonial Anderson shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you, ma’am. Emma has told me a lot about you. You must be proud also. I want to thank you both for sharing your kids with us today. It wasn’t quite fair to take the day off from John but he has been a big draw for us. I don’t think the President of the University would have even let us stand here without John’s presence. Emma, I know she is very smart but her good looks has also attracted more than her share of hounds. It was a real bonus to have John’s girlfriend here. Hope this is alright to say but I see where she got her good looks. I would have picked you out in a second as her mother.”

Eva gave him a warm smile, “Thank you Colonial Anderson. We have had a great day.”

One of the privates handed John a garment bag containing his dress uniform. We walked to the truck with me holding Eva’s hand and John holding Emma’s hand. I could feel the sexual tension in the air. I knew these girls needed some relief. I looked in the mirror and Emma was snuggled as close to John as possible and both talking to make up for lost time.

By now it was about five o’clock, so we decided to look for a place to eat. Once seated, Eva removed her white jacket which exposed her shoulders and the top of her breasts. John took notice. I had asked Eva if I could tell John about our relationship. She agreed that John needed to know before getting involve with Emma.

I said, “Son we think there is something we need to tell you.”

Eva said to Emma, “Sweetie, I think John needs to know about us, don’t you?”

John looked at Emma, “What is going on here?”

Emma frowned the same frown Eva made when I suggested this discussion with her. She shook her head but said, “I know we should tell him but I’m so afraid it will scare him away.”

John said, “Emma, I don’t scare so easily.” Emma shook her head giving me permission.

I said, “Eva and Emma are both submissive. What that means for them is if you are their dominant, they will do whatever you direct. Max was Eva’s dominant for a long time. She is the smart strong woman that you witnessed today. But Eva craves periods of sexual excitement. She wants someone she trusts to make her do things she wouldn’t otherwise do. Eva and Emma chose me to replace Max as Eva’s dominant. So we will be doing things tonight that may make you uncomfortable. Son don’t judge us badly.”

Eva said, “John, do you understand? I’m very loyal to my dominant. Don’t judge your father, if he makes me do something you would otherwise find objectionable.”

I said, “Let me give you a small example. Fatty push the straps off your shoulders.” Eva slipped both straps off her shoulders. Then I tugged the sundress bodice down just enough so that the top brown circles of her areola were visible. I then summoned the young male waiter over and asked for another round of drinks. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the mounds of white flesh being displayed to him.

He left. I said, “Fatty, put your straps back up. Now son I’m going to check her pussy.” I slide my hand under her skirt and under her thong and found a very wet pussy. I rubbed lightly across the top of her slit and could feel the slight shudder which obviously occurred. I continued, “Emma and Eva wanted me to act as Emma’s dominant until she found the right person. Just so you will understand, Emma undo your jeans and ask John to feel your twat.”

Emma unsnapped and unzipped, “John, please feel me.” John stuck his large strong hand inside her jeans. I knew he was feeling an already swollen wet pussy. I imagined she was excited from the first sight of this dominant male. It was only a few seconds that Emma moaned with the pleasure of an orgasm. He pulled his hand away. As he did Emma zipped and re-snapped saying, “Thank you John and my L.”