Nisan 24, 2023

Luxurious Leather Lady Pt. 02

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The Shopping Trip

Once outside the restaurant, I spotted Miss Vera’s car immediately.

Given we had been the only diners inside, it was not all that difficult to see her car, especially seeing as it was far fancier than my own. A black limousine, fitting for a lady like her.

The back door was open, and I could see my Goddess sitting inside waiting for me, and without as much as a second thought, I headed over. She smiled at me and pointed at the seat across from her. I took it and shut the door behind me and, within minutes, the car began to drive.

Sitting there in silence, I realized I had no clear idea what I was doing. I had just paid a rather obscene amount for this woman’s meal, and now I was riding in this fancy car with her, destination unknown. This was beyond crazy, yet before I could as much as question my actions, I noticed a leather boot resting comfortably in my lap.

“Edward, be a dear and kiss my boot.”

Miss Vera’s lovely voice wormed its way past my defences and I immediately began to plant little kisses along the smooth boot. The taste of the expensive black leather against my lips was exquisite, and I quickly forgot about my worries. After all, Miss Vera simply wished for me to make up for all the content I’d foolishly consumed without paying.

It was only right.

“Lick the sole Edward. My boots should be spotless, shouldn’t they?”

“Yes Miss Vera,” I replied without question and began to run my tongue along the bottom of her boot. Traces of dirt and dust entered my mouth, but I didn’t care. I was licking Miss Vera’s boot- something I’d never dreamed would happen, and I was enjoying every second of it.

When she decided I was finished, she replaced the boot with its twin, and I licked that one clean as well. Degrading as it was, I could not resist this leather Goddess. She knew precisely which button of mine to press to keep me in place, and I shuddered thinking of what else she could have in store for me.

Just as I finished polishing her other boot, the car slowed to a stop, and only then did I think to gaze out the window to see just where it was we were. I was shocked to see the sign of an extremely high-end boutique, one I had never been to myself, but one whose products I was quite aware of.

In the pit of my stomach, I knew exactly why we were here, and Miss Vera quickly confirmed my suspicions.

“I am in need of some new clothing Edward. So we are going shopping. You will be paying for everything of course. Understood?”

I nodded, but she was not finished. “You will also walk behind me and carry the bags. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss Vera,” I answered sheepishly, that wicked smirk of hers pleased with my response.

The limo door opened and she exited, me following behind her like a puppy dog without a leash right into the store.

We were scarcely inside a moment when my eyes nearly popped out of my skull. Given the time of year it was, I should not have been all that surprised to see how much leather and fur clothing was on display, yet seeing it all in one place, especially alongside Miss Vera, was more than I could take. She would certainly have plenty to choose from.

“Come along Edward,” she whispered, pulling me out of my stupor. “We have much to do, and you have much to make up for.”

I did as ordered, following Miss Vera into the store. My eyes darted around, taking in all the lovely-looking leather on display, as well as the price tags attached to them. But any time I began to worry, my eyes found their way back to the veritable Goddess in front of me, and the sight of her stocking-clad legs, leather boots and gloves, reminded me of my place.

After several minutes browsing, Miss Vera stopped by a rack of boots, and with little more than a leather-clad finger, stopped me in my tracks. “Take my coat, Edward.”

Carefully, tunceli seks hikayeleri I removed the fur coat from her, making sure not to touch her. Much as I wanted to, I knew such a luxury was not one I deserved just yet.

Then I watched as Miss Vera picked several pairs of boots and went over to try them on.

Watching her remove her own boots, revealing her succulent, stocking-clad feet, with their red-painted toes, sent jolts of pleasure through my body. They looked even sweeter than they had in the pictures and videos I’d watched over the years, and even with everything else, I dreamed of kissing those tantalizing toes.

Miss Yana slowly pulled on each pair, then walked around a little to try them out, each time making sure my eyes were locked on her. She was teasing me effortlessly, and I was loving it. Much as I tried to hide it, she could clearly see the erection growing in my pants, and that wicked grin of hers once more returned to her red lips.

“Do you know why I love boots, Edward?”

I stumbled, completely sideswiped by her question. “No Miss Vera.”

Pursing her lips together seductively, she ran a gloved finger down the shaft of the pair she had on- a lovely over-the-knee pair of black heeled boots. “They are an excellent way for naughty boys to remember your place. Your eyes are drawn to boots, and by extension, the ground upon which I walk. You belong down there, don’t you Edward? On your hands and knees before your Goddess.”

There was something about the way Miss Vera so eloquently worded her degradation of me, I was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. It was as if she were reading my thoughts and repeating them back to me so as to show her superiority. “Yes, Miss Vera.”

Another cruel smile. “Good boy. This pair will do nicely,” she said, “Give them a kiss Edward.”

Though there were other shoppers around, though it was humiliating, I knew I had no choice but to do as she commanded.

Gently- so as to not drop her coat, I managed to get to my knees and plant a kiss on the toe of each boot, much to Miss Vera’s enjoyment. Then I stood back up as if nothing had happened and watched her remove the red boots and hand them to me. I struggle to balance them and the coat, even more so as I watched her slip her original boots back on.

We moved through the store, the whole time a small part of me wondering if anyone had seen me kiss Miss Vera’s new boots, and what they might be thinking. I didn’t have much time to worry though, as we stopped by a collection of leather gloves. Short ones, elbow-length ones, shoulder-length ones. My mouth was watering just looking at them, and my cock was straining even harder against my pants.

I have always adored leather gloves- they were one of the things which had led me to seek out Miss Vera online in the first place. Just being around so many of them was enough to make my head spin.

“Like the gloves Edward?” Miss Vera asked, although she clearly knew the answer just by looking at me. “I have so many pairs at home. Perhaps someday, once you’ve proven how good a boy you can be, I will allow you to kiss each pair. Would you like that?”

The thought of even being near Miss Vera’s gloves sent shivers down my spine, though I knew a rather steep price tag would be attached. Much like the one on the gloves she had begun to look at. “Yes, Miss Vera. I would love that.”

She let out a small laugh, then slowly slipped the pair she was wearing off her smooth, pale skin and placed them atop her coat. “Good boy Edward.”

What followed was a veritable show, as Miss Vera tried on a dozen different pairs, making sure that I was watching each and every time. With each new glove spreading across her beautiful, well-manicured hands, I fell more and more in love with her. I was already infatuated with her after years of watching her videos and staring at her pictures, but to be here, mere feet from her was only compounding my desire, as well as my submission. I wanted to please Miss Vera, needed to.

And she knew it.

Each glove-covered hand was held out towards me, staying just far enough out of reach that I could catch a whiff of the sweet leather but nothing more. She teased and toyed with me, my mouth watering as I wished to kiss and lick them for her. To show the gloves and the Goddess wearing them the love and devotion they so deserved.

Just as I should have all these years.

I could no longer understand why I had denied myself this for so long. The truth was so clear to me now. It was only right to serve Miss Vera. She provided such incredible content, and I had consumed it all without giving her a single dime. I felt as low as could be but knew that I would make it up to her.

“I’ll take these as well,” she said, handing me three pairs- a red, shoulder-length one that matched the boots I was already holding, another elbow-length black pair, and a short pair of black driving gloves. Miss Vera certainly covered all her bases, and before I knew it, covered her arms once more with the gloves she’d worn here.

Gloves she generously held out for me. “Smell my glove, Edward.”

She covered my mouth and nose with her leather-clad hand, and I nearly passed out.

“Good boy. Breathe in the scent of my glove, the scent of submission. Tell me, why do you love leather?”

Releasing my face from her gloved hand, Miss Vera watched the disappointment on my face with glee and waited for my response. “I love the power it gives you. How it enhances your natural beauty, how seeing you in it makes me weak in the knees and drives me to submit to you.”

I couldn’t believe I’d said those words aloud to her, yet they came so naturally, just like my desire for her. They also appeared to be just what she was hoping to hear, seeing as her smirk returned. “I like that as well. I love the control it gives me over naughty boys like you. You’ll do anything for Miss Vera and her leather, won’t you dear Edward?”

There was nothing else that needed to be said. Simply the same three words I’d spoken countless times this evening. “Yes, Miss Vera.”

For the next two hours, I followed her all throughout the store, losing track of time as well as all the things she tried on or checked out. Dozens of outfits, both leather and otherwise. Countless fur coats, more gloves and boots when she spotted them. And all the while I carried her chosen items carefully like the idols of worship they were, and my poor cock begged against my paints for release.

“That should do for tonight,” Miss Vera said as she handed me another fur coat, one I struggled to add to my pile whilst also handing her back her original one. She smiled at my feeble attempts not to drop a single item and seemed rather pleased that I managed to pull it off.

However, the realization of how much I was holding- six pairs of gloves, three pairs of boots, two fur coats, two leather skirts, three silk camisoles, and a pair of heels, as well as the cost, slowly sunk in as Miss Vera pointed towards the cash. I knew I could afford it, but at that moment, I was unsure of what to do. Could I truly justify spending this much on a woman I had only just met? Yes, I had been ogling her online for years, but this was different. This was real.

It was also not my decision to make, if it ever was.

Miss Vera’s gloved hand gently began to massage the bulge in my crotch, and I almost dropped everything in my hands.

“Having second thoughts dear?”

“I… I…” The sensation of soft leather stroking my cock through my pants for the second time tonight was frying my brain. It felt so good, if I had any words to speak, they were lost to the sensation in my crotch.

“You don’t have to buy all of this Edward,” she whispered, her warm breath blowing into my ear even as her gloved hand continued to rub my cock. “But know that if you don’t, this ends now. I will walk out of the store and you will never see me again. You’ll go back to gooning over my pictures like the naughty, pathetic little boy that you are.”

I let out a small moan, knowing in my heart that her words were indeed true. It was my choice to pay for her purchases, just as it had been to pay for her meal. And honestly, after meeting her, after being in her presence, I wasn’t sure I could ever go back. It would never be the same. Besides, a part of me wanted to know what else Miss Vera had in store for me.

“So, tell me, Edward,” she continued, her slow, sensual strokes keeping me on edge even as the scent of her body, her leather and her perfume, filled my nostrils and turned my mind to mush. “What is it going to be?”

Without a word, I sighed. And as she moved her hands off my crotch, I made my way over to the cash.

Miss Vera smiled and joined me there, running her gloved hand down my back as I placed each item on the counter and watched the total ring up. Then I paid, then picked up all the bags and followed Miss Vera out the door.

Once we were back outside, I put the bags in the trunk of the limo, then stood there, unsure of what to do next.

She slipped inside the limo, then beckoned me to join her. “Come now Edward, we need to get you back to your car.”

It took me a moment to remember I’d even had a car, one which was still at the restaurant. The limo drove us back there in silence, though I found myself staring at my Goddess the entire ride, much to her continued enjoyment. She knew she had me completely and utterly under her control, and so did I.

Outside the window, I saw the restaurant, though I waited for her to tell me what to do next. Miss Vera held out a gloved hand, and I generously kissed it without question. “Good boy Edward. The boots too.” I dropped to the floor of the limo and did the same to her boots. I felt as low as a man could feel, yet also more alive than I had in years.

A gloved hand cupped my chin and gently pulled my gaze up to face hers. “Now then. You will give me your phone number and your address. When I have need of you again, I will call, and you will answer. Is that understood Edward?”

“Yes, Miss Vera.”

“Good boy. Now, unless you are working- that is, making money for me, you will be on call. Is that clear?”

I nodded, then gave her all the information she had asked for. I prepared to exit the limo, but she wasn’t finished with me.

“Ah ah. Before you go, drop your drawers.”

My eyes widened, but Miss Vera seemed quite serious. I undid my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers, and within seconds my erection popped up and saluted her.

Miss Vera suppressed a giggle. “Aww, such a smart little dicklet you have Edward. It already knows who owns it.”

Then she leaned over and wrapped a leather-gloved hand around my shaft and started to slowly stroke it.

“I expect to see you officially subscribe to all my pages the moment you get home. And once you do, I want you to edge your little dicklet to my content over and over but not cum. You may only cum when I allow it from now on. Is that understood Edward?”

The feeling of her gloved fingers stroking me was enough to get me to agree to anything. “Yes, Miss Vera.”

“Good boy,” she replied, then stopped stroking. “Now pull your pants up and get out of my sight.”

I did as she ordered, then exited the limo. Before it drove off, Miss Vera blew me a kiss, and then she was gone.

At that moment- alone in the parking lot with my erection still aching in my pants, I was at a loss. I did not know when I would see her again, but I knew I would do as she commanded.

Miss Vera was my Goddess now, and I would happily serve her. Just as I always should have.