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Many Happy Returns

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I had come home from college and was working on an assignment when my phone kept ‘pinging’ informing me there was an incoming message.I had ignored the first couple of messages but within five minutes, I had received over five calls.I opened the last message and all it said was, “I know you are home, RSVP ASAP.”I then read the earlier messages which were all from Mike, who lived in the next block. He and I were friends and had known each other for years. We are both studying the same subject at University together.I replied I would meet him at the local coffee shop in an hour.-oOo-Mike had been a year ahead of me at school and is now twenty, a year older than me. He had always planned on taking a Gap Year after finishing school before he started University.We liked each other and enjoyed two intimate affairs before he went backpacking through the UK and Europe. We had both considered a more serious relationship, however, I would still be at school while he was away.I was eighteen at the time and we both agreed any long-distance relationship would be difficult during such a long absence.Neither Mike or I communicated during his absence. In that time though I had relationships with two different guys. One in particular.Jack was a guy who everybody liked and dated me often. He was one of those guys you never refused a date because you knew it would be a fantastic experience. He was a cool guy and had lots of money and always took you to amazing places. He always made you feel like a princess. I knew, as did all the other girls he dated, if Jack dated you then you would end up in bed with him. You knew that was an unspoken condition of accepting his request. That wasn’t all bad either, as he was always good fun to sleep with.Mike’s sister and I had been in the same class at school. She was super intelligent. She was always the quiet one and never mixed very much socially. Her interests lay in her studies. At one stage we were quite friendly, but she had withdrawn from most of our activities after we left school and became somewhat of a recluse. She had changed. She had always acknowledged me when I had visited her home to talk to Mike but now, I felt there was something between us that no longer clicked.After Mike returned he enrolled in the same course at the same University I was attending, and because of his gap year, he was now in the same course year as I was in. Mike had for some reason delayed his return from overseas. He had missed several lectures due to his delayed return and because of that, I offered to lend him my notes. -oOo- As I had promised, I met him at the coffee shop. Initially, we talked about the University course.Then the discussion turned to our relationship. Before he had gone overseas, Mike and I been together for at least two months and the night before he left we had an intense and intimate affair. It was, without doubt, the most intense affair of my life up till then. I had allowed him to ejaculate into me knowing I was not using pregnancy protection. I took a risk with the full knowledge of the consequences.At our meeting, Mike asked me if I would like to resume the friendship that had existed before he had gone overseas. I knew that is what I wanted more than anything in my life. I felt as though my stomach was full of butterflies and my pants were soaking wet with excitement. We had both had lovers during his absence but neither of us was involved in a serious affair. I told him I would like to see how it worked out as now we were heavily involved in our studies.I did not want him to know I would crawl over hot coals for him.I nearly wet myself with the concealed excitement as we walked home hand in hand. -oOo-Jack had invited me and ‘a partner’ to celebrate his twenty-first Birthday. I took this opportunity and invited Mike to accompany me. A lot of my friends would be there and it would be a good opportunity for them to see my intimate relationship with Jack, was over. This was the ideal way for them to see me back with Mike seriously.During the evening I wanted to learn a lot about Mike’s trip and try and restore our previous friendship as I really liked him and was keen to renew our relationship.It was a great party, however, the music was loud, so Mike and I moved outdoors to a balcony to avoid the noise to chat.During the course of our discussions outside, Mike referred to the night before he left for his year overseas. We had sex together that night as we had done on a previous occasion. He told me he had never forgotten that night. It had been a deeply emotional experience as we both knew we may never see one another again.The sex had not been planned and he had no condoms and I had not begun to use oral contraception. In a moment of overwhelming emotion, I encouraged him to cum inside me, fully aware I was not using contraception. I knew the consequences but was prepared to take the risk to make this something special and something to remember me by.He departed the following day and we were both distraught. We both realised how stupid we had been the previous night and I could be pregnant. At the time we were consumed with the affection that existed between us. We were both aware of our actions and the consequences exceeded common sense. It was a risk I was Escort Anadolu yakası prepared to take. Even afterwards I had no regrets about the decision I had made.It was with great relief a couple of weeks later that I could tell his sister, to let him know that he wasn’t going to be a father. After giving me a look of disdain, said she would let him know. It appeared she did not approve of the fact we had unprotected sex together.After that day she avoided me whenever possible. I had a feeling she despised my intimate relationship with her brother and the stupid decision I had made.During the conversation, Mike asked about my association with Jack.He knew one of the conditions of dating Jack was sex.I admitted we had slept together, but it was just that. You didn’t get to be the one and only girlfriend of Jack.That was the price you paid for a good night out, or a weekend away at a lavish resort with him. He spoiled you and you were expected to give him what he wanted. You knew that before you said yes to any request for a date with him. I was one of a few girls who knew the rules and had met the conditions.“Is it serious?” Mike asked.I laughed. ”Jack is not the serious type, he likes his women to be many and varied. I think you know Jack only dates girls for one reason and I liked his company and was happy to give him what he wanted. Jack uses you. I knew it and every other girl who accepts a date knows it, and we do it because he is good company. Jack never gets serious with any girl.”As I was telling him, Mike took my hand and held it. He realised that I was being honest and not keeping anything for him, and I was a little embarrassed about the fact I had done what I had done.I said, “I guess you had opportunities that you didn’t refuse either?”Mike replied. “To be honest, like you I took advantage of a few situations that were there to be had. Not once did I take the risk I took with you. I loved you then, and I still do. Now that is all behind me. All I want at this moment is to get back with you again. I will be honest with you. I did think of you a lot.”I was glad that he didn’t avoid the question and that he was prepared to be honest with me.Talking to him had aroused feelings inside me that were quite evident to me.It was dark and warm outside and there was a nice view from the balcony.He squeezed my hand and I turned toward him, and our eyes met… neither of us spoke, I went weak at the knees. We both looked at each other for a second or two and without a word being spoken, we began to kiss. During his absence, his feelings for me had not dulled evidently. This was really the first time we had been alone together since his return although we had met many times during lectures at University and at his home, there were always others present.The kiss became very passionate. I pressed my body against him as we kissed as we both enjoyed the feeling of the embrace. It had been a long time between kisses like this, but it was obvious to both of us that what we were doing was reliving the passionate feelings that we had previously had for each other. I could feel his boner in his pants as I consciously rubbed that part of him against me.I was already aroused from my time with him. I remembered that wonderful sexual experience once before where I was prepared to take a risk of becoming pregnant with him.He had tried to pull out before he came but I insisted he cum inside me. I was overwhelmed with the passion I had for him. I wanted him to know how much I adored him. I knew nothing had changed with me and it seems his feelings for me had not diminished during our absence. I was so happy.Mike and I continued to embrace, and we were both getting rather amorous. There was passion in the embrace. I could feel the moisture forming where it does in the circumstances. We both realised absence had made the heart grow fonder. I was more than ready to resume where we had left off a year earlier. You know when you kiss a guy that it is serious and it’s not just a casual experience. I had been waiting for this moment now for a couple of weeks since his return. He and I had never been alone or in a position that we could kiss as we were at that moment. My nipples had hardened, my pants were wet, and I want him inside me. My heart was beating like a drum. I could feel him pressing his hard cock against me as we kissed.We both realised the passion in our lovemaking the night before he left to go overseas had not been forgotten. It was obvious to us both that we wanted to take up where we had left off. The feelings were obviously mutual and any discussion was unnecessary. I was now using contraception but had I not been, I would have still taken that risk just to feel the passion of making love with him again.It was obvious to us both that we wanted to be better than just good friends. I wanted it to be far more than that.He ran his fingers through my hair and whispered in my ear.“Would you like to go somewhere more private?”I nodded.The question had been answered without words. I took his hand and led him away from where we were.I had an idea.It was obvious he was more than willing to go anywhere with me and do anything I might ask.I had not planned anything Kurtköy escort but both of us realised that there was something more to our meeting than a casual night out. A year had passed which seemed like a week.Jack was the host of the party and it was being held at his home. I had been here on more than a few occasions.I knew there was a small one bedroom cottage in the gardens near the garage that had been used by the live-in housekeeper and chauffeur when the previous owners lived there. It hadn’t been used since Jacks parents had moved in, it was Jack’s love shack. I had been one of his conquests on more than a few occasions and was well aware I was not the only one to have seen the inside of that shack. Jack didn’t have serious girlfriends. He wanted variety and spice in his love life.If you went to bed with Jack, you knew it was only going to be good fun. There was no romance or feeling of affection. You were going to be fucked, and fucked well, nothing else.When it was over, Jack never failed to tell me that he hoped I had enjoyed it as much as he did. I had been ‘pretty good’ as he put it, and that was that. I guess he told every girl he slept with the same story. He always made you feel special.I mentioned the shack to Mike and that it may be vacant so early in the evening. I lead him to the location. If Jack was going to seduce anybody tonight it would be toward the end of the evening. Any new girl would be a sitting duck.I knew where the key was hidden, and we checked that the room was unoccupied. I let us into the room and locked the door behind us. Mike seemed curious as to how I knew my way around.“Obviously you have been here before?” Mike asked.“I am no stranger to this place. Jack and I have tested the bedsprings a few times. I think you know Jack’s reputation,” I said to him.Both of us knew what we were going to do and as we entered the room we kissed again. There was no urgency or embarrassment. We kissed and without saying a word, we both began to undress. I was soon down to my bra and pants. Mike was down to his jocks.“Would you like to finish what I have started?” I asked.As we kissed again Mike unclipped my bra and allowed it to fall to the floor. He then fondled and kissed each hard nipple. My breasts are firm and have rather a good uplift and he enjoyed holding each breast in his hands as he suckled on my nipples. The feeling of him holding and caressing them was just wonderful. I could feel myself getting wetter in readiness for him.I was beginning to feel that we both wanted what we were going to do. Mike had a completely different attitude to Jack. Jack wasted no time and he was fucking you the moment you were on the bed and he had your legs apart.Mike slid down kissing my body as he went. First my neck, then each nipple and then he ran his tongue around my belly button and finally he rubbed his nose through my pubic hair.I shivered with the beautiful sensation of each kiss.“Your scent is delightful.” He whispered. He had never attempted oral sex with me previously.This was something we had not done previously. It seems he had learned a new trick or two in his travels. It was not one of Jacks tricks either. I had only had oral sex performed on me once before during a one night stand, before Jack and Mike.Then he kissed my labia as he had kissed my mouth, using his tongue the same way. I moved back and sat on the edge of the bed and Mike crawled after me and immediately resumed his oral exploration of me. He began by touching my pussy and opening it wide with his fingers. He then licked the copious flow of juice from within me. There was no shortage of that. I was in heaven at the feelings he was giving me.He continued to lick as I pressed his head to me. I made sure his tongue never left that vital part of me.I was more than ready to share the experience with him and it only took him a few minutes before his mouth engulfed my entire vagina sucking the juices I was making for him from me. Then he spread my lips and gently squeezed my clitoral sheath and exposed my clit. Then proceeded to use his tongue to drive my sexual desires through the roof. We had never done this before but it was obvious he had. I was in my seventh heaven as this was basically a new experience for me.I came in a loud and wonderful way holding his head to me there until I had completely expended every ounce of pleasure his mouth was giving me.He stood and I stood with him. I kissed him breathlessly as I tasted my own flavour off his lips and tongue. I was no stranger to that taste as I frequently masturbated and sucked my fingers.Neither of us said a word.He had not removed his jocks and I could see the firm hard cock pressing against the cloth. I put a finger in each side of the waistband and slipped them down. As the top of his jocks passed over his cock it sprang out as if it were on a spring. His balls hung softly beneath his cock.My face was only an inch or two away as it sprung out and pointed upwards. I had seen it before, and it looked even more beautiful in the dim moonlight of the full moon filling the room. It was thicker than I had remembered and covered in a soft silky tan skin. I could see the difference in the skin tone where he had been circumcised. Maltepe escort bayan The crown of his penis was large and sort of a dark reddish-purple colour covered with the pre-cum which was seeping down to the prominent rim. I could see the moisture seeping from the eye of his cock lubricating the head of it. I took in my hand and milked the pre-cum that extruded from the eye of it and licked it off the head of his cock. Mike shivered with the sensation of the touch of my tongue.A cock is not a thing of beauty but Mikes cock looked like the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. Stiff, long and thick. It had a slight curve up and to the right. His balls hung low below it and I could see each ball shaped like an egg hanging in the soft skin of his scrotum.I have only seen a few cocks in the flesh but Mikes was the most perfect cock I have ever touched and enjoyed.It had fucked me twice but never before have I admire it as I was doing now.I had never sucked Mike’s cock before but I had sucked Jack’s many times. I was ready to perform my duties.Whilst I was down virtually kneeling before him, I looked up and our eyes met. We needed no words, I just opened my mouth and covered the head of it with my mouth then closed my lips around the top of it and sucked on it gently and ran my tongue around the rim of it. I had never realised how wonderful a cock felt in my mouth before. Mike gently put his hands on my head. The whole experience felt awesome.When I had sucked Jack’s, it was just to get him hard or to get him to cum and taste his semen. It made him happy and I guess I got some pleasure from it too. There was no finesse, it was nothing more than sucking a cock.I continued to suck on his cock head as I stroked the soft silky skin up and down the firm shaft that the skin covered. As I did this I could feel the wetness in my vagina beginning to flow again and make ready for what I had in my mouth to fill that part of me that was now more than ready for it.“My God, that is amazing, it really feels better when you do it,” Mike uttered.I now realised I was not the first to have done this to him.I didn’t reply, I was enjoying the feeling of his cock head in my mouth. I had seen Mike naked on a number of occasions as we had made love before. His cock was big and meaty and beautifully circumcised. I had felt it inside me but I had never given him oral sex before. That was something Jack had trained me to do during Mikes absence.After about five minutes he hadn’t cum, so I took it out of my mouth.“Before it gives me the taste of it I think we had better make sure it can do what I want so badly,” I suggested.I stood, and we kissed gently. Mike was so different from Jack. With Jack, we would have been halfway through a fuck by now.I moved to the bed, pulled the covers back, and lay down. Mike followed.“Just so we won’t make a mess on the cover. I am really looking forward to this,” I told him.“Not as much as I am,” He replied. “I hope I can last long enough to make you happy after what you just did.”“You won’t know until you try,” I said.Mike then positioned himself on the bed between my raised legs ready for him to enter me. I looked down and could see him on his knees and his seven inches of pleasure hard and glistening in the light. It was still damp from my earlier attention.I spread my legs wide and exposed my labia for him to do what I wanted more than anything at that moment.Mike took his cock in his hand and just guided it toward my waiting moist pussy lips.As it touched me I shook with anticipation and desire. Then he pressed forward and I could feel it going into me. There was no resistance despite the thickness of his cock. This is always one of the most pleasurable sensations I enjoy when I fuck.Mike had done this with me on two previous occasions, he pressed forward slowly and filled my body with his cock. I could feel it going deeper and deeper into me and the firmness of my cunt lips gripping the hard shaft as it slid into me. I don’t know how he felt, but to me, this was absolute bliss. I was joined together with a man I had loved before and I had not realised then how deep the feeling had been.I hoped that this would convince him that we were made for each other. It certainly felt like it to me.Had I not been using contraception, I would have willingly allowed him to fill me with his baby juice, and risk the consequences. If this was not lovemaking, I don’t know what is.Mike began to fuck me in the usual way. The only difference between now and the last time was that both of us have had a little more experience, and we knew what to expect. We both knew that he was not leaving the next day, there was no hurry and we could enjoy this, knowing there would be more opportunities in the days ahead.“You have no idea of the number of times I relived that last night we did this. You have no idea of the number of times I thought about the fact we may never do it again. This has to be one of the best fucks I have ever had. One I have looked forward to for over a year,” He said.“An hour ago I would never have believed we would be doing this together. I was just happy to be with you and for you to want to kiss me. It wasn’t until we were on that balcony that I had any idea you wanted to make love to me again. I was thinking of you and Jack. Then your scent and body heat reminded me of our last lovemaking. You wore the same perfume that night as well. The feeling of magic returned and overwhelmed me. I relived those moments of our last night together and wanted desperately to renew our love,” Mike told me.