Eylül 14, 2023

Matt’s Conquest

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Matt met Jo at a party a few months before he came across her personal ad on a sex site he sometimes cruised. “Persuade me to give it up. Smart, sexy Ivy League undergrad seeking the right man for first penetration experience.” Next to the personal was a photo of Jo, smiling and topless. Matt felt as if the wind were knocked out of him. He thought about closing the window, but he was already haunted by the thought caressing the soft skin of her cheek, her bare shoulder, the cleft of her collar bone, skimming down to her gorgeous ripe breasts, her tissue paper soft nipples. “No, I can’t,” he thought. “She’s Greg’s daughter. I could never.”

Matt had known Greg for years. They played together in a pickup hockey league every once in a while, and Greg always invited Matt to the blowout parties he had every few weeks. They weren’t close, but they were buddies, and Matt knew Greg well enough to know that Jo was the apple of her Dad’s eye. Still, Jo had a hot body and there was something about her – about the way she talked and carried herself – that intrigued Matt. He decided to do a little digging. It wasn’t hard: he Googled her screen name and found a blog among the top results.

The entries in Jo’s sex blog were absolutely wild: accounts of both real sexual encounters and fantasies. As Matt read them he found himself more and more aroused. Jo was sexually adventurous but had preserved her virginity – not for marriage or for the right man in the traditional sense. She wanted “the right man” all right, but by that Jo meant something like the man who would take the time to understand and fulfill her specific desires.

One entry particularly interested Matt. In it, Jo described an evening spent fooling around with a sorority girl called “Houston.” It was accompanied by a photo of Jo’s blond head buried in the Houston’s crotch. The other girl’s face was in shadow and her legs stretched out to either side of the frame. At the end of the entry Jo wrote, “I don’t think monogamy is for me. I’ll never choose just men or just women, or only one person for that matter. Still, I want one man, who understands me sexually, who is able to see me as an equal and treat me with respect but also push all my buttons and hold me down and take me when that is what I want. When I meet that man I’ll allow him to take my virginity. I don’t want some tender sweet night of lovemaking when I lose it! I want a night so intense I can never forget a moment of it. I want the physical and mental game, the feeling of being wanted so much that he’ll let no barrier stand in the way, even my reluctance. I want a man who can treat me like a treasure and a conquest at the same time. Maybe I’ll never find him. But I’m holding out.”

A treasure and a conquest? She already was a treasure: smart, beautiful and kind. That was apparent within five minutes of meeting her. Matt wondered if he could use his new found knowledge and his sincere and growing adoration for Jo to master her desires and take her as his conquest.

Over the next couple of months Matt managed to develop a relationship with Jo online. Jo was the equivalent of a streaker on the Internet. She was shockingly, disarmingly honest. She told him about college and about her relationships and flings. She described her ice cream preferences as well as her sex toys: how she employed them and what kind of lube she used. It was clear that she was like this with every Internet suitor, but Matt guessed that most guys didn’t have the guts to return the gesture. He did his best to tell her the absolute truth. After about a month of telling her about what he had for dinner, how many boring meetings he had endured at work and what his latest fantasy of her involved (whipped cream, maraschino cherries and bondage tape), he sensed a change. She started asking more questions. How did he feel about monogamy? What did he see himself doing in 5 years? Where were his favorite places to vacation? She started sending him nude photos by email, accompanied by just three or four words: black lace, blindfold, ice cubes. It took him a few times, but he finally caught on. When she sent “Houston, game, vibration” he replied with an intricate story that began with a three person game of strip poker. It led to him and Houston seducing Jo and bathing her attention and pleasure. At the end of the story, Matt produced a small silver vibrator and commanded Jo to get herself off while he fucked Houston doggie style in front of her.

There were several more of these little stories to follow. Jo would give Matt a critique of each one and he quickly Maltepe Escort learned what Jo really wanted. She wrinkled her nose at anal sex, but loved when he talked dirty and played mind games with her in the stories. All the while Matt was falling for Jo: her complete lack of inhibition on top of all the other great things about her. He did little other than think about her. He was addicted, and had nearly decided to cut himself off and go cold turkey when he got the email he had been waiting for.

“Matt, I’ve decided. I want it to be you. This Friday, during the party my dad’s throwing. Please.”

There was a dull ache in Matt’s chest as he replied with a simple, “yes.” Maybe finally having her would break the spell she had cast on him. Maybe.

Friday night Matt walked into the party at 7:00 p.m. and the place was already swarming with people. The host, Greg, often joked “who says money can’t buy happiness?” He had fortune, friends, and a long and happy marriage. The guy did seem to have it all. His house was huge and surrounded by gardens, a tennis court, a pool and many other amenities. Between 200 and 300 people were at the party already, but the second Matt walked in he saw Greg’s daughter Jo. She was talking and laughing with an older couple: a vision in a sleeveless navy cocktail gown with a deep v neck that hugged every curve of her thin young frame.

Each time Matt caught Jo’s eye, a self-conscious broad smile broke across her face. To everyone else she seemed like the perfect bright upstanding young woman. Matt had the emails to prove she was really a sex-crazed burgeoning slut. Still, when that smile broke, the room seemed brighter. Matt had to fight the urge to grin back at her, starry eyed. Instead he avoided her glances and kept his distance from her.

By 10:00 the party goers were sloshed and happy: talking loudly and continuing to enjoy the open bar. Matt sipped his club soda and kept a discreet eye on Jo. At 10:30 when she slipped into the garden, he followed.

In a dark corner of the rose garden about 30 yards from the house, Jo was looking up at the stars and nursing her drink. Matt approached slowly, making enough noise that he wouldn’t startle her. She turned and smiled again when she saw it was him, but more hesitantly than before.

“Matt, hey… it’s been really fun talking to you these last few weeks, but I was really just having fun. I mean, I really want to get to know you. I’m just not sure about, you know, what I said in the email. It was mostly just a fantasy.”

“Jo, you already know me. I know you, too. You don’t say you want something if you don’t.”

“Well, that’s probably true,” she said with a laugh. “Tonight, though, I have to get back inside before my dad misses me.”

She brushed past him to walk back to the house, but he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close. He brought his lips to the place where her neck and shoulder met, then said in a low voice, just louder than a whisper, “Reality is better than fantasy, Jo. Tonight you’re going to get what I know you want, and I’m going to get you.” His arms were firmly around her now, and she tried to pull away, but with each breath her breasts heaved between the delicate folds of her dress. Her desire was welling up inside her.

“You’ve been doing so much to try to fulfill the desire you have. You put a topless photo on the Web for anyone in the world to find. In your blog you describe wild fantasies: exhibitionism, gang rape, being a sex slave. And what about the things you’ve actually done? You’ve been fooling around with guys and girls. You blew a total stranger last year. You put all of that out where anyone could find it. It would be a damn shame if someone sent an anonymous email to your Dad with a link to your blog.”

“No, Matt. You wouldn’t.”

“Yes, I would. But I’d rather satisfy your desire, Jo.” Matt slipped a hand between the vee of her dress. She was not wearing a bra, of course, and his fingers instantly made contact with one baby-soft nipple. It was even more exquisitely perfect than he imagined. He let out an involuntary moan. She closed her eyes, her breath hard and ragged now. In the moonlight he saw her lips part. She gasped as he pinched her nipple. She was going toward the edge already. He started whispering close in her ear. “You’re so gorgeous when you’re aroused. I bet your cunt is hot and dripping already. It’s dying to know what it will feel like when my dick plunges in for the first time.” He released his grip on her. She took only one small step away from Cevizli Escort him.

“Is there someplace you’d rather have this happen?” he asked.

“Umm… I guess, let’s go to the pool house. Just to talk.”


The couple walked there nonchalantly in case anyone from the party noticed. As soon as they entered the pool house, she turned, dropped to her knees and began undoing his belt.

“What the fuck are you doing, girl?”

“I’ll suck your cock. I want to. Then we’ll be even and I can get back to the party before anyone misses me.”

Matt pulled her up off the floor and tossed her against the door. “Nice try. I’m not here for a blow job.” He drew close and moved a hand up her inner thigh to her panties. The patch of material covering her virgin pussy was soaking wet. He took a step back and felt her body moving with him.


“What?” incredulous.

“Take off your dress.”

She undid the clasp at the back of her neck. The dress fluttered down into a pile at her feet. She stepped out. Now she was standing before Matt in just a sleek black thong and elegant stiletto sandals. Her thin frame was statuesque standing atop the slender pedestals. Matt had an urge to scoop her up, lay her down on the nearby chaise and seduce her slowly. But he know her better than that, and wanted her more than that. He took in her body for a few moments, the pale skin of her full breasts glowing in the moonlight coming into the pool house windows. In the pale light he could barely make out the pinkness of her half-dollar sized areolas surrounding small erect nipples.

“Turn around” she obeyed his every word.

He approached and ran a hand from the base of her neck, slowly down her back. He peeled off her thong and she stepped out, now entirely naked before him except the shoes. Matt’s cock was swollen now, aching to take her tight hole. He was dying to give her what she secretly desired and take her virginity right at that moment. Slowly he undid his belt, his fly and took out his cock. It was a pulsating, steel-hard pole now as he got close to her.

She was bracing herself against the door. “Matt, don’t do this. It’s not too late. Let’s just fool around. I’ll suck your cock. I’ll masturbate and let you watch me cum, I just… I don’t want to lose my virginity like this.”

His cock was just just a few inches from the opening of her hot little cunt now. It pressed against her smooth thigh. “You want me to do this. You want me to thrust into you, rip you open, take you right here.” She was panting hard, but shaking her head.

“Okay then, I can leave you to prostituting yourself on the Internet, at least until your Dad finds out.”

“No, please. We can work something else out.”

Reaching around to fondle both her breasts, he played with and tugged her sweet little nipples. He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered, “Jo, I know what you want. You want me to fuck you. You want to feel like I’m making you do it. Almost as if I’m raping you. You want to lose control.” He pinched her nipples with the word “control” and against her will she let out a low moan and started to writhe against him, her cunt sliding against his eager shaft. The first contact of her soft swollen slit against his manhood sent bolts of pleasure through him. He rubbed the head against her slick slit. Slowly moving it back and forth. He could hardly believe that he could plunge into her at any moment and finally fulfill his desire to take her. He was already struggling to maintain control of himself.

He stepped back.

“Turn and face me,” Matt command. “Right now you’re nothing but a virgin slut and soon you’ll just be my slut. I’m going to take you, and fuck you, and you have no choice. Do you understand?”

Jo nodded yes, wide eyed and staring blatantly at his uncovered cock.

Slowly, Matt undressed, taking time to regain control of his passion. He bared his gym-chiseled body: smooth chest and 6 pack abs. He took pride in his appearance, and in knowing that his strength meant he could do what he wished with this waif of a girl.

Her eyes were filled with unmasked desire as he took her by the hand and led her to the chaise. He sat down and pulled her into his lap so that she was kneeling straddling him. Matt’s cock pressed against her shaved pussy, slick with wetness. He took her breast into his mouth and licked, sucked and fondled it until she was moaning again and again. Then he pressed her body down slowly onto his cock. There was resistance as Atalar Escort he tried to enter her cunt. Her maidenhead. He didn’t think about it. Would it hurt? Her eyes were closed and she clung to him.

“Jo?” He wanted to make her beg. But when he said her name she opened her blue eyes, and they pierced his soul. His heart dropped into his stomach, his mind reeled. He had to maintain this feeling of power and control. He forced her down hard, thrusting his cock into her to the hilt. There was a slight popping sensation and she let out a gasp of surprise as her hymen stretched around him. Her cunt was tight as fuck with newness, and nervousness.

Matt had his hands on Jo’s hips, but after a moment Jo took his strong hands in her slender ones. She looked into his eyes and started to move up and down on him slowly, her pussy relaxing a bit. She had dropped any pretense of resistance and was riding him. Although taking her had been intensely erotic, this was even more powerful. Seeing her unbridled sensuality as she milked his eager cock. Soon she was moaning and throwing her head back. They fucked for several long hot minutes, Matt suckling and pinching her nipples. Then he felt her muscles tense, saw her face contort in looming ecstasy. He spanked her sweet ass once and drove into her a last time.

“Oh GOD!” she moaned and the muscles of her cunt squeezed hard on his cock. The look of ecstasy on her face and undulating squeeze and release of her tunnel was too much for Matt, and with a moan he released inside her. Jo’s orgasm continued crashing over her in waves.

She went limp against his chest and he cradled her for a minute, stroking her hair. He felt wetness against his shoulder and realized there were tears streaming down her cheeks, but when he lifted her face there was a wide smile on her face. He lifted her off his semi-erect cock and lay her, face down, on the chaise. She was limp as a rag doll sprawled on the chaise.

Seeing her like that: satiated and vulnerable, and remembering how he had given in to tenderness and lost himself inside her stirred up a whirlwind of feelings. He found himself reaching for his pants pocket. Retrieving a packet of lube, he spread some on his cock and started stroking himself. Jo was still so relaxed that when he spread her ass cheeks and began to fondle her asshole she didn’t seem to even register what he was doing. The head of Matt’s well lubed cock slid easily into the starburst pucker of her asshole, just past the outer sphincter.

“What are you doing?!” A bit of fear showed in her voice. She tried to get up the strength to struggle away, but he had both her hands pinned to her back.

“Shh, slut. I took what you wanted me to take, and now I’m taking your sweet ass, too. You wanted to give up control, and this is the only way I can really control you, by taking you in a way you never thought I would. You can either relax and do it my way, or struggle and not have nearly as nice a time. Now take a deep breath and let it out slowly.” She did as he told her, whimpering slightly as he entered her virgin asshole as slowly and gently as he could. He took his time with the first few thrusts as her anus became used to his length and girth. She was quiet as he took the virginity she didn’t want to give.

Matt fished his secret weapon from his pants pocket. A small silver bullet vibe. As he began to speed up his thrusts, he reached under her body and pressed the vibrating nob against her bare clit. The buzz of the little assistant was too much for Jo, and as Matt increased his slow thrusts to a rhythmic pounding of her tight ass she began to moan again. This time he maintained control, waiting until after her body was rocked once again with orgasm. Once she was quiet, he pulled out and spilled his cum across her back.

He dressed quickly. Jo laid there, nearly unconscious with pleasure and overwhelmed by the experience. Matt stood for a minute, looking down at his conquest. Besides being sweaty, fulfilled and exhausted, she was deflowered and splattered with his semen. She finally truly looked like the slut she was on the inside. Matt knelt down at her side and brushed her sweaty hair away from her face.


“Mmm,” she murmured, opening her gleaming blue eyes. The wide smile broke over her face again like a moonrise.

“You’re a beautiful fuck,” Matt said softly. He kissed her once, then left the pool house. It was all the tenderness he could allow himself to give. As Matt walked away he tried to pretend that all he wanted from Jo he had taken that night. However, the two blue pools of her eyes, her quarter-moon smile, every inch of her soft sensuous body, and every minute of the online conversations they shared all haunted him. Each time she came to mind the aching pull of wanting her took over a wider place inside him.