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Maybe Massage with CUM Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Reading the earlier chapters will give you a better understanding of this woman, her sexuality, and her sexual journey. However, it is not necessary. This is the beginning of Temma’s night with many men and she shares it with a woman who captivates her.


Temma was ready, it was 7.50 pm. She was to be collected at 8.

Dressed and bag packed, she was ready.

Waiting, she was flooded with thoughts and emotions.

She was excited to be seeing Charles and for the event he…no, they had planned. She was confident and ready for the experience…or was she. She wanted Charles and she wanted this night, no matter how challenging it might be. A smile creased her red lips.

Expecting at least five men and what promised to be a lot of cock and cum, made her wet. Being the center of attention for the night’s sexual activities was new to her. I love cock and I love cum. I can handle cocks but to be on display covered in cum. To be with so many men in one evening. To be the woman these men, these cocks would focus on, was a challenge. That was the challenge. AH, but it meant new cocks, lots of new cocks. Her thoughts and emotions raced.

A knock on the door brought her back. Exactly 8 pm she noted.

Opening the door, Temma was surprised. She smiled but said nothing. The presence in the doorway spoke.

“Hi, I’m Renata. I’m here to accompany you to the social evening.”

A hand was offered, taken by Temma, and shaken. Temma still had not spoken or moved. She was enthralled by the vision in front of her. A woman. A woman who was a little taller than her and bigger than her. Her face was so… Temma struggled to describe this woman to herself. She knew first impressions are so important and she was completely absorbed by the vision.

Renata’s mouth was big and her lips full and sensual. Her smile revealed perfect teeth and her whole face engaged in her smile. Her eyes were green and looked alive, her skin, pale and perfect. That almost translucent skin allows some surface veins to be visible. She could see this on her chest. Light blonde hair framed the face. But the body was even more of a draw to Temma.

First, and right there in her face, was a pair of breasts. My God, they were big, the biggest she had ever been this close to. But they were full and standing out from her chest. Not sagging or hanging as breasts this size usually do. Her body was solid but not in the slightest fat. It was a strong-looking body, a powerful body, Temma thought.

“You are Temma, I hope? Are you alright? Charles asked me to collect you.”

“Sorry. I am so sorry. I’m not sure what happened. Yes, I am Temma, and I am going to see Charles tonight. I must apologize, I was rude and did not mean to offend. I…”

Renata interjected, “Not need to apologise. Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine thank you.”

“Are you alone? I was informed there would be two people attending,” Renata’s voice was gentle and deep.

“I am alone tonight. Jay, my partner, seems to be distant lately and will not be attending.”

“Well, you’re no longer alone.” The woman smiled. A smile that reassured Temma. Was there a hint of sexuality about the way she smiled?

She closed the door and they walked down the steps to the car. Temma was amazed by this woman. She was wearing trousers of a light fabric and they were a firm fit around her well-muscled ass. They were the type of pants that sent the seam way deep in between those strong-looking cheeks. She stared at the motion of this woman’s ass. Her legs looked fit and powerful under the material. Her shoulders were broad, and her head was carried high. A proud and purposeful stance and walk. She even smelled good.

Renata opened the door of a car and lifted the bag from Temma’s hand. Back to the real world Temma, she said to herself. As she slid into the seat, she realised Renata was already in the driver’s seat.

“I would have brought one of the Ferraris if I had known there would only be two of us. But for a four-seater, this Maserati Ghibli does fairly well. Are you ready Temma?” Renata’s voice had become smooth and gentle with a hint of a whisper. A voice that was caring, and a little sensual.

“Yes, I am, thank you. I was not expecting a lady. I don’t know why but I wasn’t. I think I’m also a little apprehensive about tonight. I have not been to this house before.”

“Relax. CJ is a wonderful man. He will welcome you and never cause you discomfort.”

“‘CJ’? That is Charles I assume?”

“Yes, that’s what his friends call him. We are all very relaxed in each other’s company as you will see tonight.”

“So, CJ is a good man to work for?” Temma tried to speak in a normal tone but didn’t think she succeeded. She was having great difficulty taking her eyes off the beautiful woman’s sensuous lips and the big, mobile breasts right next to her. It was not just their size, but the way they moved. It was like she was izmit seks hikayeleri not wearing a bra. Temma could see Renata’s nipples move as her tits swayed with the motion of the car. The top was a firm fit but not too tight. A short top with buttons. All done up. But it was a low-cut top, so there weren’t many buttons. The soft material meant the contour of these big tits was clearly visible, including the bumps on her very big areolas. Every subtle motion of the car put these huge breasts into motion. And God, they were in motion.

“Oh, I don’t work for him. We are…well… it’s difficult to explain. We are friends, work colleagues and we are close. It is a long story. My husband and CJ were friends many years ago. When CJ started his ‘enterprise’, Dan, my husband, was involved in a small way. The three of us were close. My husband passed, almost ten years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Renata.” Renata glanced at her with a subtle smile. A smile that made her sensuous mouth look positively sexy. Her red lips looked like they should be used.

“CJ was my rock,” Renata continued. “His support was invaluable to me. I now have an interest in the business and work in it. I have stayed close to CJ.”

Renata glanced over toward Temma again. She thought so, Temma was looking at her breasts. Renata’s smiled and continued.

“You will find CJ is an amazing man. He has complete trust and faith in a few people. These people are his friends, his workmates, and share in the business in a small way.”

She looked over again and Temma was still staring at her breasts. She looked at Temma, down at her own big, swaying breasts and back to her.

Temma realised, with a shock, that she had been staring and had been caught.

“I’m sorry Renata, it’s just that I…”

“No need to apologise. Relax and stop apologising. Be yourself and ask questions or talk as you want.”

“Well,” said Temma. “I was fascinated by,..Ah… by your…”

“My very large breasts. My huge tits. You have been looking at them since I got to your house. What is happening in your head Temma? Relax and share it with me please.”

Temma took a deep breath and spoke in an even tone, or so she thought.

“I was wondering if you were wearing a bra. When I first looked at you, I was stunned. It was not because I was expecting a man as I said. It was you. Your presence and your body. Your face and sensual lips captured my attention initially but then your body was right there. Oh, that is way too much to say when I have only just met you. So, I’ll go back to the bra question.?”

Renata moved one hand over to Temma and lifted one of her hands. She now brought Temma’s hand up to her breast. She pushed the hand against the side of her big breast. Slowly she moved the hand up the side of her breast, across the top, and down into her deep cleavage. She then moved the hand across the front, slowly and with some pressure. Temma was amazed. Renata was wearing a bra of sorts. It went up the side of her breast, but as soon as her hand got near the top of this breast it was flesh. No bra. And as her hand moved into the cleavage, still no material. Most amazingly, there was nothing across the front. As her hand moved across the front of the breast she could feel the nipple, the bumps on her areolas, and the amount and softness of the flesh. My God that feels wonderful she thought. She suddenly removed her hand. Renata had removed her hand some time ago and Temma had kept her hand on the nipple and areola. She had been subtly moving her hand in small circles feeling the big nipple harden under the pressure of her palm.


“Please don’t apologise. Your hand on me was a beautiful feeling. Your hand on my tit. You can be open, that is how it works with CJ’s friends. So, please tell me how it felt for you and how you felt doing it.”

Renata had already taken hold of Temma’s hand again.

This time she slipped it under her top and used the two hands to lift the front of her top. Temma’s hand was now on her bare flesh. She moved it across as much of the tit as she had access to. Coming back to the nipple several times. Feeling the size of it and feeling it becoming bigger and harder each time her hand came back to it.

“Are you alright Temma?”

“Oh God yes.”

“Does this upset you?”

“Oh God no.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh God yes.”

Renata looked down to see both her tits exposed, her top up above them, and Temma’s hand moving all over them.

Temma felt the car move onto a rough surface. She glanced up and realised they were now in the country and Renata had pulled off the road. Temma removed her hand. Renata turned her body and looked into Temma’s eyes.

Renata spoke in that calm reassuring voice, “They are big breasts, huge tits. They have extremely big areolas, and my nipples are thick and long when they get hard. They are getting hard with your hand on them. I’m used to getting reactions like yours from men, but it is not common from a woman. Talk to me Temma. What are you thinking and feeling.”

While she was talking, Renata had moved both her hands to her tits. She ran them over the exposed surface, which was almost all of them. Holding each nipple between finger and thumb, she pulled them hard and looked into the other woman’s eyes. She pushed them even closer to Temma and said. “Now it’s your turn.” Temma immediately had both her hands on those magnificent tits. The areola was as big as the palm of her hand. No, bigger.

“Oh, they are wonderful. I want to touch them and lift them to feel their weight. I want to pull on those enormous nipples,” She was doing everything as she said it. Her voice showing the excitement of a child with a new candy. Renata’s hand went around Temma’s head and gently pulled her head, guiding Temma’s face into her tits, across the front of each one, pausing at the nipple, then lifted her head till she was looking right into Temma’s face. She lent a little further and kissed her. A gentle kiss on the lips. Just lips. Then she began to withdraw. Temma moved a hand up to Renata’s cheek and pulled her back in. She kissed her again. But this was not like the last kiss. This was a full, wet kiss. Both women were now lost in this sensual kiss. A long sexual kiss, tongues, and saliva. Renata probed Temma’s mouth with her tongue. The tongue went right into Temma’s mouth. It was a very long tongue. Temma felt like she had a small cock in her mouth. She pushed her face in harder and opened her mouth as far as she could. She moaned and now had both hands around Renatta’s head. When the kiss ended, they both took a breath and looked at each other. In unison, they laughed.

“Fuck, that was hot. I want that again and I want more, but we have a place to be. Would you be interested in continuing that later?” It was Renata that spoke, but her voice was not as calm as before. There was an edge to it. An urgency in it that was new.

“Oh God yes. YES, please. This is not my usual behavior, I was totally mesmerised by you and your presence. By your body too. Your mouth is so full and sensual. I wanted to kiss and feel your mouth. I wanted to feel your lips between mine. I want to touch your lips. And your tongue….fuck I want to suck your tongue again. It was like you were fucking my mouth,” She tentatively raised her hand toward Renata’s mouth.

“Please touch my mouth. Explore my lips then put your fingers in my mouth,” Renata invited.

Before she had finished speaking, fingers were running over those beautiful big lips. She probed her mouth a little. Renata opened and accepted the fingers into her mouth. There was a little force applied to pull her mouth open, then explore it. Renata sucked and gently nibbled them. The fingers were removed, a long thin string of saliva stretching from the lips to the wet fingers. It broke as Temma put her wet fingers right into her mouth. She looked at Renata and made a show of licking and sucking those fingers.

“Your lips are so very sensual Renata,”

“They are not just good for sucking fingers, they are excellent on a cock, nipple, or clit. I do love using them on all three. I like to suck, Temma. I love sucking cock and having my lips soaked in your pussy juice would be a wonderful experience. However, we might have to wait for that,”

They were driving again, and Renata had not replaced her top. Her huge boobs swayed with the car’s motion.

“Now I will try to speak,” Temma was determined to continue.

“I have little experience with a woman. Your powerful body attracted me. Your face is stunning. There is no point in me trying to explain how your tits affect me,” Honesty is the best way, she thought.

“Your fucking big tits present a world of pleasure for me. I want to have uninterrupted time with them. With you. I want to get you to bend over, so I see them falling away from your body and hanging down. They would be so long. I want to move my hands down them, pulling them away from your body. I want to see you dance and watch your hot boobs move without a bra. I would love to feel your lips on my clit. Actually, I want them on my cunt. I would love to rub my cunt all over your face. Then kiss you and bury my face in your pussy. Is that open enough Renata? I want you to stand naked in front of me and let me walk around you. Touching all of you. Even in the dim light, I can see how translucent your beautiful white skin is. God, it shows the veins in your tits and across your chest. I would love to trace them with my fingers and then my tongue. But tonight, I am going to this gathering with a specific plan. Do you know what tonight holds for me?”

“Oh, I know. That is why I dressed the way I did and behaved as we have. You are going to the house. You are going to have a man cum on you then leave his cum on you while you talk to the people present. You are going to repeat that process at least five times. I know because I’m taking some photos. I’m also there to help or support you if you want or need it. Although he told you that you would be the only woman, CJ wanted another woman there so you would feel supported. I’ll be there all night. But I’m warning you that I may not be able to keep my hands and lips off you.”

Temma smiled and said, “I’m so pleased you will be there. You will make the night so much more exciting. But what about CJ. Will he accept what has happened between us tonight?”

“You have so much to learn about him. HE sent ME to collect you, remember. He knows me well. He will be interested to hear what happened, watch any more that might happen between us, and get involved. Then he will take you to bed for the night. Did he tell you that he would like you to stay the night?”

“Not exactly, but I assumed that would happen. It seems I have much to learn about CJ and his friends. Much to learn about you. I am so horny right now, I would happily do any sexual thing asked of me. Getting to explore new cocks in a safe environment and be on show has my mind spinning and my pussy wet. Now, adding you to the mix means I feel like I have lost all self-control. I feel I can give myself over to my sexual urges. I can be anything I want, I can do anything I want. But I also want to be the slut CJ seems to want. What about you? Do you want me to be a slut? Can you go with me if I let my debauched side lose tonight?”

Renata’s voice was steady again, “That is probably the best way to be for a night like tonight. It will heighten everyone’s experience and allow you to be as sexual and dirty as you want. I think we should talk more at the first opportunity. But yes, I think I can go with you. I wonder if you can go where I want to take you?”

The lights from the house lit Renata’s face and heavy, swaying breasts. Temma was still looking at her lips and her tits.

As the car stopped, Renata pulled her top down. Slipped out of the car and came round to open the door. Temma looked up. A house? No, a mansion, a huge country house.

As they moved from the car, Renata grabbed Temma’s ass and gave it a lingering, sensual feel.

“You are fucking hot girl,” she said.

Renata led the way into the house. Through a couple of doors and into a medium-sized room. Men were gathered near a high table with drinks on it.

Charles moved away from the group and approached them.

“You look beautiful Temma,” He kissed her. One of the real kisses. A deep sensual kiss. He hugged her and said into her ear,

“You look more erotic every time I see you. You feel warm and look slightly flushed. Was you drive her alright? Did Renata look after you and put you at ease?”

“Ah…” she looked at Renata and smiled, “Oh yes she did.”

Temma smiled and Charles grinned as if he knew everything that had happened in the car.

“She is magnificent this woman. I am so lucky to know her and to be in her company often. Her presence still affects me more than I can explain or understand,” CJ looked at Renata as he spoke. She kissed his cheek then lightly kissed his lips.

“Now we meet the others,” He said, moving over to the group of men.

“Gentlemen, this is Temma. This lady has amazed me on several occasions. Tonight, she might just amaze us all.”

Temma looked around the group. Be confident and calm she said to herself.

A hand was offered, she shook it. This is Wayne, and so it went on. Each of the four men held her hand gently and longer than needed. They looked into her eyes. All were well dressed, well-built, and had a smile for her. She recognised two of them. She remembered them staring at her exposed tits in the lift. She remembered standing between them, stroking their cocks. Then the feeling of one mouth on her pussy and the other on her ass. An anal plug inserted and then them cumming over her. A lot of cum.

“Nice to see you again”, she managed for those two.

A drink was in her hand and some simple conversation occurred. This was feeling harder than she expected. Then CJ came close to her.

“I want you. I want your body,” his arm around her back. “I want you to relax and enjoy yourself. Do anything you want. Do not do anything you do not want to do.” He kissed her again. She felt the stress wash away. Another drink in her hand. One of the men she had not met spoke,

“I hear you will interview us. You will use our responses in your research. Will you share your research with us when it is completed?”

“I will publish it and will be sure to send Charles a copy. I would like him to share it with you all. Then I would be happy to get your feedback on my work. That feedback will be more interesting to me than the feedback from my academic supervisors. I think I could do a second interview with those who wanted it. I am doing this to get my Ph.D., so feedback from my academic supervisors is important, but I am also doing it to expand my understanding of human sexuality and my own sexuality. The years I have worked in this field have expanded my own sexual experience and….” She paused, struggling for words and the appropriateness of what she wanted to say.