Haziran 19, 2023

Meeting an online friend for the first time

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Meeting an online friend for the first timeMany years ago I was living in Australia and I was researching the idea of moving to the United States. I made contact with a company that wanted to hire me and everything was set. I would be based in the New England area. As I were going thru that process I was browsing online looking for people in the New England area to chat with, ask about the area and maybe make friends with so I’d know people when I finally arrived. Back in those days I was mostly using Yahoo chat rooms to meet people. One day I met Maria. She lived in Boston and we hit it off. We chatted online and e-mailed regularly for several months before I moved to the US. It didn’t take too long for the chat to get intimate and before long we were sending each other naughty photos and having cyber sex during our online chats. I even spoke with her on the phone a couple of times and we had phone sex. I arrived in the US and spent the first few months at the corporate headquarters before moving up to New England. Once in there I arranged to meet with Maria for a weekend in Boston.So I checked into a hotel downtown. By now Maria and I seemed to know each other really well and we were both excited to be meeting in real life. We were also both excited to finally have the opportunity to explore each other’s body. I left work early on Friday and checked into my hotel around 5pm. Maria was going to come and meet me in my room. By now the sexual tension was thick in our communications and I asked Maria if she had any special requests. We had chatted about how we would like our first meeting to start and we came up with a little fantasy to get things started and to break the ice.After checking in to the hotel, I sent Maria a text message to let her know I was all settled in and I gave her my room number. She said she would be there in about 10 minutes. So per our plan, I stripped naked, pulled the sheets back on the bed and lay back, gently playing with myself. Thinking of Maria on her way to hotel made it pretty easy to get nice and hard. A short while later Maria sent another text to tell me she in the hotel lobby waiting for the elevator. Per our plan, I went to my room door and propped it open just a little so Maria could come in without me opening the door for her. I went back to the bed, propped Escort bayan myself up on the pillows and stroked myself very hard. I couldn’t see the door from the bed but what seemed like hours later, I heard it slowly opening and Maria called out my name. I replied I was on the bed and I heard her close and lock the room door. She then stepped into view smiling shyly. She had wanted to come into the room this way to find me playing with my hard cock and she told me later she wasn’t sure if I’d really do it.But here we were. Me naked and very hard on the bed and Maria fully clothed at the foot of the bed. She asked if she could be of any help. I told her she was welcome to do anything she pleased. So she came by the bed and reached down to grip my hard cock, stroking it slowly. After all the chatting, cyber sex and phone sex, it felt so good to finally have her touching me. As she slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft, I noticed I had some pre-cum oozing from my cocked she asked if I would mind her kissing it. Of course I didn’t mind, so she bent down and gently kissed my swollen head. Suddenly I felt the tip of her tongue flicking the tip of my cock and I thought my balls might explode right then. Before I knew it she was sucking my whole head into her mouth, taking me a little deeper as she continued stroking my shaft with her hand. I closed my eyes as a wave of pleasure ran thru my body and I instinctively reached out to caress her breast thru her top. As she continued giving me gentle blowjob my hand explored her chest. I could feel her nipple hardening, pushing against her bra and top. I reached down and pulled her top up as best I could, reaching under her top with determination, squeezing her breast thru her bra before trying to reach into her bra. Finally I felt the soft smooth skin of her breast and my finger tips skipped over her erect nipple. Her clothing only allowed fleeting touches as she continued sucking and stroking me passionately. I ran my hand down her body and between her legs, rubbing her thru her jeans. I pressed my hand firmly against her jeans wanting desperately to feel her moist pussy and opened my eyes to look at her. I suggested it was a little unfair that one of us was naked and the other fully clothed. She released my cock Bayan escort as she stood and looked at me smiling as she asked what I would like her to do next. I suggested she just get as naked as I was.I watched as she stood and moved back a few feet, pulling her top off. She then reached back and unclasped her bra, letting it drop to the floor, freeing her beautiful firm breasts. They were a handy B cup, with lovely dark nipples that were standing proud and erect. I love nice hard nipples! She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to the floor, stepping out of them before pulling her panties down and off too. Now she was standing naked beside the bed, asking what I’d like her to do next. I asked her to lay on her back on the bed. She lay down and I got up on my hands and knees and moved over her. I began by kissing her softly, our tongues exploring, gentle but passionate. As we kissed I lowered my hips over her so the tip of my cock was rubbing over her pussy. I moved my body down hers until my mouth was over her breasts, kissing her soft skin lightly. I flicked the tip of my tongue lightly over her, teasing her, exciting her as I moved closer to her erect nipple before eventually taking it in my mouth. I pulled her nipple firmly into my mouth, savoring its feel against my tongue as I reached out and squeezed her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing, twisting and pulling on it gently. I was hungry to explore her body and moved my head down her tummy as I eventually lay between her open legs, my mouth kissing her trimmed pubic mound. I ran my tongue down over her pussy lips as she spread her legs open wider. My tongue flicked along her lips as I felt them swelling open, tasting and smelling her sweet juices. I was fully focused on the task at hand, licking her pussy lips firmly as her outer lips opened, revealing her inner lips which I sucked firmly into my mouth, pulling on them, caressing them with my tongue. I love exploring new pussies with my tongue. Maria was clearly enjoy the moment just as much as me, as she moaned softly, reaching down and firmly pulling my head harder against her pussy. I could feel her body arching as she reached her threshold, my tongue lightly flicking her clit as her body submitted to orgasm, the waves of Escort pleasure rushing thru her body, her legs wide, her pussy wet and primed.I lifted my head from between her legs and as Maria looked down at me with a smile, I asked if she would like to feel me inside her. She said yes and I moved off her and off the bed to grab a condom. I quite often get a bit soft as I eat pussy, so I watched Maria lightly rubbing herself as I gently stroked myself hard before putting on the condom. I was glad we had the whole weekend ahead of us, because I had so much pent up sexual desire I knew I wouldn’t be holding back long before cumming hard. Maria watched me roll the condom on my now hard cock and then told me to lay on my back on the bed, just as I had instructed her to do earlier. I obeyed and she stood on the bed straddling my torso. I was looking straight up at her spread, wet pussy. Without wasting any more time, Maria squatted over me, reaching down to guide my cock inside her as she lowered onto me. I felt her warm wet pussy stretching tight around me as she sat down, eventually taking the full length of my cock deep in her pussy. She leaned forward slightly as she began to slowly rock back and forth on me. I reached up to caress her beautiful breasts, playing with her nipples, just relaxing to enjoy the moment. She positioned herself on me, her hips tilted to allow her clit to rub firmly along the top of my shaft as she fucked me slowly. Even with the condom dulling the sensation a little, it was all too much for all months of pent up sexual energy and I knew I couldn’t back much longer. I warned Maria that I was getting close and she responded by speeding up her movement on me. I was thrusting up from under her with each movement, pushing my cock up and as deep inside her as I possibly could and I felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm building. Soon my hands were on her hips, pulling her down and holding her down on me as I pushed my cock as deep inside her as I could, my cock spasmed as I pumped a huge load of warm cum into the condom. I had been tempted to suggest not wearing a condom and pulling out to cum on her trimmed pussy. As my orgasm subsided, Maria lay on top of me, her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock still deep in her pussy as it slowly softened.We eventually pulled ourselves apart and showered and went out for dinner, before exploring each other again after dinner. But nothing beat that first time, when after so much talk we were finally able to see each other, touch and feel each other, taste and smell each other for the very first time.