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Milky Boy Ch. 06

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They left me alone the rest of that day and also that night. I drove to work the next day (Wednesday) with the chastity device in place, happy that my wife hadn’t noticed it yet. Of course, the way our sex life had been going lately, she may not notice it for a while! When I walked in, my secretary was already at her desk.

“Good morning, got milk?” she said sarcastically in reference to my briefcase bumper sticker.

“Very funny” I replied.

“I’ll bring your daily calendar in shortly, just finishing a few things up” she added.

A short while later, my secretary (her name is Jill by the way, she’s a 35 year old, divorced mother of 2 young kids, nice looking, smart) brought in my calendar for the day.

“You’ve got your staff meeting at 8:00 this morning, and then you’re free until your meeting with the L & J Milk Company at 1:00 this afternoon. Those are the only two meetings you have all day” she said.

“L & J Milk Company?” I asked in shock, “How did they get on my calendar?”

“That same young lady that called you the other day, Lauren, called and set up the meeting. She said her company has something do with financial matters and that you would know what she was talking about” Jill told me; “She sounds awfully nice, very professional.”

“Did she say anything else?” I asked her.

“Just that she wanted a small conference room with a projector and internet access, which I’ve arranged for” Jill replied.

“Okay, I’ll leave it on the schedule, thanks Jill” I said as she walked back to her desk.

“Lauren also said to remind you to take your pill about 11:00” Jill added as she shrugged her shoulders. Shaking my head at Lauren’s boldness, I went about work for the rest of the morning, wondering what she was brewing up this time. I took my Viagra on schedule at 11:00.

Shortly before 1:00 Jill came into my office, “Lauren and Jen from L & J Milk Company are waiting for you in the small conference room.”

“Okay, I’m on my way” I said. I headed down to the conference room and walked in to find Jen hooking up her laptop to our projector.

“Hi Milky! Nice place you’ve got here” Lauren said, “Is our little friend safely locked away?” she added.

I inadvertently glanced down at my crotch and nodded “Yes, not going anywhere without the keys” I replied. As I said that I looked down at her feet, checking to see if she had the ankle bracelet on, which she did. “It’s a little uncomfortable at the moment, thanks to that pill I was told to take at 11:00” I said.

She and Jen had a nice little chuckle at that statement. “I’ve got a feeling you’re gonna be even Arnavutköy escort more uncomfortable in a few minutes!” Jen added.

I noticed both Jen and Lauren were dressed like professional business women. They had on tailored suits and skirts, pantyhose and high heel pumps. Lauren even carried a small leather brief case, while Jen carried her lap top. “Maybe that’s why they went to the mall?” I silently thought. The girls sat down at the small conference table. Jen was on one side working the lap top and Lauren took charge, sitting at the head of the table.

“Have a seat” Lauren said, pointing to the chair to her right.

“Well, let’s start the meeting” Lauren said in an official tone. Turning to me she said “L & J Milk Company is rolling out their new website today and we wanted you to be the first, but certainly not the last, to see it. It’s called” That was Jen’s cue to click on the home page of their new website. I stared at the website image being projected on the conference room projection screen in shock! The home page picture was the one of me taken yesterday in Lauren’s kitchen! There I was, in sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, shaved cock and balls, chastity device and lipstick graffiti on my chest, stomach and forehead! I was getting sick to my stomach. I sat there speechless, my mouth hanging open. Lauren continued, “We’re glad that you like it Milky. Jen, show him the other pictures.” Jen clicked her way through every single photo the girls had taken of me over the last several days. Even the pictures I had taken of myself around the office were included. Last but not least, was a picture of me with my briefcase and the bumper sticker saying “got milk?” I sat there dumbfounded, feeling like I had lost total control of my life to these two demanding girls.

“Our new website is designed to help us expand our little business,” Lauren went on to say, emphasizing the word “little”; an obvious reference to my cock size. Not exactly sure what she meant, I looked back at the screen where Jen had moved away from the pictures and onto some text. The verbiage on the website referred to me as an “ATM” and said I was available for “withdrawals” 24/7. It went on to explain the current “menu options” I had in place with Lauren and Jen: $50 for a Blue Dick Special, $75 for a hand job, $100 for feet kissing, and $125 for a blow job. The “ATM” fee was a 50% commission payable to Lauren and Jen. Apparently anyone wanting to take advantage of my services and earn some cash could schedule a milking session with me through Lauren or Jen. They would then make arrangements to get Avcılar escort bayan the chastity device key from one of them, leaving their driver’s license or credit card as collateral. The individual would then meet up with me for performance of the selected “menu item” and get paid. When the individual returned the key to Lauren or Jen, gave them 50% of the payment, that person would then get their credit card or driver’s license back.

“Isn’t it a wonderful idea Milky?” Jen asked in her sweetest voice.

“One stipulation is that your first milking of every day is reserved for Jen or me” Lauren chimed in, “You could say we like our milk fresh!” I still had not said a word; the feeling of defeat was immense. “Of course, we’ll be careful who we give this web address to. We don’t want to kill the golden goose after all!” Lauren said. I looked at them with a startled look on my face and said

“So basically you are pimping me out to your friends, is that it?”

“That’s pretty much it, for now anyway” Lauren said coldly. “By the way, what’s your wife’s e-mail address?” I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut. These girls had me nailed and they knew it. I reluctantly gave Lauren my wife’s e-mail address. “Thanks,” she said, “We won’t use it unless we have to. But I’m sure she’d be very interested in our website!”

Jen had navigated back to the home page with the picture of me in her pantyhose and the lipstick writing all over me. Just then Jill knocked on the conference room door and walked in without waiting for an answer.

“Just wondering if you wanted some coffee” she said before noticing the image of me on the screen. Jen deliberately did not minimize the image on her laptop. As Jill turned and looked at the website projection she gasped “Oh, my God!” She stood there with her hand over her mouth for a minute, taking in the image of her boss. After the initial shock subsided, Jill looked at me with a wicked smile.

Lauren didn’t miss a beat; “I think we may our first client” she smiled slyly.

“I think we should give Jill a live demonstration. Jen honey, would you do the honors this time?” Lauren asked. Then she turned to Jill and said “Would you please lock the conference room door?” After the door was locked, Jen walked over to my side of the conference table and told me to stand up and take my pants off. While I was doing this, she positioned a chair for Jill so she had a bird’s eye view of the action.

“Where’s your milking kit Milk Boy?” Jen asked. I had left it in my briefcase in my office and since I already had my pants off, Jen went and retrieved Escort Bağcılar it. Re-locking the door when she came back in, she pulled a chair away from the table for her and placed it opposite of the chair where Jill was sitting. “Kneel down on all fours in front of my chair” Jen said to me. My hard on was in full bloom as I submitted to these three beautiful women. Jen opened the milking kit and pulled on the obligatory latex gloves. Jill was watching every step in fascination. Before Jen lubed me up with the hand lotion, she said to Jill “Kick off one your pumps and place it directly under his little appendage here.” Jill placed one of her high heel pumps directly under my cock and Jen lubed me up and began stroking. Lauren took charge of the camera this time, capturing more photos for their damn website I’m sure.

As Jen stroked me, she explained everything to Jill. “What we’re doing here is giving him a hand job milking, which he’ll pay us $75 for the privilege of receiving. I’m going to milk him right into your high heel, then later after he re-loads and you’ve walked around in these shoes, you can have him kiss that foot while he cums again. He’ll pay you $100 for that little bit of enjoyment!” she chuckled. I started groaning, feeling my orgasm rapidly approaching. “It won’t be long now” Jen said to Jill, “whenever he starts moaning that means we’re only seconds away from eruption!” A couple more strokes from Jen’s slender hands and I was spewing cum into my secretary’s high heel pump like there was no tomorrow! I looked over at Jill as she sat there in the chair, legs crossed, her shoeless, nylon clad foot hanging in mid air.

Jen peeled off the gloves, dropped them insultingly on my head and proclaimed to Jill “That’s all there is to it!”

“Not quite” Lauren added, “pay up Milky.”

I stood and walked over to my pants on the other side of the table, my hard on poking out in front of me at the three women giggled. I paid Jen her $75.

“Now be a good Milky Boy and put Jill’s shoe back on for her” Jen said. I picked up Jill’s shoe and knelt in front of her, slipping her pretty foot back into her cummy shoe.

“Yuck, it’s wet and warm on my foot!” Jill laughed.

“He’ll clean it off in about 45 minutes, don’t worry” Lauren said.

Lauren said the meeting was over and told me to get dressed. She said now that the website was operational; they expected the calls to start rolling in.

“So far we’ve only sent the website address to a few our close friends, but I’m sure the word will get around fast enough!” Jen added. They decided to leave my chastity device off for right now since I had just been milked and also since Jill would be milking me again in about 45 minutes.

“After he spews his little puddle Jill, lock this back in place right away” Lauren said, handing her my chastity device.

Lauren and Jen left telling me they’d be in touch very soon!

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