Mayıs 1, 2023

Mom Becomes My Lover

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Chapter One: How It All BeganI was fourteen when my father passed away. Mom and I both grieved but after the first year our sadness eased off, and while I adjusted to life with just the two of us, she withdrew into a shell. She would go to work, come home, keep house and cook for me but no longer socialized with her old friends or went anywhere. She turned down invitations for dinners and parties, and spent her time cooped up at home instead. This was unlike her previous life with dad; she was in a rut.One Saturday shortly after my sixteenth birthday her old friend Krista paid us an unannounced visit. I was on my way out when she pulled in our driveway. I stopped to chat for a minute and she confided that she was on a mission to break Mom out of her shell. Krista was attending a party at a social club that evening, and she was determined to take Mom with her.“It will do her good to dress up, get out and mix with some new folks,” Krista said.“I agree,” I answered, “but I doubt you’ll succeed. She hasn’t gone out anywhere since Dad died.”“Just leave it to me,” Krista answered, as she headed into our house.When I returned two hours later, I was surprised to see Krista’s car still in the driveway. Inside I could hear them upstairs in Mom’s bedroom, talking and giggling. I looked in and found them trying on different outfits, wine glasses in hand and a wine bottle almost empty.“Hi Tom,” Krista said to me, “guess who is going to a party tonight?”Both Krista and Mom were half dressed and posing in front of the mirror. I stood at the doorway watching, and felt my cock responding to this scene. Neither seemed Girne Escort shy about appearing in front of me wearing only bras and panties, as though I was an asexual object.I watched as they finished dressing. They both looked very sexy; short skirts, revealing tops, stockings, and heels, with makeup and jewelry to accent their clothing.“Krista and I are going to go together in her car,” Mom told me, “I left a twenty on the kitchen counter for you to buy yourself some supper.”They made ready to leave.“Don’t wait up for us,” Krista smirked, which caused Mom to laugh.Then they were gone.I spent the evening with my buddies Rick and Bruce. We shot pool, played arcade games and smoked weed. We broke up in time for me to arrive back at the house just before midnight, and I discovered Mom and Krista had not returned.I stripped down to my t-shirt and briefs and started to crawl in bed when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I looked out the window and noticed it wasn’t Krista’s car. A minute later two men and my mom emerged. Mom was unsteady on her feet and was supported by the men, one on either side of her. She was giggling as they walked toward the house.I moved silently down the stairs and took up a position behind the doorway where I could observe them without being seen. They entered the living room and the three of them plopped down on the couch, Mom between them.The men wasted no time going to work on her. They took turns giving her long kisses while at the same time their hands explored her body. Her top was unbuttoned, and her tits exposed. Each man used one Magosa Escort hand to squeeze her tits, and the other hand to massage her stocking-covered legs and then her pussy. They kept this up for a couple of minutes, then one of the men hooked his thumbs around her panties and slid them down her legs and off. They both started fingering her, and she made no move to resist, actually opening her legs wider.“I think she’s ready,” the bigger of the two said, “Let’s put her on the floor.”They lifted her and laid her down on the floor, face up, while continuing to finger her pussy. They paused briefly to remove their trousers and shorts, then continued fingering her. Mom was moaning and squirming, obviously enjoying what they were doing.I was both shocked and aroused at the same time. It had never occurred to me that Mom could be so sexual with anyone, let alone men who were strangers.Finally, the smaller man, now naked from the waist down and sporting a large erection, crawled between Mom’s legs and shoved his cock in her pussy. She gave a little gasp as he began fucking her with a steady rhythm.“You wanted this, didn’t you?”, he said to her, “I can tell you need it bad.”“Oh yes, I need it,” Mom replied, “give it to me good.”His stroke grew faster and harder, and he grunted as he blew his load. He pulled out, rolled over and spoke to his partner.“Whew! Her pussy is tight and juicy, just the way I like,” he said, “your turn now.”The bigger guy, also naked from the waist down, had been stroking his cock as he watched. He now moved to take his friend’s place, and in Kıbrıs Escort one stroke was balls deep in her cunt. Mom’s eyes were closed but she had a big smile as he fucked her. He quickly climaxed and pulled his cock from her pussy.The two of them began getting dressed and preparing to leave. Mom remained on the floor, eyes closed, big smile. Just as they were about to go out the door the bigger guy caught sight of me standing in the doorway.“Oh hey, Junior. Your mom is one sweet piece of ass,” he said to me, “You should try it out yourself.”And suddenly they were gone.I walked over and looked down at Mom. Her legs were spread, her dress hiked up, tits exposed and her well-fucked pussy naked and glistening. I experienced a mixture of emotions; shock and jealousy but most of all lust. Her eyes were still closed as I knelt, my cock rock hard. I made up my mind it was now or never: I was going to fuck my very own mother.I positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed, the head of my cock entering her. Her eyes opened, and she regarded me with a quizzical expression.“What are you doing, honey?” she spoke, “Oh god, what are you doing?”My next thrust was all the way in. The sexual sensation of fucking my mother was overwhelming, the ultimate taboo. I was forced to acknowledge to myself that this was something I had always wanted but suppressed.“This is wrong, darling,”  she cried, “oh god, oh god.”I continued to fuck her. I soon emptied my balls into her already well-fucked cunt. I didn’t pull out right away but continued to savor the wickedness of what I had done. I felt powerful. When I did pull out she sat up and looked away from me.“You saw what happened when we came in didn’t you,” she asked“I saw all of it,” I answered, “and how much you enjoyed it.”“I’m so sorry,” she said, “But it’s been two years since I had a man, and after a few drinks I couldn’t help myself.”