Mayıs 28, 2023

Mom, JoAnne, and I

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After walking in on my mother taking a bubble bath and seeing her sexy tits and nipples with bubbles on them, I began to see my mother in a different light.  I always thought that she was hot but, she was my mom and if anything, I saw her in her bra and panties until now.It was not long after seeing her in the tub, my Aunt Julie came to live with us, and she moved into my room.  I began to sleep on the sofa bed in what was our third bedroom.  My aunt had a great body also and to an eighteen-year-old, both women were very hot and sexy.My aunt noticed I was watching her, walking to the bathroom, when she would take her bath. This was after mom and dad went to their room for the night. From my room, I could watch my aunt walk into the bathroom, she would start to drop her towel, showing her nice-looking ass, as she shut Bostancı Escort the bathroom door.One night after taking her bath and making sure my parents were asleep.  My aunt came into my room with just a robe, that was not tied shut.  As she came into my room, I could see her cleavage and her hairy pussy.For an eighteen-year-old, I was a little embarrassed and excited, at the same time, seeing my aunt almost naked.  She came in and sat down beside me on the bed.  She said that she had noticed me looking at her and was wondering if I had ever seen a naked woman before?  I said that I did see mom in the tub one time and noticed how sexy she was.I told my aunt, “Your breasts are a little larger and perkier than moms.  I did not see mom’s pubic area, as it was covered in bubbles.” My Bostancı Escort Bayan aunt told me that before mom was married, she used to enjoy having my aunt give her a bath.  She also told me, “Instead of reaching in and washing her, I would strip down and get into the tub with your mom.” Mom seemed to enjoy having my aunt in the tub with her.My aunt told me that she enjoyed rubbing her warm soapy hands all over my mom’s naked body. My aunt continued saying, “I also enjoyed taking my time soaping up your mom’s breasts and playing with her nipples as they became excited. Your mom would lay her head back between my breasts, kissing them and sucking on my nipples until they were excited also.”I said, “That had to be a sexy sight.”  I also told my aunt that I would love to Escort Bostancı have her give me a bath some night, just like when she bathed mom. I began to become hard at the thought of being in the tub, leaning back on her breasts as she worked her fingers on my cock, making it nice and hard.She asked me, “Would you like to touch my breasts now, and even kiss them?”I said, “Yes.” She then said that it would have to be a secret between us and not to tell mom.  As I nodded my head, she opened her robe and pulled my head to her nipple.  I began to lick and suck on her nipples and her DD-cup breasts.She reached down into my pajamas and pulled my hard cock out, and began to stroke it.  It felt so good to have her soft warm fingers squeezing my cock and stroking it up and down.She leaned down and we began to passionately kiss each other’s lips,  she even slid her tongue into my mouth.  She said that next time I can fondle her pussy but not at this time. She continued to gently stroke my cock and fondle my balls.  She could tell that I was getting ready to cum.  She put her robe over my cock and I began to squirt cum into her robe.