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Mom’s iPhone Ch. 02

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The greeting was warm and loving as Mom gave me a nice hug and I ran my hands all over her sexy ass. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and pulled her into me. Mom felt my hardness and ground herself into me as well. She had her glasses hanging by a purple chain of beads and I started grinding Mom even harder.

“I can see this is going to be a great week-end” Mom gasped.

Joanie walked over to me and started to hug me and she looked so hot.

“Hello Harold, I am hoping to have as good a time as your Mom did a short time ago. How do you like these?”

She asked me as she showed me a nice pair of gold half- moon style glasses which hung from a chain of tiny glass diamonds and purple beads. They gave me wild ideas and I pulled her into me so she like mom could feel my hardness. I had my hands all over her sexy ass as I did with Mom.

“Oh Harold, you’re so hard, I like that.”

I was grinding myself into Joanie and she kept smiling at me, yeah this is good, and Joane starts breathing heavier.

Mom knowing I am a movie buff picked me up “Death wish” by good old Charles Bronson. We sat on the sofa, feet up on the coffee table and enjoyed the way he dealt with crooks.

We were showing signs of being bushed and I figured it would be nice to let the ladies have the bedroom as I slept on the sofa. I had been busy all day and messing around in the sack was not big on my list at the moment. Besides we would have the whole week-end and that was good enough.

I was up early Saturday morning, got dressed and took out Mom’s pug, came back in and rustled up a breakfast of roast beef hash; eggs; pancakes; coffee and toast.

Mom and Joanie were quite pleased to see see a hearty breakfast had been prepared. Joane was dressed in a black skirt and a white blouse with a ruffled v neck and patent black three inch pumps that would sparkle as she walked, somehow telling me “Joane wants you.”

Mom wore a navy blue skirt with a mauve blouse which also had a ruffled v neck and patent black heels with wide ankle straps and peep toes also known as ‘Fuck-me pumps.

They rokettube were already at the table as I brought their plates over and set them down. I took a glance down and saw that my cock was out straight for all to see.

“Well Joanie, looks like Harold’s frank is ready for anything.” Mom Chortled.

Mom seems very happy today, I guess that what happened a month and a half ago may have given her some ideas.

“So Harold, I heard you really liked what what Mom did with my old half-glasses, I am really looking forward to what will happen later, I’d like to see you in drag as well.”

We ate a good breakfast that would keep a lumberjack or trucker going for the better part of a working day. We talked and joked about what’s going on in the world.

Having listened to the radio as I made breakfast, I heard the weather was gonna do a nose dive later with very cold temps and quite windy. I figured I better shake the grates and get a good fire going so I went out back to cut up some wood and as I passed the bedroom window, I heard some talking.

“Oh Joane, I remember back in college how everyone was out at the big dance, and we were alone in the dorm, you had your head in my bush, it was great.”

“Yes Lois, it was great, you knew what to do with the heel of your dress shoes why do you think I always wear patent black?”

I could hear everything and could believe none of it, but it had to be true, they could not see me, they were being very frank with each other.

Joane sat on the side of the bed with her sexy legs spread and Mom’s head was in her bush. Joane was pushing Mom’s head in even farther. This went on for fifteen minutes or so then they swapped spots and Joanes head was now in my mothers bush. Mom was dragging her sexy black half-square glasses over her fat red nipples.

I was getting very hard and tight down there and could only imagine what could happen later.

“Harold loves when I wear these.” Mom said to Joane. Said, “they make you look very serious, and he wants me to be a dominatrix too.”

I could not believe this but I had no problem asyalı porno with it either and I figured if Mom was this kinky, getting her in the sack would be no problem at all.

Mom reached over and suddenly produced a vibrator that looked like a giant cucmber at least a foot and a half long with many ridges and this purple sex toy, I am sure took a fair amount of batteries.

Mom then stuffed it up her glory hole and the scene was an erotic blur as she stroked herself off at at least a few hundred strokes and she wore a look of total contentment. I loved how the room light was seen in her glasses with the beaded chain flopping around and Joane watching her lover.

“It’s big enough for both of us Joane.”

Mom was standing there with her hand wrapped around her eighteen inch friend and Joane walked over, grabbed the other end and stuffed it up her vagina. She had her sexy glasses hanging over her breasts and yeah, the light sparkled in them in time to her frantic fucking the double ender.

Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of electricity and a loud pop. There was a e transformer on the utility pole and it had just exploded and due to the noise both Mom and Joane came to the window to see what happened. They were both in the nude and Mom stood there with her giant vibrator in her hand.

“Nice sex toy Mom.” I said as I looked at this giant purple male organ with their sex juices glistening all over it.

Mom and Joanie were looking rather sheepish but laughed it off.

“Two woman just enjoying each other.” Mom quipped with a giggle but I knew a part of her was now known to her son and she seemed different even though she tried hard not to be.

“Did you see anything Harold?” asked Joane.

“Just the last twenty minutes or so.”

“What did you think about it?” asked Mom who had to be wondering if her son liked her’other life.’

“I enjoyed seeing two ladies who mean a lot to me, having a good time. How about some bondage?”

“You’d like to be tied up?” asked Joanie.

“Yup, and teased with your half-glasses, azeri porno beads and high heels.”

Mom had her sexy black half-square glasses at the end of her nose and looking at me with lust.

“Lois.” Said Joanie. “Let’s tie him up, that’ll make him even harder.”

“Lois, here is what I want to do, I want to squat in front of Harold and have him lick me as you play with him with your heels and glasses.”

“Sure, that sounds nice, Joanie.”

Joanie got into a different position so I could lick her lovely forty two D’s while Mom played with my cock with her heels and glasses, then she stuffed my cock and balls through the ankle strap and had my cock sticking out of the heels peep toe of her sex sparkling black heel, and now wants me to give her the hard and fast fuck she so wants and needs. It seems the vamp was rubbing up against her clity and driving her mad. By the number of times her legs tightened up I knew she had a series of orgasms and I never saw such a wild look in Mom’s eyes before.

Oh the feeling of being in Mom’s lovely vagina, her warm tight lovebox, in her heel with my cock sticking out of the peep toe, yeah it was kinky but was it any kinkier than two women sharing a double ended vibrator? who knew? who cared? I knew I did not care.

I fucked mom’s pussy like there would be no tomorrow and I knew she’d want this much more often. I was now out of her hot sexy bush looking at my spent cock in her shoe and how everything was mingled with our sex juices. The look on Mom’s face told me,”Thank you a few hundred times.

“Harold, what you did to Mom, I want that.” Said Joane and her eyes and voice were full of lust.

“How about later Joanie? I’m starving.”

It was amazing how long we messed around. By now it was late in the afternoon when the clouds were rolling in and the weather was a lot colder and windier.

I had a lot of candles and kerosene lanterns as well as provisions to last a few weeks.

We had a supper of stew and Italian bread and went to the sofa and watched “Good fella’s. Halfway through I fell asleep. I stayed on the sofa as the two ladies shared a bed and yeah I wondered what they’d be doing to each other but did not care.

Sunday morning found a foot and a half of new snow and once again I fixed up a good breakfast.

Chapter three comming sometime