Haziran 11, 2023

mothers carer

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mothers carerFor many years my mother had a full time carer, she had suffered for years with a illness and living alone she needed help around the house, she couldn’t talk or move without help,she found it very difficult cooking, cleaning and even dressing and undressing herself, and as she aged it became a such help to her having someone to give her this help, her career was a middle aged lady who came every morning. I was home for a week and as always the mums helper Sue turned up on the Monday morning a little surprised to see me at the door with my shorts on as i had just got up, we chatted a little and then she went on about her business she was about 45 slim with lovely body. her first job was to help mum dress and get her breakfast ready. I was down stairs when sue called down to me i came up stairs to find sue leaning over the bed sorting out the bed sheets, i could see up her short dress and could see a pair of blue pants with dark tights pulled up over them. I stood behind her for a few seconds getting this lovely view before letting her know i was behind her, “oh there you are” she said im sure she knew i was staring at her ass, she stood back and adjusted her dress down a little. “Would you mind helping wash your mother please “ i had often done this, and seeing my mother bursa escort naked was a regular thing,we both got used to this many years before. sue took mothers dressing robe off, mums breasts hanging low and flat against her belly was not a great look but i have to say her nipples were still pink and erect, we took hold off her by placing our hands inside mothers legs and lifted her up slightly in doing so my hand started to slide towards her pussy, it was very hairy and i could feel her hairs against my fingers, my hand was a little sweaty and slid further up, now my Mothers pussy lips were pressing against my fingers, it felt warm and soft and i felt a tingle in my paints, this was terrible i was getting hard from feeling my mothers cunt, this was so wrong.Sue thanked me for the help and asked me did i want to help more while she changed her pillow case, i took the bowl of warm water and soap and began to soap mother over her shoulders and arms, sue watched me for a while and said if i felt embarrassed about washing mothers private parts she would do it for me. See then disappeared out of the bedroom. I continued washing mum with the bar of soap and i started to gently to rub her breasts lifting each in turn and washing under the breast, i had to admit bursa escort bayan i was a little turned on and now it was time to wash mother pussy i was about to rub it with the soap when i noticed sue was watching me, “her let me show you” she said she sat on the bed beside me and took the soap from me, rubbing the soap in her hand she then placed her hand between mums legs and began to rub her cunt, i was so hard now, “here you try” sue passed me the bar of soap and watched me soap my hands and then slowly i placed my hand down on my mums lips, sue watched as i began to wash the lips, it was so soft , “press a little harder “said sue and she placed her hand over mine and pressed harder against the pussy, my hand now covered with sues pressed tight against my mothers cunt,her lips opened slightly allowing my finger to enter her hole just a little, i couldn’t belive what i was doing, with the help of my mothers carer i was fingering my mothers cunt, i looked at sue she smiled back at me”don’t worry i do this all the time, it has to be done” she then lent forward and using her hands she pulled back mother lips opening her hold winder, sue looked back at me and said” try and clean inside too” i slowly pushed three fingers inside and began to move escort bursa them in and out, it was so wet with the soap and warm water, i could hear my mothers juices squelching against my fingers, “let me help you” said sue and she took my hand and pushed it further inside, “its ok she likes this” and together both our hands were fucking my mothers cunt, i could feel sue hand squeezing my hand as we masturbated mother, sue whispered to me” i always give your mother this special treatment, its our little secrete, can you feel how wet she is? This cant be right i thought, but i wasn’t going to stop ”fuck your mothers cunt deeper” she whispered “fuck it till mummy cums over your hand” i looked at mother thou she couldn’t talk i could see she was loving it, her mouth open a little her eyes closed and she made a noise of pleasure, “shes going to cum” sue said “ keep going shes about to cum” i pushed my finged deeper insde my hand almost lost from sight, “here she goes” said sue “ i can tell” Just then i felt my mother’s cunt tighten around my fingers and her body give a little shake, i removed my fingers slowly, my mum lay back in the bed and smiled, i looked at sue as if to say what now? Sue picked up a towel and began to dry mother, “there! Well done that was perfect, i know your mother loved every minute of that” i stood up from the bed, i could see sue looking at my hard cock pressing through my shorts, “ looks like you enjoyed it too” she said “there are other thing your mother enjoys, ill show you tomorrow when i return, now do you want some breakfast?To be continued