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In a villa just outside Siena, Jodie Adams is enjoying the Italian sun and the local wine. Her host Arianna has invited a group of friends and locals for a garden party.Jodie knows Arianna through work. They have both strutted their stuff modelling on the catwalk. Given their profession, both ladies are naturally looking impeccable in summer dresses. Jodie is wearing a grey flowery knee-length, while Arianna is all in blue.It is a hot day and Jodie is bare-legged with a pair of sexy, hot pink high heel sandals on her pedicured feet. Her white painted toes glisten. She also isn’t wearing any underwear. It feels sexy standing with the sun beating down on her and the feeling of the air against her skin, tickling her pubes.Nico Bardot is a friend of the family and a successful Formula 1 racing driver. He is a very attractive man with wavy, black hair and olive skin. He has acquired a reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man. A fact Arianna knows all too well.Arianna’s dark hair flows in the wind and her brown eyes focus on Nico. As they chat, she can see him looking over her shoulder at Jodie, who is caught by a local vineyard owner, telling her all about this year’s harvest. Arianna didn’t mind, she wasn’t going there again.Nico can’t help looking Jodie’s way, her long blonde hair is catching his eyeline. Her perfect face and irresistible smile bursa escort bayan are mesmerizing. He senses Jodie is struggling to get away from the locals, so he steps in.“Jody, honey, how are you?” Nico says greeting her with a kiss.“Excuse me, sir, do you mind if I steal this lovely lady away?” he says to the local man.“Of course not,” he replies.“Thanks for that. We have met before, haven’t we? You are Nico Bardot, the racing driver?”“We have met, yes. You are Jodie Adams, model, and social butterfly.”The pair continue to chat and eventually flirt, which is just in Nico’s nature.Jodie is very attracted to Nico; he is charming and fun to talk to. Also, not bad to look at.There has been some occasional press speculation when Jodie has been out on the town and photos lured to the fact, she might not be wearing panties.As she stands talking to Nico, Jodie gets a buzz knowing she hasn’t any panties on. She wonders if Nico has seen the press coverage.Jodie feeling horny, imagines his hand between her legs, stroking her, slipping inside her. She can feel herself getting wet at the prospect.Just then reality stops her daydreaming as her mobile comes alive in her bag. Taking the call, she finds out her early flight to Milan in the morning has been cancelled. görükle escort Some problem with the plane and the airline doesn’t have another flight until the evening.“Do you need to be there tomorrow?” Nico asks.“I have a modelling shoot in the afternoon. I need to see if there is another flight,” Jodie replies.“I think you will struggle. It’s an early start, but I can drive you in the morning,” Nico suggests.“Really, I can’t ask you to do that.”“Honestly, I am happy to help,” Nico says taking another sip of wine.Jodie eventually agrees.True to his word Nico is waiting outside the villa when Jodie emerges half asleep. She is dressed casually in a navy-blue top, beige skinny jeans, and dark blue suede ankle boots.“Wow, are we going in that?” she says commenting on Nico’s car.“Yes, it won’t take long.”Nico was smiling as he stood in front of a shiny grey Ferrari 812 GTS.“Are you making up for something? Do you must have a small cock?” she jokes.“Do you want to find out?”“I am kidding, I appreciate the lift.”“I’m not kidding. Do you want to find out?”They get in. Nico starts the V12 engine and the supercar speeds off leaving a trail of dust. The sunlight bounces off the shiny bodywork as the pair make their way through the Tuscan hills. Nico, a naturally skilled driver puts the car through its paces.Nico accelerates hard as he comes out onto a straight piece of road. The speed catches Jodie’s breath as Nico shows off. Although unnerved at times she reassures herself he does this for a living.“It was fun yesterday, wasn’t it? Great wine!” Nico sparks up a conversation.“Yes. It was.”“I see a lot of pictures of you out and about, Jodie. They say you don’t wear underwear,” Nico comments.”The world press does love a story, don’t they?” Jodie replies”Is it true? Very sexy if it is.””You like the thought of me with any underwear on?” Jodie asks.”Of course, you are a very sexy, attractive lady. Thinking of you keeping such an intimate part of your body free is a massive turn-on.””It makes you want to have sex with me?” Jodie asks.”I would do that anyway,” Nico laughs.”Good to know.””Are you commando now?” Nico says smiling.“No. Now, keep your eyes on the road, Nico.”They stop for a coffee so Nico can re-focus and stop thinking about Jodie’s pussy.“So, what is the deal with you and Arianna?” Jodie asks changing the subject.“We did have a thing. But it didn’t last and it’s over now.”“I think you should let me drive, Nico.”“Oh, ok. Are you sure?” Nico says“Yes,” Jodie grabs the keys off the table and gets up. Nico quickly follows.They jump back in the car. Jodie bends down and undoes the zips on the side of her boots. She takes them off and hands them to Nico.“I can’t drive this in those,” she says.“There are a few things I should mention about this car,” Nico quickly interjects.“Thrust me,” Jodie smiles.Nico watches Jodie’s bare feet push down on the accelerator. The car lifts off and fires down the road.