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Ms. Demeter

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Still living at home with my parents at 21 was not exactly ideal. Even less ideal was the fact that I was still a virgin.

I was working hard to save up money and move out by working shifts in a warehouse, lugging boxes around. It was laborious, boring work but it came with two advantages. Firstly, the physical effort was good excercise, keeping me fit and toned, meaning I didn’t have to waste money going to a gym, and even if I wasn’t proud of much in life, I was at least happy with my own body. And secondly, because the work was so monotonous, it gave me lots of time to think. Fantasising about sex, mostly. And, in particular, Ms. Demeter next door.

Ms Demeter was an enigma to me. About forty years old, she exuded class and presence in the way very few women can – especially those who’ve got a three year old child. She was one of the few women who could justify being referred to as ‘statuesque’. And what a figure! She flaunted her ginger hair by growing it long and letting it cascade over her shoulders. Her full, pert bosom pressed against the outline of her tight fitting tops, inviting me to wonder about what it would be like to fondle one milky, rosy tipped breast in each hand…

Anyway, she commuted each day into London for some high-powered job. In finance or something I think – I’ve never asked, because I was quite intimidated by her. This powerful, sexy lady next door, living exactly how she wanted to despite having to juggle career and child, whilst still looking immaculate. She was neither married nor divorced, but shared the responsibility for raising the child with her lover, who did not live with her and I’d never seen. She moved to the safe dullness of suburbia to get her child into a good school, she told my mother. She would clearly have been happier living in one of London’s more expensive, trendier districts, like Islington perhaps. And now she was pregnant again! About six months gone by now, and this seemed only to make her more alluring. As her belly gradually swelled up, it felt as if her sexiness would overflow. Glowing with energy, she flaunted her bump in her business suits, unashamed and empowered.

Since she’d lived next door to us, I hadn’t yet plucked up the courage to actually speak to her, but my mother was friendly with her. I hoped mom never mentioned me to her – especially my lack of any girlfriends so far! Occasionally, if we crossed paths outside either of our houses, she’d give me a weird sort of smile – a kind of knowing smile – and I would quickly look away, self-conscious. I sometimes thought she did it to tease me. But surely she can’t have known how much I lusted after her. Can she?

So, one day when mom asked if I would like to earn a little extra money by feeding Ms Demeter’s cat and watering her house plants whilst she was on vacation, I jumped at the chance a bit too eagerly. Of course, a bit of extra money to supplement what I was earning stacking crates at the warehouse was good news. But I was also desperately curious to see the inside of Ms. Demeter’s home.

I was at work on the day that Ms. Demeter swept off for the airport in her Jaguar, and when I arrived home my parents weren’t in either. I found a note on the kitchen table, explaining what needed to be done in Ms. Demeter’s house whilst she was away, along with a front door key. I picked it up reverently. No time like the present, I thought. I was still sweaty after my shift at work, but that hardly mattered – I wasn’t going to be seeing anyone. Having a shower could wait until after I’d discovered what the inside of Ms. Demeter’s house was like.

When I entered her home, it was as classy as I had imagined. Lots of modern artwork, designer furniture, and very little clutter – a home as intellectual and well groomed as Ms. Demeter herself. All the kid stuff, the toys and picture books, were confined to one upstairs room, giving the rest of the house a sophisticated, adult feel. I put food and water out for the cat in the kitchen, and then filled a jug and began to make my way around the house, watering her various exotic house plants.

I left the bedroom until last, and eventually entered the mysterious room with my heart pounding in my chest. The bedroom was luxuriously appointed, and immediately on entering it I was overwhelmed by a powerfully female, profoundly personal scent: her expensive perfume, yes, but combined with something else more intimate. This must be the smell of her, I thought, my cock beginning to harden.

You Kurtköy Escort mustn’t stay in here too long, I warned myself, this is her private space. But my arousal was speaking louder than the sensible side of my brain. How much more real would my fantasy seem if I indulged it in her actual bedroom, surrounded by her scent? Maybe I could just lie back on her bed and enjoy it. The curtains were closed, no-one would know. As I lay back, my eyes closed and I slipped my now rock hard cock out of my jeans, groaning. I imagined slowly undressing Ms. Demeter, unclipping her lingerie bra and slipping out one milky white breast after the other…

I didn’t even hear the front door open.

“What on earth do you think you are doing, young man?!”

It was Ms. Demeter! Standing in the doorway to the bedroom, hands on hips, looking at me in disgust, her pregnant belly thrust out before her.

“Er… er…” I stuttterd as I struggled to put my penis away. “I thought you were on vacation!”

“My vacation was cancelled. And I come home to find… this! And in my own bedroom! You wait until I tell your mother about this.”

“Oh god please don’t do that” I pleaded, imagining the embarrassment. “It’s just… just…”

There really was no right answer to this sentence. She had walked in to find me with my dick out, lying on her bed! There really wasn’t any better explanation.

“It’s just that you find me deeply erotic, isn’t that right?” she asked, finishing my sentence for me and raising an eyebrow. She was looking at me as if I was a piece of dirt that had somehow found its way into her immaculate house.

“Well, yes” I replied. “I’ve fantasised about you ever since you moved in, Mrs. Demeter.”

“And you don’t even have basic manners! Mrs, indeed. My marital status is of no concern to you, or anyone else. You may address me as Ms. Demeter, and nothing else. And yes, I know about your… fantasies. I’ve seen the way you look at me in the street, holding your gaze a bit too long. I’ve quite enjoyed the attention, actually. And your mother has told me about your… situation.”

“What situation is that, Ms. Demeter?” In the back of my mind I could imagine cosy little chats over coffee when I wasn’t home. Yes, it’s so embarrassing, my son hasn’t even had a proper girlfriend yet, and at his age too…

“Your virginity, of course. To be honest, I thought something like this would happen when I asked your mom to ask you to look after my house whilst I was away. A boy your age, all that pent up desire. And then an attractive older redhead moves in next door… I mean, what else could I have expected, hmm?”

“Yes Ms. Demeter”

Whilst talking, she had begun to massage her swollen belly through her dress with both palms, her slender hands circling laconically. Must be something pregnant women do for comfort, but it was getting me aroused even further.

“So what are we going to do with you, hmm?” she said. “It is an absolute travesty that you are still a virgin at your age, and you should be ashamed of it, don’t you think? But, since you’re in my bedroom, I suppose I really call the shots now, don’t I? I have a use for you. I’ve had a very disappointing and frustrating day, and could use some stress relief. Get off the bed.”

I did as I was told. To my disbelief, she was starting to undress! My cock was straining against my pants as, now wearing just a matching set of lacy bra and panties, lay down on her back. Finally she began to peel off her panties and pull them down.

“Pregnant women need a lot of oral stimulation” she announced. “It relaxes the vaginal muscles and is an effective de-stressing mechanism. You’re here, and I don’t see how you can refuse considering the circumstances. So start licking, before I change my mind.”

Her pussy was so beautiful! It was covered in downy ginger public hair – she didn’t shave apparently – and her lips were puffy and swollen. As if in a dream, I did what I was told. Kneeling at the end of the bed, I lowered my chest down onto the duvet and moved my face towards her crotch. I could smell her scent as I approached. Urine and sweat, yes – she’d been travelling and hadn’t had time to wash – but something else too, a musky, feminine scent that was the most delectable thing I’d ever experienced. And her taste! I began by carefully licking her slit, bottom to top, marvelling in the hot saltiness of it.

“You taste much stronger than I was expecting” I said breathlessly Pendik Escort between licks.

“Yes, that’s because I’m pregnant” she snapped, continuing to press her pussy into my face. I lapped up her juices gratefully. “You’re not doing it right. Use your hand to hold my lips open. Don’t you know anything about women? Honestly.”

I did as she said, reaching round to her mons and positioning one hand to hold her pussy open with a finger each side. I could see the creamy moisture inside her slick hole. She must be getting turned on by all this, having me in the palm of her hand! I wasn’t complaining though. As I ran my tongue all over her, she began to murmur with pleasure when I licked her in certain places, giving me an indication to concentrate there. I could feel her moist pubes brushing against my face, and I felt completely surrounded by her. I squirmed hopelessly, my hard cock pressing against the bed.

“Yes, there” Ms. Demeter gasped breathlessly. “Yes like that…”

I felt a hand press down on the top of my head, grinding my face into her pussy. I couldn’t breathe but didn’t dare stop.

“Oh god that’s right, you… aaah… you pathetic little virgin…. oh YES…”

Somewhere in the back of my mind I registered that she had mocked me, and was enjoying it. But I kept eating her intently, now desperate to get it right, to please the obviously frustrated woman. Her strong tasting fluids flowed thicker and thicker. My face must be slick with her essence.

“Oh yes don’t stop…” she cried, louder now, her hips arching upwards to my face. “Oh god I’m gonna cum… just don’t fucking stop…. aaaaaahhhh!”

A fresh flood of womanly juices gushed into my mouth. Ms Demeter, breathing heavily, kept my head held against her crotch until she had completely finished her orgasm. When I lifted my dishevelled head, her chest and big, round pregnant belly rose and fell, slick with sweat.

“Now, go and wash your face” she said when she had recovered, the old sterness suddenly returning. “I don’t want to be able to smell myself on you at all, do you understand?”

I nodded wordlessly and stepped into the ensuite bathroom. As I washed her cum of my face, I tried to make sense of what had just happened. I may still be a virgin, but at least I knew how a woman tasted now. I’d also been really turned on when she talked down to me, humiliated me for being a virgin. But I had no idea why. I guessed it was just part of the feeling of being in her thrall, under her power. It seemed natural that she would trash talk me a bit. Maybe all sex was like this?

When I returned to the bedroom, Ms. Demeter was standing next to the ruffled bed, getting dressed. The same sophisticated yet summery dress and top she’d been wearing when she entered. Vacation clothes. Her face was flushed beneath her stern expression, and her vivid red hair was tousled and untidy; she pulled at it, tutting.

“That was just what I needed” she said. “Even if it was a little amateurish in its execution – I’m used to better. Still, better than nothing.”

“Yes, Ms. Demeter.”

“Now, tell me what you thought about it.”

“I, er, really enjoyed it, Ms. Demeter. I loved the taste of you.”

“Hmm. I see. And you find my pregnancy arousing too, don’t you? My swollen belly and breasts? You should; all men find female fertility sexy on some level. They ought to, it reminds them what they’re for. You can’t help it.”

“Er… yes, I guess” I replied. I thought she was right.

“So at least you know a little more about pleasuring a woman now” she continued. “Even if you’d still probably not even be able to fuck one. Look at you, such a virgin loser. I bet you’d prematurely ejaculate all over yourself if you ever had the chance to have sex. Blow it, in more ways than one.”

She smirked as she said this. It was derogatory stuff, but it was turning me on. Once again my penis strained within my jeans, and at the mention of premature ejaculation, I felt it respond by leaking some pre-cum into my pants.

“I’m sure I could try, Ms. Demeter” I responded. “If I ever had the chance with a girl, I mean.”

She laughed. “That’s right, if you ever had the chance. You don’t get to be 21 and still a virgin if you’ve had many chances to get laid. Still, who knows? Maybe I’ll take pity on you. Maybe you’ll get a chance today.”

As she looked at me, she gave me the same knowing, highly arousing look that she sometimes gave me when Mutlukent Escort passing in the street. As if on a whim, she bent over the bed, her huge belly just touching the duvet, and lifted her dress. She had no panties on, and I could see her pussy was still wet from her recent orgasm, her pubic hair slick against her mound.

“I want you to understand” she said as she bent over, “this is purely me taking pity on you. A sympathy fuck. Nothing more. That’s why I’m standing up: you can enter me from behind. I don’t really want to look at your pathetic virginal face when you’ve got your cock inside me. I’m not getting naked for you, either. You don’t deserve it, you ought to be grateful for what you’re getting.”

“Er… ok” I said, unzipping my jeans. This was mad! But then, why would I refuse? Besides, I didn’t think Ms. Demeter would let me refuse.

“Er… ok what?” she snapped.

“Er… ok Ms. Demeter” I corrected myself. I slipped my jeans and took a few steps round the bed towards her thrust-out rear. My cock was as hard as steel, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Please, please don’t cum yet, I urged myself, hoping my body would respond. Not yet! To blow my load here, all over Ms. Demeter’s spotless carpet or bed, without actually getting to enter her sweet ginger-haired pussy would be unthinkable. Grasping her hips, like I’d seen in movies, I tried to position the tip of my penis against her pussy lips, but couldn’t find where I was supposed to be. I could feel her heat against the head of my cock, and smell the perfume on her neck. The risk of spurting my load outside of her was getting greater by the second…

“No, you stupid virgin” she snapped. “I might have known you wouldn’t know what do to. Here.”

I felt her slender hand clasp my cock, and guide it towards her opening. I felt the heat intensify; I could feel the slick wetness of her entrance. Instinct took over, and I thrusted deep into her. She wasn’t as tight as I’d been told girls would be – I suppose that comes from giving birth – but it was enough for a virgin like me. Immediately my cock was enveloped in her exquisite womanly heat. Oh my god, she felt amazing! I’d daydreamed for so long about what a woman would feel like when I was inside her, but nothing prepared me for the sensation of entering Ms. Demeter.

It was all too much for me. Before I could even thrust again, nature took its course. I felt my orgasm build uncontrollably. Aaaahh I’m coming! My cock spasmed as I helplessly pumped my load into Ms. Demeter’s pregnant pussy, groaning loudly. I clutched her waist to mine with both hands as I felt the generous spurts of spunk course through my penis and into her.

Ms. Demeter remained in position impassively as I finished. She hadn’t made any sound, or moved at all, as I’d entered her and came.

“Hmm. Even quicker than I’d expected. Well, you can take your penis out of me now” she instructed. I did so, and it was drenched in both our juices. As I did, I could see my cum begin to leak out from between her hairy labia and trickle down her legs. Standing up, she reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table. “You may clean me up now” she said.

She let her dress fall as I knelt down before this beautiful but intimidating goddess to fertility. From a kneeling position, her pregnant belly looked even bigger and sexier now than ever.

“Hurry up. I can feel it running down my legs. Do you think I want your virgin sperm staining my dress?”

“No, Ms. Demeter” I answered, and got to work.

* * *

Afterwards, in her tropical plant filled conservatory, we both lounged on wicker chairs and sipped the tea she’d made for us. She took a box from under her chair, and began to roll a joint.

“You smoke pot too?” I asked, incredulity creeping into my voice.

She winked. “Not whilst I’m pregnant, of course. But I’ve still got a stash left, and thought you might like one. I’m full of surprises, young man. Now, did you enjoy that?”

“Of course, Ms. Demeter. Very much.”

“And you really don’t mind the nasty talk; being humiliated like that?”

“No. I find it quite exciting actually. I guess… it’s like, I’d rather be humiliated than have to worry about getting everything right, you know? I feel more comfortable with a powerful woman.”

“Hmm, I see” she replied thoughtfully. “You see, that’s what I miss with my other lovers. They always want to be in control, to tell me what to do. They’re all headstrong successful men, you see. My equals. Whereas you, on the other hand… I think I’m going to have a great deal of fun with you.”

“Really?” I asked, possibilities flooding my imagination.

“Really… what?”

“Really, Ms. Demeter.”

“That’s better.”