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Mum Chats Online

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope you enjoy it.

Dad had died; it had all been so quick. I remembered the afternoon that mum had phoned me to break the horrible news. Dad had very aggressive prostate cancer. He hadn’t felt well for several months; then, he had gone to his doctor. But, unfortunately, he had left it too long; his doctor sent him to a consultant. The consultant had given him three months, dad lasted one month and eighteen days.

I was there for mum; the initial shock took its toll on her. I was in computer programming; I specialized in gaming. I had set up my company with dad’s financial backing. It had been successful. Within a year, I had paid dad back. Dad had been a successful businessperson and had retired when he was sixty-five. He was seventy when he died. Mum was younger; she would be sixty in April, in three months.

When I set up my company three years ago, mum and dad had downsized into a gorgeous apartment. Mum loved it there. Her neighbour was a widowed lady two years older than mum. The two of them got on so well together; this took a lot of pressure off me as I went and stayed at my parent’s apartment when dad’s cancer was discovered. I live within a ten-minute drive from mum’s apartment.

After the funeral, I stayed another month with mum; mum appreciated this. One Sunday evening over dinner, mum said, “Jack, I appreciate the support that you have given me. You have your life to live, and I must make the best of mine. I am so lucky to have Jean as a neighbour; we are going to yoga, keep fit classes, and have joined the Leisure Club at the Spa. We can swim every day. Maybe it’s time that you moved back to your apartment. By saying that, I still want to see you, so perhaps you could visit on the weekends, and if we have too much wine, then you can have a bed here. Jean even said that you are such a good looking and successful business person that you should date some lovely young lady.”

I felt that I’d been there for mum when she needed me. Jean was a character. She was so similar to mum; they were both tall, good looking and voluptuous. Jean was older than mum, but she dressed younger. I felt she was flirting with me several times, but I was always very correct with her. During that week, I went back to my apartment. I missed mum’s cooking, but she had taught me enough that I could cook a meal myself.

In the next month, I visited mum every Saturday; there was only one night that I had too much to drink and stayed over. In that month, mum changed for the better. Mum looked good. She had changed her clothing and appearance. She had bought an iPhone and had asked me if I could set it up for her. I was going to set up her new phone after she phoned me and invited me for dinner.

I arrived and set everything up for her; she now had an email address, the first in her life. I showed her all the essential functions of the phone, then mum said, “Jack, thank you so much for doing this for me. Jean has started on Chatter, and she enjoys it. Is it possible that you could set an account for me on Chatter?”

It shocked me when mum said this; I then told her I would set up a Gmail account and not use her apple account. She shouldn’t divulge any personal information. I then asked her what interests she would put on her profile. This was all new for mum. Then said, “I’ve Jean’s profile name. Maybe you should look at that as I would like the same as she has got.”

As soon as I saw Jean’s profile, I knew why she was on Chatter. Her profile picture was her face and chest; she was wearing sunglasses which covered a lot of her face, facially I didn’t recognize her. But she was wearing a low cut top showing a cock stiffening amount of tits. Her profile name was ‘Merry Widow’, her profile read, I’m recently widowed, and now I’m on Chatter. I take an interest in politics. I love an excellent wine. As a young person, I keep myself fit. No DM until I get to know you.”

To say it shocked me was putting it mildly; I thought for a minute, then said, “Mum, have you thought of a profile picture?”

“Should I have something like Jean?”

“Mum, I think you should be a little more reserved in that. Okay, once you get chatting with someone and want them to see that picture, you can send it. Mum, there’s a lot of weirdos out there. You look fantastic from the back. Put on your tight leggings and a tight-fitting top. Your hair is gorgeous from the back. Let me take some pictures from the back, and then you’ll have a subtle profile picture that shows your gorgeous curves. Mum, do that now so I can start working on your profile, and you can start on my supper, as I’m getting hungry now.”

Mum came back five minutes later; she looked gorgeous from the front. Her Camel’s Toe was so pronounced; it looked so inviting. I took a couple of pictures of her front on my smartphone and five of her from the back. There was something very sexy about mum from the back.

Mum loved the picture; we agreed on the same picture, then I uploaded Kıbrıs Escort it. I then asked mum what name she would use?

“I was thinking about ‘Lonely Widow’ and having similar words to Jean’s.”

I then told mum that she must be careful, but I would do the same for her. Mum’s name is Jill; I told her never to give her name out or her phone number. Thirty minutes later, her profile was operational. My company’s Chatter account was her first follower. Mum was over the moon. I set up a Lonely Widow email account, and she was happy about that too.

I had a meeting early the following morning; I left after supper. Mum gave me a big hug as I left; the weight of her massive tits on my chest felt terrific. I also told her I would take them if she ever needed private pictures. I was home just before nine. By nine-fifteen, I had Big Boy Chatter account set up. My profile picture was a shot of my front from the shoulders down to my boxer shorts. I had a massive hard-on. The bulge in my boxers looked impressive. My profile said that I was a student looking for a mature woman to mother me. I added I was very affectionate. My first two messages were to Merry Widow and Lonely Widow. The messages were similar but different in case they showed each other their messages.

I poured myself a glass of wine and sat in the lounge. Ten minutes later, I had a message from Jean. It read, “Hi big boy, I love your profile. I was so happy to read your message. Are you looking for a mum/son role play arrangement? I could be interested in that. I’m an honest woman; I’m sixty-two years of age. I am widowed for just over two years. I have dated no one yet, but I get very horny and give myself relief. Your body is very firm. How old are you? When I saw the bulge in your boxers, my pussy got so wet. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Lots of hugs and kisses from Merry Widow, or would you like to call me mum now?”

My reply was, “Hi mum, that sounds great; I’m studying law and in my final year at university. I’m twenty-two years old. My height is 6 foot 4 inches. I am so glad that you like my cock. He’s long and thick. If you like your pussy stretched, then you will love him. May I ask when you were last fucked? I look forward to hearing from you, mum. Long passionate kisses wherever you want, your big boy.”

As I sent Jean her message, I had a message from mum; I was so surprised when I read it. Jean was horny, mum was hornier.

“Hi big boy, you look gorgeous. Your cock looks very inviting, and I love a firm body. I am a widow for three months now. I was a neglected wife. My husband was ten years older than me. I have a son of twenty-two. Can I ask how old you are? On my next birthday, I’ll be sixty. But I’m still very active sexually. I have a wonderful selection of vibrators and dildos. I give myself relief twice a day, every day. My husband couldn’t get it up, so I had to do peep shows for him. I would play with my cunt and tits. He would wank his soft cock as I used my toys on myself. He loved it when I had a dildo up my tight ass and another fucking my dripping cunt. When he was ready, I always knew he was still soft but still could cum. He didn’t spurt, it just ran out, and I would suck him off. I can give very good oral. Do you like your cock sucked? I would make you very hard. Then you can give me a good fucking. Please tell me what you enjoy. I’m very open-minded. You can call me mum. I would love that as I fantasize about my son fucking me. He had supper with me this evening. I was so wet when he left I had to give my clit a good workout. I am also bisexual. I have a girlfriend. She’s a widow like me, but we ended up in bed one night. The sex is good, but I need a cock. Write to mummy soon. She wants to hear from you. Love mum xxx.”

When I finished reading mum’s letter, I wanted to fuck mum; reading what she had written had given me a hard-on. I had never even thought about having sex with Mum. that would be taboo, but now I was more than interested.

I replied, “Mum, it makes me so happy to hear from you. We can do a mum and son role-play. I love it when you talk dirty to me. I am twenty-two too, the same as your son. Maybe your son is fantasising about you. You should send him out some signals and see if he responds. I love giving oral too. Do you like your clit sucked? I would suck it and give you a good finger fucking as I sucked. Would you like to cum in your baby’s mouth? I would love to swallow your cum, but we would cum kiss first. Then, we could 69 together in foreplay. I would make you cum before I fuck you. What is your favourite position? When were you last fucked with a cock? Have you any tits and pussy pictures? I would love to see them. We are writing and I am so happy. I feel that I have found what I’m looking for. I am at university early tomorrow morning, so I need to go to bed soon. I look forward to hearing from you. Kisses everywhere, your big boy xxx.”

Jean replied, “Looking at your cock and reading the naughty things you write is making my cunt wet. The last Lefkoşa Escort time I had a cock was with my husband eight years ago. I am bisexual; I have a girlfriend. She’s a widow like me, but she’s hot. We have a strap on, but both of us prefer cock. We have sex two or three times a week. I love my pussy stretched; Will you fuck me hard? I feel comfortable writing to you. Would you like some naughty pictures of me? I can be a very dirty mum in bed. I had no children. That’s my life’s biggest regret, but I want to have fun in my old age. I’m at the dentist tomorrow morning at eight, and he’s an hour’s drive away, so I’d better get to bed now. Write, and I’ll respond in the morning. Love mum.”

Mum replied, “You arouse me. I like that. I have thought often about sending out a signal to my son, but I’m scared to. He’s all I’ve got. When I’ve problems, he’s always there to support me. My son set up my Chatter account. He told me to be careful with sending out pictures. He even told me that if I met someone I wanted to send private pictures to, he would take the pictures as he didn’t want anyone to see my face. I don’t want to take selfies. I have beautiful big tits and a very sexy, hungry cunt. Would you like to meet me? Then the fun would begin. I would love my clit sucked. My husband wasn’t into giving oral. I have cum in my girlfriend’s mouth, and I’ve cum in hers. I am a cum slut. Since tonight, I have been on Chatter. My son tweeted me, and you have chatted with me. I want my son to take the pictures, but maybe it’s a little early. Tell mummy what you think I should do? I’m thinking of you. Kisses, mummy.”

I read mum’s tweet twice, then I replied, “Mummy, I think your son cares a lot about you. I think he wants to protect your identity. The last thing that he wants is his mum’s tits and cunt pictures flying around the Internet. Tell him you’re writing with someone and you’re getting on well with them. Tell him you would like to send him some erotic pictures, but you don’t want your face shown. You could wear a masquerade mask. If we become lovers, your son will have to accept that and welcome me into his life. Talk to your son and ask him to take the pictures. That will tell your son that you love him. I am going to bed now, and I’ll dream about you. Lots of kisses, your big boy.”

Five minutes later, my phone rang. It was mum, “Hi Jack, I hope I haven’t woken you. I have been writing to a guy younger than me, but we get on well together. I am sure that we’ll be sexually compatible and that’s very important to me. So I want to send him some erotic pictures of my body. I will wear a masquerade mask. Would you take some pictures for me?”

“Mum, of course, I will take the pictures, but don’t you think that it’s a bit early for this?”

“You may be right. I feel so frustrated; I’m not getting any younger. The guy ticks all the boxes for me. I would like you to take some pictures then I will feed them to him over a period. It won’t give them to him all at once. He’s the same age as you. He’s studying law. When can you take the pictures?”

Many things were going through my head; I thought if I took the pictures, then I’d get mum so aroused. I would get her to kiss and touch, then I was sure I could have her.

“Mum, he is the same age as me. Do you want a relationship with him, or do you want fucked?”

“I want fucked Jack. Sex is what I need. I haven’t had good sex for years, and even then, not that good. He got me so aroused tonight that I think they call it Solo Sex when someone arouses you on the phone or over the Internet. It was so good; I had a powerful orgasm when I climaxed. I can’t believe I’m telling you these things.”

“What was he saying to you that got you so hot, mum?

“He was telling me how he would like to fuck me. He also told me he wanted to suck my clit, and I could cum in his mouth. No man has ever done anything like that to me before. Jack, I want to be honest with you. When you took my profile pictures tonight, Jean loved my profile picture. She wants you to take the same for her. We hugged before you left. You felt so good in my arms. I played with my pussy after you had gone. I made myself cum thinking about you.”

I needed to think this one through; mum needed fucked; that was the bottom line.

“Mum, as I drove home, I thought of how good that hug was. You’re my mum, and I love you. The last thing that I want is you to meet some young guy on the Internet. He talks dirty to you. He gets you aroused. He fucks you, then he thinks to himself, she was nice, tits are sagging now, I’ll get on to Val. She’s married, so it is only sex she wants. She’s ten years younger, but that’s another notch on my headboard. Is that what you fucking want, Mum?”

“No Jack, that’s a risk I have got to take. What else can I do? The Internet is my only connection to the outside world. How else could a sixty-year-old woman hitch up with a twenty-two-year-old man? I don’t have any alternatives.”

“Mum, please be honest with me. Do you just want a young Girne Escort cock?”

“Jack, I want and need a young cock. I want to feel his hard cock inside me. I want to feel him shoot his spunk deep inside me. Then ten minutes later, he’s hard again and ready to give me what I need again.”

“Thank you for your honesty. I know now what you need. Please let me market you properly. In life, marketing is the only game in town.

You want me to take pictures? I will do that. Do you have any sexy lingerie? Push-up bras, crotchless Basques or bodysuits?”

“Yes, in the last month, I’ve bought a lot. Jean knows an excellent boutique; it is fantastic, high quality and low prices. So why do you ask?”

“Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll come and take pictures. I’ll take the pictures in your bedroom. Do you have any masquerade masks?”

“No, I don’t. Where can we get them?”

“There’s a shop in town that stocks them. I will get them tomorrow. Could you get your hair styled in the same style you have but have it highlighted as there are a few grey hairs appearing? Do you have any three-inch heels and self-supporting stockings? A garter band would also be good for the naughty pictures at the end.”

“Jack, you won’t believe this, but I have got an appointment at nine tomorrow morning. What time will you be here? I have all the things that you suggested. I have two pairs of four-inch heels. It’s hard to walk in them, but they make my legs look so long. There are six different colors of garter bands. Jean told me to buy them.

“Around four in the afternoon. I will bring lighting and my HD camera. Now the big question, is your pussy smooth or do you have a bush? If you have a bush, the last thing that you need is a grey-haired cunt.”

“Jack, I’m smooth. It makes my pussy much more sensitive. Your idea sounds wonderful. You’ll take pictures of me in my lingerie first; then you’ll take the dirty pictures afterwards. How long will this take?”

“Fuck knows, I think it could be a few hours, but we’ll work on it until it’s perfect. Can you cook dinner for us tomorrow night? I will stay here tomorrow night as I will have some wine. I want you to have some wine too as you will be very nervous and I want you to relax. Your new friend will be happy you’re smooth. They don’t like pubic hair in their teeth when they’re sucking your clit.”

“No problem, Jack. Your room is ready for you. You can see what suits me best if I spread my lingerie on the dining room table. I’ll start drinking at three, so I’m relaxed when you arrive. I’m honestly looking forward to this tomorrow. Thank you for helping me, Jack.”

“Mum, one last thing before I go, when we’re doing your pussy pictures, it’s better if your pussy is wet. Do you get wet easily?”

“Jack, I get soaked. My pussy is always wet. When I play with myself, I must lie on top of a towel. My cunt juice runs out of me.”

“That’s good, mum. When I do the close-ups of your pussy, it’s better if your cunt lips appear moist. I may have to touch your pussy to spread your cunt juice around your cunt lips. Are you comfortable with that? Are your cunt lips thick?”

“No problem, Jack, you can touch me anywhere. No man has touched me there for ages, so be gentle with me. My cunt flaps are very thick. They’re also very sensitive. There are a few spare towels in the bedroom. I am so glad that I phoned you, Jack. I’m thinking much clearer now.”

“Mum, I’m off to bed now. I’ll message you when I know the exact time I’ll be there tomorrow. I’m we are doing it this way. It gives us time. I want to be the one that tells you when your new friend can fuck you. That’s a lot safer for you.”

“Jack, I think that you’re right. I need a man to dominate me.”

“Mum, you could be right. Don’t worry about tomorrow; I’m sure that we’ll have some lovely pictures tomorrow night. The lingerie ones will make his cock stiff. The pussy ones he will wank to them. See you tomorrow.”

I came off the phone confident that I was doing the right thing with mum. She sounded so much more relaxed. I was sure what would happen tomorrow would significantly affect mum’s life. I was asleep five minutes later.

Around eleven the following day, I sent Jean a message. I knew I had to keep her hot.

“Good morning mummy, I hope all went well at the dentist. Did you open your mouth wide for him? With me, open your mouth and legs wide. When I slide my monster cock up your ass, I will stretch your tight ass hole. I have received no naughty pictures. I thought you wanted to make your big boy happy. Thinking about you, kisses everywhere, big boy.”

Jean replied and had attached six pictures, obviously selfies, just after twelve. What a body Jean had: massive tits, flat stomach, an incredible vulva, smooth and swollen. Very long sex slit with thick cunt flaps. Jean was very fuckable.

“Hi big boy, I’ve had a busy morning, and I’m seeing my lawyer this afternoon. All went well at the dentist. I was at the Hygienist, then the dentist checked my teeth. He is a dirty old fucker. He keeps on brushing his forearm against my tits. He can’t get it up. His wife has three young studs looking after her. I will open everything for you. I love anal, but you must fuck me hard. Write when you can. I’m thinking about you. I hope the pictures make you happy. All my love, mummy xxx.”