Mayıs 12, 2023

MurphyCarol – The Party

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Carol bit her lip as she felt her body sway in the car seat. She wore big, dark sunglasses, but they were only to hide the ‘x’s of electrical tape that sealed her eyes shut. In darkness, she became sensitive to her own body, feeling it push and swing against the seatbelt as Murphy drove her to their special night out. “Almost there. You nervous?” Murphy asked. She felt his wide, strong hand rest gently on her shoulder. With a smile, she nodded. “I’m excited, though. You’ve been planning this a while, so I’m really eager to see what you have planned.” “Yeah,” she could feel the joy in his voice, “I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight.” The car slowed and came to a stop. “Now,” he said, “this time of year and this late at night, it’s a safe bet that this motel is basically empty. We have the only room, and even the manager has gone home.” Carol involuntarily pursed her lips. A motel? She was hoping for, well she didn’t know, a spa or a picnic, but… the idea of a deserted motel gave her anxiety. Murphy’s door popped open, and moments later he opened Carol’s door. He leaned in and unbuckled her, before holding her by her shoulders and leading her to her feet. The sneakers made it easy to walk, but with her arms under the long trenchcoat that covered her, she was at Murphy’s mercy as he pulled her by the ring on her collar. They walked a few yards to the sound of crickets and distant traffic on a summer night. He stopped, and held Carol by her shoulders reassuringly. “Carol, listen to me. I’ve put a lot of work into this, and it’s important that you understand that I will be in complete control for all of this. There is nothing for you to be afraid of. We can stop any time, but I really want you to try as hard as you can to be brave.” Straightening up, she put on her bravest face. “I believe you, Murphy.” He gently stroked her cheek with a chuckle. The next moment, his hands were on the collar of her trenchcoat, and he pulled it loose, letting it drop to her feet. She stood there, her arms tied behind Karaköy escort bayan her at the elbows, leaving her forearms free with a reach between her nipples and her thighs. All nude save the rope harness around her chest and the garter belt holding up her stockings. There was a click and the sound of a door swinging open. Carol’s heart dropped as through the door came the voices of men, maybe dozens, chatting and joking and drinking. Her mouth opened, but she couldn’t make a sound when she was pulled in by her collar. “Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting!” The door clicked shut behind her. “So, you all know the drill. The room is paid for, checkout is at 11 tomorrow.” He put his hands between Carol’s shoulders, pushing her into the room, then pulling her collar down until she was on her knees. “There’s condoms over there, but they’re optional. She’s complimentary, but you’re welcome to tip as much as you like if you feel like it. Also, remember, she’s doing oral only, and one at a time, so wait your turn! Come on, let’s be grownups!” He plucked off the sunglasses and tossed them aside, grabbing her hair and tugging until she sat upright on her heels with a straight back. “Who’s first?” The murmur of the crowd continued, like most of them weren’t even paying attention. The suspense didn’t last, as a hand gripped under her jaw, tilting her head back, as another hand prodded its fingers into her mouth. Probing into her cheeks and under her tongue, they pulled out and smeared saliva all over her face before reaching to press the back of her head, leading her lips to the tip of a hot cock. Breathing heavily, she parted her lips and let the cock slide in. Whoever it was moved slowly, giving her room to work, swirling her tongue around the head and sealing her lips around the shaft. She hardly worked for a moment when he pulled back and she felt a spray of hot, stringy liquid splattering across the bridge of her nose. Her arousal was starting to make her dizzy, and she resumed Escort Kayaşehir her upright, open-mouthed position as she felt a couple of crumpled bills getting tucked into her garter belt. Hands pressed on the side of her head, holding her skull in place as he pumped his member in and out of her gaping mouth. He was wrapped in a smooth, vanilla-scented condom, but that didn’t seem to help him last. A couple of hard thrusts against her tonsils and he quickly withdrew. She cooperatively resumed her stance, squeezing her eye against the tape when a hand closed on her breast. She had a superb mammary pair; firm, bouncy hemispheres of unblemished flesh, and her left nipple was pierced with a small barbell piercing. Thick fingers fiddled with the piece of metal before she felt a wet stretch elastic wrapping around her nipple behind the piercing and get tied on. Feeling the warm weight sway against her belly, her face erupted in blush as she realized she had a used condom hanging from her nipple. A hand closed over her face and twisted it to the side, a hard cock poking into her inner cheek as someone stood right over her, one knee against her breast and another against her shoulder. His condom tasted of cherry, and with barely a little tongue-work, he pulled out. She faced forward again, resuming her vigilant availability, as she felt a gentle tugging on one of her hoop earrings. The feel of a swaying weight and soft warmth dangling on her shoulder needed no explanation; she had another condom hanging from her earring now. The service was topped off with more crumpled bills tucking into her garter and a hearty slap on the ass. As if prompted by the crack of skin on skin, someone grabbed her by the hair and pulled her forward until she was nearly falling over. A hand on the back of her head pushed her into the crotch of someone bending over her, so that although the cock was deep in her mouth, her face was being pressed against belly and thighs and balls. His condom tasted Küçükçekmece escort like oranges. The man barely moved his hips, focusing on her exposed ass; he dropped his hands onto her bare cheeks again and again, manically slapping the firm, bouncy flesh back and forth. It was rude enough that she might have stopped there, but she figured that Murphy had let all of them know how much a firm spanking turned her on. The hands pushed her back upright. She stood still, mouth open and waiting. The low pitch of conversation around the room didn’t even change as a warm dribble started streaking down one of her breasts, followed by a limp, up-ended condom crumpling on top of her bosom. Her tits were so tight, the top of them was nearly level, and the sticky texture of the condom was secured to her skin. Something dry wiped across her breast, smearing away a little of the cum, before being pressed against her ass-cheek. Her lip trembled when she realized a dollar bill had been glued to her ass with jizz; the humiliation edging her dangerously close to orgasm. The next man wasn’t playing around, his licorice-flavored condom plowing into Carol’s tongue. He grabbed a fistful of hair on either side of her head and began pushing and pulling, making her nod frantically, treating her like her whole head was just the lubricant he was using to masturbate. Only a few moments of abuse passed before he pulled out.Gulping with anxiety, Carol resumed her position, courageously determined to see this ordeal through. The pride she felt in her resolve faltered when she felt warm drops in her hair, some of them streaming down her scalp and some down her forehead and eyebrows before an emptied condom landed plap on top of her head. Panting heavily, her eyes were defiant and strong even through the tape, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could, sticking her tongue all the way out. She squealed in surprise when a strong hand grabbed her ass, spreading one cheek to the side. Her shoulders slumped in disbelief as she recognized the sensation of a quarter being shoved into her anus, then another, then some nickels- not even paper money? She was mortified. After a couch-worth of change had been lodged in her rectum, a familiar hand rested on her shoulder and Murphy’s voice spoke gently to her. “That was great! I like your work ethic.