Mayıs 15, 2023

My American History Professor

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AlbertIt is the first day of classes at the university and I am early by twenty minutes. Being a freshman, I want to give myself plenty of time, walking across campus from my dorm. Entering the classroom, I take a seat near the back. Moments later, my professor walks in and my eyes almost bug out of my head! The most beautiful woman these eyes have ever seen enters the room.Her name is Ms. Winkler and she is wearing a pleated blue and white plaid skirt, with a white polo shirt. The shirt has three buttons in front and each one is unbuttoned. Her shoes are light blue stilettos and she has on a pair of sheer nylons. I watch Ms. Winkler sway her firm ass with each step as she goes about her business.Looking up, she asks, “Young man, what is your name?”Startled, I reply, “A… Albert, mam.””Why don’t you sit up front? The view is better.” Mrs. Winkler says as she continues prepping for class.Rising from my seat, I hope the growing bulge is not obvious as I make my way to the front. Taking a seat, I think to myself, ‘I hope she did not see me staring.'”Now is that not better, Albert?” Ms. Winkler says, approaching me.That is when she places her delicate hands on the desktop and leans forward, allowing me a view of her full breasts supported in a light blue lace bra.“Now Albert, is the view not better up in front?””Y… yes, Ms. Winkler,” I say, feeling the blood rush to my face and turning it to what I hoped was not a bright red.“I am happy you think so, Albert.”Stepping back from my desk, Ms. Winkler turns and walks to the chalkboard. I’m sure she wiggles that cute ass just a little more. The room starts filling with the other students and it is time for our first lesson in American History. Ms. Winkler writes her name on the board and when she turns, I notice the last two buttons have been re-buttoned.Every time she turns to write on the board, her ass wiggles a bit more than necessary. By the end of class, I have a very obvious bulge in my pants from all the subtle hints Ms. Winkler sent my way. Waiting until the classroom empties, Ms. Winkler walks over to me and the three buttons are undone on her shirt. Placing her hands on the desk, she leans far Anadolu Yakası Escort enough forward, giving me an unobstructed view of her full bosom and deep cleavage. Ms. Winkler leans closer and as she does, I find her perfume intoxicating.She whispers in my ear, “I notice that you seem to have a problem, Albert. Maybe we can take care of it at another time, as I have a class in ten minutes. Have a good day and I will see you tomorrow.”I rise from my seat as Ms. Winkler watches, her eyes riveted on the full erection pressing against my pants. She smiles seductively, slowly moving her tongue over her full lips.”Have a nice day, Ms. Winkler,” I say, exiting her classroom and head to the library.After my last class of the day, I scurry back to my dorm room and lock the door. I strip the clothes from my body in a flurry, tossing them off to the side. I lay on my bed, taking my thick seven-inch pistol in hand. Knowing it’s locked and loaded and ready to blast off, it takes only a few quick strokes and thoughts of Ms. Winkler. I can see her head bobbing up and down my shaft. The end result is four loads of thick cum exploding onto my stomach and chest. This is my routine every day when my last class ends.Over the next several weeks, I continue showing up fifteen minutes early for class. Ms. Winkler continues to flirt with me and I in turn begin flirting with her. At the end of class, I wait until the classroom is empty and she briefly continues her little game of seduction before her next class begins. Ms. Winkler becomes bolder and bolder as the days go by, giving me quick peeks at her voluptuous body. Then on the Friday of the third week…Ms. WinklerI arrive early for my first day of classes at the university where I have taught American History for twenty-five years. My heart is pounding, nipples hardening as I near my classroom with thoughts of my first conquest of the new school year. Entering, I notice a young man sitting at the back of the room. He is very handsome, his chiseled face is the first thing I notice as I go about preparing for class. I make sure to add a little extra wiggle to my step as Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I walk around.Looking up, I ask the young man his name and he tells me it’s Albert. I invite him to sit up in front and when he rises from his seat, there is a very prominent outline of his manhood. I almost let out a very audible gasp as he walks to the front row and takes a seat. This eighteen-year-old stands at least six-feet-two-inches tall and the bulge in his pants looks close to seven inches at least.My pussy begins to moisten, as my nipples press against the fabric of my light blue lace bra. Walking toward Albert, the front of my matching blue lace panty is now wet with my love juice. Standing in front of this young hunk, I slowly lean forward. Albert has an unobstructed view of my full breasts. My nipples are fully erect, pressing against the fabric of my blue lace bra. Knowing that my handsome student can see the two bumps, my pussy soaks my panties even more. I watch as his light blue eyes stay fixated on the view he has of my breasts. The front of my panties is now saturated with my juices, I am positive that Albert can sense the aroma of my sex as I step back and turn away.“Welcome to my class, Albert. I hope you find it very stimulating.”Turning away, I shake my firm heart-shaped ass just a little more and go about preparing for class. I can feel his eyes follow my every move. Finally, it is time to start my first class. Turning to face my students, I begin the lesson. Every time I turn to write on the board, my ass gyrates a bit more than necessary. By the end of class, I can see that Albert has a very obvious bulge in his pants from all the subtle, hints I sent his way.I notice Albert lingering, waiting for the classroom to empty. The door closes behind the last student to leave. I find myself drawn to this young Adonis and walk over to him, undoing the buttons on my shirt. I give him another unobstructed view of my full bosom and deep cleavage. Leaning in, I whisper in his ear that we may have to take care of his aroused state at another time.Rising from his seat as I watch, my eyes riveted on Escort Anadolu Yakası the full erection pressing against Albert’s pants. I reach out and run my fingers along the length of his cock. He reaches out and gives my tits a good squeeze before I push him away. I bet Albert did not mention this, he’s quite shy at times. As Albert opens the door, he looks back and gives me a wink just as the students for my next class start to enter.After my last class of the day, I run to my car and race home. Blowing through yellow lights and barely stopping at stop signs, I reach home in record time. After pulling into the garage, I hurry through the house, discarding my clothing on the way out my bedroom. I bring out my toys, lie on the bed and spend the evening masturbating to thoughts of Albert’s big cock.AlbertThe first three weeks in her class have been very educational. I continue to arrive early and her game of seduction intensifies each day. I am at my wit’s end, her teasing and flirting are driving me crazy!  Her wheat colored hair dangles just below the gentle curve of her shoulders. The white dress shirt with the cuffs rolled up gives a hint of the hidden treasure within. The white knee-length satin skirt accentuates Ms. Winkler’s slender hips and that perfect derrière. The white four-inch stilettos complement her attire.At the end of class, Ms. Winkler asks me to come by her classroom at six this evening, as she will be working late. Ms. WinklerI decide to wear a little something that will get Albert all worked up. I’m sure he mentioned it, those blue eyes of his grew as big as saucers when I entered the classroom. We flirted, not saying a word, I pulled my glasses down and peered over them. Looking directly at the bulge growing inside his trousers, I seductively slid my tongue over my lower lip just before the other students arrived.When the class ends and all the students have left, I walk up to Albert and tell him to come back tonight around six. I give his firm butt a gentle slap as he leaves.Albert  Sitting through my other classes, I keep thinking about this evening with anticipation. By the end of my last class, I run back to my dorm and take a quick shower. Arriving at precisely six o’clock, I open the door to Ms. Winkler’s classroom. “Come in and lock the door, Albert.” She says.I lean against the door, closing and then lock it as I take in the sight before me. Ms. Winkler is standing by the blackboard with her shirt unbuttoned down to the waistband of the satin skirt.