Eylül 14, 2023

My Eros 67: Something Sensual

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Perhaps something poetic tonight, something sensual…

By now, your eyes looking back at me are full of interest. I can see your eagerness and curiosity etched into the loving lines of your smile, hinted at in now-playful eyes. I kiss you yet again, my eyes closed as I seek the key that will unlock your pleasure, and only in doing so can I unlock my own. Where will you like to be caressed? Where will you most enjoy my nibbling lips? Where will you be delighted by the merest touch of my breath on your skin? Where? For you are new to me…

In the forever-long moments of our kiss, I bid myself to forget. Forget those who have been touched by these slender fingers before. Forget the maps made in my mind of where their most sensitive sweet spots were. Forget the sensation of another’s touch. Forget the knowledge of lovemaking that is my gift to give. Forget all except this moment, this emotion, this sensation, and you. Now I am new, too.

I open my eyes as the kiss ends, giving you a look that promises more, and the eyes that touch yours now are different. They’re the eyes of a man who has regained his virginity for this night, for this encounter, for you. I blush in shyness as your look changes to puzzlement and then intrigue. I look up at you again, giving voice to my feelings, “I have become a virgin again for you tonight. But not just for tonight. For tonight will hopefully be just the beginning of many, but only as your desire permits. When you ask for my body, you gain the rights to so much more. The right to expect me to be renewed for you. The right to request anything of me without judgement and without rejection. The rights to secrecy and discretion. The right to be the sole posessor of my body and sexual self so long as you still desire me. Those are the rights I give to you, those and many more, and may you never have to demand them of me.”

Your breath passes your lips again, you find that you had held it while I was speaking. My words had been of devotion and submission, but my eyes had spoken of fire and wisdom and strength. You find your desire growing again, you feel oddly touched by my words, and you start to think that perhaps getting to know the sensual side of me was a good idea after all…

Seeing you overwhelmed flatters me and I feel myself blushing again and I want you more than ever now. Your reactions are more important to me than the way you look, the way you sound, the words you choose for me. Eagerness and pleasure are also responses from you that allow me to enjoy the entire experience. Our minds seem to be in the right place now, so perhaps it is time for the unveiling…?

I take you in my arms and kiss you, loving the way you feel wrapped up in my embrace. You kick your shoes off Tuzla Escort in the direction of where mine are placed. My lips grin against your mouth, breaking the seal of our kiss. I move forward as my hands slip down your arms and whisper into your ear, “Baby, your shirt. Please?”

I move back several inches again to watch, so much of the voyeur in me yet. You feel a twinge of self-consciousness and smile at me as your hands move to remove your top. My eyes get wider as more flesh comes into view and I silently applaud you. You pause for a moment as your inhibitons melt and then become playful with the unveiling. My smile widens further and you see appreciation in my eyes as I admire your showmanship. A few small movements later and a little bit of teasing and your shirt flutters down to the floor. My move it seems.

My voyeur tucked away, I haul out the exhibitionist to try to thrill you visually. I back away a little more and begin to unbutton the special shirt I’ve worn for you tonight. Slim fingers plucking at the buttons one by one, peeling the shirt back for you in a brief flash before continuing to the next button. I can’t guage your response, but I hope you’re enjoying this. I pump my shoulders up and down sensuously. Left shoulder, right shoulder, left again, right again…mesmerising in the slow rhythm of my body movements as I aim to please you with my show. My own shirt joins yours, and it looks like they’re having fun atop one another, is that giving you any ideas, Sweetheart? I grin and snicker a little as this last thought comes to me.

You come in for another hugging-kiss and this time you are tickled by my lightly-haired chest. You rub against me and I am reminded of your bra as it slides across my nipples. In fact the whole time I am kissing you, I am picturing you wearing that bra and how good you look overall. My mind tries to create pictures of your nakedness even before we reach that stage together, but my imagination won’t be nearly as satisfying as the reality. From what I can tell of you, you have been hiding a very good looking body under your clothes for years without anyone suspecting your true beauty. And here you are tonight, with me, and I know that you are beautiful, I know that with the depth of this amazingly sensual side of yourself you could afford to be so much more confident, and I know that I am honored to be with you. And this secret-self of yours that you show me tonight is appreciated and will be my secret now, too.

“Your skirt, Precious. Would you do that for me?”

You stroke your hands firmly across my chest and down my arms as you pull back further than before, a wild look in your yearning eyes and a mischievious grin upon kissable lips. You make a show Gebze Escort of sliding your hands across your own waist as you reach to remove your skirt. Your hips sway to a tune you alone can hear, but one I’m quickly picking up on just watching you and being with you. You tug at the fabric, teasing me just a little, eyes flashing down to your own hands as you rediscover and appreciation of your own curves, then your eyes come back enrapture me again. You are so very captivating, my lovely one, how could anyone not know you’re as fantastic as this, hmm? My eyes beg more of you, and my mouth coos softly and sighs as more of you comes into view with each passing beat of my heart. All too soon your skirt joins the pile on the floor. Hmmmm, I’ll see your skirt. Raise. And Call. Now let’s see what you were holding…

I send a smouldering look your way as I lick my lips and move my hands up and down slowly, grasping firmly as I do, over my chest and down my hips. I take the top button of my black denims and undo it with a small popping sound. As I open the flap you see a Levi’s 501 with a button-fly rather than a zipper. Oh yeah, and now the teasing starts… I hum softly, a little song to go with the show, and then I start my hips moving in slow figure-eights. Button two. The humming louder, the movements wilder. Button three. Now my pelvis makes light humping motions as I continue to hum. Button four. The sound becomes a song in my throat and with great flourish I pop the final button. Are you still watching me? I open the flaps wide to either side and you glimpse black silk beneath. I couldn’t decide on the boxers, the bikini cut, or the sport jockeys for you tonight. In moments black silk boxers come into view though, answering your curious thoughts. I deliberately bend over for you as I lower my jeans down each leg and make a slow spin as I come back up. I smile and now blush again as I don’t know if you’ve enjoyed my little display for you.

As I look at you now I can see you breathing deeply, cheeks flushed a little bit, eyes speaking of a deeply hungry passion. I drop my black demins to the pile as I take you in my arms and kiss you once more lustily. You can feel my silk-wrapped bulge throb against your navel as we kiss. Likewise, I can feel twin hard points through the fabric of your bra against my chest. I kiss you longer. I drink you in. I delight in all that you are and can be and will be. Tonight you are mine just as I am yours, and only in the light of morning will I ask you to decide if you still want me…

“Let’s have it all now, Baby. Bra, panties, boxers, on the same pile, at the same time.”

You smile at me again and nod your assent. We each step back and gaze at the other as our hands weave Aydınlı Escort across our own bodies in sexy movements. Your bra unclasps, my pulse pounds. My boxers slide down slowly, your heart races. Your bra falls to the pile, I gasp. My boxers join them and you’re silently thankful for what you’re about to receive. You bend at the waist to hook your fingers under the top of your soft panties and I’m treated to a delightful display as I “ooh and ahh” at the sight of your breasts hanging down, longing to be touched and caressed and licked and nibbled upon and…. I regain my composure as your gaze is drawn down to my hardness that is now bobbing and throbbing with my excitement. Strange, is it not, that we haven’t touched very much yet and still we excite each other so, hmm? Mmmmm, you are truly fantastic, and I am savouring all of you. Panties join our pile and my eyes are wide with lust as I am treated to a full view of your nudity. Oooh…I like! I like!

I move to you once more and we kiss deeper than before, our breath coming in gasps as we passionately embrace. Your hand slips in between us to caress my rod and the tracing of your fingers drives me wild. My own fingers trace the swells of your breasts at their sides as we continue kissing. The feel of your hot nakedness pressed against my entire body is stoking the fires within. I want you. I need you. Please? Please tell me what I must do to have you, if but for this one magical night…

I back you up slowly to the edge of the bed until the backs of your knees touch it. Then I break from our kiss to say, “Darling, please… Down. Please?”

You blush and lick your lips before realizing from my hand motions that I want you to sit down on the bed as opposed giving me oral pleasure by request. I blush, too, as I realize the alternative implications of my last request. However, a part of me silently wonders what you would have done, had I not indicated with my hands that I wanted you to sit down… You should know that I never ask nor demand much less expect oral sex from you so, with a touch of embarrassment, I move to the side as you sit down so that you’re not presented with an up close and personal view of my throbbing erection the moment you’re seated. You smile at me, puzzled as to what I have in mind. I quickly ease your bewilderment.

I fall in behind you, moving so that my thighs come around to either side of your delightful buns. And from my sitting position behind you, I kiss the back of your neck and begin to massage you lightly. Yes, I know that you are already so hot, but I just wanted to take some time to explore your body, to get to know you with my hands. To close my eyes for a moment to not use my eyes as my fingers map your body for a clear mental image of you. Where will I find the softest smoothness? Where will your flesh feel like buttery suede? Where will my fingers be delighted as they encounter tiny bumps and ridges? The textures of your body are as diverse as your interests. Please let me explore you…