Mayıs 15, 2023

My first gay experience

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I’m in my 30s and have been completely straight all my life – other than some fondles at boarding school which were as much about sexual exploration as anything else.  But now, having done a fair amount of straight stuff, I find a degree of curiosity about pushing boundaries with another guy.  Here’s one experience I had at school which has been recurring to me lately and a fantasy which gets me horny.  If you like it… let me know.  Would be interesting to hear from others who have similar thoughts or who finds this a turn on.I was about 16 and chatting to an acquaintance in my year.  I think were talking about sex in general, who of the girls in school we’d like to fuck and stuff including our own cocks – how big we were, how often we wanked etc.  We were both complete virgins.  We must have been walking back from somewhere as we both needed a piss and went to the nearby loo.  As we stood at the urinals, we ended up glancing at each other.  I think I said something like, “so what does it look like when it’s up”.  He was non committal and just stood then and having finished peeing, turned towards me and held it up and out as if it were erect.  We looked at each other’s cocks; his soft penis looked, well just like a soft penis.  But then things seemed to become a bit more erotic and with the excitement we began to go hard.  Getting bolder and feeling that warm sensation of horniness, I started to deliberately stroke myself in front of him and then so did he.”Cool – you’ve got a nice one” I said.He was very slightly smaller than me, curved upwards, with a nice cut knob and smooth shaft, say around 5″.  Mine is straight with a bit of scaring from being cut but I like the full bulbous head.  We just stood there looking at one another stroking ourselves.  The door was right next to us and I said, “If someone walks in…  Let’s go in here”.We tucked out cocks in, moved into a cubicle and closed the door.  I got my cock out again and said, “so let’s have Ümraniye Escort a look.”He got his out and this time it felt a bit different.  Rather than just giving a glance if you like, here we were deliberately exposing ourselves to each other so that we could look closely and we were getting turned on by it.  To start with, we just stood there, looking intensely.  We were stood close together in the confines of the cubicle and he leaned forward slightly so that his knob touched mine.  That spark of electric feeling stimulated both of us and we kept them gently rubbing against one another.  Then he took hold of his shaft and rubbed his knob gently around mine – both of us enjoying the sexual sensations.I took my cock in hand and we both started slowly stroking and keeping the tips of our cocks rubbing against one another.  You can probably imagine what it was like and soon any pretence of just playing about gave way to wanting to get off and cuming.  To see his cock was fascinating.  It was the first time I’d ever seen another guy actually masturbating and there he was pumping up and down.  I remember pre cum oozing out of both of us as the tension and feelings rose and how that felt as our jap’s eyes mashed together in our own lube.I wanted to feel more of his hard-on so I slid my hand further up so it straddled our knobs.  For a while, I just did that, feeling my palm and fingers against my head and then his.  I held our cocks against each other and squeezed.  It was nice – OK it was really nice – but by then we both wanted  more and I wanted to make him cum.I said, “want me to finish you off?”He just murmured OK, I move round a bit so that my right hand could take him better.  This memory is very vivid for me.  I reached out, let my fingers curl around his cock and held him.  It felt so firm and warm and I was struck by the upward curve and the very slightly shorter shaft.  I was so used to my straight shaft, Ümraniye Escort Bayan that I felt like I would have to almost slightly twist my wrist around as I went up and down.  My fingers loosely clasped his meat and gently moved up to his knob, letting my skin graze back over his head, spreading the clear pre cum around and then down again.  I felt down over his sac and the pubic hair, the fullness of his balls.  He didn’t make a sound as I slowly repeated, up and down from there, around the base up to his knob, pushing the pre cum up and out and then rubbing it around.  Much as he tried to stay absolutely silent, it was obvious he was getting really hot from it.  It was a real turn on for me too, not least because it felt so good but also because I knew I was getting him off.  I massaged the knob with my thumb and felt all around with my fingers before going back to wanking him properly.  The two of us were really getting into it has my hand wanked him off.  His breathing got faster and every now and then, a gasp would come from him as his orgasm built.  (As I replay this bit in my mind, I get behind him and rub my cock against his bum whilst continuing to wank him off).I then took a firmer hold, relishing the feel of him in my hand.  Strangely I didn’t see this as being gay, more a case of two guys having fun because there wasn’t an alternative and to date it was the most erotic thing we had ever done.  As I pumped up and down and waited for him to cum, my cock stayed rock hard and throbbed, wanting to have some of the action too.  “Feel mine too”, I said and he moved a hand on to my cock.  That was ecstasy.It was clear he was close as he continued to try and keep silent, every now and then saying ‘yeah… ooo…’  I just enjoyed the feeling of that solid shaft in my palm, and the excitement of the wank.  He leaned up against the wall and winced as the jets of spunk came out.  I didn’t particularly like Escort Ümraniye the hot sticky, gooey feeling of it, but wanted to prolong his orgasm for as long as possible and kept wanking him, feeling the spasms and drawing his spunk out until he was completely spent.”Wow, that was good” he said.  He was clearly in a state of confusion – post orgasm euphoria and also weirdness that this wasn’t exactly normal.”Yeah! a first for me…”He grabbed a tissue and I pushed the last of the cum up his cock for him to wipe off.  That was really weird but again oddly sexual to me.  I got to feel the throbbing member with all it’s hardness in a very personal way.  Then I wiped my own hand of his cum before finally getting to release some of my built up tension.  Here was another new feeling.  I was deliberately wanking myself in front of him and he was watching me do it.  The exhibitionist in me loved it but I could tell he wasn’t completely comfortable having already shot his load and was on the downside.  At that moment I didn’t care though and I was expecting him to reciprocate equally.  So when he didn’t and I was getting closer, I said, “finish me off.””OK, but don’t cum on me”He was on my left and it was a bit awkward.  We should have swapped sides so that his right hand was in a better position.  Even so, his hand on my cock felt great and I knew it wouldn’t take me much more.  I focused on his hand wanking me.  The feeling of his fingers digging into my shaft and rubbing against the base of my knob was exquisite.  I wanted to say things like ‘jeez this is so fucking good, god you are really getting my cock hot’ but knew it just wasn’t right.  Then the orgasm rose in my balls, my knob tingled with anticipation and as the point of no return came, I felt the orgasm burst and my balls pumping the load up through my cock.  It was a massive one after all the build up and two massive spurts seemed to scare him off as he took his hand away to avoid it.  So I took over and finished the last moments which annoyed me a bit.  But even then, it was a really liberating feeling to completely open myself up to my orgasm in the knowledge that he was watching me – like me, he was seeing another person cum for the first time.Then the after-moment came in and it was a bit ‘whoa…