Haziran 10, 2023

My First Time Going Black

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My First Time Going BlackThis is my story about the first time I went Black and began my craving of Chocolate. I had always been prejudice towards black men up to that point. I didn’t have anything against black guys but there was no way I was going to sleep with one. My last two years of high school I went to an inner city school that had a large black population. Me being the popular white blonde cheerleader I got hit by the black boys all the time but I was like no way. That bring us to my freshman year in college.I was hanging out in my dorm with my roommate Alexis and our friend Paige. Paige was telling us how she promised to set up 2 black guys she had as friends with her roommate Molly the next day. So anyway we went to Paige’s to hang out when the black guys got there. I wondered how Paige knew these guys Kadıköy Escort because they were thug type guys and Paige didn’t hangout people like that but I didn’t really give it a second thought. Later we found out they were Paige’s d**g dealers. We didn’t even know she did that.So we had the 2 black guys there and Molly wasn’t home. We called her but it just rang. Later she said she couldn’t do it. She didn’t want to have sex with black guys. So she went shopping for the day. We didn’t know what to do so we asked Paige to tell the guys it was off. She kind of skirted that it might not happen and they were upset because Paige promised them. So we were kind of afraid they would get mad. I told Paige she should do it since she’s the one who promised them. She wouldn’t do it. Kadıköy Escort Bayan She asked Alexis but she didn’t want to do it. Then she asked me and I said there was no way. Somebody needed to take the bullet so to speak. Then Alexis made a suggestion that we should draw straws. I got the short straw. I figured I would suck it up and then never have sex with another black man again. I felt so unlucky at the time but I was lucky in the long run.So I went into Molly’s room and explained she wasn’t there. I started stripping for the guys. I then got on my knees and crawled over to them and unzipped their pants. There cocks were 2 of the biggest I had ever seen. I then took turns sucking each one of them. While I was sucking one guy the other got up and got behind me. He Escort Kadıköy put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me. They took turns spit roasting me. Up to that point in my life that was the best sex I had ever had. They they treated me turned me on so much. I just loved it. The one guy gave me his number and said I could call if I wanted more.I was conflicted because I enjoyed myself so much. I told myself I would never do it again but the following weekend I called them up and had sex with them again. Then that night I met another black guy and I love it. I knew then that I was into black guys but it took me some time to come to terms with it. Now I only have sex with black guys. The one thing I regret is not doing it sooner and all the black boys I went to school with that I missed out on.One funny thing was that Paige, Alexis, and myself didn’t want to have sex with those 2 black guys and each of us ended up having sex with them. Paige ended up doing them to get her d**gs for free. Alexis did it because she was jealous of me and Paige talking about them and she wanted to know what we were talking about.