Ekim 7, 2021

my friend Claudia

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my friend Claudiamy friend claudiaThis is a story I told claudia and with his permission I will tell, Claudia is my old friend and her mulatto but born in Milan, he told me that when he was young was very hard to find work because of his color and the bigotry of a city like Milan in the eighties did not yet know all this multiracial Milan, then she finds work in a large clothing store near the train station was a tailor of high board with few staff she was hired as a second secretary of the shop his boss was a man in his fifties a nice man very nice then there was his secretary and other orders and seamstresses of the boutique atmosphere was friendly with almost all other workers but there was the secretary that she was often the deputy leader and was unbearable and all presumptuous not take kindly especially my friend claudia that after a month in his counted not stand it anymore, there were rumors that the leader had relations with his secretary even outside avcilar escort of work I have to work claudia same as an evening could consist, it was almost time to go home to his manager he told him to go down in stock fabrics to count how many were coming from Paris and that she was ready to get out had to go down there was more no one now in tailoring and she did not know where to look, after a while she went out again to the offices that were on the upper floors and as he reached toward his office could be heard moaning coming from the chief’s office and with the door was ajar so that she could see what was going on in the office and saw his head sucking cock at the boss and it seemed like she was just waiting to be seen by claudia .not knowing what to do if it went thus leaving the scene and the look of its day after his manager not responsible pretended that nothing, said nothing claudia maybe it was the way to make him understand that şirinevler escort she commanded them in so that you know, after a few months has claudia that could not stand the state of things, play all the work while his head was not anything she and the two jobs he realized that her skirts were not indifferent to the head and the looks of him became more intriguing, until the day that Claudia decided to make him pay his manager d office she was sick and claudia touch stay late to close, she had a tartan mini-skirt that day and a white shirt without a bra to her a nice fourth with two nipples far cm lakes a finger so you could see all his chief kept calling to him for the questions and let him take documents and on the shelves in the closet that was close of ‘office and that is how they found themselves stuck and he often rubbed and she decided to stay there to make her pay the viper of his head so as soon as he was on the scale for taksim escort the umpteenth time by the high need and the doctor said that as he said those words spread my legs and knee raised slightly the boss seeing the good things that we had already had the hard with pussy of twenty-two them near the underwear down the ladder and while claudia down he was already there ready with them his cock in hand supporting him immediately on his belly his head was a real bull with a nice big cock and I start off palparsela all up to that made a large finger and then with his tongue never before had licked her pussy and never any of her boyfriends had a cock so big and knew how to use because all of a sudden he turns it puts one leg on the stairs and starts fucking her with strength until to let her come two or three consecutive orgasms claudia and delighted him the door on the desk and they continue to fuck her she enjoys letting out cries of pleasure that the head have to lay their hands on the mouth after having squirted load between the boobs she said that they would go to dinner together and she accepted the story hard for many years in secret and his manager when I am his underwear on the boss’s desk and realized that things had change