Mayıs 13, 2023

My Friend’s Mom’s High Heels

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I was around seventeen at the time. I was going through my rebellious, pot smoking phase and never really wanted to be around my family, so I basically lived with my best friend, Jon. He lived in a condo downtown. We just hung out, smoked, and played video games all day and night. It was a lot of fun. This story takes place during the summer post junior year. As I said, I was essentially living at Jon’s place at this time. So, let’s get to the point. Jon’s mother was a smokeshow. Her name was Donna. She was probably in her mid-forties at the time, so pretty old for a smokeshow, but man was she fine. Honestly, think Sharon Stone. That is an accurate description of how hot she was. She had mid-length kumköy escort bayan blonde hair, a fit body, roughly C cups, a tight ass, toned legs, and the sexiest, most beautiful size seven feet. Despite her age, they were so soft looking and just plain lovely to behold. She also was always perfectly pedicured. She was a high-end business woman, always wearing form fitting female suits and all manner of heels. It was the heels I loved most. However, as hot as she was, she was a complete bitch. You have not met a bitchy woman until you have met this one. She was super uptight from her job and a workout nazi. She was up Jon and I’s asses all the kumköy escort time. If she knew half the shit we got up to Jon would have been grounded for years. Hell, she probably would have grounded me too. However, honestly this just made her hotter in my eyes. Watching this intensely authoritative milf with amazing feet yell at us got me hard every time. One day after she finished yelling at us for God knows what (it is far too long ago to remember those specifics) Jon was super pissed off and decided to go take a shower. Jon took really long showers, especially when he was pissed off. Donna had run to the store (right down the street) to grab a couple things. Escort kumköy As Jon was in the bathroom, a crazy idea came over me. I was rarely alone in the house, but still I was shocked that I had not thought of this before. I decided to go into Donna’s room and take a look at and maybe even touch the heels I so enjoyed staring at on her beautiful feet. I snuck quietly into her room, terrified of getting caught. What if Donna came back in? Or Jon got outof the shower? But I was lost to reason at this point. I opened her closet and there was her collection of heels in all their glory. I went through them slowly, caressing them, bringing some to my nose and smelling them, the sweat and perfume so intoxicating. It felt so good to be able to finally smell the feet I had fantasized about for months. I finally found a pair that was familiar. It was a pair she wore quite regularly and was also one of my favorites. They were a pair of beige open toe shoes with a decent heel on them.