Haziran 15, 2023

My Housekeeper Gets Friendly

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Arched Back

My Housekeeper Gets FriendlyThis is based on a true experience I had a couple of years ago. Most of this is what happened with a little enhancement for reading.Being that I am home regularly I find myself bored out of my mind at times. Sometimes I’ll get a bug up my ass and clean the house from top to bottom; tear the kitchen closets apart and re-arrange everything in a compulsive way or re-arrange my closet and dresser. Then there are times when I just feel a bit overwhelmed and decide to take a nap.Just the other day I got into one of those ‘take a nap” moods. I had already done my daily activities and the work I had to do in my office so I decided to take a cat-nap. Before I did I took a quick dip in our pool to cool off. After pulling the bedspread down I plopped down on the bed and lightly covered myself with the top sheet. This day I was fast asleep in bed when I thought I heard something. I cocked my head trying to listen to see what it was I heard when all of a sudden I heard a hand on the bedroom door knob. I forgot my wife told me she arranged for Sarah, a cleaning lady we’ve had for years, to come by. So, dropping my head back down to the pillow I closed my eyes but kept one open enough to peek out to watch her coming in the room. When she saw me she hesitated but then came in anyway. She went right in to our bathroom and closed the sliding pocket door. I could hear her running water and doing things in there as she cleaned up. The door was open about an inch so I jumped up and took a peek. Sarah was wearing a short halter top and short shorts. Her tits were ample enough to stick out the sides of that halter top and her ass filled those shorts nicely. Instinctively I tugged on my cock a few times as I looked her over. But when she turned towards the door I quickly returned to the bed, laid down on my back and got back under the sheet. When I pulled the sheet over me I purposely left the sheet off half of my groin area just to see if she would notice and do anything. As she exited the bathroom I was watching in the large dressing mirror near our bed to see what she was doing behind me. I was a little disappointed when it seemed she was actually just cleaning. But as she worked around the bed towards the mirror side I could she her notice the sheet wasn’t covering me anymore. Half of my cock hanging out of the sheet and because I had tugged on it a little earlier it was firmer than when limp. With one arm over my eyes (but peeking under it) I watched her for a reaction as I tensed my groin muscles enough to make my cock move a little. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open then closed as she bit her upper lip while she turned her head a bit to get a better look. Hen to my surprise I saw her come closer to the bed on my side and reach down towards my crotch. I thought, “Great, she’s going to play with me”. But instead she grabbed the sheet and covered my half hard cock.Then to my bigger surprise she whispered my name as if to see if I was asleep or not. I ignored her and just lay there. She lightly touched my chest and jiggled me while whispering my name once more. Again I played possum and just lay there. Then I felt the cool air of our A/C on my groin as I watched her move the sheet back off my groin area. Again I tensed my muscles to make my cock stir. But with all the wild thoughts running through my mind it wasn’t long before I could feel a hard on emerging. Again her eyes widen and she bit her lip. Only this time she also licked her lips. Reaching down she lightly touched the tip of one finger on my cock. As she did I intentionally made it jump again as she pulled her hand away very quickly. This time she smiled from ear to ear. Now she got a little bolder and used a couple of fingers and got the same reaction. Only this time she didn’t move her hand away. As my cock pulsed she kept gaziantep escort her fingers on it. She could feel the blood pulsing as it filled my cock under her touch. As it slowly rose off my belly and stood up in full attention she wrapped her fingers around it. After another pulse from my muscles she very slowly began to stroke my ever hardening cock. To make it seem more realistic I moaned and moved my hips a little. At first she stopped and looked like she was going to run for the hills, but when I continued to “sleep” she went right back to stroking my cock.As she stroked my cock and it got even firmer and hotter to the touch I watched through my little window under my arm to see her other hand reach up to her halter top. Reaching under the top she pulled her one tit out from under the top and began to knead it and pulling on her tiny nipple. I was now getting to the point that I didn’t know if I could fake sleeping anymore and wondered if her stroking was going to make me cum soon. So, to make sure I didn’t I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things to take my mind off her stroking and playing. I didn’t do a very good job as suddenly I felt that familiar pressure in my groin and only seconds later I felt my cock shoot several shots of cum into the air. I felt them hit my stomach and thought she’d “drop it and run” but she didn’t. She kept stroking it till it was done pulsating. That almost drove me up the wall as my cock gets extremely sensitive when I cum. I did moan a bit and wriggle around like before but she still kept stroking. When my cock did stop pulsing she grabbed a towel from her cleaning supplies and wiped me clean. She gave my cock a couple of long and tight strokes to make sure it was done wiping every little drop off.Then like she had just finished cleaning something in the house she turned and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. I threw my hands down to my side and let out a long deep breath. Damn, that was good. It was so good that I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it again thinking over what she had just done. It didn’t’ take long before my cock let out a couple of small squirts.When I heard our front door open and then close I figured she had gone so I went out to the living room to look. I saw her cleaning supplies by the front door but didn’t see her. As I turned to go back to the bedroom I was shocked to see her standing in the hallway that goes to the family room. She was leaning up against the wall looking right at me.She looked down at my still half hard cock and said, “I see a little drop still there… I thought I cleaned that off really good?”[/i] Then as she walked towards over to me she reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. A couple more droplets emerged as she looked down at it and said, “I better get those too before you stain the carpet!” And with that she bent down at the waist, took my half hard cock into her mouth and sucked those droplets off my cock. Besides making it clean it also made my cock stand up once again. She took hold of it and while stroking it she said, “Well, maybe next time I can do a better job of cleaning up ….” And with that she opened the door and left.I stood there with my mouth hanging open and my hard on jumping for more attention. As she got in her car and drove away I watched as she tossed me a wave and a grin. I immediately went back into the bedroom and beat off once again. While my cum was all gone and nothing came out the feeling was just as good.When my wife came home she noticed the house was much cleaner and asked me if I thought she did a good job …. I remarked … “Yeah, I guess. Maybe we should have her come again to see how she does the next time?”My wife agreed but didn’t call her for quite some time and when she did try she found out she had moved. I guess I’ll have to do my own “cleaning” from now on.That is unless we can find another house keeper!