Mayıs 15, 2023

My Midnight Lover

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Lying on the bed, nestled between the pristine, white sheets, my mind is far from peace, feeling particularly restless tonight. One hour has passed since I decided to call it a night, but, tossing and turning on the bed, I lie wide awake.Is he thinking of me? I’m sure he isn’t. I disregard my notions immediately. I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart, even though I have spent all my life convincing myself and others that I am pragmatic and a realist. Yet, deep down, I get attached too soon and often to the people I shouldn’t. And to keep the facade of a strong independent woman going, I suck at seeking help when I need it. My closest friends don’t even realize when I am torturing myself with such ridiculous concerns.My phone breaks my overflowing chain of thoughts with a loud buzz under the pillow. My heart skips a beat hoping it’s him, as I dash to grab my phone. It is him!! Oh my God, I am on his mind tonight, I do a mental somersault in my head.—“Hi, thinking of me?””Of course not. Why would I think of you at this hour?” I giggle as I type the response.”You look so cute when you’re lying.”I am beaming with a big smile as I read his response.”Don’t know about that. But looks like someone is losing sleep over me!””That’ll be my secret. They say having secrets is sexy.””Oh yeah, it certainly is. A mysterious man is irresistible to any woman.””How are you tonight?””Can’t sleep. :(” I respond, actually making a cute pout while adding that sad emoji.”Want me to help?”Hell yeah, I wanted him to help; I wanted him to tire me out in every which way possible until I pass out and meet him for more in Ankara bayan escort my dreamland… But, I couldn’t bring myself to type a response.”Say no more babe, I can FEEL what you need. Be right there.”—What? Is he coming over? My tummy is tingly with butterflies as I wonder what excitement the night will carry. The doorbell rings in what seems like just a few mins, interrupting the unruly imaginations running in my mind on autoplay.Oh my God, he is here so soon? I feel so self-conscious all of a sudden; I grab a red robe and tie it around my waist before answering the door.My heart is sprinting when I see him through the half-opened door. Standing tall there in cotton pajamas, his top few shirt buttons open, showing his midriff and sexy abs. His elbows are on the door frame, his thick blonde hair swaying in the breeze, and his gorgeous emerald eyes looking right into mine, exuding the mystical aura we were just talking about. Damn! How can someone look so hot in the middle of the night?He keeps looking into my eyes as I take a step back, silently inviting him in. He closes the door behind him, sliding his strong arms around and holding my waist tightly. My lips part just a little, and I feel thirsty for him, as if his lips are the potion that I need for my vitality.”Hello, gorgeous,” he says as he suddenly pins me down against the wall, leans in, and simply tucks a stray black strand of hair behind my ear. I can feel his heart thumping and his delightful, musky scent fills my nostrils, driving me insane. The tip of his nose touches my collarbone as he takes Escort bayan Ankara a big whiff and murmurs, “you smell incredible tonight.”I squirm in his arms, my hands brushing through his golden hair as he continues to just move his lips on my neck onto my shoulders, and slowly, intentionally pulls the knot holding my robe in place. The silk slides through my torso as it falls open, showing my ample cleavage and a hint of my naked body, hot and flustered with anticipation. He let out a big sigh, relishing the view, moving his knuckles right through the center of my breasts until they reach my lower lip. He rubs his thumb on my lips, looking at them with raw hunger as if he can devour them all night. My heart is beating fast as I close my eyes, waiting to feel his lips on mine. Instead, I feel his strong arms turn me around until my hands are pressed against the wall. He slides the robe across my shoulders slightly and it slips down my curves to the floor as I stand naked in front of my lover. I can feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck, gradually traveling down my spine, relentlessly teasing every inch of my skin. He stops when he reaches my waist for a long, wet, heated kiss. Oohhh, I melt when his tongue touches my waist, it feels like my entire body is on fire. Before I can even react to that kiss, I feel his breath behind my ear and his body pressing into mine, pushing my body to the wall.”It’s like I can never get enough of you,” he gasps and bites my earlobe.”I hope you never do.” My head falls back into his shoulder as he plants long, wet kisses on my Bayan escort Ankara neck. His fingers touch my navel and slowly move up my body.”It feels like I have known you forever. As if I know your body, your mind, your soul,” he confesses as his fingers reach my temple. He pulls my hair gently, making me look back as I lean in closer to his delectable lips. He hovers on my lips, still denying the kiss that I so badly want. It’s so typical for him to hypnotize me with his moves, his words, his actions.”You know how gentle I usually am, but you… you bring out the animal in me,” he growls in a deep voice that is so fucking arousing. He roughly takes my lips into his as our tongues collide, exploring the hunger we feel for each other. It feels like we have been starving for this kiss for ages. Breathless, I am addicted to his charming ways, and will do anything to keep kissing those lips. That’s why I feel troubled when he pulls away and I immediately try to turn around but the weight of his body prevents me from moving. His hands grab my tits, which are already standing like bullets and roll them roughly between his fingers as he sucks on my shoulders. I let out a moan, trying again to move again when he presses his body into mine, his hard arousal grinding against my ass.Knowing that this magnetic force of a man wants me makes my pussy gush, wanting him more than ever. He always gets his way with me, why the fuck do I enjoy that so much! He could enslave my body and use me as his own and I wouldn’t…Couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. He owns my soul, knows my desires before I realize them, and understands my body more than I do. He is everything you want your lover to be, and more. And he is such a tease, always making me beg, but not with words. He knows how to make me scream with my body, give him my all, and let him savor me like a delicacy, exquisitely tasting every inch of my body, served on a platter.