Mart 30, 2024

My Mortal Enemy Ch. 01

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My Saturday night started off pretty normal. I headed to Molly’s house as per usual with a lighter and a six pack of beer in my backpack. We always smoked on Saturdays while we lounged in her basement spread out on her yellow couch. The couch was covered in burn marks from putting out our joints and there were cans of febreeze that littered the floor. I was excited for another night of getting high, getting drunk, and laughing so hard that tears would fill my eyes. However when I arrived at Molly’s I was a little confused. In our sacred space stood my arch nemesis, Molly’s older brother Charlie. Molly was in her usual beanbag but my spot on the disgusting yellow couch was taken up by 170 pounds of idiot. The moment I stepped into the room our eyes met and the everything went silent.

“Hey” I said my voice cold and distant.

He nodded in response and my blood began to boil. I absolutely couldn’t stand him with his hazel eyes and sense of superiority. Molly attempted to break the tension by coming up and leading me to the other side of the room her smile wide and somewhat sincere.

“I didn’t know he’d be here,” I said my voice slightly shaky.

“He’s not that bad really and he brought some really good shit. I don’t understand why you hate each other so much.”

“Because he’s a total douche Molls. He acts as if he’s better than everyone with his sarcastic comments and that condescending tone.”

“Would it kill you to get along with him, he’s only home for the weekend and then it will just be the two of us . For me please.” She put on her pout and I realized that I couldn’t say no to her. Molly had been my best friend since forever and if I couldn’t suck it up and be civil towards Charlie then what kind of friend was I.

“Okay” I said and rolled my eyes playfully and added an exaggerated sigh for extra measure.

“You’re impossible” she said.

“I know”


When Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort I heard she was coming I tried to pretend to be pissed. But in truth, though Id never admit it, I was curious and maybe a little nervous. I hadn’t seen Imogen in almost a year and though I absolutely hated her guts I did really like looking at her. Her small and slim stature and long black hair gave her an innocent girl next door look while her intense gaze and full lips gave her the ability to stun guys with a glance. If I didn’t despise her you’d think I had a crush on her. However I did hate her didn’t I. She was snarky and sarcastic and she continually called me out. I don’t know when we began hating each other but when she walked into the room it didn’t matter. Heat swelled in my chest and adrenaline rushed through my veins. That was a normal response to hatred right?

Molls pulled her over for a second before plopping down next to me with Imogen reluctantly following behind. She plopped down next to Molls’ feet, handed her a lighter and the night began.


Molls and I headed upstairs around three the beers gone and the snacks gone. She soon passed out tired and still a little giggly but I still couldn’t sleep. The night was a haze though I remember I was surprised that Charlie’s presence was somewhat tolerable. Though he still had that condescending tone I couldn’t help admit that he was kinda funny and not too bad on the eyes.

You couldn’t ignore that he was annoyingly attractive with his long lashes and curly dark brown hair. He was tall, towering over me with an extra 8 inches and he had well defined muscles, something i hadn’t noticed before. But the best thing about him was his lips, they looked like two pillows and though I’d hate to admit it I’d thought about what they would feel like against mine. These thoughts all raced through my mind leaving me a little confused. Why does it matter if he’s attractive, he’s supposed to be my mortal enemy. That’s the way it’s always been and that can’t change right?

I shook my head and decided to head downstairs for a glass of water to settle my nerves. It also didn’t hurt that I was really fucking thirsty. I head down to the kitchen and rolled my eyes when I saw a tall figure crouching over the kitchen counter. The floor creaked under my weight and the figure turned in my direction so their hazel eyes met mine.

“Hey” he said.

“Hey” I replied.


She stood the staring at me, her eyes glaring into mine. She slowly moved to the counter and lifted herself onto it sitting crisscross across from me.

“I’m really fucking thirsty.” she said.

“Then get some water.”

“Wow I never thought of that” she said and she rolled her eyes but her voice sounded playful and I noticed a small smile on her lips as she slipped off the counter and got a glass.

“Why are you up” she said as she filled up her glass, the ice clinking and interrupting the silence that had once filled the room.

“Can’t sleep”

“Well duh, why can’t you?” and she climbed back onto the counter a glass of water in hand.

I didn’t know how to answer that question as I didn’t know myself. I felt nervous and excited but I couldn’t tell you what for. It felt like I trying to go to bed on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of presents making me too anxious to sleep.

“Good answer” she said when I didn’t reply and she wrapped her lips around the glass downing the water in a couple gulps. She wiped her mouth and her tongue darted out to catch any droplets left on her lips.

I almost didn’t realize I was staring until she snapped her fingers in my face.


I snapped back into attention trying to get the image of her lips out of my mind. What was wrong with me? Had being so far away changed how I viewed her?

“Why do we hate each other?” I said instantly regretting it. Imogen looked confused but then took a second to think about it.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know how it started.”

She looked down at the ground and shaked her head.

“I remember when I was younger all I wanted was to be your friend. I thought you were so fucking cool and I used to have to beg Molly to follow you around with me.” she paused and blushed.

“I never knew that” I said with genuine shock in my voice. She looked back up at me and let out a small smile.

“Yeah Molly made fun of me all the time, kept saying it wouldn’t work. I guess I just kinda gave up one day.” I could see her olive skin becoming tinted with pink as she finished.

“I liked you too you know.” I said my voice quiet and slightly shaky and I could sense a blush creeping up my face.

“You sucked at showing it” she said and she gently nudged my arm causing her hand to end up on my thigh. The contact made us freeze as the touch barrier came crumbling down. For someone reason that little interaction made my whole body rush with adrenaline. I looked at her and her perfect little lips which were parted in a small O ready to utter an apology.

I stopped her before she could start.


I felt his mouth on mine before I could comprehend what was happening. I started kissing him back before I could realize what the fuck I was doing. I let my hands run through his hair and let him wrap his arms around my waist. For a whole minute my mind went blank. All I could do was focus on the warmth of his hands on my back and the softness of his lips.

I gathered my senses and realized whose mouth I was melting into, whose hands were creeping closer and closer to my ass. With this information rushing back I froze and my lips no longer functioned. I gently pushed him away, our breathing heavy, and slid off the counter. I could hear him panting as I headed up the stairs my panties a little wet and my mind racing with a million different emotions.