Nisan 25, 2023

My Naughty Little Nieces Pt. 02

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I lay down on my bed after having taken a long shower. I continued to grapple with what had transpired since Jenny’s arrival. How could I be so stupid and selfish. I’m her god damn uncle and I violate the one common trust we shared in the name of lust and my unquenched desires.

I have to put a stop to this naughtiness before someone gets hurt. Both of my sisters would kill me if they ever found out what I did. I’m the adult and I acted irresponsibly in allowing, however strong, our urges were to come to fruition. I dreaded facing poor little Jenny. I already was sensing her fear of getting hurt by me so quickly after sharing some very intimate emotions.

Just as I finished getting dressed my phone rang. It was Gabby! Shit. I answered, “Hey there sis. What’s up?”

Gabby laughed, “You sound tired. Is Jenny already wearing you out?”

Shit what does that mean? How could she know? “What are you talking about? I’m fine.” I grumped.

“Whoa there cowboy. Take a chill pill. I was just joking. Everything okay with you? You seem testy.”

Damn it, I do feel testy. I definitely overreacted. “I’m sorry Gabby. I’m good, I just have a lot going on at work. I’m good.”

“Clay I told you that Jenny does not need a babysitter. If work beckons you, take care of business. Anyways what are you guys doing tonight?”

I responded as I walked out of my room to get a cocktail, “Actually we are staying home and grilling some steaks and seafood. We spent the afternoon laying out in the sun. The sun takes a lot out of you, especially if you aren’t used to it, so we were both feeling a little lazy. Besides I have to get into the office early tomorrow so that I can pick Lyn up at the airport.”

I looked around and saw that Jenny had not come out yet. I went and fixed myself a cocktail and listened as Gabby said, “Can I talk to Jenny?”

“Sorry sis. Her door is closed. She’s probably taking a quick catnap before dinner. Do you want me to have her call you?”

“No that’s okay. Enjoy dinner. Give her a big hug and kiss for me and Clay, thank you once again for doing this. We really appreciate the sacrifice you are making for us. See you later. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I muttered. Man oh man. Do I feel horrible. Give her a big hug and kiss? You don’t know how big a hug and kiss I’ve already given her. Sacrifice I’m making? Oh yeah big sacrifice to have a mind bending orgasm as your daughter, my niece, sucks all the cum out of my cock. Fuck Fuck Fuck!

I plopped my ass down on a chair and tried to figure out how best to handle things with Jenny moving forward. I needed to be careful as my resistance to her naughtiness was fading fast. I took a gulp of my drink and just tried to relax. I sipped my drink knowing that I was feeling very conflicted. I knew that my feelings were wrong and immoral yet I couldn’t get Jenny out of my mind. I was startled out of my self induced haze hearing Jenny come out of her bedroom.

I turned to look and was dumbfounded at what I saw. My gorgeous niece stood in the hallway dressed in some sort of white linen summer dress. The sunlight pulsed through her, accenting her obvious naked silhouette beneath the short clingy dress. Her nipples protruded prominently through the thin transparent material, her hair, wet from the shower, pulled back in a ponytail showcasing her beautiful blue eyes and her warm inviting young lips. “Wow Jenny! You look incredible.”

Jenny slowly approached until she hovered over me. She might as well have been naked. It was the sexiest, most provocative look I had ever seen in any woman let alone my little niece. I smiled and asked, “Are you wearing anything underneath this dress or whatever it’s called?”

Jenny smiled, “There’s only one way to find out Uncle Clay.” She leaned down and sat on my one knee. She nuzzled her head into mine and purred, “Uncle Clay I want you to make love to me tonight. I love you and I want you to be my first.”

I held her tight unsure what to do or say. Jenny is a virgin and she wants me to be her first lover. I need to think this through because right now my cock is saying let’s go, batter up! I held her close and whispered, “Jenny I love you so much. Are you sure this is what you want? Have you thought this out?”

Jenny kissed and nibbled on my neck purring with content. “Yes Uncle Clay I want you to be my first. I know that you won’t hurt me and we already share a special trust. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since I learned you invited us down for Spring Break. I’m so attracted to you. You are kind, funny, handsome and you turn me on to no end. I want you Uncle Clay.”

Jenny reached up and tenderly kissed my lips. Our mouths meshed with a sensual softness reserved for two people in love. We continued kissing and caressing each other. I now knew that I couldn’t fight my taboo feelings any longer. Jenny had touched me with her words and love.

I broke off our kiss and with one last attempt to avoid the inevitable said, “Jenny let’s Taksim Escort have a nice romantic dinner and then see how we feel after we are done. Come on let’s go open a bottle of that Stags Leap and celebrate our good fortunes”

We got up and hugged. I went to start the grill and Jenny went to open and decant the Stags Leap. I came back inside and notice the naked silhouette of her backside. God she looked amazing. I went up to her, wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tight into me. I lowered my mouth to her ears, nibbled and licked I said, “Jenny you are so beautiful. I’m glad that you are here with me tonight.”

Jenny clutched my arms with hers and melted into my arms. We stood there as one, in no hurry to do anything but enjoy our embrace. We finally broke off our hug and poured ourselves a glass of wine. I raised my glass and toasted, “To dreams! Never let go of your dreams.”

We clinked glasses and sipped the wine. I grabbed her hand and walked her outside with me, “Let’s go outside and wait for the grill to be ready. By the way your mom called while you were in the shower. She asked me to give you a big hug and kiss for her.”

A big smirked spread across my face as I took her glass and set both of them onto the table. I pulled her in and gave her a big hug, my hands roaming her deliciously soft and supple curves before cupping her ass and pulling her into me. My lips passionately searched for hers and we kissed long and hard. As I pulled back I smiled, “That was from Mom.”

Jenny laughed, hugged me, pressing her head onto my chest. “I can stay like this with you forever.”

We grabbed our glasses and went inside to bring out the meats and vegetables. We sat and talked, drank and talked, laughed and drank as we grilled our dinner. I was overcome with how much at ease she made me feel. I have always been so wired up never really slowing down to embrace the fruits of my labor. Here in a little more than a day she had me so smitten that I was able to relax and enjoy our time together.

Seeing that it was a nice evening we decided to eat out by the pool. The wine flowed freely as did the conversation. I found myself having a really nice evening with my niece except for the fact that it was obvious to both of us that we weren’t looking at each other as uncle and niece. No, my resistance faded quickly and throughout the night every time I tried to resist my deep inner desires, I would look at Jenny and knew this was meant to be.

What impressed me the most about the evening was how patient Jenny was. It was as she knew I needed time to come to terms with the looming decision, always knowing that I was going to make love to her. After dinner Jenny began to clear the dishes leaving me alone with my thoughts. As I pondered right versus wrong I couldn’t ignore what my heart was saying. My niece Jenny had touched me in so many ways since she arrived.

Much as I tried to downplay my feelings and emotions, it had become quite evident to me, that I too, wanted to make love to my beautiful Jenny. Arriving at this conclusion was cathartic for me. I felt a great sense of relief wash through me knowing that I was truly committed to tonight. I went inside to look for Jenny and found her standing in front of the kitchen sink. Her beautiful silhouette transparent through the sheer dress.

I pushed into her, my mouth on her neck, kissing her gently I groaned, “I love you Jenny.” She moaned as my hands reached down to cup and caress her delicious ass grinding my growing cock into her.

Jenny stood still for a second, both hands gripping the countertop, her eyes closed as my hands slid up her body to cover her tits, palming the firm, fleshy mounds, my thumbs rubbing and pinching her stiff nipples.

“Oh god,” she sighed as I caressed her tits gently. She leaned back into me, eyes still closed, her head resting on my shoulder. I kissed and nibbled her ear as my hands continued to maul her tits through the flimsy dress material. Jenny tilted her head slightly to give me easier access to her luscious lips. I planted a soft, wet kiss on her inviting mouth, her hands caressing my forearms as I continued to twist and pull on her nipples.

I sucked and teased Jenny’s lips, with a low groan she parted her lips and found my tongue with hers, licking and lapping each other until she sucked it fully into her mouth with a quiet whimper.

We kept our mouths clamped together before turning Jenny to face me. Her arms wrapped around my neck, grinding her sexy body into mine, her breasts crunching into my chest. I slid my hands slowly down over the curve of her ass, gripping and groping forcefully her young ass before working the back of her flimsy dress up over its supple mounds.

I lowered my mouth and sucked on her tits through her flimsy dress. Jenny squirmed and writhed in delight holding my head tight to her tit. My hands pushed her dress above her hip as I picked her Ümraniye Escort her up and placed her on the countertop. I continued to tease her nipples with my silky smooth tongue.

She whimpered, “Oh yes Uncle Clay suck my nipples.” Her legs straddled my body as I continued to caress and squeeze her ass. I flicked her clit and she moaned, “Oh that feels so nice. Hmmmmmmmmm.”

I pushed her back down onto the counter top and spread her legs apart. I started to move down on her body, caressing her young curves along the way. I lowered my tongue onto her throbbing clit and teasingly nibbled at it before taking it in my mouth with one long deep sucking motion.

Jenny pushed into my face and moaned, “Oooooooh yes suck my pussy make me cum I’m so horny.” Her body started to thrash wildly on the countertop as I slid my fingers into her wet juicy pussy.

I felt her legs begin to shudder as the wisps of an impending orgasm neared. I took one last long nibble on her clit causing her body to stiffen as she wailed loudly in ecstasy, “Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhh, Yes I’m Cumming I’m cumming don’t stop.” Her body erupted in a massive orgasm. Her legs spewed wildly, her head swung side to side as her orgasm went on and on.

Once her orgasm subsided she sat up and hungrily smothered my mouth with a long wet passionate kiss. Jenny whimpered, “Oooooh baby that was sooo good,” She cooed, “I want to feel your cock in my pussy. Please make love to me Uncle Clay.”

I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom where I stood her up in front of my bed. Locking directly into her sexy blue eyes I slowly started to raise her dress past her hips, over her wonderful tits, and over her head until she stood naked. I cupped her gorgeous ass pulling her into me and whispered, “Jenny you are an amazing woman. I want you Jenny. Undress me.”

Jenny groaned and pushed into me, “Oh Uncle Clay I want you so badly. I love you.” She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders onto the floor. She mewed as her hands caressed my bare back while her tongue teased and nipped on my nipples. “Ooooh you feel so strong. I can’t wait until you are in me.” she whimpered as she went down to her knees.

I felt my shorts come undone, freeing my hard cock. Jenny wrapped her tiny hand around it and stroked it as her tongue swirled around my velvety purple helmet. She groaned, “Your cock is so gorgeous. So big, so hard, so beautiful!”

Her lips engulfed the head as the tongue continued to swirl around the edges. Slowly she pushed more of my cock into her hot wet mouth, grunting as my cock started to penetrate her mouth deeper and deeper. Her mouth bobbed up and down on my hard cock as Jenny caressed my balls with one hand, stroking my cock with her other. I was in ecstasy as my niece was bringing me to a quick climax.

I groaned, “Jenny I’m getting real close. Don’t stop baby. Make me cum baby.”

Jenny sped up the stoking of my cock and moaned, “Cum for me baby. Give me all your cum.” Her mouth hovering over my pisshole, her tongue licking the underside of my head, her hand frantically pumping my cock; I exploded into her mouth. “Aaaaaaaargh. Cummmmmminng. Hmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss.”

I shot 3 or 4 jets of my sperm into her mouth. My hips bucked into her as she clamped her lips on my cock trying to take all of my cum. I ran my hands through her hair as I pumped her mouth, savoring the intensity of my orgasm. Finally I let go and stopped humping her mouth. Incredible! Looking down I saw Jenny licking and kissing my cock. She had swallowed most of my cum and was enjoying the semi hard feeling of my cock as it softened in her mouth.

I pulled her up into my arms and gave her the most loving and sensual kiss that I could muster. I looked into her eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want me to be your first?” Without hesitation she jumped on my bed and pulled me into her. Running her hands through my hair she purred, “I want this more than anything Uncle Clay. Make love to me.”

I knew that I was already committed to making love to Jenny. I needed time to recover from the mind shattering orgasm I just had plus I wanted her first time to be special. I pushed her down onto the bed and whispered, “I’ll be right back.” I ran out to my living area and got two scented candles. I brought them in and lit them placing one on each nightstand. I turned my mellow jazz playlist on my iPhone and turned off the lights. I got back into bed and snuggled up to Jenny.

“Jenny I want this as much as you do. I love you.” We kissed softly and without restraint. Our hands held each other close as our bodies melted into one. Our kiss quickly escalated as our tongues began to dart and probe into our mouths. I held her soft yet firm ass close to me. Savoring the heat emanating between us I slowly took Jenny’s breast and palmed it into her chest. She moaned as my fingers gripped her nipple.

I moved down to her tit and sucked it into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around her erect nipple my hand traveled to her wet pussy. I stroked her outer lips before pushing into her. Jenny moaned as her pussy started to respond. I moved further down so that my lips were able to graze on her clit.

Jenny moaned, “Uncle Clay please fuck me.”

I licked her clit and saw her pussy quiver as little jolts of pleasure coursed through her. I felt Jenny’s hand grab my cock. Immediately I started to grow from my softened state. I probed my fingers in and out of Jenny’s pussy. Her pussy was definitely sopping wet and hot. As I probed further I felt Jenny’s lips wrap around my cock, sucking it in to her mouth as she continued to stroke my hardening cock.

Sitting up, a startled Jenny asked, “Where are you going?”

I laughed, “I’m not going anywhere. Seeing that this is your first time I want you to control how fast you take my cock.” I laid down on the bed and guided her, “Now straddle me and guide my cock into your pussy. You are soaking wet so you are ready baby.”

Jenny tentatively straddled my hips before grabbing my cock. I saw her eyes close as she rubbed my cock over her slit. I felt the head of my cock push slowly into her pussy.

Jenny stopped and looked down at me. She was unsure, so I said, “Go slow Jenny. We have all night. How does it feel so far?” She pushed a little more until my entire head popped in to her pussy.

Jenny whimpered, “Damn you’re big. I don’t know if I can do this. It kind of hurts.”

I said, “Let your pussy adjust to its size. Go a little bit at a time.” I reached up and grabbed her tits. I caressed them and played with her nipples as Jenny pushed down a little more before groaning in pain.

“Uncle Clay it hurts. Is it supposed to hurt?”

I pulled her down and kissed her. “I love you Jenny. It will be fine. I won’t ever do anything to hurt you.” I slid my hand down to her pussy and started to play with her clit. My cock wasn’t even in her and I could tell she was already starting to feel another intense orgasm well up within her.

I pushed my tongue in her ear and whispered while continuing to play with her clit, “Come on Jenny cum for me. Cum on my cock Jenny. Your pussy feels so tight baby. Cum for me.” I felt her pussy begin to contract. Her hips were rocking on my cock as I played with her clit. I could tell she was close. My finger sped up on her clit as I reached up and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

She groaned, “Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaarrgh yesssssss. Cummingggggg. Ooooooooooh.” Her orgasm exploded within her.

Her body collapsed onto mine as she savored the electric jolts that ran through her. I pushed my cock further into her pussy and stayed still to let her pussy adjust to my cock. I held Jenny close to me. The love I felt for her had skyrocketed. I whispered, “I love you.”

Jenny responded with a low whimper, “I love you too. Your cock feels even bigger inside me. I’m ready Uncle Clay. Please fuck me.”

I rolled us over so that we were now in the missionary position. I started to slowly move my cock in and out. Jenny moved her hips into mine at the same time. It wasn’t long before her pussy started to respond again. She moaned, “Harder Uncle Clay. Fuck me harder. It feel so good. You are so fucking big.”

I looked down at Jenny, smiled, and said, “I think you can call me Clay.”

I started pushing deeper and faster into her. Her moans grew louder and her breathing became erratic. I knew that she was going to cum on my cock. I sat up an pulled her legs over my shoulders and started pounding her with my cock. Her eyes rolled back losing all control, “Yes Clay. Make me cum. Your cock is so big. It feels wonderful. Fuck me Clay.”

I wrapped my arms around her legs and really started to hammer her pussy. I was pushing deep into her virgin cunt. Her arms were spread out grabbing the sheets as I endlessly pounded her pussy. Her legs started to shake in my arms as she wailed, “Shit Clay! Feels soooooooo goooooood. Ooooooooh, ooooooooooh, oooh yessssssssssssss. I’m cummmmmmming Clay. I’m cummmmming.”

Jenny’s body shook uncontrollably, her face contorted as her orgasm ripped through her. I felt her legs try to spasm out of my arms. I held still and let her orgasm subside. She finally opened her eyes and smiled, “Oh Clay. That was incredible. I love you Clay.”

I brought her legs off my shoulder. Lying back on top of her I started to move in and out of her with long slow strokes. Kissing her passionately I made love to Jenny. Sensually and lovingly I moved in and out of her still sopping wet pussy. Jenny wrapped her legs and arm around me as I continued my slow and long strokes.

I savored the softness and suppleness of all her curves, “Jenny you are so beautiful.” I continued to slowly make love to her, kissing her, caressing her, holding her in my arms. Soon I felt myself stirring with a looming orgasm on the horizon. I sped up my pace while still locked in our embrace. Faster and faster I went. Jenny began to meet my thrusts with her hips as she locked her arms around my neck.

Harder and harder I went as my cock hardened and got ready for its explosion. Jenny groaned in my ear, “Feels so big Clay. I’m so full. Your cock is so big. Fuck me Clay. Fuck me.”